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yoga123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb part...thanks for the PM

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very intresting story line...i read all parts in one go...
ZackKnightRocks IF-Sizzlerz

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res <3
cant wait to read your story sis! Hug
..Sri.. IF-Dazzler

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For my other stories... here is my  Feel of love - My Index



Previous : Chapter 31



Part 32:

Evening... RM

Everyone sat in the hall, praying the god with closed eyes for a peaceful life. Both Aran and Akshaya sat near to the havan kund along with Arnav and Anjali on Akashaya's little back side and Khushi and Dadi on Aran's back side. Amma and Buaji sat next to Khushi. When Arnav tried to pull Khushi towards him buaji sat between them giving a teasing smile to Arnav. Sighing deeply, Arnav sat beside his sister with a fake sad dull face making Buaji giggle. Khushi sat there shying, making Arnav desperate.

After hearing the confession from Khushi and spending the time with her as her Arnavji- her love'; and seeing her shying like this in beetroot color, Arnav couldn't help but feeling restless. He wants to spend time with Khushi alone', but seeing the surroundings, it's not going happen. He sighed deeply and looked at Khushi with helpless eyes.

Khushi smiled at him little, understanding his thoughts and looked ahead to follow the Havan. Arnav stayed looking at Khushi, with those same craving eyes. He so wanted to be with Khushi. He never knew, what and how it feels when our love was reciprocated. But as Khushi too confessed her feelings, he is feeling like, he is on clouds. He don't know, from how much time, he is looking at khushi like that and lost in her. His trance was broken by a high pitched voice and a sudden push. He looked at the person who disturbed his trance with an irritated expression. But seeing his father he looked around and noticed the teasing looks everyone were giving. He looked at Khushi, who is blushing after seeing the teasing gaze on everyone's face. Arnav heart swelled in happiness seeing her in that condition. He again heard coughing sound from his family members and giggles from Khushi's

"This is all because of you..." suddenly he shouted at Khushi making her go wide eyed and left the hall towards his room, leaving everyone surprised.

"Because of me!??" Khushi voiced her surprise.

"I think our teasing made him irritated and disturbed. Now, he got angry on poor Khushi and blamed her. What to do with this boy?" Dadi is worried now.

"Don't worry Dadi, I will go and talk with Chote. He will be fine..." saying this Anjali is about to go to Arnav's room but stopped by listening her mother's voice

"No, Anjali, not you. Khushi, you go and bring him down. I want to see how you will handle him when he is in his famous anger. Go, and bring him down" Akshaya said in a final tone.

NOdding her head, Khushi slowly went to Arnav room. After reaching the room, she slowly knocked the door praying to god, and called Arnav in low voice. Suddenly the door got opened and she was pulled inside, then the door got closed and she was pulled into a tight hug. Everything happened in seconds. Khushi gasped feeling the pulls and ending into the tight hug. Before she could say anything, she heard him saying

"Why did you take this much time to come? Don't you know, I will be waiting for you here? How can you do this to me Khushi?"

"Arnav ji? what are you talking about?"

"I wanted to spend time with you. But look there, there is a market full of people going on. Why can't they just leave us alone? Can't they understand that two people who are in love, need some time to spend together? That's why I acted as I'm angry" Arnav kept out the fact

"YOu? Acted as angry?" Khushi asked in her surprise

"Or else what to do? I need you with me more than anything now" Arnav said in his husky voice. He slowly took steps forward making khushi step backward. He slowly pushed her on wall and leaned on her.

"Arnav ji?"


"Someone will might come" Khushi whispered with thudding heart

"Ane do... I don't care..." he whispered back and leaned forward and left a lingering kiss on her forehead. Both closed their eyes in ecstasy. Feeling each other with them then broke the kiss and hugged

"I love you..." Khushi said rubbing her nose on his chest.

"I will never be tired to listen this from you. Thank you for loving me. I Love you too..."

After spending little time with each other, Khushi led him down asking him to maintain his grumpy face for some more time, telling Akshaya's words. Nodding as a good boy, Arnav followed his lady love.


Both Abhinav and Latha stood there feeling different emotions, seeing Arnav and Khushi. Latha is completely jealous seeing the love she is getting from Arnav and his family. Suddenly she dragged Abhinav outside

"I can't take this anymore. I need to do something. I don't want this to happen. I hate this..." Latha said in her frustrated voice

"What are you talking Latha?"

"That Khushi and Arnav... I can't take this anymore. We need to call Pankaj ji to do something. let's do this now..."

"No, Latha. we can't do that now. But I promise we will talk with him and stop this marriage. This is my promise. Please bear this for few more hours. We will talk with Pankaj"

Abhinav is successful in convincing Latha. Nodding her head, Latha went inside along with her husband


Everyone sat in hall after finishing their dinner and talking about random things.

"If you don't mind, I want to go for a walk for sometime. It's my daily routine with my Titaliya" said Buaji

"Of course you can Madhumati ji..." said Akshaya

"Thank you..." Buaji said and walked out taking Khushi with her, but not before signalling Arnav to come out.

Arnav looked at everyone, who were engrossed in some talks, slowly followed buaji.

"What's the matter buaji? Why did you ask me to come here? Is everything okay?" asked Arnav holding Buaji's shoulder. Her face is completely showing the worry she is feeling

"Yeah... Buaji, I'm observing you from long. You look so worried, what's the matter Buaji?" Khushi asked

"It's just... I am worried about Latha and Abhinav. Arnav babua, please do something. I don't want them to come with us to my house. I don't want him to think about that house too. I'm sure, if he sees that house then he will try to take that too. As it is on my name, it's easy for him to blackmail me taking Titaliya's name."

"But... buaji... he knew that you have the house here, doesn't he?" asked Arnav

"No... he don't. I told them that I sold this house long back. So, Titaliya can live in that house without any tensions or fears from that man. Please Arnav babua do something. Only you can help me in this situation"

"Buaji... don't plead me, okay? You should order me. Come on tell me, what do you want me to do with them"

"I don't know" Buaji said in low voice.

"No problem, I will take care of that. You just relax..." saying this Arnav went side to make some phone calls.

"Titaliya... let's go inside"

"Um... buaji... I want to... I mean... me..."

"Okay... okay... but don't make it long. I don't want your inlaws to think wrong, okay?"

"I won't buaji... thank you..."

Khushi sat on the garden bench looking at Arnav, who is talking in his phone with his back towards her.

"Madam ji..."

Khushi turned back to see the security guard, whom she saw in the evening. She can see the worry lines on his face. That's really an unusual thing to notice.

"What's the matter bhaiyya? Are you okay?" Khushi asked in concerned voice, making security guard surprised, hearing bhaiyya from his master's would be wife. That the same moment, he decided to save this wonderful to be couple. He said whatever he wants

"Madam... I want to tell sir about something important. I think I can tell this to you too. can I?"

"If it is his office or house related then I think you should tell him directly as I'm not still his..."

"NO madam... it's not about his office or house. It's about you both" security guard said in worried tone


"Yes, madam. I don't want to take much time, so I will directly come to the point. Did you remember the evening madam? The man and the woman you and sir talked with?"

"Are you talking about my jeeji and jeeja ji?"

"Oh... they... are... I mean... Are they... I'm sorry madam... I will talk with sir later... it's already so late. You should go inside madam. Good night" with that guard tried to go away, but stopped by Khushi

"Stop right there... Tell me what's the matter?" she commanded


"It's okay... tell me"

After thinking for few seconds, the guard opened his mouth "Madam... I heard them talking with another man named Pankaj. They are planning to stop this marriage. And that Pankaj said he wanted to destroy sir. I don't know what they want in particular, but I didn't feel good at that time. I wanted to hear whole thing, but because of my duty I couldn't hear more. I just wanted to inform sir about this. Please madam, please take care of yourself too. They are talking about harming you too I think. I heard that lady saying, she wants to see you in pain. Please madam... inform sir about this. As per their conversation I heard, they want to hurt you, through hurting you they want to hurt sir. That Pankaj gave his number to that lady and man asking them to call him later. Sorry if you feel bad with my words. But it's my duty to save my master's family madam. Please inform sir and take care Ma'am"

With that guard went from there.

"Hey, what's your name?" Khushi asked stepping ahead little

"Praveen, Madam" he left after answering Khushi


Khushi sat there thinking about the guard's words. First she thought the guard is lying. But then thought what will he gain if he lies to them? if not, he is Pankaj or Abhinav's man. I need to confirm first that whatever he said is true. I can't stress Arnav ji without knowing anything completely. I will observe jeeji and Abhinav. IF I find anything unusual, then I will inform Arnav ji. He is already in worry, taking everything on his shoulders. I will do my best to solve this mess. IF I can't then I will inform Arnav ji" She decided. Her thoughts got disturbed by a hand on her shoulder. Khushi looked at the man, who became her life in just few weeks.

"ARe you okay? You look worried" he smiled little but his eyes showed the concern he is feeling for her

Taking his hand in her, she said "I'm fine Arnav ji. It's just I'm worrying about the things happening around and behind us"

"What do you mean by behind us?" Arnav asked in alarm tone

"Relax... I just said in general. We don't know what others are planning right? that's why I said that"

"Hmm I know... I wish and hope Rajesh and his team works hard on this. Don't worry Khushi, I will take care of everything. You just trust me and relax, okay?" he continued seeing Khushi nodding her head "Come let's move inside, otherwise, my whole family will be here to see what I'm doing to you. After all they don't want to marry me to a pregnant lady" he winked at khushi making her eyes go wide and open mouth wide.

Arnav laughed out loud seeing the expression on her face. He side hugged her and kissed her temple. Getting a small light smack from khushi, he led her inside with a smile on his face.

"Here they are... Sir, can we have Khushi with us for sometime?" Anjali teased her brother

"Why? What's the reason?" Arnav showed his arrogance not giving into his sister's tease

"Huh? Chote... we too want to spend our time with her before..."

"You have full today night and tomorrow to talk with her Di. After all she is staying here"

"What? I mean...?" Anjali stopped guessing something from her brother's expressions

"Then where do you expect her to stay when she doesn't have any home in Delhi other than her hostel?" Arnav asked not leaving his sister's eyes.

Everyone looked at him surprised. But no one dared to voice out their surprise. Everyone want to have a peaceful wedding. They trust their Chote with their security.

"I don't mean in that way. I thought they are going to stay in hotel room" Anjali tried to explain herself

"What's the need to stay in hotel room, when we have one guest room?" Arnav questioned back

"What do you think, that in one guest room how many people can stay?" this time Aran asked

"Two... buaji and aunty will stay in guest room"

He smiled inwardly seeing the horrifying expression in everyone faces. He can easily guess the thoughts running in their minds

"Stop thinking in that way. I didn't say that Khushi will stay in my room. She will sleep with Dadi. Dadi, do you have any problem?" Arnav asked

Overwhelmed Dadi shook her head in no, smiling broadly

"Why in Dadi room? Khushi will stay in my room too?" anjali asked

"I can't trust you Di. I don't know what you will fill in my fiance's head. I don't want to spoil my image in her mind, leaving with you" he teased his sister in returns with a smirk.

"Huh?" Anjali glared at her brother, and then smiled knowing what her brother meant, remembering their childhood complaints on each other to their friends and family.

"Umm... Ahem..." abhinav coughed to gain attention

"Oh... we forgot about them... where would they stay?" Akshaya asked her son

Arnav looked at Abhinav and Latha for few seconds, and then said " I will book an hotel room for them. They can stay there if they wanted to. OR else their wish" Arnav very well knew, what will be the answer

"No problem... we will stay" Latha said, before Abhinav says anything. She is excited to live in a star hotel.

This time, Arnav didn't disappoint them. He booked the room in the star hotel. Both Latha and Abhinav bid bye to all and left to hotel in the car. Seeing her retreating car; buaji and Khushi sighed in relief. Buaji patted Arnav's cheek with one hand and held his hand with another as saying her thanks. Arnav nodded his head in understanding. He looked at Khushi to see relief in her face. Both smiled at each other.

He appreciated himself for not letting her know about the information he got from his security team that - Pankaj and Khushi's sister and BIL met just outside RM and talked for little long time. Then Pankaj gave Abhinav some sort of card, may be visiting card and then left. Arnav doesn't want to make Khushi more worried about these trio, not knowing that she is thinking same as him, not letting him know about this trio's meeting. He will do anything to give her peaceful and happy life. After all, his life is depended on her happiness. He smiled at her and led her inside.

After talking some more time, everyone went to their rooms to have a sleep after tiring engagement. Everyone have a contented smile on their faces.


"Hello Pankaj ji? I'm Abhinav. ASR's would be wife's BIL"

"No need to give introduction for bad people Abhinav. Anyone can remember us with just one meet" Pankaj said in his drunken voice

"Umm... okay..." Abhinav replied in an awkward tone.

"Tell me why did you call?"

"You asked us to call you when we got free from others. so..."

"Oh yeah... where are you now? I mean anyone around you?"

"No... no one is here. In fact we are in hotel room"

"Oh... So, Arnav knew about you both. Hmm... it will be difficult to work now then"

"What do you mean ASR know us?" Abhinav asked in worried tone

"Don't tell me that you don't know about Arnav and his capacity and his capability" Pankaj sat on his bed from lying position, thinking may be he's wrong in judging this pair. He thought this husband and wife are capable of standing before the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada. But hearing the fear in Abhinav's voice, he has to thinking again on his judging.

"Of course, I know him. After all he is my boss. I saw him how much danger he can be" said Abhinav as matter of fact

"WHAT? you are working for him? You are his damn employee? What the hell. I thought you are capable of standing before him, but you are his damn employee" Pankaj gritted his teeth

"Pankaj ji... please... don't think what he is to ASR. Just think and tell what we have to do now" Latha tried to calm the situation and bring the men to the point

"OH stop it... you just seen him as an employer. But I have seen his worst. Trust me when I say Abhinav, you can't even breath if he finds you fraud. This is not going to happen... this is not going to happen. I need to think... think... And you both don't do any stupid thing till I tell you. Just act to be changed for good. Try to be nice with your family and Arnav's family. In that family, it is easy to trap Arnav's mami. She is really dumb to know who is who and what others talking. IF you praise her so called beauty and give her some authority, then she will be trapped. Try to trap her. Maybe we can work from there. Other than that, don't do anything. I will think something and will call you. For now... bye..."

"Okay... then. We will wait for your call. Bye"

Abhinav disconnected the call and sat on the bed

"So, trapping mami is our work now. Let's start it from tomorrow" said Latha

"But I can't stay here as ASR knew about me. I need to be in office. I don't want to lose this job"

"No problem. You go and come after applying the leave. Till then, I will try my luck. IF I stay here then it will be easy to know what they are thinking or doing"

"Hmm... I think you are correct. Then I will leave for Mumbai tomorrow. Till I come you take care of things here. But don't forgot to call and inform me about everything. Okay?"

"Sure... let's sleep for now"

Both slept feeling good after talking with Pankaj, not knowing their life is going to a mess and difficult from now


Hello dearies... Hope you all are doing good.
Thank you so much for waiting for me and my stories. Thank you so much for your love and concern.
I hope you guys like this part.
I will update this story between 7 to 10 days, as I still need to take rest. But for sure, I will continue and will complete. That's my promise. Mostly, 6 or 8 parts will be there for THE END.
Take care


Heart  Heart  Heart



Next : Chapter 33


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after a long time my fav story update .. loved it very much. Arnavs eagerness Khushi s shyness family teasing , some plotting by Abhinav and Latha . its an wholesome update

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Beautiful episode .

Ek Shhadi ke liye kya kya karna padtha hein is duniya mein , hei Bhagwan

Raksha Karna

Take care


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After a long time altast u update
It was awesome update as usual...
Hope Arnav will teach lesson to Abhinav and latha

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