Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

GHSP Anni Spl~MG~SS The Perfect Match~TRD-3-UPDATED- Epi -Pg135/27may. (Page 109)

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WOW!! beautiful ending dear...loved it

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Amazing n wonderful updates

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           Hello friends ...smiley

     Updating Epi...

 Thank u so much my friends  


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                                              The Perfect Match

   Is it possible that we cn find a perfect match in a few mints meeting OR d person our elders select for us wd be d best for us , is it essay to trust a person in one meeting to spent d whole life with him/her,,  if not then how to find a perfect match ?
         let's try this ... 



This a fiction , all incident  , professional terms nd places r imaginary ,, plzz don't relate them  with reality .


         Part - 35

                                             Part - Epilogue

Days wr starting sliping busy with work ,hsptl nd marriage prep ,, Ammy called geet to visit her dr for advise ,, they did their x-ray nd  advised to keep d plaster for few more days but bcoz of their marriage they agreed to cut but strictly said to keep her arm in sling ,, though dthere was a plate to support d bone but to heal d broken gap it'll took at least 6 months , so care was must ,, no pressure nd jerk allowed ,, for movement she need physiotherapy for 10-15 days ,, Maan assured d Dr that after marriage they wd start that nd till then keep d hand on sling most of d time for support ,,  they come back home nd  Maan felt that was Geet was upset she was caressing nd looking at d long scar on her arm ,, it was nearly 5 inch long scar of operation ,, Maan too felt bad sensing that she cn't wear a short sleeve dress ,, it was quiet visible ,  but she had to bear  this ,, He came back in his room nd called some one ,, after few mnt there was a contented smile at his face .

Geet started her packing nd Renu was helping her ,, she told her to keep only required things bcoz she had to wear heavy dresses for functions ,, Gunjan prepared her dresses along with her nd she informed that everything was ready ,, she had to leave from mrng flight  five days before their marriage .

Handas prep nd deco their one hotel for  marriage functions nd guests from both sides  ,, they res hotel's suits for Khuranas .

Khuranas invited very close friends nd relatives for marriage nd handed them air tickets along with invitation cards ,, they had invited all their friends nd business friends in grand reception party in delhi ,, from KC Adi  nd Shasha wr also going to attend d marriage ,, Geet's boss nd staff wished her nd said that they wd attend d reception here .

At night Maan visited  OH to meet Geet ,, whole day he was busy ,, there wr lots of work to finish bcoz then he was on leave for a week ,, it was DM strict order to stay  at home with d family for all rituals ,, they had to leave for marriage a day before ,, Sangeet nd Haldi ceremony wd be held in Shilma ,, Ammy nd Maan wr happy that at least they cd join their ladylove in sangeet .

When Maan reached OH Geet was standing near window lost in her thoughts ,, Maan quietly kept d shopping bags on bed nd went near her ,, slowly hugged her from back , Geet startled  but next moment became easy in his protective arms ,, Maan kissed her shoulder nd then nuzzled her cheek nd jaw line sensually which made Geet weak nd shivered

Maan : kya soch rahi ho ?  I saw u low from mrng .

Geet shied: nothing .

Maan: jhoot , won't u share with ur Maan , hummm,, bolo kya hua hei ? nahi jana Shimla to bolo mai kuch idea lagata hu , fir hum sath challenge , humm.


Geet: no,, mom mujhe kha jayegi , still I m 2 days late .

Maan: then why r u upset ,, Geet it's our marriage nd I want to see u happy ,, kya prob hei .

Geet sadly: Maan , this scar , it' s so big nd visible .

Maan : it'll heal after passing time ,, there r few gels which cn u apply , but after removing d plate.


Geet : what , one more operation to remove this plate ?

Maan: yes, but after 1-2 yrs , nd for this mean time u have to manage with long sleeve ,, Geet it's u who is feeling bad for this mark ,, for me it's nothing .

Geet: but it looks b...

Maan: sshhh,,, kuch bura   nahi hei , matt socho aur dekho usse ,, tum bas mujhe dekho .

Geet: M a a n ,, ( she turned nd hugged him ,, hide her face in his neck )

Maan: Geet ,I brought something for u .

Geet looked at him nd he blinked at her lovingly ,, brought her near bed nd gestured at d bags ,, Geet opened them one by one ,, she was awed nd overwhelmed ,, her eyes turned wet at his care nd love ,, ther wr very beautiful dresses for her nd all wr full sleeves ,, she looked at Maan lovingly , moved ahead nd hugged  tightly him in a  go  mumbling ... M a a n ,, thank u , love u Maan  .

Maan: easy Geet , don't hug tightly ,, it's not good for ur hand .

But she didn't part ,, Maan beamed nd glued her to him ,, his heart felt peace ,, after few mnt she parted nd looked at him with wet eyes , but she was smiling .

Maan: do u like these ?

Geet:  very much ,, Maan aapko kaise pata chal jata hei mai ku upset hu ?

Maan: jaise tum mahasoos ker leti ho .

Geet: thanks for coming in mt life Maan ,, I love u .

Maan: I love u too sona .

Geet: pahan ke dikhau ?

Maan: my pleasure .

 Geet took all d dresses nd went to dressing room with a smile ,, Maan half laid in bed with a cute smile ... be carefull nd call me if u want any help  ,, hummm.


Geet showed him all d dresses one by one nd he going gaga over her ,, she was looking so adorable in all ,, both spent some more time together nd then he told her to sleep bcoz he had to catch d flight in d mrng ,, these few days of sep wr going to tough for them , but this small  sep wd be going to bring them close for ever.

Khuranas reached Shimla a day before nd all met at sangeet function ,, d function was ful of fun nd love too bcoz love birds met nd danced together ,, all enjoyed a lot.



One person got d shock of her life after seeing Geet with Handas nd that was Shasha ,, she was looking at Geet nd Maan with wide eyes nd open mouth ,, Adi nd few more Sr staff wr with her .

Sh: Adii  ssirrr , this  is  d  same  girl  , who came in KC nd she is working at our proj.

Adi laughed : he he he he ,, yes Shasha mam ,, she is same .. Geet  Singh Handa .

Sh: she  is Handa's daughter , whose proj we r doing here ?

Adi: yes ,, nd she is d same girl who saved Maan Sir .

Sh: that I know , but if she is so rich then why she was working there ?

Adi: bcoz she is diff like Maan Sir ,, tum nahi samjhogi .

Shasha looked at Adi confused nd Adi again gave his sign laugh ...

Adi: he he he ,,  don't think much ,, come , wished  them nd enjoy d party .

Next day was Haldi nd Marriage ,, it was really a dream wedding ,,, all wr enjoying d best hospitality nd praising Handas for their care nd respect ,, both family became one ,, a big extended family .



Marriage rituals wr performed ,, both d newly wed pair took blessings from elders touching their feet nd all blessed them showered their love .

Handas did Vidaai of their beloved daughters with wet eyes ,,  bauji gave beautiful gifts nd sweets to all d  khuranas nd  guests ,,  all came back by early flight bcoz they have to do other post wedding rituals in KM .

Dadima Did d arti of Maan nd Geet to welcome them in KM nd Renu welcomed Ammy nd Gunjan ,, d KM filled with happiness ,,  DM brought Maan nd Geet to his parent's room for their blessings , though Maan turned sad aganin but Geet held his hand nd next moment he smiled remembering her words ,, both took folded their hands nd prayed for their blessings ,, whole day went in pooja nd other ritauals ,, Maan nd Ammy went to take some rest but their geet nd gunjan wr with ladies ,, at nyt it was reception ,, at mid nyt all we back from venue very tired ,, Renu left both d new brides in their room which wr beautifully deco ,, both d groom bid GN to DM nd rshbh nd went to their rooms  ,, Maan hugged Ammy nd  gave best wishes for  happy married life befor leaving to their rooms , Ammy too did d same .


When Maan entered in d room he skipped a beat ,, it was like a dream nd he was mesmerized seeing his beautiful bride ... his Geet there on his bed waited for him with lower head , shied nd restless ,, she was chewing her lower lip nervously  .. Gosh !! his heart beats raised nd body turned warm ,, slowly he came near bed nd sat on d edge near Geet ,, he slowly lifted her vail nd turned back ,, she shuddered nd clutched her lahanga in her fist ,, her breaths became heavier nd cheeks turned red nd warm ,, both wr overwhelmed with emotions nd feelings ,, burning in desires ,, longing for each other ,, Maan's throat turned dry nd eyes darkened in desires ,, after a long torturous wait  she was there ,, he was dying to love her .


 Maan cupped her face nd made her look at him whispering her name ... G e e t ,, Geet looked  in his dark eyes not having any control on her feeling she hugged him moaning ... M a a n ,, ah ,nd soon flinched feeling pain in shoulder ...  S o n a , be careful about hand .

Maan: don't give pressure on that hand ,, OK.

Geet: humm .

Maan  thought for a sec nd became serious,, parted nd asked with concern : Geet u didn't use sling from last two days ,, it's not good ,, change this heavy dress nd keep ur hand in sling ,, tell me where is that ?


Geet looked at him sadly : not now , plzz Maan.

Maan: no sona, don't over look Dr  words ,, ur hand need rest nd support .

Geet complaint : plzz ,, with that sling I cn't even hug u , it's so hurting .

Maan startled at her complaint nd then smiled sensing her desires .. Oh sona ,, he cupped her face nd  showered feather kisses then hugged her tightly .

Maan: OK , but don't give pressure on right hand ,, I m worried about ur hand .

He made her lay down on bed to give her rest ,, d time was tough for him ,, he was in dilemma to move on or to wait some more time ,, this was their most awaited first night ,, they wr married from month but didn't cross their limits nd waited for this day , but what if her hand came in pressure nd turned dicey ,, he looked deeply at her ,, her eyes wr full of desires nd love ,, he groaned inwardly .

Maan: Geet if u don't mind we cn wait some more time .

Geet quietly looked at him for few sec which feared Maan nd his expressions changed .

Maan : plzz don't take wrong ,, it's for u  sona .

Geet: how unromantic ??

Maan: G e e t , romance ke chakker mei kuch prob hui to ?

Geet innocently: romance mei prob bhi hoti hei ,, wo kaise ?

Maan: wo eese ki ... he stopped in mid nd looked at her naughtily ,, she was fingering him .

Geet gestured at him to say with a naughty glint ,, he smiled nd bent ...  u u u ... nd captured her plumy lips in his ,, suck them hard , Geet reciprocated ,,their hands wr roaming nd massaging their bodies ,, feeling short of breath they parted ,, both wr breathing heavily ,, their inner wr on fire nd both wr burning in desires ,, Maan placed his forehead on her , held her right hand nd kept that to rest on bed nd whispered .


Maan: don't move it much , that's why I was ...

Maan plzz .... Oh  J a a n  ,, not u but I m too want d same , but ...

 M a a n  I want  to be urs ,,, G e e t  , oh Jaan ,, He kissed her hard again nd mumbled .. i'll ,,,, i'll .


After that there was not holding back ,, very carefully nd lovingly he loved her ,, claimed each nd every part of her like worshiping her ,, filled her nd his every pore with love ,, they got each other , their nub met nd pith mingled , making them one in all sense .


After stabling their uneven breaths he looked at her lovingly ,, her messy hair , flushed face , swollen lips nd smug vermillion showing his passion nd his claim on her ,, there was a satisfaction on her face  ,, pecking her lips softly he whispered her name ... G e e t , r u fine ? She nodded opened her eyes nd looked at him ... M a a n  ,,  Gluing her sweaty body with his he turned with a contented smile ,, covered them with a duvet ,, keeping her hand on his chest he closed his eyes for rest .

   Big smileBig smile  Cont ...scroll down 

   Ouch  sorry for mistakes ...


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             Big smileBig smile  Cont ...        
  There lil away in diff part of this KM two more wr drowning in their love nd passion ,,, their longings nd unteamed desires making them crazy for each other ,, their clothes wr scattered all around ,, d room was filled with their moans nd groans ,, there was no stopping nd limits ,, their craziness started visible in marks on their bodies ,, after satisfying their long desires they rested for few min but again d love sick crazy majnu started teasing her.

Gunjan: Ammy , sleep .

Ammy: this nyt is not for sleeping baby ,, this is for love only .

Gunjan: plzz , for some time , I m tired honey .

Ammy: after this baby ,, I m not able to control around u .

Gunjan: u r a Dr Ammy , think about my rest .

Ammy: right now I m a hungry lover ,, don't stop me sweet heart ,, I waited a lot nd this is our SR so let me make it rocking ,,He glued her nd started his sweet torturing .


There after taking rest Maan got up nd secured their clothes in cupboard nd brought nyt comfy dresses nd Geet's sling ,, he wake her up nd handed her dress  ,, helped her nd then tied her sling ,, placed a pillow under her hand nd made her sleep ,then came in her left side to sleep ,, Geet opened his arm nd placed her head on that ,, aww ,, he glued him to her nuzzling in her neck .. love u ,, love u too .

Geet: Maan , Dr ki SR kuch diff hoti hogi kya ?

Maan giggled : u devil , why u think so ?

Geet giggled : bcoz Dr r masters in bio na ,, they knows much more than us .

 Maan laughed : yes u r right here , but ... Wait ,, what an idea sir ji ..

He gave a devlish smile ,,  took his phone from side table nd dialled Ammy's No.

Geet: Maan , plzz no ,, kya ker rahe ho ?

Maan: sshhh , Geet  , wait.

The ring was going nd Maan was waiting with a naughty smile ,, Geet was looking at him confused .

There Ammy was busy , but his phone ring diverted his mind ,, he groaned nd tried to ignore but d cont ringing irritated him nd he saw d screen which was flashing Maan's name ,, he thought ,,why he was ringing at this hr ? koi prob to nahi ? though he was in a very odd situation but replied .


Ammy: hello Maan , what happened ?

Maan: buddy , I m in prob .

Ammy: prob ,, what ? Is Geet fine ?

Maan smiled looking at Geet : yes she is fine , but i need ur help .

Ammy: Ok , jaldi bol .

Maan: yaar , u r a Dr , plzz tell me something about SR ,, kya kerty hein agar wife ko chot lagi ho?

Maan muffed his laugh nd Geet covered her mouth with hand shocked .. he is really a monster .

There on other side Ammy looked at him nd groaned in anger ,, he was fuming nd wanted to throw his phone .

Ammy: Maan , S*** at this time u r asking me when I m on peak ?

Maan:  mind mei abhi aaya , kya karu ? Peak on which peak buddy r u not in ur room ?

Ammy groaned : M a a n ,, i'll see u in d mrng  , wait till then beta. Acche se gyaan dunga .

He cribbed ,, cut d call , switch off d phone nd threw that on side table groaning in anger ,, there Maan was laughing loud .

Geet: Maan u r really a Dust Danav ( she hit him playfully)  ,, Babaji u knowingly troubled him at this hr , very bad .

Maan: this is nothing ,,this lovely Devar (BIL) did a lot to rock their nyt .

Geet: what more ?

Maan : sleep sweet heart , mrng mei pata chal jayega .

He switch off d light , pulled Geet to him , gave a full mouth GN kiss nd sleep  contented with a smile  remembering Ammy's condition .

But that poor Dr  really got a roking nyt beyond his imagination which he planned ,, after that phone call he some how manage d damage , both wr hell tired nd sleep gluing with each other ,, it was hardly passed 2 hrs nd his table clock's alarm  started buzzing .. good mrng .. 1,,2,,3,,4,,5,,6,,7,,8,,9,,10 ,, GM .. 1,,2,,3,,...

Ammy: Aarrgghh ,, ye kisne lagaya , wo bhi ess time ka ,, irritated he woke up nd check d time ... 4 am ,,, grrr.

Gunjan: Ammy ,, plzz stop this ,, mrng ho gai ,, etni jaldi ?

Ammy stopped d alarm: no baby ,, don't know who set this alarm ? come sleep .

He pulled her close but now his sleep broke nd he was in diff mood ,, started his teasing again nd  rock again ,, they hardly sleep an hr nd again his hsptl phone buzzed ,, he got up again in anger , now he was sure who did this .. grr,, M a a n ,, tu gaya .


Gunjan smiled nd kissed him : Ammy ,, don't get angry ,, marriage mei ye teasing chalti hei ,, he younger than us ,, he is so sweet  Devar.


Ammy:  sweet nahi monster devar hei ,  mrng mei khabar let ahu uski .

Gunjan: mrng to ho gai ,, we have to get up early for pooja Ammy .

Ammy: sweety have to pack bags too we have to leave at nyt for HM ,, midnyt flight hei.

Gaunjan : I m so tired , u didn't let me sleep .

Ammy: we'll sleep in plane sweetheart ,, it's a long journey .

Gunjan: Maan aur Geet kahan ja rahe hein?

Ammy: don't know ,, better wo dono monster diff place per jayen ,, nahi to wo Maan mere  HM ki bhi band baja dega like my SR.


Gunjan pouted: he disturbed ur sleep nd u r getting angry on Maan nd what about u ? U didn't let me sleep whole nyt .

Ammy: what cn I do if my Gunjan made me mad in her love , I m crazy about u baby.


He towered her again nd she whinged Ammy plzz , leave something for HM ,, I have to go  .

Ammy: no ,, stay few more min with me  .

They became lil late nd joined d pooja ,, all wr there nd waiting for them ,, Geet did her kitchen pooja ,, she made kheer with d help of Renu which didn't need much hand use ,, just regular stearing ,, now Gunjan had to make halwa ,, shyly Gunjan went to kitchen with Renu nd Ammy sat next to DM .

DM : why ur phone was switch off Ammy beta ,, we called u many times , even ut intercom bhi hang hei.

Maan gave a puppu look to Ammy muffling his smile ,, Geet gave a complaining look to Maan .

Ammy: wo DM  phone ka battery finish ho gaya to switch off ho gaya nd IC ka pata nahi , i'll check , he glared at Maan who still looking innocently at him .

Rshbh: Ammy  u r a Dr beta , never switch off ur phone ,, it may be urgent beta , kisi ko kabhi bhi help ki jaroorat ho sakti hei ?

Now Maan smiled nd gave a meaningful look to him ,, Ammy glared at Maan nd slapped his head inwardly .. kya help chahiye thi aadhi raat ko ess monster ko wo hi janta hei ?


Ammy: ji Dad , I'll be carefull for next time .

Renu came out with nakul ,, placed things for pooja near Ptji , nd sat next to Rshbh ,,

DM : renu tum baitho beta , subha se lagi ho ,, Ammy ja Gunjan ki help ker , wo prasad ke liye halwa bana rahi hei leker aa.

Maan: then u need one more Ammy to help both .


Ammy:  u u u ... monster ,,, he took an apple from d plate nd threw at Maan which he caught before hitting him .

DM,Renu nd Rshbh: Ammy , what is this ? Why r u angry at him , behave .

Ammy  got up : dekh lunga tujhe , hass le abhi .

Renu : kya hua hei?


Ammy: mom this monster set 2 alarms in my room , which disturbed our sleep .

All looked at Maan nd then laughed ,, helpless Ammy went in kitchen with pouted face , but seeing Gunjan alone there he turned naughty ,, after five mnt Rajji called him loud ... Ammy we r waiting for pooja , both came embarrassed nd sat there for  pooja nd hawan ,, after that all took their meal nd gave gifts to Gunjan nd Geet ,, Rajji nd her family was going back so all bade her bye ,, Renu told to Gunjan nd Ammy to pack their bags nd then to take some rest .

Elders knew that Maan is not going any where bcoz of Geet's hand but they insisted him from their side  as one couple was going nd they wr not.

Renu: Maan beta tum bhi ghoom aao , fir tum aur Geet busy ho jaoge office mei.

Rshbh: haan Maan , at least India mei hi kisi Btful place per ghoom aao .

Maan: nahi badi ma , we cn plan after some time , 1st  Geet recover properly  , from last 2-3 days she was using sling nd her hand was paining in movements .

All look sadly at both , even Ammy felt bad thinking that may be they faced some prob in their SR ,, he gave a sorry look to Maan.

DM: then spent ur rest leave with family ,, don't try to run office ,, pagfere ki rasam to Ammy aur Gunjan ke  ane ke baad hi hogi  weekend per.


Renu: ji Maan , ab etni durr jaldi se hob hi nahi payega na .

DM : humm , next week hume bhi HP jana hei 2-3 din ke liye ,, there is few work to short out.

At d name of HP Geet eyes brightened , she thought something nd  asmile crept on her face ,, she voice out her desire.


Geet: DM , Badima , ku  na en do din mei hum sab HP chale , outing bhi ho jayegi , mai humara HP ka ghar bhi dekh lungi aur DM ko sabki company bhi mil jayegi ,, Sunday wapas aaker next day se hum office bhi join ker lenge.

All looks at her awed ,, she is really diff ,, wanted to go for family holiday in a village but not for HM ,, DM was super happy with d idea ,, it wd be so nice if she went with her Grand Son nd DIL to their native place ,, she agreed nd looked at Maan ,, who smiled giving her a side hum nd gave his willingness .


Maan: we'll go with u DM .

Renu: hum bhi challenge , ku Rshbh , chalo na plzz .


Rshbh: Ok , fine , go nd pack d bags nd one more things keep sufficient sweets nd gifts for d ppl who look after nd work in our fields.

Renu: sure , thanks , wow!! Mja aayega .

she too was excited like DM  , both hugged nd loved Geet for thinking  this lovely trip ,,, it was decided that after Ammy nd Gunjan departure  they all wd start their journey early mrng to avoid traffic .

the trip of HP was very peaceful nd enjoyanle for all ,, they visited their firlds ,, Maan help DM in checking nd sorting out d matters related to farmers nd perchasing some required things ,, Geet gave many suggestions to farmers ,, she handled her FH so knew many things ,, adviced farmers to plant fruits trees around fields which they cd get from Govt nursery at very low prize .. 1 or 2 Rs per plant ,, Maan planned a camping for Geet in their field nd spent quality time there ,, all enjoy nd came close to each other ,, praised Geet for her lovely nature ,, DM, Renu nd Rshbh blessed her nd Maan claiming that Geet was d perfect  life partner for him ,, Maan too felt an immense happiness having Geet in his life ,, she brought back all d happiness nd smiles in his life which he lost after his parents .


Life started moving on its pace nd all got busy in their lives ,, After one month Geet nd Gunjan gave good news back to back nd whole KM filled with joy ,, DM nd Maan wr on cloud nine bcoz DM was going to be gr8 G mom nd Maan was getting his complete own family nd going to be a father.

  This was not d end but it was d beginning of a new journey ... A beautiful journey of Maaneet .

Thanku so my dear friends nd readers ,, I completed this small tale of our beloved Maan & Geet bcoz of ur love nd support ,, without ur support i'm nothing , ur likes nd loveable comments encouraged nd motivated me  ,, Thank you so much nd a big warm hug to all . LOL.




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yeyyy... balle balle.. oyee shava shava.. ahoo ahooo.. oye ahoo aahoo.. me 1st aa gyee... Big smile
sorry wo raat ka time hai na, to koi panjabi munda mila hi nahi bhangda karne ko, sab k sab saale pee -paa k so gaye hai.. yahi chashmish mil gyaa... par wo bhi khush tha mere liye, so i gave him a chance u see.. i know i know,afetrall i gave him a chance..  i am so generous.. kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai yaaro... kabhi ghamand nahi karna chaahiye.. Embarrassed
ohh finally geet's plaster is off.. but she has to take a good care.. or precisely we should say, maan has to take a good good care..
ohoo.. maan sigh majnoo apni hone waali votti k liye badi changi shopping karke laya hai.. Clap
hehehehe.. sahsa ka mooh khula ka khula reh gyaa...
 yah just like that.. LOL
and the v much awaited marriage is over.. hey, did any1 noticed, when ammy's mom asked to maan and ammy both to see the girls in the v 1st chapter, maan was the one who refused directly... and was actually spying both the girls for ammy.. but by the time actually ammy got married, maan married geet 2nd time.. yah 1st time was not that good.. par shaadi to ki naa..
haha.. i loved ammy's reaction..  LOL
and they lived happily ever after... babbie, though i hate you finished this story, coz really i felt you could have made it more longer.. but i know, you write by your heart.. and so have made it this.. it was another wonderful story babbie.. love you!


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Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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Originally posted by mauaa


  Hug  Hi kiddo ...jhappiieess 

 aaj kahn ki ghumai ho rahi hei..?LOL

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