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# 2 Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 3 link posted (Page 71)

ashnitaa IF-Dazzler

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Superb update. 
Thanks for the pm. 

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Here are the Arnav and Khushi's attires for their engagement (Anmol)

Sorry for the edits ( I know faces sizes became little big Wink LOL. But still I tried Tongue )

Writing update. Half over, will post once remaining get finished

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simply beautiful...

eagerly looking forward
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No proof read... NOT EVEN A WORD... Spare me with typos... Confused

For my other stories... here is my  Feel of love - My Index



Previous : Chapter 29



Part 30:

Arnav woke up with a hustle bustle in his house. He can hear his mother, sister and father shout at the servants ordering about the arrangements. He closed his eyes in content, thinking about the events to be held in the day later. He got down from the bed with a smile on his face.


When he came out from washroom, he saw his Dadi sat on the recliner waiting for him.


"Dadi... is everything okay? Do you need something?" Arnav asked little worried


"Of course everything is fine. I just want to inform you that, Khushi and her family left to her house with..."


Arnav didn't let Dadi to continue


"WHAT??? Khushi left? Without me? Alone? What the hell is she thinking?"


"ENOUGH... First let me complete the sentence and react. I know you are worried, but that doesn't mean you can shout on Khushi. And I'm telling you that, she left to her house WITH HER FAMILY, AKASH AND AMAN. As you can't see her this morning, we sent her to her house. And as per the procedures, we have to go to girl's house to do the engagement. And the muhurath is not in the evening, but at 10.40. So, we are leaving to Khushi's house in half an hour. I want you to be at down stairs with in 20 minutes. And yeah, one more thing, I don't want you in your those boring suits today. Make sure, you appear worth of Khushi. We will be leaving with Rajesh. Am I clear?" Dadi is clear and serious


Not wanting to raise his Dadi's anger, Arnav nodded his head like a scared kid.


"Good... come fast. We will be waiting for you" with that Dadi kissed his forehead and left the room.


"Oh... shit... the muhurath is at 10.40???!!! I have to get ready..." Suddenly realisation hit Arnav. He ran to washroom again to get ready for their special day. within 15 minutes he got ready and came down to his family. Seeing him in traditional attire, all the Raizada-s felt happy. Aran patted his shoulder with much love and hugged him tightly, letting Arnav know how happy he is now. Smiling at his father's love, Arnav also reciprocated the hug with a smile. After some of the teasing and appreciations, they left to Khushi's house.




Everything is settled. All the raizada-s sat on the left side of the living room. Pandit ji arranged everything on the right side of of living room.


Pandit arranged the place with the Lord Ganesha's photo at the centre. He made a small Idol with turmeric paste, to which the puja will be done. He kept that turmeric idol on betel leave and kept it on a silver plate and placed that plate just before the Lord's photo on the raw rice. He also kept all the sweets, clothes, jewelry and fruits around the Photo and turmeric Idol. After settling everything, he asked to bring the bride. As Arnav sat on left side of the room and Buaji and Anjali covered Khushi from both the sides, he couldn't see Khushi completely. He can only see her draped in dark green sari.


Pandit made Khushi sit in the small stool, facing her opposite to the wall. To Arnav's much irritation, Khushi's back is facing him now.


"What is this Dadi...?"


"Shh... don't talk, we got Pandit that's more important. Can't you control your excitement for some minutes?" ARnav kept silent with the hidden warning in Dadi's words. He sat there in grumpy face


Pandit made Khushi does the Puja. As Lord Ganesha is the remover of the obstacles, god of beginnings and as he is honoured at the start of rituals and ceremonies; Pandit explained the importance of  this puja to all the family members. He also explained how important to take permission from this god and the Kuladevata ( family God) to complete the rituals and ceremonies without any obstacles. Everyone of the family listened very carefully and prayed to the god for the permission and the support


After completion of the Puja, Pandit called Groom's mother to come front and give the bride all the things ( clothes, jewelry and fruits etc) which they brought for the bride. Akshaya came front and started doing the ritual with the instruction of the pandit. First she kept the vermilion ( kumkum) on Khushi forehead between her eyebrows. Then tied the Yellow Raksha dhaga, which kept in the puja, on Khushi's right wrist. Then she gave all the jewels, fruits and sweets along with the cloths and rings. Khushi touched Akshaya's feet to seek blessings. Then Pandit asked Akshaya to put the engagement ring on Khushi's finger, much to Arnav's horror.


"But am I not supposed to put the ring on Khushi's finger? If not, what am I doing here?" Arnav blurted out before he controls


Everybody in the room, looked at him in surprised expression and burst out laughing aloud including Pandit ji. Khushi turned deep red with shyness.


"In our tradition, MIL puts the ring on bride's finger. If you want we can make your children put the ring on each other. We can make that amendment" said Pandit still smiling looking at impatient Arnav.


Hearing Pandit ji's amendment, Arnav jumped from his seat and started to move towards Khushi but stopped by Panditji


"Wait beta, you have to be patient here. If you want to put the ring on her finger, you have to wait for sometime"


Khushi closed her eyes, feeling overwhelmed with shyness.


Then Pandit asked Khushi to go inside and wear the Sari which Akshaya gave her along with the jewelry




Khushi got ready with the Sari and the matching Jewelry set. She remembered her and Arnav's little intimate scene in restaurant after purchasing this particular jewelry set. She felt her cheeks turning red again and gaining the heat. Her trance was disturbed by Buaji's voice


"Titaliya... are you ready beta?" Buaji asked


"Ji Buaji" Khushi said and opened the door, revealing herself for Buaji's love filled eyes


Buaji stood at the door, looking at her niece. She knew her Titaliya is beautiful girl, but the sight Khushi made herself left Buaji speechless. Hurriedly she kept black dot on Khushi's left temple at the hairline "Jeethe raho, Khush raho. Nazar na lage" with that Buaji kissed Khushi's forehead and led her towards the living room.


Everyone in the room, remained rooted in their places seeing the bride, they never saw before. Is she the same girl we choose for Chote?' this is the doubt/thought in everyone's mind. Each and everyone had different type of feelings - happiness, excitement, Love and affection in their hearts. But the common feeling is, proud and happy.


Arnav couldn't take his eyes from her seeing her in multicolored lehenga sari with dark Blue colored Ghoonghat on her head. He stood there seeing Khushi stepping towards him with a shy smile on her lips. She couldn't raise her eyes, feeling extremely shy from the man stood before her and watching her forgetting the world around him. No one in the room moved from their places or said a word seeing Khushi walking towards Arnav. Panditji's voice broke everyone's trance.


"Bring the bride here next to the groom" he said to Akshaya and Buaji, who made Khushi stand beside Arnav


"Khushi..." Arnav whispered only audible to Khushi, making Khushi feels goosebumps. She slowly lifted her eyes to look at her man. Now it's her turns to stood rooted for the sight he created himself, wearing a sky blue and white colored sherwani. He looked less than any movie hero or any model of his company. She stood there looking at him, forgetting the world around her, just as how Arnav looked at her. Both stood looking at each other, not even blinking their eyes. Both came out from their eye lock with the sound of throat clearing sound of Arnav's siblings.


Khushi blushed hard for being caught.


Seeing the adorable couple in front of him, Panditji said with a smile "Now, please bring the rings"


Buaji went inside the room and brought the rings. She handed the rings to Pandit. He gave the ring first to Arnav and asked him to put on Khushi's finger.


Arnav felt his hands shivering with excitement when he held Khushi's palm. He couldn't believe that he is getting engaged to his angel. He looked at Khushi and called her once again


"Khushi" His voice is asking permission to put the ring


Khushi looked at him. Seeing the expression in his eyes, she nodded her head, smiling lightly. Sighing in relief, Arnav put the ring on Khushi's finger, with a satisfied smile on his lips. He pressed Khushi's palm little, promising everything. After that, Panditji gave the ring to Khushi and asked her to put on Arnav's finger. Khushi, with shivering hands and thudding heart and reddening cheeks put the ring on Arnav's finger. Everyone in the hall, clapped with roaring happiness. Arnav held Khushi's palm little tight and pulled her towards him slowly. He cupped her right cheek and kissed on her forehead. Khushi closed her eyes feeling the warmth and love of this particular powerful man. A smile crept on Khushi's face. Arnav hugged Khushi not caring about the people around them.


They broke the hug hearing Panditji's voice


"Now the ritual got completed. IF you people want to give gifts to others, then you can carry on. My work is done now. I will take your leave"


"No, Panditji, you are not going anywhere. You will stay with us till the marriage finishes. I can't risk your safety with my marriage and our family privacy. I already talked with your family and they are fine with the arrangement of your stay here. And your family members are safe with our men around them and security near your house. Don't worry about them" Arnav said in complete business tone, leaving astonished Pandit ji




"NO... You are staying with us and that's final" he turned to Aman and said "Aman, I want you and Rajesh to take panditji with you and make sure Pandit ji is safe in outhouse. I don't want any mistakes now. Am I clear?"


Aman know, when to behave silly and when to serious. So, he nodded his head seriously "Sure, ASR. Trust us, Panditji will be safe and fine with us" said Aman


"Good..." Arnav ended the discussion


"Pandit ji, before you leave from here, we want to discuss about the havan and next rituals of the marriage. Can you sit for some time?" Akshaya asked


"Sure..." Pandit ji settle on the sofa for the discussions


Taking this opportunity and using this chance, Arnav pulled Khushi towards her room. He closed the door once they are inside


"Arnav ji?"


"Shh..." he pushed Khushi slowly on wall and trapped her between his hands. He looked at Khushi's face, registering every feature of her. Her eyes, eyebrows, lashes, nose, lips, cheeks and ears - everything, he observed with utmost interest.


"Arnav ji? What are you doing?" asked confused Khushi


"Just... trying to print your image in my mind, more clearly. You look amazing Khushi, just like an Angel, mesmerising..." Arnav said in a trance


Khushi blushed hearing his compliments "You too look handsome, just like a... like a..."


"Like a??"


"I don't know... but you are looking handsome" Khushi closed her face with her palms, making Arnav smile at her innocence


"So, you liked my attire and I'm looking nice in this, right?" Arnav just want Khushi to feel free to express her feelings


"Yes, I liked your attire. But this attire is looking beautiful because you wore it, not other way. You like handsome in anything" Khushi dared to express her feelings for the first time, with much hesitation.


Arnav felt overwhelmed with this compliment from his Angel


"Thank you KHushi... not for complimenting me, but for trying to become comfortable with me. Trust me I will never make you uncomfortable. You can say or talk or ask me anything. I'm your friend first, then your would be husband, then your husband. Whatever you feel like sharing, just give me a call. I will always be available for you. I Love you Khushi" Arnav pecked on her lips


Khushi left a relaxing sigh, feeling Arnav's lips on her. But before she knew she left an disappointed and irritated sigh, when she felt the loss of Arnav's lips. Arnav smiled in amusement seeing her irritation with their peck. Khushi pouted like a kid, who got her candy and lost it immediately.


"I will give how much you want later. But now, I don't want to spoil your make up by kissing you and make you uncomfortable before our families. You never can understand how much I'm controlling myself now, from kissing you and throw you on bed and do the things you never felt. But I don't want to scare you with the thoughts going in my mind. I'm losing my sanity now. If I kiss you as I want now, there won't be any coming back. So, sweetheart, please let me in my control, don't test my patience... Please..." he finished in whisper


Khushi looked at him with her surprised widened eyes at his bold words.


"What? You are going to be my wife. I can talk anything with you and I can share anything with you, right? You are my  best half. I don't want to hide anything between us. So, I said what I am feeling now" he said casually shrugging his shoulders


Khushi smiled at his words, then blushed remembering his bold words


"Oh come on Khushi, don't blush damn it..." he whispered again in irritation


But, Khushi couldn't stop her blush. She looked on the floor, while biting her lower lip to control her shy smile


"That's it... I can't control now" with that Arnav pulled Khushi towards him holding her waist and kissed her on her lips. He leaned on her completely almost pressing her on the wall. He took his own time to feel her softness. He slowly massaged her scalp not disturbing her hair style. Khushi's hands automatically went to his hair. She felt completed with that kiss and feeling his hard form, pressing her to the wall. That is the moment she realised, how important this man in her life. That is the moment she realised, how much this man loved her. That is the moment she realised, she is nothing without him. That is the moment she felt the real and pure love. That is the moment she realised, how much she wasted her life thinking about fake love. That is the moment she realised, what she is missing and craving. That is the moment she realised that she can't live without this man. So, she decided...


"I Love you Arnav ji..." she said breaking their kiss




Arnav and Khushi's Engagement attires



That's all for now...

Hope you guys enjoyed this update...

Thank you...


Let me know, if you want anything in particular ( Regarding Story )

Thanks for your love and support...Hug (But still, the response is getting lessen. I hope and wish, you are getting bored with my writing)



Heart  Heart  Heart


Next : Chapter 31


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Aww arnav was soo desperate to see khushi nd finally khushi realized nd confessed her love to arnav...loved it..
Thnxx fr pm

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Beautiful update.. Finally they got engaged n khushi confessed Heart
Thanks for pm

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Nice one love it waiting for the next update 

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