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Sweety012345 IF-Dazzler

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Absolutely awesome update 

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madhu1210 IF-Rockerz

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Hi dear...
Just checked the requirement for next update it done. .

So when will you be updating? ??Smile

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No proof read...Spare me with typos...

For my other stories... here is my  Feel of love - My Index



Previous : Chapter 27



Part 28:

Arnav sat hugging Khushi tightly, feeling bad for being the reason for her pain.


"I'm sorry Khushi... I'm sorry" he whispered


Khushi looked at him and felt bad for putting him in this situation.


"I'm sorry too..." she whispered back.


Shaking his head, Arnav took Khushi in his arms and walked to her room. Gasping loudly, Khushi grasped his shirt


"Arnav ji... keep me down... I can walk... please put me down"


"Trust me, I won't let you fall. Relax Khushi..."


After entering her room, Arnav kept her on the bed


"Don't move, I will be back" he said to Khushi and went out towards the guest room. He took his luggage and walked to Khushi room. He stopped at the door and glared at the people, who stood in the hall.


"You can use that damn room" he said gritting his teeth and entered into Khushi room. Khushi looked at him with questioning eyes


"They want the room, right?" he answered


Khushi looked at him with teary eyes and held her hand towards him which Arnav took without wasting a minute


"Thank you..." Khushi whispered


"Don't be..." Arnav shook his head


"Titaliya..." Buaji and Garima entered the room with hesitance and fear


Arnav looked at them and sighed deeply closing his eyes. Khushi pressed his hand to calm him down.


"How are you betiya..." asked Garima


"You don't need to worry about her. I can and will take care of her. No need to show your fake concern" Arnav shot back, leaving baffled trio






"NO Khushi... whatever I said, I mean it and I'm not regretting it. Where is their concern when they both are insulting you? Where is their concern when your sister was talking with you in bad-manner? I'm disappointed, I never expected this" Arnav said sitting beside Khushi on the bed and shook his head


"Babua" Buaji tried to talk


"No buaji... out of all people, you too? I thought you supported and will support Khushi, and you love her as your own daughter, but guess what... you stood there watching and hearing all the insults they threw at Khushi. I'm really really disappointed"


"Sorry babua, but we don't have any other option" said Garima looking down


"What do you mean?" asked Arnav


"We kept quiet because of Khushi's sake"


"Yeah... that's true..." muttered Arnav mockingly. Khushi held his hand. Sighing deeply Arnav said "Can you tell me clearly?"


"Abhinav threatened us about Khushi" Buaji said in low voice


"Can you tell me clearly?" Arnav gritted his teeth, controlling his raging anger


"Buaji... what do you mean?" Khushi asked still holding Arnav's hand


"He threatened saying He has some images of Khushi being in his arms in close proximity . He also said that... that... he has video of... video of... his and Khushi..." Buaji couldn't say the words, but still she continued "And he said, he will show them to Khushi's future husband, then her husband will leave Khushi and go. He said, if we listen to him, then he won't use those photos and video" Buaji said looking at Arnav, not noticing the dreading expression in Khushi.


Khushi looked at Arnav to see the expression after hearing this. But seeing his expressionless face, fear gripped her heart. She jumped from the bed and asked Buaji in low whispere "You... you... trusted... him... Buaji? Don't you know me? How can you? I never ever gave that chance to him to take me into his arms forget about getting physical. Isn't that the main reason he rejected me?" Khushi fastly turned to Arnav and held his hands


"Please believe me Arnavji... I never was in his arms, I never in his close proximity. I never allowed him  to behave with me in that' way. Please believe me... That is the main reason he left me. That is the reason he told me when he decided to dump me. Please Arnavji... believe me... please... believe me" Khushi folded her hands, and knelt before Arnav, pleading him


Immediately Arnav held her, made her stand and hugged her tightly.


"Stop pleading..."


Khushi looked at him, not understanding why he said that and not knowing how to react


"Do you really think I will believe his crap? Do you really think I doubt you? Khushi... I love you... without trust there won't be any love Khushi. Love comes with the trust. I wouldn't have accepted this proposal, if I didn't trust you with your past. I believed whatever you said, I believe whatever you are saying... and I will believe whatever you are going to say... You are my Khushi that's all matters... nothing else... not your past, not your friends, not your affairs nothing else. I trust you... I believe you..." Arnav said, looking into Khushi eyes.


Tears flowed from her eyes looking the love in his eyes.


"Arnavji..." she whispered


Smiling at her, he hugged Khushi and looked at Garima and Buaji, gave them an assured smile.


"I will take care of them from now on... you both no need to get scared about him. Just be yourself and behave how you want" Arnav said in low voice

Nodding their heads, both Buaji and Garima left the couple and went out of the room.


Both Arnav and Khushi stood hugging each other and feeling each others heartbeats. Arnav slowly led Khushi towards bed and made her sat.


"Look Khushi... I don't have any doubt on you regarding this Abhinav. But still I NEED to know about him and your relationship with him completely. Please don't take me wrong... I don't want to give him any chance to create MU between us. I can't take that risk. Please if you want to share anything, let me know..."


"Thank you for that Arnavji... But whatever I said to you before about him, that's all the matter. One week before he and my sister told me about their decision of getting married to each other, he took me to his sister's house. He said, he need my help in his work. I thought he was really in need. So, I took permission from Buaji and went with him. But after going there only I came to know what need' he was in. I bluntly rejected him and tried to escape from there. But he tried his best to make me surrender, but I couldn't do that. So, I slapped him to bring him to the senses. But it made him mad and luckily he throw me out of his sister's house. After that incident, he took me to the park along with my sister and announced about their decision. I was shocked, broken... and what not... then... they married, insulted me, he tried his best to take me back to him, just to show that without him I can't live and now he is still trying to get me by breaking my marriages" Khushi finished in low voice


"As if I allow him" Arnav muttered and said "He can never do that... he can't get success in that. You know why, because YOU ARE MINE... no one has right on you. How many births you want to take, then take... but you will remain mine. That's final... don't worry about him. I will deal with him and your sister. You just sit and enjoy the life. But please remember that I love you... and please share anything whether it is pain, happiness, sadness, or fear, with me. I don't want any secrets between us, which may give others to create MU between us. okay?"


Khushi nodded her head and hugged him by waist. Arnav sighed in relax. Their little time got disturbed with Buaji's call for lunch.




"Um... I... Ah... Um... I... We... Um... We are really sorry for whatever happened few hours back. I'm sorry ASR" Said Abhinav, fearing of Arnav's reaction.


Arnav glared at Abhinav with cold eyes.


"I'm... I mean we are really sorry for Latha's behavior ASR"


"So you are working for A&D?" asked Arnav suddenly, making Abhinav tensed. Both Abhinav and Latha looked at each other.


"Ye... Yes sirrr..."


"why do you stammer every time when I talk?!!!" Arnav asked in his serious expression "Are you afraid of me?"


Abhinav gulped hard, not knowing what to answer. "No sir... Yes sir... I mean..."


Arnav leaned on the table little forward and said in his low dangerous voice "I hate stammering and confused answer"


"Yes Sir..." Abhinav tried best not to stammer.


"Which department?"


"Accounts sir"


"Hmm... who is your manager?"


"Rajesh sir..."


Arnav took out his mobile out and called certain Rajesh




"Rajesh, send me the details of Mr. Abhinav Mishra, your team member. I need the details in 5 minutes"




"Whatever it is... I will discuss with you later only after checking his file. First send me the details now. I will check and call you again for discussion" Arnav said to Rajesh looking at Abhinav, who sat with shocked expression


"My details? why sir?"


"Excuse me? Are you questioning me?" asked Arnav.


"No sir... I'm just..." Abhinav couldn't answer. He is really worried about his job now, because he know what he did and what he is doing now a days in office. He always wanted to catch ASR's eye, but not in this way. At present he is building the base to meet ASR, by interfering in every works. He thought, if he interfere in everyone's work and helps others, then he can show himself as worthful candidate to become manager. If he gets manager post, then it will be easy for him to go into Arnav's eyes. Then he can easily settle well in his life by getting permanent job in A&D, then he can play his games to get ASR trust and if he gets ASR's trust, then it will be easy for him to become a multi billionaire. But at present seeing ASR before his eyes, he is feeling like he did a blunder entering A&D. He cursed Khushi for this. His urge of hurting and torturing Khushi is becoming strong. Because of her stupid decision of marrying ASR, may break the plans for his future. She is already took a wrong stop, by deciding to get married to ASR. He really loved Khushi. But when he came to know the value of Khushi's house, he couldn't stop thinking about that. He wanted to get full property on his name. If he gets married to Khushi he only gets half of the property. So he made a plan of trapping Latha, taking her jealousy on Khushi as a key point and planned to get married to her. Then he thought he can get Khushi as she loves him and with the both the marriages he will get the property fully by himself. So, then he started to flirt with Khushi, he tried to behave with Khushi as how they were before, he tried his best to change Khushi's cold and aloof behaviour. He even threaten Buaji and Garima saying he has some videos and photos about his and Khushi intimate moments. But when Arnav came into scene, the fear of losing the property gripped his mind. So, he is trying little hard to make Khushi agree for the marriage. But it's not happening. Now, he has to think about his job, nothing else, because, he knew, if ASR finds him mistake/wrong/fraud then he will be finish. He won't get a single Rupee for himself. His professional life will be smashed. He can't get any job in any office in any department. He can't even get driver job. He has to do something before things go from hand. His thoughts got disturbed by ASR's cold voice.


"What you are just, Mr. Abhinav? What do you do in office and in which project you are working now?" before Arnav asks further questions, his mobile beeped with the indication of incoming mail. Arnav immediately opened the mail and read.


He sat silently and ate his food, leaving others confused


"Arnavji...?" Khushi looked at Arnav, who smiled at her


"Everything is fine Khushi. I will take care of everything and EVERYONE from now on. You just relax and sit" Arnav said holding Khushi's hand. He purposefully stressed on EVERYONE, to send the warning signals to certain person, who got the meaning of Arnav's words correctly


Smiling at him, Khushi had her lunch along with others. After having the Lunch and cleaning everything, everyone sat in living room. Arnav opened his laptop and showed Abhinav the mail he got from Rajesh


"I want answers for this Mr. Mishra. What do you think and what will you answer for this type of behaviour?"


Abhinav read the mail and gulped hard shivering little. He is one of the waste of time candidate. As per our A&D rules and as he is in probationary period, we are thinking to send him a warning mail about his behaviour. He interferes everyone's work, he neglects his work. Few times, employees saw him near finance department. His behaviour is quite odd; and by seeing him and talking with him anyone can say that he is trying for big. I have my own doubts on him being a Rival company employee or a fraud. I'm having my eyes on him sir. I will let you know, if I get any clearance. And one more thing sir, he is not coming to office from three days. When we called him, he was out of reach. Sorry for this type of mail, sir. But I'm on this' - this is the brief content of the mail


Abhinav looked at ASR. Arnav raised his eyebrows in question and moved his eyebrows towards Laptop as asking the answers.


"Sir... woh..."


"I will not allow this type of behaviour in my office. I need my workers to be genuine. I prefer perfection. For NOW, I'm leaving you... I will wait for your answers. You have to give your explanations after engagement. I don't want any escapism. But remember one thing... If I find you again in this situation, then that situation will be your last moment of happiness. I'm giving you a chance, because of Khushi and this family. Let me see, how you will use this opportunity" Arnav said to Abhinav and continued "I don't want anyone to interfere in my or Khushi's life from now on. I don't want any disturbance in my life" hope you understand what I'm trying to say.


He turned to Khushi and held her hand and said to Buaji and Garima "Buaji, I want all of us to take rest before we start our journey. Khushi... did you pack everything?"


"Yes, Arnavji... everything is ready"


"Good... I'm going inside. I don't want anymore dramas in this house" saying this he left to Khushi's room, followed by Khushi. Buaji and Garima too left to their room


"why are you getting that scared seeing him? He is just a man, not any devil" Latha said in irritation


"Huh? you are saying after whatever he did to you few minutes back??? He is not any devil... but he will. if we don't listen to his threat, then he will throw us somewhere, where we can not get a single drop of water. Latha... don't underestimate him. He is one of the most powerful man in India. He will destroy anyone who disturbs his life. He never thinks before acting dangerously. So, I'm warning you... don't try your stupidity with them anymore. Be careful and think before you says something. And don't irritate me about anything, I need to think something else to get what I want. I have to wait for the correct time to strike" Abhinav warned Latha and went to deep thoughts with his last words.





That's all for now...


I tried to show Abhinav's mind. Hope you liked it... I'm busy with Poojas. I will be busy this month. Updates will be little late like may be one update for 15 days... If I get time, I will write and post. Please don't be angry and irritated. Confused


Thanks for your love and support...Hug




Heart  Heart  Heart


Requirements for next update More than 100 likes and more than 8 pages ( at least 70 comments) of comments. 


Next : Chapter 29


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Thank you...  Day Dreaming  Embarrassed Hug 

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awesome  updt
loved it
hope abhinav doesnt create problems
thnx for pm

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Awesome update
Arnav took a nice class for abhinav but I think Latha needs more
Loved it a lot
Asr is out now they can't do anything now

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Lovely update...Clap

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lovely update. ASR is ASR.ClapClapClap
Loved his dominance over Abhishek and his care and love and trust towards khushi..
Eagerly waiting for nextWink

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