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mrin0709 Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 2:49am | IP Logged
awesome update...
Abhinav... AngryAngryAngry

Arnav ClapClapClap

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Happytwinkle IF-Sizzlerz

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Marvellous update
Loved it
Congrats for the new thread
Thanks for the pm

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congrats for the new thread

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The response didn't reach the requirement. But still I posted thinking you guys must be busy in exams and all. I won't do that again... next update will be when the response crosses the requirement. I'm serious... Evil Smile

Thank you... all... whoever responded... Hug

Love you... Day Dreaming  Heart


Previous :  Chapter 18



Part 19:

After the encounter with Abhinav, Arnav dropped Khushi and her family at her home. But before leaving from Khushi's house after having evening tea with them, Arnav got an idea and immediately kept it in action


"Ah... Bua Ji... as you all are leaving tomorrow morning to Lucknow, I'm thinking to do some shopping with Khushi. So, can I take her with me now? I promise, I won't take much time and I will drop her back before 10 after having our dinner. So, can I?" Arnav asked Bua Ji. He held his breath to hear the answer. He felt disappointed and scared for the same time seeing the expression on Garima and Bua Ji's faces. He looked at Khushi, who is watching the three persons beside and before her. Her expression is not readable to Arnav. He wanted some support, but seeing Khushi's face, he felt more disappointed. His face fell immediately, but he composed his self and took leave from elders and said bye to Khushi


But before Arnav can turn back, both Garima and Bua Ji burst into a loud laughter startling both Arnav and Khushi. Both Arnav and Khushi looked at each other with confusion and looked at the laughing figures


"Babua... Oh... my god... babua... hahahah..." Bua Ji said controlling her laughter


Garima came front controlling her laugh and pinched Arnav's cheeks "You are so sweet babua... we know you want to spend time with our Titaliya and we also know that she too want to spend time with you before we leave to Lucknow, after all you are her friend, hai na Khushi?" Khushi looked down feeling shy and embarrassed. Arnav felt his heart swell seeing Khushi reddened face. He looked at Bua Ji who said "You can take her with you. We don't have any objection with that. But please babua, come before 10. As you both still not married so..."


"Don't worry Bua Ji... I too have a sister. I can understand your worries. But trust me, I won't hurt Khushi. She is my life and I can't afford to lose her. I want to spend my entire life with her. Don't worry, she is my responsibility. I will drop her as early as possible, before 10... Trust me" Arnav said holding Bua Ji and Garima's hands in his


"Khush raho babua... Khushi go, get ready and come fast"


"Ji Bua Ji... Give me just 5 minutes Arnav Ji... I will come..."


Arnav nodded his head to Khushi and asked for washroom to freshen up his self. In 5 minutes time Khushi came back and left with Arnav. Both Garima and Bua Ji thanked god for sending a wonderful boy in their Titaliya's life.




Arnav first took Khushi to men's designer clothes shop and asked Khushi to select a dress for him for their engagement. Khushi smiled looking at the dresses displayed in the shop.


"Are you going to wear this on our engagement Arnav Ji? I mean to ask the suit'?" her eyes are wide and her lips have adorning smile


"Why isn't it good?" Arnav is confused


"Are you an English man?"


"What? NO... why do you ask like that?"


"Because, this is not our traditional dress. How do you feel when I wear shirt and pant on our engagement?"


"I won't have any problem with that. You will look beautiful and sexy in everything. I won't mind seeing in any of the dresses"


Khushi shocked hearing his shameless flirt. Khushi looked at Arnav with open mouth and wide eyes after hearing his open flirt. Arnav burst into loud laughter after seeing Khushi's expression


"Look at your face Khushi... OMG..."


Khushi felt embarrassed. She looked around and pouted. Seeing her cure pouted lips Arnav pinched her nose little "You look cute when you pout"

Khushi touched her nose and blushed. Arnav hugged Khushi sideways and kissed her hair. Khushi moved little close to Arnav to make him know about her trails to move on with him.


"Fine let's leave from here. You can select the dress from other shop" with that both left the shop and went to designer shop for Indian wedding dresses. Khushi selected one Dark Blue colour sherwani to Arnav. After that Arnav led Khushi towards the ladies wing of the shop to shop for her. After a long opposing Khushi couldn't win the great Arnav Singh Raizada, so, she agreed with his wish to buy a Lehanga for her. Arnav selected half white colour which is wonderfully matching with his sherwani. After finishing their shopping, Arnav took her to the restaurant. They had a pleasant meal there sharing their view about and on different things. Both enjoyed their together time. After finishing the dinner Arnav dropped Khushi at Khushi's house.

When Khushi knocked the door, Bua Ji opened the door


"Bua Ji... here is your Titaliya. I kept my word... I brought her back before 10" Arnav smiled at Bua Ji, who touched his cheeks "Now, I will leave Bua Ji. Good night..." Arnav looked at Khushi and nodded his head while smiling at her. "Titaliya, go... say bye to Arnav babua from the door... and close the door properly. I'm going to sleep. So much work is there" Bua Ji said and left from there leaving two blossoming lovers.


Arnav came closer to Khushi and kissed her forehead "Good night... I can't wait for the Sunday. Please come back soon and please take care of yourself. And please call me whenever you get the time. And please don't strain yourself much. And if you need any help please call me. I'm feeling tensed thinking about your stay at Lucknow" Arnav face become tensed


"Arnav Ji... first of all don't say so many pleases. It won't suit you. And the second thing, till two years back I stayed there only. Don't be tensed, I will be fine there. And I will take care of myself and also will call you whenever I need you, okay? Please you don't worry about me. Anyway Amma and Bua Ji will be there with me. So, please don't worry. And you too take care" don't know why, but Khushi felt a pain in her heart when he said good night. Suddenly she hugged Arnav surprising him "Thank you Arnav Ji... thanks for accepting me, thanks for everything"


"Sh... Khushi... relax... look..." he made her look at him and cupped her face "I will be with you all the time. don't worry, I won't leave you at any time - if you want to also" he winked at her "If I don't like anything you do then I will change you as I want" he joked, but he got serious and continued "But I don't leave you, because I can't Khushi. You are my life, you know that right?"


Khushi nodded her head looking at him with tears in her eyes


Arnav shook his head in no and touched her eyes. "I will leave now, otherwise Bua Ji will be worried about thinking about our togetherness and then her thoughts will go somewhere else and she will come here running and sit in between us to make us to sit far"


Khushi blushed understanding his meaning. Suddenly her face became serious and she looked at Arnav


"Don't worry; you no need to say anything. There is no hurry in this. We have our lifetime; we will take time and step ahead when we both are comfortable, okay? Now I have to go. Good night" he kissed her forehead again. Both didn't want to let other to go. Khushi bid bye to him and stood at the door till he enter the car. But Arnav didn't go, he came back to ask her go inside and lock the door. But seeing him Khushi remembered their previous meet at her house. She smiled at him and nodded her head before going inside. After locking the door, she came towards window


"I properly locked the door Arnav Ji... you can leave now. Please take care of yourself and I will call you after reaching home tomorrow evening. Bye... good night"


Arnav came to window, took her palm in his and kissed it. "I will miss you..." smiling at her, he left to RM not knowing that they both are being watched with evil eyes.


That night both Arnav and Khushi couldn't sleep peaceful thinking about each other. In early hours they both slept. Both woke up with the shouts of their names by their family members. When they both asked What' they got a similar answer It's getting late'. Both got down from the bed and went to washroom to fresh up.


"Bua Ji and Amma... do we need to take anything from here? I already packed my stuff for this week stay. Do you both want me to do anything before we leave?"


Bua Ji cupped Khushi's face in her one hand "Ha... I want you to do one thing betiya"


"Tell me Bua Ji, I will do that"


"Stay happy with Arnav babua... he is an angel in our lives betiya, don't lose him at any cost. You will be happy only with him. Stay happy always"


"I too want to be happy Bua Ji. I want to move on in my life, I want to be happy in my life. I don't want to think about the past. I said everything to Arnav Ji, he accepted me how I'm and I was. He is really an Angel Bua Ji. I will try my best to make him happy. I will do anything to be with him till my last breath. I will Bua Ji" Khushi poured her heart with tears in her eyes. She hugged her mother and Bua Ji.


"Enough... we are getting late now, let me wash these dishes then we will move. Titaliya, did you keep the dress which Arnav babua brought it for your yesterday?"


"No Bua Ji... anyway my engagement will be done in Arnav Ji's home, so I'm leaving it here. Don't worry I kept it safely"


"Okay then, now you go along with Garima and check all the bags which we packed. Go..."


Everyone got busy with their last minutes checks


Mean while in RM - living room


"Arnav? Why are you still here?" asked Aran surprised to his son


"Why dad? What's wrong? And what do you mean that I'm still here? I will leave to office at nine, remember? And now it's still 6 in the morning"


"Your father is not talking about office. Aren't you going to drop Khushi and her family at rail station?" asked Akshaya with surprised eyes.


Arnav cursed himself for not thinking about this before. Without answering anyone, he rushed to his room dialling Khushi's number


"Hello Arnav Ji..."


"Khushi where are you all?"


"We are at home only Arnav Ji. We will leave at 7 as train is at 8.30 in the morning"


"Fine... see you soon" Arnav disconnected the call before Khushi says anything. Arnav got ready and took the car keys and left RM shouting his bye to his family. Understanding his hurry, everyone shook their heads and smiled at his eagerness.


Exactly after half an hour - 6.30 A.M. - Arnav rang Khushi's house door bell. Khushi is the one opened the door with a bright smile on her face. She really wanted to see Arnav before leaving to Lucknow, but she couldn't ask him. After seeing him in front of her own eyes, she couldn't stop feeling happy. She stood at the door looking at him with the same bright smile. Arnav raised his eyebrow with a slight smile


"Khushi don't you want me to come inside?"


"Who is that Titaliya?"


Both Arnav and Bua Ji asked at the same time. Bua Ji came from inside and saw Arnav standing at door. She came to them hurriedly and poked Khushi's head bringing her out of her trance


"Are you gone mad sankadevi? Why are you making damad Ji stand at the door? Oh God what can I do with this girl? Sorry babua... come inside..." she pushed Khushi little aside and said "Move now... let him come inside" Arnav came inside and took blessings from Bua Ji.


Khushi, who came out of her trance with Bua Ji's poke, pouted her lips feeling her Bua Ji's push and followed them towards the sofa.


"Will you stand there like that or is there any plan to bring coffee to babua?" Bua Ji again poked Khushi on her shoulder


"Ahh... Bua Ji... it's paining..." and before she says anything Arnav spoke


"No... I just had my coffee at home. I just came to drop you all at the rail station" he loved to see childish Khushi and her pouting face. He couldn't have enough of her. He smiled at Khushi who looked at Bua Ji with mischievousness in her eyes.


"Babua, I'm saying if you take her side like this every time then she will dance on your head. So, be careful..."


"BUA JI...!!!" shouted Khushi


"Bas kar Khushi... how are you beta?" Garima wished Arnav and Arnav took blessings from her. After having one more coffee and some general talk they all left to rail station. Arnav helped Khushi with the luggage. After settling Garima and Bua Ji in their seats, Arnav bid bye to them and Khushi and started walking. He slow down little hearing Garima whispering with Khushi asking her to go with Arnav till the door and bid bye. He smiled little and thanked Garima silently. When they came to the door, Arnav observed the people and dragged Khushi towards the passage of the bogies. He cupped her face and pressed his lips on her. Before Khushi can understand what is happening he ended the kiss. He rested his forehead on her and took deep breaths.


"I will miss you..."


"Arnav Ji..."


"I'm sorry... but I couldn't control myself..." he kissed her forehead "Take care Khushi. Please call me whenever you need me"


Touching his cheeks "I will. Don't worry, I will be fine. You too take care" Arnav moved out from the train hearing the announcement. Khushi stood at the door seeing Arnav while train moving forward. Both have a pleasant smile on their face. They waved their hands and moved from their places. Arnav left from there smiling leaving an evil eyed man behind him


Khushi sat in her place and looked outside from the window. She remembered the kiss she experienced just few minutes back. That is not the kiss with passion or lust. That is the kiss full of love, feeling of missing each other. She felt content remembering Arnav's touch on her face. She closed her eyes feeling his lips on her. A small pink adorned her cheeks. Khushi sat looking outside thinking about her first meet about Arnav. When she remembered her every time with Arnav, she felt her heart beat getting speed. She touched her heart and murmured Arnav Ji'. She felt the same feeling before when she was in love with Abhinav. She winced in disgust thinking Abhinav. She cursed herself for comparing both the feelings she felt towards one wonderful person and one worst kind of person. She felt she insulted Arnav, comparing this feeling with that dirty man.


Suddenly she felt uneasiness in her heart. She took her mobile and typed the message


"Arnav Ji... I'm sorry... but I miss you... I like you..."


That's all for now...

 Hope you guys enjoyed the update... Let me know, if you have any doubts... I will try to clear them...

Thanks for your wonderful awesome response... Hug




You remember the  Requirements for next update, right???

Let me remind you one more time...

More than 100 likes and more than 8 pages of comments

I know I'm demanding... but it's my right... Approve Day Dreaming


Next : Chapter 20



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Awesome one dear...
Very welldone...

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its awesome

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