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Annasabu Goldie

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howdee?  it is such a long time  reading you.

hope you are fine.

keep me posted

Take care.

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khushiarsha Goldie

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its amazing
loved it 
plz update soon...

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..Sri.. IF-Dazzler

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I was surprised... HIGHLY SURPRISEDDD... Big smile I never knew, people will wait for my stories... People will worry about me... That's really shockingly surprise... Thank you for waiting for me and my story, thank you for giving me required time. I will try to post update next Tuesday or Wednesday...


Once again thank you so much for this overwhelming happiness... Love you all... Hug


No proof read... NOT EVEN A WORD... Spare me with typos... Confused

For my other stories... here is my  Feel of love - My Index



Previous : Chapter 28



Part 29:


Latha left the room, huffing. When she is getting to enter in the guest room, Khushi came out and said to Abhinav.


"Jijaji, Arnav Ji told me to inform you about your journey to delhi. He wants you both to take tickets and start today itself. He doesn't want you to get late and he doesn't want me or buaji and amma to answer anyone. We will be leaving at 5 in the evening. I think it will be better if you hurry up"


"How do you think, he will arrange tickets in this short notice? Why can't you make a call to travel agent and ask to book tickets? Why won't you...?" Latha's words were stopped by deep voice.


"Why will she?"


"Latha stop it"


Both Arnav and Abhinav said at the same time. Abhinav continued "I'm sorry ASR, I will take care of our tickets and will leave today itself. We will meet you all in Delhi at the venue.  Please give me the address. We will come there directly." completed Abhinav, giving hard look to Latha.


Latha looked at the trio and left from there. Arnav raised his eyebrows and looked at Abhinav. Abhinav avoided Arnav's gaze and left from there to try his luck for the tickets. He cursed himself for coming to Lucknow; thinking to trap Khushi and stop this marriage.  But he never guessed Arnav will be here. He muttered cursing Latha for not informing about Arnav's presence In Lucknow. 'Whatever happened is happened. There is no use of feeling bad about that. I need to be careful from now on. Let this engagement finish, then I will get time till the marriage. Then I will try again' thought Abhinav and entered the agency office to book his tickets






"Relax Khushi, I know what I'm doing. Don't worry, everything will be fine."


"Hmm... arey ha... did you call back the person?"


"Which person?" Asked Arnav, trying to remember


"Wohi... from whom you got call before you try to kill my sister" Khushi smiled naughtily.


"Oh hell... it's Aman and he said it's important. Thanks for reminding Khushi... I Love you" with that he successfully skipped and avoided the teasing tone and kissed Khushi on her cheek and dialed Aman's number


"Hey Aman, sorry I couldn't answer your call earlier. Tell me what's the matter?" Arnav asked getting ready for bad news.


"Arnav... Pankaj got the pandit's friend too"


"What? Whom he got?"


"The man who came to help Panditji in temple"


"What? And what do you mean by he GOT?"


"I mean, he caught Pandit's friend and hid him somewhere. Our men found him unconscious at the outskirts and admitted him in hospital" Aman said in a low voice


"I can't believe this. What the hell our men doing then? I wanted them to keep an eye on that man. Then how the hell did this happen?  Ask them to find another Pandit in time before mom gets freakout or else I will surely fire them this time. And you Aman, if our men are failed to do their work then you too will be fired" Arnav said in frustration,  making Khushi gasp and Aman smile.


"Don't smile damn it... I'm serious"


Aman laughed loud and said "I joined you three years back, from then you are firing me almost every MINUTE, ASR. Then how can you expect me to be serious?" amusement is clear in his voice


"That's why you are behaving like this.  I'm sure, I spoiled you to the extent" there is a smile on arnav's face.


Khushi stood there looking at Arnav's smiling face. Arnav looked at Khushi's smiling eyes and caressed her cheek with back of his palm to feel the softness.


"Then what to do now?" Asked Aman


"For now, I am confused... anyway we are leaving to Delhi in the evening. I will meet you at the airport. And what about the condition of the Pandits? Are they okay?"


"They are still in hospital. Pandit ji's condition is little better from before but his friend's condition is not well"


"Make sure that the bills will be paid by AR. I will reach there by 9, then we will talk what to do."


"Sure Arnav. I will meet you at RM"


"Okay bye"




"Arnav... This is really getting serious. I feel like he is planning for something big. But I'm not sure. But one thing is clear that he doesn't want this marriage to happen. I'm sure he will do anything to stop this"


"Aman, I need to tell you one thing. Few days back Khushi got a call from some unknown person" Arnav told about the calls Khushi got


"Why didn't you tell me before ASR? Wait let me call Rajesh about Khushi bhabhi security. We can't take risk with her." Aman called Rajesh and discussed about the security of all the Raizada-s and Gupta-s. After getting satisfied answers, he ended the call.


"Namaste Bhabhi" Aman wished Khushi, seeing her sitting beside Arnav


"Namaste Aman ji" she smiled back


"Arnav, everything is fine with Rajesh and his team. No need to worry about anything"


"That's good to hear. What about Pandit issue?"


"That's what I want to discuss. They both are fine but still in hospital. I tried to talk with other Pandits but no-one is ready to do the rituals. He spread the rumour saying whoever going to RM have to face the consequences.  They are getting scared"


"What? Then how can we have Pandit for tomorrow's Havan?" Akshaya asked hearing Aman's words.


"Namaste madam, good evening sir" Aman wished both Aran and Akshaya and continued "Sorry for that madam, but we couldn't get any Pandit for tomorrow"


"Then what do we do? I want this Havan to happen" Akshaya asked in worried tone.


Arnav looked at Khushi, sensing her eyes on him. Seeing her hesitant eyes, he asked her what the matter is by raising his eyebrows. But before Khushi says anything, Aran asked


"What is the matter Khushi? Do you want to say anything?"


"Sir... woh... I..."


"It's okay Khushi. No need to worry. You can say" Arnav assured Khushi in low voice.


"I mean, can I talk with my friend about getting Pandit ji for tomorrow's Puja? I mean I don't know whether I can talk about this or not. But I remember, my colleague having puja in her house few weeks back. We may find Pandit for us" Khushi said in a low voice, getting nervous seeing all Raizada-s in the hall now. She looked down at her palms which are in her lap. Sensing her tension, Arnav hugged her sideways and pulled her little towards him. She looked at him and smiled little with much tension in her face.


Dadi came to Khushi and sat beside her side and said "You are going to be DIL of this house Khushi. You have every right to say your opinion about anything. You no need to worry about anything, okay? You have all of us to support you. What to do you say Aran? Akshaya?"


"OF course, Ma ji... there is no doubt. She have us" Akshaya smiled at Khushi.


Getting relaxed Khushi slightly leaned on Arnav, which went unnoticed by others. Arnav tightened his hold on her shoulder, giving silent support.


"Call your friend Khushi. And ask about the Pandit" encouraged Anjali.


Smiling at her Khushi said to Aran "Sir, She is working in your office in account department" Getting nod from Aran she took out her mobile to call.


"One minute bhabhi. Can I have the details of your friend and her number?" asked Aman.


Khushi nodded her head and gave the details of the person to Aman and went to the corner to call her friend. Aman silently send the details to Rajesh, in charge of security of Raizada-s.


Seeing worried expression in Khushi's face, both Arnav and Anjali went to Khushi and stood beside her.


"What's wrong Khushi? Why are you worried?" asked Anjali


Khushi turned to elders and said "They are South Indians, I mean they are from Andhra Pradesh and they bought their Pandit from there it seems. I don't think it will work" Khushi bent her head in upset


"What if he is from Andhra Pradesh? I don't think it will be a hindrance..." said Arnav, relaxing Khushi


All the elders stayed silent for few moments and Dadi said "Chote, you take the phone number, talk with the person and bring that Pandit here. Let us talk with him first then we can decide"


"Sure Dadi, I will" Arnav said to Dadi and continued to Khushi "Khushi make a call to your friend and give me the phone"


Everyone in the room nodded their heads in disbelief, hearing Arnav's rude ASR tone. Smiling slightly Khushi called her friend




"First of all, sorry for giving trouble to you at this time, Pandit ji. We are helpless and we are in need. Whatever the situation, I think Aman explained to you. If you are ready to step forward with us, then here is our need. We want to keep Shanti Havan in our home tomorrow after the engagement. What do you say? Can you help us?" asked Aran.


"No problem, I understand your situation. Yes, your man explained everything to me. I'm not worried about that. You please relax... and Of  course I can help you in this. May be our languages are different but I can manage with the procedure of the Havan" said Pandit


"Oh I forget to mention... can you help us in marriage rituals too? I mean as the situation is not good, we couldn't find any other Pandit. So, if you can then..."


"Um... Marriage procedures, I mean the rituals are different from South India and North India. If you don't have any problem then I will and I can" said Pandit.


Everyone looked at each other, thinking what to do. Before anyone can say, Arnav said "I don't have any problem with that. Whatever procedure it will be, our marriage should happen that is more important here."


Everyone agreed to him and accepted the Pandit.


"Is there any particular way for the engagement, Pandit ji? Should we take care of anything in particular?" asked Akshaya


"Yes, it is..." with that Pandit ji said all the things both bride and groom's side have to do. After finishing the discussions, Aman took the Pandit to his house following by guards.


"Then, we will leave now" said Buaji, after Pandit went with Aman.


All the Raizada-s especially, Arnav looked at buaji with horrified expression.


"No way, you are not going anywhere. I'm not going to allow Khushi out of my sight" said Arnav in final tone


"I agree with Chote. You better stay here" Dadi said


Understanding the situation, buaji nodded her head, making Arnav breath in relief. After that they had their dinner and went to their rooms, wishing each other goodnight and thinking about next day's work.




Next day morning, after finishing the breakfast, all the elders - Akshaya, Garima, Buaji and Manorama went to shopping to get the required things for tomorrow's engagement. All the gents - Aran, Akash and NK went to their office to finish their work before afternoon then to join in preparations. Both Anjali and Dadi stayed at home to make it decorated for next day. Arnav took Khushi to office to check their engagement outfits.


Arnav made sure, that he doesn't see Khushi in her outfit and Khushi doesn't see him in his outfit. He want that moment to be special to each other. After finishing their checking and adjustment, Arnav took Khushi to Jewelry shop and asked her to take matching set to her outfit, which Khushi objected and failed to get success. Khushi selected one set with a grumpy face while pouting. Khushi's mood got worsened after hearing Arnav's rejection in seeing the set. After selecting the jewelry, they left restaurant and had their lunch.


Arnav booked a table in restaurant and made sure, that table is in a secluded place and round in shape. After settling in their places and ordering the starters, Arnav said


"Gussa ho?"


Khushi said nothing. Arnav sat beside her and pulled her towards him and kissed her soundly on the corner of her lips, making Khushi gasp in shock.


"I just want our outfits and final appearance to be surprise to each other. I want that moment to be special. I want that moment to be on our special day, not today. I'm sorry for disappointing you" he kissed her on her lips. His lips lingered on her lips for some time. Hearing someone walking towards them, Khushi hurriedly moved away from Arnav, blushing deep red.


Arnav smiled satisfyingly seeing her blushing face. But immediately made his famous ASR face, when the waiter came with their order.


"How can you control your feelings that nicely?" asked Khushi after waiter left them taking warning from Arnav not to disturb them. Arnav looked at Khushi and shrugged his shoulders. He pulled her towards him again.


"Arnav ji!!!" she gasped


"I can't wait for tomorrow" he whispered. Khushi lowered her eyes with shyness. "Don't blush Khushi, you don't know what effect you have on me. Please don't make it difficult for me" he whispered again nuzzling her cheek, sending shivers to her spine.


"Arnav jjjiii..." a moan escaped from Khushi mouth, before she knew. Both stilled in their place.


"Khushiii" Arnav whispered removing the awkwardness and tilted her face towards him and asked "Can I? Please... one kiss, nothing else... please..."

Khushi closed her eyes, giving into him. Arnav slowly leaned towards her and captured her in soul-relaxing kiss. Arnav ran his fingers in her hair and neck trying to relax her tensed nerves.


He broke the kiss and said in a very low voice "Trust me Khushi, everything will be fine. No one, NO ONE can stop our engagement or marriage. You are mine and I'm yours. No one can separate us. I will take care of everything from now onwards. Please relax and enjoy each and every moment of your life, for my sake, for your sake and for OUR sake. I need you beside me in every moment and situation. I love you Khushi, all I need is YOU and your smile, your happiness and the twinkle and mischievous glint in your eyes. I NEED the original Khushi, can you give me that happy and naughty girl? I really NEED her... please..." he very well can understand her tensions and fears just looking at her expressive eyes and he couldn't take her unhappiness.


Khushi looked at him for few seconds and said with full determination "I will... it's my promise..."





That's all for now...


Thank you...


Let me know, if you want anything in particular ( Regarding Story )

Thanks for your love and support...Hug




Heart  Heart  Heart


Next : Chapter 30


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Add this account for PMs ( If you are ready to like and comment only) Ermm   Wink

Thank you...  Day Dreaming  Embarrassed Hug 

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Hehehe m first.

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Awsm update. U know I want c ASR taking dat idiots class.

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Great to see update from you. .

Wow!! Abhinav become bhigi billi in frontof ASR. .

Loved the way Arnav is alway with khushi. .never leaving her alone..

Oh my really that guy is so powerfulthat he can't stand againt Raizada. .

Khushi's solution worked. ..

Eagerly looking forward 

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wooww.. loved the update ... Arshi are made for each other . Their love ,concern speak volumes for them. Abhishek does not changeAngry Aman ia a true employee cum friend for ArnavWink

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