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This is not the anandi we know (Page 9)

leavesandwaves IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
Ganga by her behaviour is it making difficult for anandi to live in BH. And she does not want her to leave because Jagya will be angry with her.

So what is the option for anandi? Why she is leaving now when there is this mannu ratan thing?
And shivam is also very upset. DS is sad.

Anandi and Ganga should have a talk. They must sort out things between them. And then Jagya can be informed that anandi is leaving because dadisa's laadpyar is making shivam not to listen to anandi and to discipline him she is moving out.

No lols please.Wink

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surabhi01 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
obviously anandi can go infront of jagya .she is going without jagya not because she is scare of him .she is going without jagya because jagya will feel bad .and why would anandi will be scare with jagya , she is not doing any sin going from. bh

and when jagya will question anandi why u left bh .then obviously anandi will not run away seeing jagya

coming to ganga as she is saying jagya will blame me then why cant ganga tell jagya that I am not responsible for anandi going .anandi is going by herself .

btw that anandi leaving without jagya but ultimately jagya will come to know that anandi has left bh .yeh baat jagya se chhupi to nahi reh gayi that anandi has left bh .whether anandi left infront of jagya or without jagya .jagya will ultimately come to know that anandi has left bh ., aur yeh baat anandi bhi jaanti hai even I leave bh without jagya jagya will still come to know that I have left bh .but still anandi is leaving bh so how anandi is scare of jagya

and more over anandi is not doing anything wrong in leaving bh that she will be scare of jagya .if anandi is not scare of ganga and can leave bh infront of ganga then anandi can leave bh infront of jagya too

jagya may feel bad that is why anandi is not leaving bh infront of bh , if jagya would have not feel bad then there will be no problem for anandi to leave bh in front of jagya

another thing why it is so
necessary for anandi to leave bh infront of jagya ?

and anandi told ganga I will talk to jagya and convince him .so even if anandi leave bh but still she is ready to confront jagya inorder to tell him that I am leaving bh because it is my only decision not because of ganga .anandi is still ready to give answer to jagya even she is leaving bh without jagya .then in what way anandi is scare of jagya ?

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aparnauma IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 8:19pm | IP Logged
As far as Anandi is considered this Mannu Ratan issue is not the reason for her exit.
Because much before that she has made it clear to Dsa why she wanted to leave. Dsa was closing eyes to reality.Anandi was clear that she will move out only with Dsa's consent.
Anandi's reasons for not wanting to stay there have been existing way before Mannu Ratan issue popped up.
Shivam is being spoilt by Dsa, her needing space, Dsa's laad pyar towards her making things difficult for her instead making life easy same way the respect and regard J has for her is again making things difficult for her..These are the real reasons behind her leaving BH.

Even after Mannu Ratan incident Anandi had no issues with Ganga's stand on that matter.That JG convo was only a wake up call for Dsa she needed to see what Anandi's presence in their lives is doing to Ganga.

Truth had to hit Dsa now she cannot say no to Anandi's request.

Same thing with J. Ganga's accusations that time were a bit too much.but he does give a lot of importance to Anandi out of respect regard and affection for her and that does make Ganga feel sidelined in someways .She must be feeling the same way Abhi is feeling.

This all happened because Dsa and J failed to strike a balance between their bond with Anandi and the commitment they have towards Ganga.

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surabhi01 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 February 2012
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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
moreover anandi has given address where she is going after when leaving bh .jagya will also come to know that anandi has gone to shiv niketan and jagya can even go to anandi at shiv niketan and ask about reason for leaving bh .so how anandi is scare of jagya

if anandi realy scare then she would have not tell even address or even elope from bh at midninght when every body r sleeping

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blushing IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aparnauma

Originally posted by blushing

Why Jagya feels Ganga said something to Anandi resulted Aanndi left BH in hurry...Ganga toh always nice with Anandi na...its Anandi who interfere...

Why would Jagya Q Ganga ? Jagaya didn't trust Ganga kya ...why he would blame Ganga if Anandi leave BH...

Why Ganga feels Jagya will blame her... a
Why is Ganga so scared about Anandi leaving ?
She thinks she is right so why should that bother her?
After all Anandi is only leaving in a huff.

If Ganga knows she is right why should she be scared of Jagya shouting at her? She should have all the answers after all she is right 

exactly... Why Ganga is scared...Anandi always wana leave BH... Why Ganga feel Jagya will blame her ...
First of all Jagya never feel Anandi interfere ... If Ganga feels Jagya will blame her means Jagya knew Ganga simply dislike Anandi... Lastly Ganga herself scare ..means she too knew Way she behave taunt Anandi resulted this ...
if this is not possibilty then why Ganga is scared
Appy ... So far no answer

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leavesandwaves IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
Ganga is scared. She thought anandi will continue to stay in BH and she was surprised when anandi decided to leave.

If anandi leaves and does not interfere anymore, ganga cant blame anandi anymore for her problems. And she cant blame Jagya too for siding with anandi and shivam. And abhi need not keep that sad face anymore.

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blushing IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
True ... If Ganga can clear raise Q of A's rights she always taunt Anandi
After all this Ganga still expect Anandi will stay in BH ...
Anandi leaving before Jagya comes back means she does not want to tell him due JaGan bad equation she is leaving ...
In Jagya's presence DS can blackmail her more ... Jagta can give excuse of DS health ..DS can use that
DS saw how much Ganga dislike Anandi...its DS who finally smell coffee ... But still not convinced hense use Jagya name ...
Anandi does not want any complication

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mahi12 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 July 2011
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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aparnauma

Did Anandi say anything different?
She did say that she wanted to leave BH so that Jagya will listen to his wife rather than her. Apparently Ganga also feels the same way that Jagya heeds to Anandi's words than hers and that according to her is interference
She did say the same thing to Dsa too - People including Ganga do seem to think that Anandi is taking the great position held by Ganga and Dadisa used to be blamed for that and Jagya needs to be blamed for that.

It is quite clear that she is leaving because of Dsa and J.
To cover up Anandi you cannot put false blames on others Where Ganga said Anandi is taking over the great position held by her ?  where she felt like this Its only Anandi's false assumption Her imagination 
Did Ganga  even question Anandi's rights and her stay in Badi haveli Absolutely Not    What she questioned with what right Anandi made this decision about Mannu without asking them It was their  personal matter and very sensitive matter  and how Ganga is wrong in that ? Every mother is very possessive about her child No mother will like even her sister doing this with her what Anandi did with Ganga If Anandi is so right why she does not prove her point to Ganga she did not mean that way  and will never do this kind of act again without asking her and leave Ganga to Jagya here He will try to convince her about this Why Anandi is running away from Badi Haveli blaming Ganga she hates me ?what makes her think Ganga hates her ? Had she been hating her wouldn't she have taunted her why you are staying in your ex sasra Why Ganga would have run to shiv niketan on Anandi's one call to cover her up there ? so how Anandi thinks for Ganga she hates her ?

If Ganga would have said these words to jagya why Anandi is stayjng in  her ex sasra and then she leaving I would have understood Ganga is questioning Anandi's right to stay in BH but does Ganga have no right to question this why Anandi took this sensitive matter's decision about mannu without asking them ? that Anandi ji is leaving Badi haveli thinking Ganga hates her and does not like her  around Badi Haveli?How that is justified 

Why Ganga have no right to question why Anandi speaks in every  her and Jagya's matter lecturing Jagya around  This is not something new for Anandi She has been doing it for a long time Enough is enough Why is that always Ganga should show patience and understanding to Anandi why cannot Anandi understand sometimes ?Just because Jagya does not blast her and asks her to shut up does not mean he pays more head to her words that she never stops How can he even blast her if he will do then same will happen what she is doing now  Just because Ganga said she had no right to take this decision Anandi is leaving BH thinking Ganga hates her ?

Why Jagya needs to blamed ?how he can be blamed  Anandi is leaving BH because of him ?what makes you say he pay more head to Anandi's words The fact he does not blast her does not mean he really pays more head to Anandi 's words Ganga is misunderstanding this but Anandi is too living in her fantasy land  in her misunderstandings where she thinks he listens to her more than his wife  Hilarious 

 In that breakfast table scene Jagya was quiet after Dadisaa's words He did not counter question her  if  Anandi would not have jumped in Jagya went silent even before that so ? what makes Anandi think she could jump in the matter because she is habituated Gauri was not wrong  Anandi do think she has some right on Jagya thats why in every matter she speaks and then misunderstands his silence as if he really pays more heeds to her words ? How many times when after he is married to Ganga he called Anandi  when she was in Udaipur to take any of her opinion in any matter  Never How many times when she came to BH he took her  opinion in anything  Never  How many times he called her to share with her anything Never 

but yes Anandi has lectured him always when she has been in BH before and after his marriage with Ganga so what makes Anandi thinks he pays more heads to her words than Ganga's that she has this thinking ?

How can Jagya be blamed for Anandi's exit from BH  She is leaving because of him

Did he keep her in BH ? No He clearly said to her its between you and dadisaa i cannot say anything  He did not force her 

Did he involved her in his life and made her decision maker? No 

Does he interferes in her life ? No He says i have no right  

so how can he be blamed Anandi is leaving because of him? in fact even Ganga cannot be blamed here Ganga said nothing wrong to Anandi if Anandi does not think she did any wrong She thinks she have right to take others children's decisions Some very sensitive matters where a lot of feelings and emotions of others are attached if others object she will leave the place thinking they hate Is that Ganga's fault? No Its Anandi's fault 

Ganga has only wronged Jagya but she did no wrong with Anandi she can be blamed for it 

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