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# 2 Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 3 link posted (Page 75)

mansijani21 Goldie

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Posted: 24 September 2015 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Lovely update dear..!!!

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pup03 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2015 at 2:05am | IP Logged
Wow Wonderful update.. loved it so much.. Khushi finally confessed her love for her Arnavji.. Arnav must have been so happy why you left there.. wanted to see Arnav's reaction to Khushi's confession.. it was beautiful engagement of two beautiful souls.. 

thanks for pm Smile

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yoga123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2015 at 3:59pm | IP Logged
Awesome chapters 29 and 30...thanks for the PM

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thiyamappy Goldie

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Posted: 25 September 2015 at 6:09pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update n pm.

I am extremely sorry for the late comments as I just came back today from my travels. catching up with the updates.

Superb update.

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Annasabu Goldie

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Posted: 25 September 2015 at 11:48pm | IP Logged

Engagement ho gaya  and the scene  ended on a hot kiss

O.k But picture abhi bhi baaki hei meri jaan.

update karo  jaldi  se
nahi tho
Evil Smile
tera kya hoga kaliya?


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ashnitaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 September 2015 at 5:03am | IP Logged
Loved the update. 
Finally Khushi confessed her love. 

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oKBSo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2015 at 1:35am | IP Logged
oh wow she said the three magical words... she said I love you to him yapeee

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..Sri.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 October 2015 at 4:13am | IP Logged

Seriously... No proof read... NOT EVEN A WORD... Spare me with typos... Confused

For my other stories... here is my  Feel of love - My Index



Previous : Chapter 30 



Part 31:



"I Love you Arnav ji..." she said breaking their kiss


Arnav smiled little at her and nodded his head with his half closed eyes. Khushi looked at him surprisingly with her mouth open wide.


"Why are you looking at me like that Khushi? Isn't it what you say every time, when we kiss each other? I always remember that every moment of we kissed each other. Then why are you looking shocked?" asked Arnav with dreamy eyes with very little frustration and irritation in his voice. The lazy smile is on his lips still.


"What?" Khushi asked in confusion


"Ohh... Khushi... you talks a lot..." with that Arnav pulled her and kissed her one more time. But Khushi struggled and broke the kiss and pushed him hard, making him come out from the dreamy land he is living in.


"Come out of your dreamy land Mr. Crazy Raizada, come out..." Khushi said in little high volume


"What the!!! What's wrong Khushi? Why did you push me?" Arnav asked Khushi not understanding why she pushed him breaking the amazing moment


Khushi looked at Arnav's face for few moments. Understanding his lost self in the kiss, a smile appeared on her face leaving him more confused. She stepped closer to him and crept her hands around his neck


"You are so cute Arnav ji... I never knew you will be lost this much in our kiss. No problem, I will say again, what I said before. Listen to me carefully, because I won't repeat it again"


Arnav looked more confused


"I Love you Arnav ji..." she leaned on him and kissed him on his lips pulling him towards her by his neck.


Arnav stood rooted in his place with wide eyes, not responding to kiss or giving any moment or giving any expression. He stood there completely shocked. He felt Khushi groaned in irritation for not getting any reaction from him. He came out of his shock and broke the hug


"K...K...Khushi..???" he couldn't believe his ears. He is patting hardly. He looked into her eyes rapidly to know that she wasn't teasing him


Khushi lowered her eyes, while deep read adorning her cheeks


"Khushi look at me" Arnav pleaded, but Khushi couldn't look at him


"This is not the time for blush damn it... I need to confirm that you are not teasing me or... or... or I'm not dreaming again" Arnav was really desperate


That worked... "No Arnav ji... you aren't dreaming... and I'm not teasing you"


"That means... you... you really said... that... that..." for the first time Arnav Singh Raizada stuttered with his words.


"That I Love you?" Arnav nodded his head. Khushi hugged him hiding her face in his chest. He heard her saying again "Yes Arnav ji... I Love you..."


Arnav tightened his hold on her. The smile on his face slowly broadened as the confession took it's place completely in his mind and heart. He lifted Khushi, still hugging her and twirled her round making her laugh out loud. He kept looking at her laughing face with a bright smile on his face.


"Arnav ji... Arnav ji... please... stop... my head is spinning... please... put me down..." Khushi said between her laughs.


Arnav kept Khushi slowly on the floor and showered his ever so gently kisses on her face. He again hugged her tightly, almost knocking her out from her breath


"Arnav ji... I am unable to breath" Arnav heard Khushi saying this with very low voice. Realizing what he is doing, he broke the hug and held Khushi by her shoulder, giving her chance to breath


Khushi took long deep breath, keeping her palm on her chest.


"I'm sorry..." Arnav gave his sheepish smile. But again hugged her, not able to control his happiness. But this time, lightly


"Oh hell... I can't believe that you said that. Thank you... thank you so much Khushi..."


suddenly he broke the hug and led her to the hall with "come"




"Aman... Aman... AMAN..." he shouted his lungs out


"I'm here only Arnav. why are you shouting?"


"Aman... give each and every employee of AR, their salary of a month as bonus. make sure, it won't be less than 25000. And, double the donations we are giving to the charitable trusts and hospitals"


"Wooo... ASR, what's the matter?"


"Highly personal... do as I say" he is not arnav now, but ASR.


Aman knew him well. So, he said "Sure, sir. The work will be done"


Nodding his head to Aman, Arnav looked at his family and said, "I'm taking Khushi out, we will come to RM before the havan"


Before anyone says anything, Arnav pulled Khushi, who is giving apologetic looks to everyone, along with him.


"Arnav ji... where are we going?" Khushi asked trying to catch his steps


"You like to eat when you are happy, right? That's why I'm taking you out"


"But who said, I'm going to eat now?"she asked confusedly "And looking at our faces and expressions, someone is loooking mooore happy today." she finished with naughty glint in her eyes


"Oh Khushi... Yes, I'm happy, in fact more than happy. So, today I will do whatever I want to do. No one can stop me or no one can object me, including you. Come on... I want to ride a bike with you and eat with you" with that he pulled her towards Aman's bike. Khushi felt content seeing Arnav this happy.


The journey after hopping the bike was completely scary yet excited for Khushi. She lived completely a different and amazing moments with the completely excited and happy ASR. Yes, ASR, not Arnav, Khushi saw the completely other version of commanding, demanding, powerful and selfish ASR. He didn't leave a single moment for others to control him. Either it is about traffic rules or it is about their spending time in Arnav's desired restaurant. They had their lunch in Arnav's choiced restaurant. Arnav didn't stop Khushi from eating her heart-full, yes heart-full, not tummy full.


KHushi felt like she is on the clouds when Arnav asked her to eat as much she want. Khushi felt more elated seeing Arnav challenging her in eating with happiness' competition. She never guessed Arnav in this manner. She always guessed and expected him more mature than his present self. But seeing him completely childish and go-free natured, she completely got surprised. After spending the time with each other, they started back to RM to attend the Havan not noticing the car following them throughout with an evil eyed man - Pankaj (A/N: I think the happy and light moments are enough)




"You said you will stop this marriage, then what happened? They are riding their bike jollily..." asked the man


"I never expected that Khushi will be this strong. I thought scaring her will work, but I'm wrong. I have to find another way to stop this wedding and another way to torture that particular Raizada." said Pankaj to his man looking at the bike moving before him.


"Then what will you do now?"


"Hmm... God give me one chance" muttered Pankaj. He stopped his car seeing Arnav stopping the car near one food stall


"How much she eats?" asked amused Pankaj's man


"Who cares!!!" with that Pankaj drove his car towards RM to find a chance to enter inside, before Arnav comes




Outside RM


"I can't believe they misled us about the venue. This is a pure insult. I can't bear this" said fuming Abhinav "I'm his employee that doesn't mean they can treat me like this. I won't tolerate this. He may be my boss in office, but I'm elder SIL of the house. How can they treat me like this? Buaji and aunty didn't do this right. Having ASR on their side, won't help them or won't save them from me. I will show them whom they messed with." Abhinav gritted his teeth looking at the pride look of RM.


Latha stood there looking at the building, workers and security of the building. The thought of All these belongs to Khushi' doesn't sit well with her heart and mind. She felt jealous, extreme jealous of Khushi getting a powerful' husband like ASR and all this wealth and luxurious life. She felt immense anger towards Khushi. Suddenly she turned to Abhinav and pushed him by his chest


"Why didn't you earn money this much? Why are you running behind other's wealth? If you would have earned by using your brain, we would have been in better place than now. We don't have money that's why they are treating us like this. This is all because of you" She said in low voice gritting her teeth leaving Abhinav shocked and surprised


"Fighting with each other, never will clear or solve the problems"


Both Abhinav and Latha looked at their side to see a  person with serious expression on his face.


"Hi I'm Pankaj" he held his hand forward for a shake


"I'm Abhinav and she is my wife Latha" Abhinav too introduced himself and shook his hand


"I know... you both are Khushi's sister and BIL, right?" asked Pankaj with a smirk


"How do you know?" Latha asked surprisingly


"I NEED to know about everything and everyone related to ASR"

Both Abhinav and Latha looked at him confusedly.


Ignoring their confused and questioning gaze, Pankaj said "If you want the same lifestyle or if you want upper hand on Khushi or ASR, then you have to work for me... I mean work with me"


"And why would we do that? And most importantly why should we believe you?" asked Latha


Smiling inwardly, Pankaj said "Because, I know everyone's mentality in that house and I know whom to handle how, to let Khushi suffer. And as you want the same, other than me you don't have any other choice than working with me" he said straight


Both Abhinav and Latha looked at him then looked at each other.


"And who are you? Why are you doing this?" asked Abhinav


"Because, I want to trouble this ASR. He spoiled my plan to get his wealth. I'm his ex-BIL" Pankaj revealed his relations with Arnav. He didn't find any danger telling this couple about his identity.


Both Latha and Abhinav stayed silent for few moments then looked at each other. They didn't find any problem or danger in this deal. So, they accepted it.


"Good, we are together now... and this is my mobile number. I will contact you again to discuss what to do. For now, i need to leave. If ASR sees me here, then you both will be finish. Before leaving let me warn you both. Try to avoid coming into Arnav's bad books. You never can guess how bad he can be. Just act like good people before him. whatever we do, we have to do from other side. Don't show your feelings before Arnav, his father, his Dadi or Khushi. You will lose. Now I will go, and I will call you later" with that Pankaj left from there.


Both Abhinav and Latha stood there thinking about whatever happened few seconds before. Their thoughts were disturbed by a bike horn. They saw guards, who stopped them from entering inside, opening the gates for Arnav and KHushi. They both rushed towards them


"Khushi..." Latha called


Both Arnav and Khushi turned back to see the person. By that time, Aman too came there. Arnav signalled guards to let them in


"This is not fair Khushi, you didn't even tell us about the venue of your engagement. I think after getting Arnav ji, you don't need us, right?" She tried to tease Khushi with her stupid and silly spontaneous manner


"Oh... Seeing your absence in there, I thought you came late. Didn't my manager let you know?" Arnav asked before Khushi can give them answer, showing Aman


"I never think you want to inform your EMPLOYEE about your engagement sir. I thought you were joking, so, I left it and didn't give any importance to that matter" Aman said. He very well knew what and to whom Arnav gives importance about what matter. He well knew, if Arnav wants to call anyone for his engagement, he will do it by himself or else he will order/request/command Aman to do that, and makes sure Aman does that. But he never ASKS him to inform or invite someone just like that. So, he played it along with Arnav.


Other side, Abhinav knew how close Aman to Arnav. So, he kept mum and stopped Latha from saying anything.

"Everyone will come here in few minutes, make sure till that time, no one will enter inside. I'm taking Khushi with me. You stand here and make them both (Abhinav and Latha) sit here and engage them till others come" Arnav said to Aman, shrugging his shoulders, he left inside with Khushi.




Short?? Hmm... sorry for that, but that's all for now...

Hope you guys enjoyed this update...

Thank you...


Let me know, if you want anything in particular ( Regarding Story )

Thanks for your love and support...Hug . Thanks for whoever wished me yesterday... and whoever supported me till today. Thanks a lot dearies... Love you all...



Heart  Heart  Heart



Next : Chapter 32


For PMs, see next post


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