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MaNan TS :..I Fell in LoVe with My BeStFrIenD..Part3,PG9,8/5,COMPLETED (Page 5)

divvi22 Groupbie

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
Startin of story too cute they destined ti meet..
Hehe.. Pub part waz part of south Indian movie.. Super cute

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ArpuSaran Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
continue soon

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_Dimples_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 10:38pm | IP Logged
loved it hari
sry for the late reply
was busy

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uma88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 10:53pm | IP Logged
Hari, u r back with a story, thank u so much for making nandini a crazy girl, u know what, i love the story so much, if any of the lead is so crazy and here nandini islike that, carefree, good start, even i thought, nandini is gonna commit suicide in the beginning, but bursted our bubble girl, its become a habit for u know, but well, i liked it.

Only one thing am upset with is, u made this as ts, so waiting eagerly for next part to know what happens next, that too the precap made me laught aloud, continue soon and thanks for pm

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..Mellifluous.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 6:49am | IP Logged

Heys guys.This is three shots not two shots.So here is the part 2.Happy reading and Ignore the mistakes.Thank you so much for the wonderful likes and comments for the previous part.It makes me so happy.I want to dedicate this part to all my friends.

                                  Second Shot

Cabir asks for how many days will you stay here ? Nandini says maybe a month. Cabir  says that's awesome. Cabir says come join us.Nandini says I came my friends.She must be waiting for me.Manik says call your friends too.We can hang out together if you have no problem.Nandini says why would I ? It would be awesome if we all are together.Wait I will call them.She called Navya,Abhimanyu.They joined Fab5 .Cabir introduces Nandini.Guys she is my cousin .She stays in New York and she is a doctor.She will be staying here for one moth with her friends Navya ,Abhimanyu.Nandini says you blabber a lot Cabir . 

Cabir says am your bro then this much should be na chatterbox.Nandini playfully hits him. Nandini says am getting bored guys. Manik says let's go to Casino.What say ? Mukti says Awesome !! Am really dying to go there. Nandini says this is my first time . Cabir says it will be awesome .Let's go.Everyone went to Casino.Everyone went to play.Nandini is standing there confused like what she should play.Manik says come with me.He takes her to a game and he explains her and she wins .She jumps in joy .Manik !! woah !! He says very quick learner eh ? Nandini raises her collar saying I am !! She winks.She plays all the games with him and she wins  so many games.

All get tired after playing.All played as couples like Cabir-Navya,Mukti-Abhimanya,Dhruv-Alya and our MaNan.They all meet and everyone enjoyed so much especially Nandini.Nandini exclaims in joy that she won so much.Aliya says Congos darling !! you rocked !! Oh hello !! i also played with her.You girls na you forget boys.You always think you won it by yourself.Cabir says I second that.Abhi and Dhruv also agrees with him.Girls glare them. You guys are just unbelievable. So you girls are.All boys hi-fi.It's waste talking to you.They go out.Boys laugh and follow them. Cabir says let's go to home.It's already quite late. Navya and Abhimanyu left with each other as their streets are quite close where as Nandini lives far away from their house.So she said she will manage.

Fortunately or unfortunately Manik also lives in the same street .So he said I will drop you.So both are in his car now.Nandini says why are you driving like an old man Manik.Manik sees her like shocked . Well I thought that you are a girl so you must be afraid of speed . But am not like that Manik.Yeah !! I know I was talking about GIRLS not you !! He laughed seeing her reaction.She hits him .Manik raises the car speed and clicks a button and now you can feel the breeze on you skin.Nandini stand up and opens her arms and enjoys the cool breeze ouch her skin and she says Manik !! This is awesome ..Super cool.I love it Manik !! I just love it.You are crazy Nandini !! So you are Manik !! 

They reach her house and both get down. Nandini comes to him and says Thank you for the amazing night and ride.He asks your welcome.He sits on car bonnet along with her.He asks with whom you live ? I live with chacha,chachi and my brother Rishab.I lost my parents in a car crash and their last wish was I should be happy no matter what and should be strong.To make others happy.They asked me this when they were breathing their last breaths.That's am like this.

Manik wraps his hand around her and says am sorry !! And you be like this only.Because I just love your craziness,your non-stop talks and all.Tears don't suit you and these sad talks not at all.So now go home and keep smiling.She says yeah !! And give me your phone !! He gives her phone and she did something and gave to him .He asks what you did ? Just added my number.I didn't read any messages so chill.She winked at him and went saying good night.He smiled and went to his home and slept.

He got a call at morning 6 from an unknown number and he picked up and said who the hell is this ? Nandini says oye !! it's me khumbhkaran.He says I dont know anyone known as khumbhkaran.Nandini is like shocked shut up Manik !! I was talking about you.You are Khumkhkaran's brother.Nandini !! You called me to say this ? Nandini says no !!! Pick me up at sharp 9'o clock.Why ? Stop asking questions and come and pick me up Manik !! Nandini are you ordering me or requesting ? 

Nandini and requesting is like a joke.Ofcourse am ordering.Come and pick me or else I will kill you and I will end up at your house saying you ditched me.No !!!! I will come.You don't do any crazy things.Now let me sleep.Nandini laughed and Manik slept with a smile thinking that she is totally crazy.He woke up at 8:30 and is shocked .He took a shower and got dressed up and reached her house at exactly 9'o clock.He sighed or else if she came and said those things his parents would have gotten heart attack.

She came out and saw him and she smiled .Wow Manik !! On time eh ?Or else you will end up in my house you crazy girl !!Nandini smiled and she got into his car and Manik messaged his friends and Nandini messaged her friends and now the are at Mall.Girls are busy in shopping and Boys are completely not interested.So they just sat and nodding to girls if they ask them about selecting which one.Abhi says why do they like shopping so much ? Really am fed up now !! It has been 2 hours and till now they didn't like one dress.Cabir who is sleeping on Manik's shoulder says I second that.Manik says let's go to the food court till then.

Boys headed to the food court and they are enjoying while eating.Girls saw them eating happily and they came to them and Nandini asked why didn't call us ? Cabir says you are so busy in shopping na we thought we should not disturb you.He said while eating pizza.Girls says whatever.Nandini pulls  Manik with her while he is eating french fries.Oh My frech fries !! Nandini pulled him to select a saree for her chachi as it is her birthday today.Manik is complaining arey yar Nandini !! Why me ? Take girls with you na.Am really not good in all these.Shut up Manik !! Manik gives up .

Nandini is selecting some things and Manik is like yawning .She didn't select one saree .The one who is showing her also is tired.Manik laughed at his plight.Finally she selects a saree and shopping is over finally.They next went to a restuarant and ha d lunch and next fun mall and snow world and enjoyed alot.Days passed with out knowing the time.MaNan got close .They talk all night in the phone and sleep at mornings.They became best buddies in short time.Finally again shopping day came for girls.

Cabir is like yar shopping shopping !! I guess I will die of shopping yar.Am not even engaged . Abhi says I didn;t even kiss yar.I don't want to die due to shopping.Manik is laughing and suddenly Nandini comes and pulls him and now these three boys laugh and say ALL THE BEST MANIK !! Nandini is selecting some dresses and asking him his opinion.

Manik suddenly gets a call from his mom and he lifts yes Maa !! Manik where are you ? Maa am in a mall with a friend.Manik ! Today your brother is returning and you forgot.Oh shit !!! Am on my way.Nandini sees him and asks him what ? He says I need to go to airport .My bro and Bhabi are coming.OK now bye.Nandini says wait !! I will also come.Manik says no !! Nandini pulls him come..we are getting late.He thinks is he taking her to the airport or she is taking him ? Uff !! This girl is driving me crazy.Nandini says I will drive.Manik says no.

Nandini says I didn't ask you .She takes the keys and asks him to sit.He is like shocked.He messages everyoone about the thing.They go to airport.They reach there and gets to know that flight got delayed.So they sit in the cafeteria and wait . Nandini asks what is your brother name ? He says Arnav.and Bhabhi is Khushi.I didnt ask.I know sooner or later you will ask her name so it's better if I say now only.Nandini says you got to know me soon.Manik says I know.Am your friend so I got to know you soon.They talk casually pulling each other's legs.Suddenly Nandini receives a call from chachi saying come home soon.Nandini says to Manik that she needs to go as Chachi called her .SO she says I will take taxi and go.Manik says anything serious ? Nandini says I dont know am tensed.Manik hugs her saying stay calm.Everything will be alright.

Nandini breaks the hug and says ok bye.She gets into taxi and Manik watches her going.In mean time flight arrived and suddenly someone taps his shoulder and asks him Who is she ? Manik replies Nandini yar.She is tensed.Suddenly Manik realises what he said and he turns and finds his bro and bhabhi.Manik hugs his bro Arnav Bhai !! I missed you so much !!.Khushi bhabi !! I missed you too.He hugged her.Devar ji !! Who is Nandini ? Manik says we are already late.Arshi[Arnav and Khushi ] understand he is trying to avoid.

Soon all reach home and have some family time.Everyone sits in the living room and Manik's dad  asks him a question.

MD [Manik's dad] : Manik !! Who is Nandini ?

Manik : Who Nandini ? WHat Nandiini ? WHich Nandini ? Sudenly he gets a call and it is from Nandini and he receives and says yeah !! Nandini say everything ok ? Then he realises what he said and he says Yeah !! Nandish.Now take left and from thre take right !!! am coming.He runs and everyone laughs.

Arnav says something is unique about this Nandini.Khushi says Yeah !! Manik goes out and says yeah !! Nandini say.Nandini says am getting MARRIED !!!

Next Shot : Third Shot


SO ? HOW is it ? I hope it is not boring.Please do like and share your views.Do comment and dont forget to hit like.


Harika..Keep smiling..it looks good on you.

Edited by ..Mellifluous.. - 08 May 2015 at 8:28am

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Humzy IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 February 2013
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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 6:57am | IP Logged
awsm update
loved it
cont soon

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__nidhi__ Goldie

Joined: 07 June 2014
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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 7:08am | IP Logged
it was awesome 
loved it
bechara manik
nandini is getting marriedShocked
waiting for the next part 
update soon 
thanks for the pm..!!

Edited by nidhi.nidsnicks - 07 May 2015 at 7:26am

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drnidsur Goldie

Joined: 25 December 2014
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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 7:09am | IP Logged
ohk ...first my complain ...u write sooo manyyy 
all soo amazing how ?
i also need that secret ( i m a good gal ..won't tell anyone *pretty pls*)
now ...its amazing 
i loved this one tooo ...
its soo cute 
nandini like total cool attitude ...with all yolo feels 
osum concept 
i m waiting for the last part now EmbarrassedHug

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