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In The Kurukshetra of Kalyug [Fan Fiction] (Page 3)

shiningstar77 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Interesting Intro n CS..
Continue..waiting Big smile

Avyakta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Brishti_Sarkar

A phoenix burns itself when it is time for it to die.
It is again reborn from the same ashes.
Life is just like this circle. When you die, we don't know where they go.
But things that we lose, have a way of coming back to us in the end.
If not always in the way we expect.
This FF is the story of a few people, in our modern day world, who are being tossed and turned in their journey of life. The main characters are inspired from the ancient epic Mahabharata, but they are human too.
Things will not be the same. Times have changes. Lives have changed.
Mindset has changed. So, join the journey of a few people. just like you and me in the ultimate journey of love, hatred, terror, happiness and most important, trust.

The Preamble is great for this FF ! It invoked lot of interest ! 

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Avyakta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Brishti_Sarkar

A few words before we start

The concept and idea of this FF goes to Urmila11. We together made some changes, and decided to write this jointly. Both of us will update turn by turn. If you want PM for the updates, do let any one of us know, and add any one of us in your buddy list for convenience.
We are both Mahabharat fans, and thus such a idea. But the characters and tracks will not be revealed. The readers will have to discover them and imagine them.Wink Feel free to criticize and suggest things. And even though this is based on Mahabharat, even if you don't know the epic you can still read our FF just as another story. We promise you will enjoy.

Means a joint venture .  Very interesting , I know the writing skills of Urmila , so expectations are high !Smile
CaptainSpark IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 5:12am | IP Logged
Thank u for all the interesting comments and wishes Hug
We will update soon guys!!! Hope you enjoy

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DharmaPriyaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 7:56am | IP Logged



96, 97, 98, 99, 100...

It took Anshuman some time to believe that he had really hit a century in his debut match.

He looked at the scoreboard. Yes, he did it! "100 not out" was glowing beside his name. A satisfied Anshuman closed his eyes. The image came first to his mind was his father's. If his father was alive today...

All teammates came near him to congratulate. The whole stadium was overpowered by encouraging roars of India fans. With a smile, Anshuman accepted congratulations from everybody.

Next over. None could imagine that the talented junior batsman would hit a six just after completing his century. But Anshuman was confident. He successfully hit a six. There were only 3 overs left for India's batting. Anshuman made himself determined. He had to make his team's score unbeatable.

Entire stadium watched with surprise how skillfully the young batsman scored 40 runs in last 3 overs and left the crease with a 153 not out. India team was done with their batting part with a pretty high score 316.

During the lunch break, joy of India players knew no bound. All of them were awestruck after Anshuman's skill. Few of them even started to compare him with legendary batsmen of all time, few began to draw example of those fortunate batsmen who were able to hit a century at their debut. Everybody agreed that Anshuman deserved a special credit for playing such a beautiful innings at his very first match.

But Anshuman kept himself very calm. He did not allow himself to be flooded with all those compliments. He knew that he was just a beginner. Pride or ego simply did not suit him at this very early stage! If this first success made him egoistic then that ego would hinder his path of further success! His eldest brother always used to tell him this, and he too believed in it.

Meanwhile he could sense his phone's ringtone. Looking at the screen his lips lit up with a smile. He received the call, "Hello..."

"Congrats Anshu!" a new tune of delight was found in Priyadarshinee's melodious voice, "You have made me feel so proud!"

 Anshuman replied, "Wait Priya, this is not the right time to celebrate! Let my team win first!"

"Oh that is certain Anshu! India has no chance to see a defeat today! Here all fans are sure that India will win." Priyadarshinee tried to assure Anshuman.

"Cricket is a game of uncertainty Priya! None can predict what will happen until the last ball is played!"

"Okay, okay, better tell me clearly that you are not liking to be congratulated by me!" there was a hint of angst in her voice.

Anshuman laughed, "Are you a child, Priya? Instead of being angry with me, can you not pray to God for India's victory?"

"And for you too. I want you to be man of the match!" Priyadarshinee could not carry on with her false anger.

"Okay as you wish! I will be waiting for your next call after the match." he finished.

The break was over. India began fielding. Anshuman seemed to be a lucky charm for the team. Indian players were not very good in fielding but today everybody felt as if they had received some extra energy from somewhere! Their nice group work did not let the opponent batsmen stand longer. India won. Very expectedly man of the match title went to Anshuman.

He accepted the trophy with a smile. But he could not find proper words when he was asked to speak something. Hitting a century was so easy but speaking was not!

"Mr. Anshuman Chowdhury, we are eager to hear from you! Tell us what you feel!"

Anshuman clutched the mike and cleared his throat. He started humbly, "I want to dedicate this success to my mother. Without her love and blessings it was never possible for me to see this day! Then I want to salute my eldest brother whose guidance has always kept me steady on my path! I thank my other brothers for their love and support! This success is not mine alone. This is their success!"

Anshuman stopped. Everybody was clapping. But Anshuman was lost in his thoughts. There was another person who was inspiration behind his success. But he could not take her name.

"I thank you for your support, Priyadarshinee!" he said within his mind, "I will thank you openly in front of media too, after you officially come in my life!"


It was 5 PM. The last class was over. Kinshuk was proceeding towards the library. Only the first part of his regular busy schedule was completed. Now he had to concentrate on his personal research work.

Meanwhile he checked his phone as something stuck his mind. He used to keep his mobile silent throughout the whole college time as he did not like any disturbance between him and his students. But before entering the library he normally checked his phone, and if there was any important missed call or SMS, he entered his research world only after replying to it. Keeping eyes on the mobile screen his face lit up. Himanshu sent SMS with good news! His Anshu had hit century!

There were 23 SMS from Himanshu! He had sent detailed reports on every good moment of Anshuman's innings. Looked like he was trying to send a running commentary to Kinshuk through SMS! There already was a proud smile on Kinshuk's face for Anshuman which got mingled with a pampering smirk for Himanshu'a craziness.

He remembered how eagerly Himanshu tried to keep him at home on that morning. Priyanshu and Debanshu too requested repeatedly not to go to college. But Kinshuk did not listen to his crazy brothers. Of course he loved his brothers but he loved his students too! They too were his responsibility! He considered his class another family! He could not agree with his brothers.

"Does any Professor of our university not take casual leaves?" Himanshu asked, "What is your problem then?" 

"They do. But does this mean that I too should follow their path and ignore my responsibility to my students?" Kinshuk cast a calm glance on Himanshu's face.

"But Dada," this time it was Debanshu, "Will Anshu Da not be expecting you to watch his very first match?"

Kinshuk smiled, "No! He knows well that I will never compromise with my duty! And he also knows that he will be receiving my best wishes even if I don't watch the match." He then caressed his brothers and assured, "Well, I will try to return earlier today. Now let me go and keep praying for Anshu! How will he succeed if you send a negative vibe to him through these sad faces?"

Kinshuk was chewing the cud of morning. But his web of thoughts was torn when he found the library door closed.

His eyebrows were curved. Though the college time was over but library of Sanskrit dept was never made closed so early. It was kept open for research scholars' use. Then why was a middle-sized lock hanging on the door today?

Kinshuk looked around. There was a non-teaching stuff, busy in cleaning the floor of balcony.

"Swapan, can you tell me why the library is closed?" he asked the sweeper.  Despite of being a high-ranked assistant Professor Kinshuk never felt hesitation in talking even to the non-teaching stuffs. For this modest nature he was so popular to everybody.

"I can't tell you the exact reason, Sir," said the sweeper, "But I have heard them discussing about tomorrow's holiday."

Usually on any day before holiday the librarians decided to lock their respective libraries just after college hour. But why was a holiday declared on the next day? Kinshuk could guess the answer as soon as the question stuck him. His lip was curved again with a proud smile.

Finally, Kinshuk had to let his project sleep for one more day. Now all he needs to do is meeting the dean to confirm tomorrow's holiday.


Players of team India had returned their hotel. A tired Anshuman was taking rest in his room. His notebook was open in front of him. He was writing poetry. That was real rest meant to him. Whenever he felt disturbed or tired, he did not find any better way to remove his stress! And poetry too never betrayed him. It always came to him whenever he had wished for its company. Anshuman used to tease Priyadarshinee by saying, "Remember, poetry is my first girlfriend, not you!"

Anshuman had to stop. His mobile was ringing. This time he knew who was calling him. He picked up the phone with a happy mood.

"May I congratulate you now, Sir?" Priyadarshinee's voice came like a sweet breeze, "Now your team has won."

Anshuman laughed, "Yes Madam! Please do! My ears are thirsty to drink sweet melody of your voice!"

Priyadarshinee blushed, and could not speak for a while. She remembered how handsome her Anshu was looking with the trophy in his hand. It looked like it was Anshuman who had increased the trophy's glory, not the other way round!

"Anshu, I guess you have met your fans after the match? What did they say?" she asked with a curiosity.

Anshuman did not understand why she was asking this. He replied, "Fans? How can one get fans so soon? I have just made my entry. There is a long way to go."

"No, no, I know, there must be several girl fans praising you and asking for your autograph! Now you are a famous person! You will remain busy in giving autographs to beautiful girls! When will you get time for me in this busy schedule?"

Anshuman understood. His Priya was so innocent! He spoke softly, "No Priya, no matter how beautiful girl fans I meet, you will be the only queen in my heart! Even fairies of dreamland, princesses of epics or celestial dancers of Heaven cannot take your place, leave alone some human girls!"

"Please do not make poetry now! I'm serious!"

"I too am serious!"

"Well, then tell me exactly when you are coming back to me, leaving behind your fans?"

"On next Sunday," he said, "Tomorrow I shall go for shopping. Tell me what you want from Mumbai market."

"Nothing," she replied, "That trophy is more than enough for me!"

"See, what a golden heart you have! You want nothing except my good!" his voice was full of love, "that's why you are so special for me! Where else will I get such a beautiful mind?"

 "Okay Sir, stop flattering me! Now I have to cut the line, otherwise a huge scolding will be waiting for me! If brother Himanshu finds your phone busy, he will not spare me at all!"

Priyadarshinee's guess was correct. Just after she ended her call, Anshuman found Himanshu's number on his mobile screen. On the other hand, Priyadarshinee planned to give Anshuman a unique surprise. What could be the best gift from her side other than a new song composed by her? And if the lyrics of her song were collected from one of the best poetries written by Anshuman, then the surprise would be doubled.

All works of Anshuman were in her hand. She used to copy his poems in her artistic handwriting. He used to say, "Your handwriting enhances the beauty of my words!" Priyadarshinee began to choose from them. When she was turning pages of her copy, the love poems written for her kept making her blush.


Reaching home, Kinshuk found his brothers in a full festive mood. Seeing him entering, Himanshu cast a glance on his wristwatch, and then looked at Kinshuk. Rubbing his eyes he said, "Priya, Deb, am I dreaming? Professor Kinshuk Chowdhury, when have you become such a good boy, to remember your second home so early?"

Kinshuk used to return late every day. Being immersed in his project he forgot to see his watch. The sum total of college hour and research hour made him spend maximum time of a day outside home. Hence Himanshu used to say that the university was his brother's first home and real home was second.

"Library was closed on Anshu's honour today," keeping his bag on its place, Kinshuk replied, "And a holiday has been declared tomorrow."

"Yayyy" Priyanshu could not resist, "Three cheers for brother Anshu! Hip hip..."

"Aah Priya! Control yourself! Have you forgotten this is mother's Puja time?" Kinshuk calmly said. He did never have to shout even to rebuke anybody. His personality was of such unique class that even his appearance and a few calm words from his lips could control many situations.

Priyanshu had to stop. Debanshu smiled, "Dadabhai, you spend the least time at home, still you have the best care for everybody! You have not even forgotten that mother is in Puja room now! How can you keep such little things in mind despite of all your works?"

Kinshuk smiled a slow smile. Priuanshu said in a childish tone, "Because our Dadabhai is the best!"

Meanwhile, Paramita entered their room with the Puja thali in her hand. "Kinshuk when have you come?" she asked with a gentle smile.

"Just a few minutes before, Maa!" Kinshuk replied, and went inside to become fresh. Then Himanshu tried to grab the plate of prasaad but Paramita did not let him touch it, "No Him, your elder should take prasaad first." So Himanshu had to give away. But when Kinshuk came and found this situation, he took prasaad and fed his three brothers first, and then he himself ate it.

Everybody sat in a relaxed mood. "You have missed a nice match," said Paramita, "Anshu played so well today!"

Kinshuk mused, "I was sure about his success!" then delight flowed from his voice, "You know, Maa, entire college is celebrating his accomplishment! From teachers to students all are saying that Anshu is a gem of our college! I had to receive lots of congratulations from everybody on behalf of Anshu," he smiled. A proud mother Paramita closed her eyes to feel the bliss.

Priyanshu said, "Okay Dadabhai, now please help us to make a grand plan. We don't have much time in hand, brother Anshu is returning on next Sunday."

"He deserves a special welcome," Kinshuk nodded, "But what can be done? Have you thought anything?" he cast a questioning glance on his brothers' faces.

"Not yet," said Himanshu, "But we want to arrange some surprise for him."

"I wish Kamalesh was here now," Kinshuk said, "He could have given us a nice plan!"

Meanwhile the door bell rang. Everybody seemed as if they just fell from some other world. They wondered who could come at this time. "Let me see," Paramita rose to open the door.

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Very nice cs.
Sound interesting.
Waiting 4 updts.
Pm me whnevr u updt.
Thnx 4 pm.
Nonie12345 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 1:30am | IP Logged
First chapter is amazing UrmilaThumbs Up
PM me whenever you update the next chapterBig smile

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CaptainSpark IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 6:00am | IP Logged
SO its my turn to update next!!! Evil Smile

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