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Awesome teaser. 

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nice teaser dear
thanx fr d pm

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Wow. Khushi ban gayi Jhansi ki Rani!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now is the correct time for the movie.
Lata don't under estimate ur sissy .

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Nice teaser... eagerly waiting for update

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For my other stories... here is my  Feel of love - My Index



Previous : Chapter 32



Part 33:


Please don't judge Khushi

Little long update Embarrassed Embarrassed


Next day morning

Arnav woke up with his phone ring. He answered the call without opening his eyes. But the voice he heard from other side, made him jump and sit on bed. He heard the call with utmost seriousness, then commanded that caller for something to do and ended the call

"Game will never be enjoyable, if it is one sided. Let's play together. I will show with whom you are playing and whom you are trying to hurt. I will never ever allow anyone to point out their finger on my family, let alone hurting them. Wait and see" he said looking at his mobile, smirking

"Arnav ji" he heard the soothing voice from outside the door. He jumped from the bed and rushed to open the door. He gave his best smile to the love of his life and hugged her tightly

"Good morning Arnav ji" Khushi wished hugging him back

"Indeed good morning. This is the best morning" he broke the hug and looked at KHushi who is smiling at him

"Looks like someone is getting more comfortable with me these days" he said with a twinkle in his eyes

Khushi hugged him, keeping her head on his chest without answering his question.

Arnav felt something different with Khushi's behavior. He noticed her smile too, it didn't go to her eyes. He hugged her in return

"What's the matter Khushi? Are you okay?"

Khushi snuggled more into his hug. She doesn't want to leave this man, not after confessing her love. She is feeling restless after talking with the guard. She so wanted to tell Arnav, at the same time she don't want to make him more worried. She closed her eyes feeling the warmth of this wonderful man.

Arnav looked at Khushi and then around outside the room. He slowly closed the door and led her towards the couch.

"Just sit here. I will be here in few minutes" saying this he rushed to washroom to freshen up. After 5 minutes he came out after taking bath and sat beside Khushi and took her hands in his. "Now tell me, what's bothering you? Why are you looking worried?"

Shaking her head, she hugged his hand and kept her head on his shoulder.

"Come on sweetheart, tell me. What's wrong?" he touched her cheeks with one hand while other hand being hugged by Khushi

"We will be leaving to Lucknow in few hours" Khushi said in low voice "And I don't want to" she looked at him with moisture in her eyes

"Shh... don't. Relax... don't be sad Khushi. I will be there in a week. We will do every work for our marriage together. I will be with you in every time. Just give me one week to settle everything here in office. Then I will be there with you. Even I can't stay away from you Khushi. If anyone asks me, how loving someone who we met few weeks back like crazy, is possible; I don't have any answer for that. All I can say is that I love you and I can't live without you. I don't want to be away from you at least for a minute. Do you know how much difficult for me when you goes away from me? I feel like I can't even breath. Trust me Khushi, I'm addicted to you. I can't come out of this addiction"

Khushi looked at him with surprised eyes like she is hearing this for the first time.

"Don't look at me like that. I hate when you say, you will be leaving. I feel like suffocating without you beside me. I don't know how this happened or when this happened. But still, I'm deeply, madly and happily in love with you" Arnav finished in his low husky voice, making her go red

Seeing her turning into red, he hugged her sideways and kissed her temple. "Don't worry, I will be there before you know. Aman will be there with you. You can trust him in anything. He is not only my employee, but also best friend to me. You can share anything with him, without any hesitation, okay?"

Khushi nodded her head "I love you... I will be waiting for you" she kissed on his chest where his heart is beating

He groaned feeling her kiss "Don't do that. I want to be in control till our marriage finishes" he whispered in her ears, make her smile. Their small close moments got disturbed by the maid saying that Khushi's sister and BIL came and Akshaya is calling both of them down

"By the way, why did you come?"

"Ma ji asked me to wake you up. So, I came"

"Okay let's go downstairs, otherwise your so called sister and my so called employee will feel jealous" he winked at Khushi.

"There won't be any problem with them, right?"

"I promise"

Both went down to see Khushi's family sitting in serious faces and his family is talking something or other.

Seeing Arnav and Khushi coming down, all except latha and Abhinav smiled happily.

"What take you to come late Khushi? Did Chote bother you with something?" Anjali asked with a mischievous smile. Everyone giggled

"Oh stop it Di... We are going to be a couple. We do have something, which we can't voice out in public. Trust me, you can't hear and you would want to hide your face somewhere"

"Huh... besharam..." Anjali said

"I think we should be alert in every second after Arnav's marriage. God knows what will happen in this house, and what scenes must be revealed before our eyes..." Dadi added her teasings

Khushi gasped hearing Dadi's comment with wide shocked eyes. Everyone burst out laughing seeing Khushi's expression. Arnav looked around him to see his and Khushi's family in a complete happiness. When his look landed on his father, he witnessed his father saying thanks to Khushi by simply uttering the words without sound. Khushi smiled little and looked at floor feeling shy. Yes, she is indeed the reason for this happiness' Arnav thought.

"Okay fine... let's have breakfast, I'm hungry. HP... HP... breakfast lagado" he shouted and dragged Khushi with him

At breakfast table

Everyone looked at Abhinav after hearing him clearing his throat.

"I wanted to tell one thing, in fact I want to request one thing" seeing Dadi and Akshaya nodding their heads he continued "As there is time for marriage, I need to go back to Mumbai. But Latha will stay here. Can she?"

Before Buaji or Arnav says anything, Khushi said "Why would she stays here?"

Everyone is surprised by Abhinav's words their looks expressed same doubt as Khushi in their faces

"Then where do you want me to stay Khushi? In hotel room like yesterday? And why would I do that when my family is here" Latha said in a controlled yet harsh tone, which irked Aran

"Look beta..." Dadi stopped seeing Khushi's irritated face

"Did I say that? I want the reason for your stay here? What do you want to do here, huh? Answer me" Khushi's voice is little harsh and little high. Everyone from Raizada family looked at Khushi surprisingly. Even Aran never saw Khushi in this state.

"Khushi..." Her name from Arnav's mouth made her stop saying further. she closed her eyes and controlled her anger.

"Latha, we are going back to Lucknow this afternoon. That's why titaliya asked about your stay" buaji said in a warning tone

"Oh... Um... I... we don't know that" Latha stuttered

"Then it will be best, if you know before talking. I don't want anyone to use harsh tone on khushi. I won't accept it" Aran indirectly told them how important Khushi is for him and his family.

After that no one is talked.

"Buaji and Mom, I want to take Khushi to office for the wedding attires. It's only for a hour or two. I will drop her before 12, is that okay?"

Getting positive response from them, he took Khushi's hand in his and dragged her outside the RM. Arnav don't want Khushi to be there where that pair stays.


"Arnav ji... it's easy to deal with my sister than him. As he is going to Mumbai now, I will be fine with her in my home in Lucknow, don't worry" Khushi said holding his shoulder while sitting in his car.

"Khushi... I..."

"I know Arnav ji... you are worried about me. Don't worry, jeeji is easy to handle" she smiled at him assuringly.

"If you says... then okay" saying this Arnav drove towards his office.

After that, the day went in jiffy to both Arnav and Khushi. After selecting the colors and clothes for their attires. As usual Arnav refused to see the design of Khushi's dress and refused to show his design to Khushi. Khushi with grumpy face and folded hands and a little cute pout sat on passenger seat of his car while going back, making Arnav chuckled seeing her childish behavior

After reaching home, Arnav made sure that Abhinav reached rail station and hopped the train. In the evening, he dropped Khushi and her family to the rail station much to his irritation. He never liked Khushi going on train. Khushi and her family bid bye to all Raizada-s.

In between all these, Latha tried her best to talk with Mami, to get into her good books. But Mami, being mami didn't entertain her enough thinking of her status and she didn't like her using harsh tone on Khushi. And somewhere in her heart she didn't like Latha for unknown reason.


"I want you all to be alert in all the situations. Whatever happens with Khushi or whatever you would hear about her, I don't want anyone to come to conclusions without talking with me. Whatever happens, I trust Khushi. You better talk with me before deciding anything. And one more thing, it will be better if you guys stays away or avoid meeting that Latha and her husband. I don't want any disturbances in this marriage" said Arnav after coming back to RM from the station

"What's wrong Arnav? Is everything fine?" asked Aran remembering the tension between Khushi and her sister. He knew about what Latha and her husband did with Khushi. He want to confirm

"Everything is fine dad. I will let you know when needed. You please don't take stress. And yeah one more thing, I want to tell this before too. You please try to finish your work as soon as possible, because we are leaving to Lucknow next week"

"What? Why next week? I mean There are FOUR weeks for the marriage" Akshaya asked in confusion

"Mom... I said we are leaving... and we will. I know what's important now, and what to do. I'm not a teenager to give importance to unimportant issues. I can never risk my family's security. It will be better if you guys gets ready"

That's all enough for everyone to understand Arnav. They nodded their heads and left to work. Arnav and Aran too left to work



"What's the need to stay? You could have went with Abhinav. He might face problems there without you" said Buaji in slightly irritated tone

"No problem buaji. He only said me to stay here"

"To stop the marriage?" Khushi suddenly asked.

Latha jerked from her seat and looked at Khushi's intent eyes. For the first time, she felt unknown fear in her heart

"W...w...what are you t..t..talking Khushi? W...hy would we that?" asked Latha

"So that's the reason for your stay. hmm..." said Khushi looking straight into Latha's eyes.

Latha composed herself fast and said "What? How can you think that low of me Khushi? I'm your sister and I love you. How can...

"Oh stop it there. Whom you love most we all knew. First tell me, if you are not thinking to stop or if your so called husband isn't planning to stop this marriage, then why did you stuttered when I said you are here for stopping this marriage? Huh? Answer me Latha... Why are you shocked?" Khushi wants to clear the things. She can't take anymore riddles with her so called sibling.

"Dekha buaji... it's all your fault... you pampered her a lot. Now see how she is talking with me. She is doubting me, her own sister... how can she do that buaji?" Latha started crying holding her face in her palms "I can't take this... this is so hurting... I shouldn't have stayed..."

Khushi rolled her eyes. Sighing deeply "Do you want me to send you back to Mumbai?" asked Khushi not giving any importance to Latha's cries, because she know they are fake

"You... How can you Khushi? How can you forgot our relation after getting engaged to the rich man?" Latha very comfortably and nicely started her work. But her trials aren't affecting Khushi

"Not rich... RICHEST AND POWERFUL man... And this was what I'm, wasn't I? This is how I used to talk... this is how I used to behave - harsh and arrogant, isn't it? Then why are you feeling differently only NOW? What made you think that I changed, when YOU changed after MY engagement? Huh?" Khushi is getting irritated with this behaviour. Now it's clear that this pair wanted to stop this marriage. So, whatever the guard said was correct. That means... these two and Pankaj are trying to hurt her to hurt Arnav. No, I will never allow them to hurt me. I will stay strong. I will try my best to spoil their work. I can never be the reason for Arnav ji's tension or pain. I can never' thought Khushi

"I am not changed. I'm same as before. You are seeing everything changed because it's you who changed. I know money changes people's minds. But first time, I'm seeing..."

"Why? Didn't you see YOUR husband?" Khushi asked, clenching her jaw

"Stop all these nonsense. Titaliya... I don't want you to lose your control. Just sit back and sleep for sometime. And you Latha, keep your mouth shut till we go to Lucknow. As Khushi said, we all knew who is what. I don't want any arguments now" Buaji is clear with her warning

Nodding her head Khushi sat back and closed her eyes to control her raging emotions.

Latha sat with her angry face, breathing hard. She thought buaji or Amma will support her hearing Khushi's words. But no... they didn't. She sat in silence, thinking the ways to get both the elders' attention and make Khushi wrong in their minds. And she also thinking about how to talk with mamiji.


Along with two other men, Aman followed Khushi and her family closely till their house. After sending message to Khushi saying that he will come inside with his men as some workers after an hour, Aman sat in the park which is closeby. He kept one of his men to watch Khushi's house.

As Latha doesn't know about this security thing, Khushi silently send reply to Aman and signed her buaji as everything is fine. After that, Khushi and her family sat inside their house having morning tea. As Khushi kept everything in it's place before leaving, the house is looking fresh. All are feeling tired after the journey

"Haire NandaKishore, how much ever I feel tired, I'm feeling so happy after Titaliya's engagement. What do you say Garima?" asked Buaji

"Yes, you are right, Jiji... I really happy for our Khushi bitiya. She is lucky to get Arnav babua as her husband"

Khushi don't want to continue this topic in front of Latha so she said "I'm feeling hungry. I will fresh up and come. Then I will cook something" and about to go into her room, but stopped seeing Latha sitting in the hall with bored expression and when Khushi said about cooking something, Latha put her finger in, making Khushi irritated

"Yes, yes. Me too feeling hungry. Khushi come fast and prepare breakfast, by then me too will freshen up and come" saying that Latha went to guest room

Khushi stood there looking at her sister with open mouth. Khushi smirked looking at her sister, thinking about something. She looked aside her, feeling her buaji's hand on her shoulder

"Seeing your smirk, I'm feeling like I'm seeing Arnav babua here. Should I think that this smirk of yours has come from him along with his way of dealing things? Can we stop worry about Latha?" Buaji asked with so much love

"No buaji, I can't deal things as he does. But yes, you can stop worrying about jiji. I will deal with her. If I can't, then I will take help from Arnav ji. Anyways, he said he and his family will come here next week. Then there won't be any problem with jiji or jijaji" Khushi said

"Next week? Jiji, isn't it looking like someone is getting so desperate to come here for someone" Garima teased Khushi, making her go red all over.

Khushi blushed and rushed inside the room, escaping from the teasing laughs of her buaji and amma

Both Garima and Buaji sent their silent prayers to God, for returning the happiness in their daughter's life.


After taking bath, Khushi went to the kitchen and started preparing breakfast. Suddenly she got an idea about how to deal with her sister.

Yes, Khushi. You are right. That's the only thing, with this she can and will leave me in peace. I don't have other option than this. After all, I can't give any stress to Arnav ji. I have to deal this mess. If I can't get the hold of hair, I should hold their feet. If I can't win by myself, I have to take help from others. I know, Arnav ji will never accept or like this. But I don't have any options. I'm sorry Arnav ji. I need to do this, I have to do this' Khushi thought

Khushi shook her head to clear Arnav's thoughts and continued her work.


"Khushi, is breakfast ready?" Latha asked from dining table

"Haa jiji... I'm bringing there" with that Khushi went to dining table with the items she prepared.

"What did you prepare? Wow... Jilebi, Dhokla and Aloo puri? What's the matter Khushi? You did all these?" latha asked all excited seeing her favorite food

"Yes, I did all these... for you JIJI..." Khushi said leaving stunned trio

"What?" Latha whispered

"Yes, Jiji. I did all these because they are your favorite."

"But, why?" Latha is clueless

"Because I want to apologise to you. I thought about my behaviour towards you in train. I shouldn't have behaved like that. After all, you are my elder sister. I shouldn't have talked like that with you. I'm sorry jiji. Today onwards, I will check my behavior. I won't repeat that. I will do whatever SHOULD be done with you" Khushi said looking at the floor.

Buaji, Garima and even Latha stood there in their places looking at Khushi with such a shock. They never expect Khushi say all these to Latha. Suddenly Latha felt strength in her heart seeing her weak sister in front of her eyes. I know, Khushi. I know that you can't stay that strong without that rich man of yours. I know, one day or other you will give up to me. But I never thought one fight will change you. I never knew that you are this weak. Thanks for making my work easy' Latha thought. She composed her expression and kept one fake crying-in-happiness face and cupped Khushi's face

"I'm so happy that you realised your mistake Khushi. You know, you are going to get marry. You have to behave in good manner. That is what I'm worried about. That is really important. And now I don't have any tension thinking about you, I mean thinking about your rude behaviour, because you realised your mistake"

Khushi looked at her sister's eyes, with moistened eyes and said "Will you help me in this jiji? Please?"

That's all Latha wanted. So, she hugged Khushi in happiness to get the victory and nodded her head vigorously. Khushi too hugged her sister and looked at buaji, who is looking at her with anger, disappointment, shock and finally sad expressions.

Khushi smirked little at her and winked her eye. Her smirk going wide thinking about her sister. Seeing her buaji's confused expression, she closed her eyes in assuring way saying like, Trust me buaji... I will take care'. She smiled again seeing the relaxed expression in buaji's face.


Next update will be after 23 of this month, as I'm going out of station. Thanks for your support. I'm really shocked to know that almost everyone of you remember me and my story... That's wow... Big smile LOL

Thank you...

Take care


Heart  Heart  Heart



Thread #3


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Awesome Update
I live this devilish khushi

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Awesome update
Our naughty kushi is back

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