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# 2 Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 3 link posted (Page 54)

Pinky.Raizada IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
The last part was so good, next Update I want ASR giving it back to that jerk. 

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RashSri Newbie

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
Good one. Waiting to see the disappointment in Latha and Abhi. 
Way to go Khushi.Clap

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 August 2015 at 6:01am | IP Logged

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SViji_2706 Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2015 at 10:30am | IP Logged

More than anything I love Khushi and Abhinav's scene.

The way she showed that donkey his place.ROFLClap I doubt if he would mend his ways. Let us see how Arnav bitwa will tackle the good for nothing brother in law of Khushi.

Khushi's sister is shame in the name of wife. How in the hell she is looking on silent seeing her husband flirting with her sister. Angry

Waiting for next update eagerly Smile

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Sweety012345 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2015 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
T update

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2015 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
That is more like of our Khuhi.

 insult waiting how arnav wil see and handle this new problem..
Loved it...

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..Sri.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2015 at 3:06am | IP Logged

No proof read...Spare me with typos...



Previous : Chapter 26



Part 27:



Both Abhinav and Latha stood rooted to their places. Abhinav felt a slight shiver starting in his spine, seeing a calm ASR before him. He heard about ASR lot of times. ASR's calmness never does good to anyone nor ends in same. He heard that ASR's calmness is always leads to someone's destruction. ASR's calmness is the calmness before disaster. He gulped hard seeing Arnav coming towards them with calculated steps. He looked at his wife, who is looking at him irritated for his sudden silence. He Nodded his head slightly in no.


Here, Khushi looked at Arnav in I-told-you-to-stay-in-kitchen look. Arnav smirked and raised his eyebrow as saying who-can-stop-me. Khushi rolled her eyes and crossed her hands near her chest and looked away from Arnav. Arnav raised his two eyebrows amused at her childish behaviour. He smirked seeing Khushi stealing glance at him and turning away again. All the four Khushi, Arnav, Abhinav and Latha's trance has broken with Buaji's  voice


"Arey babua, nothing. It's just our SIL teasing our Titaliya. That's all..." she tried to ease the situation


"I think you remember what I said yesterday Buaji. I will or can never allow anyone saying a bad word about my family. I hate teasing..." Arnav said in serious tone.


Both Latha and Abhinav gulped seeing his serious face and hearing no nonsense tone.


"No no babua, it's just..."


"Forget it... by the way, who is he? I saw him somewhere"


"He is my jija ji. Abhi..."


"Abhinav..." Arnav completed the name, not wanting Khushi to utter. "I remember we talked once, Mr. Abhinav" Arnav stretched his hand for a shake, which Abhinav accepted shakingly.


"Yes sssirrr"


"Hmm..." Arnav said looking at him calculatingly. His hold on Abhinav's hand tightened. Then he turned to his side and said "I think now you got who the person was and with whom you talked rashly yesterday night"


Latha looked at irritatingly at Arnav and said "So what? I'm concerned and worried about my family"


Arnav raised his eyebrow and looked at Latha with narrowed eyes. She turned her eyes away not able to look into his scaring eyes.


When deep urge to save his wife from the  great ASR was engulfed him, Abhinav tried to divert everyone's attention


"By the way sir... what are you doing here?"


"Excuse me?" Questioned Arnav


"Where do you expect him other than here?" Khushi asked him in irritation.


"He has a MAHAL in this town Khushi, for your information" Abhinav replied with much more irritation


"But he prefers to stay with his family in HIS house" Khushi is not ready to back off


"His house?"


"Yes, as much as MINE, its his house too" the atmosphere is getting too much hot. Arnav looked at the worried faces of Garima and Buaji.


"How come? You both are not married yet. Then how come this house becomes his? What if he..." his words cut off by furious Khushi


"Mind your tongue JI.JA.JI. He is A.S.R; not any Abhinav Mishra to back off from his responsibilities or promises" the sight of Khushi scared the members in the room including Abhinav. As Arnav never saw Khushi in anger, he is taken aback seeing her. He slowly touched her shoulder to calm her

Feeling Arnav's touch, Khushi closed her eyes and took deep breath to calm her anger. She held Arnav's hand and looked at her Buaji who nodded her head in no with teary eyes. Khushi again closed her eyes to calm her nerves. She bent her head while taking long breaths


"Till now I was silent. I bore whatever tantrums you both threw at me. I bore all the insults you threw at me. But that doesn't mean, you can use your dirty mouth and useless brain to insult my people. Don't test my patience from now on. I'm not going to allow anyone, if they lay their fingers at Arnav ji. Mind you both... I'm warning you" Khushi said in low controlled voice. She turned to Latha and said "And you... anyways you can't do, but try to be in your limits... You can never open your mouth before your so called husband, but you are opening it before us. But, before talking anything, think once... I'm not going to be a calm, silent and helpless girl anymore. I'm going to be myself from now on... Don't nudge me" Khushi finished with gritted teeth


"Khushi... relax..." Arnav whispered in her ear. Arnav never thought Khushi can be a fighter. Till now he saw her as a helpless girl, which he didn't like somewhere in his heart. He is happy seeing Khushi in this avatar.


Khushi turned to him and held his hands and took him to her room


"I'm so so sorry Arnav ji. I shouldn't have stopped you in this morning... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... If I guessed this... I would have never stopped you from going on. I'm so sorry... you have to face these insults because of me. I'm sorry..." she cried resting her forehead on Arnav's hands, as soon as entering the room.


Arnav looked at the girl before him, who few seconds before behaved as a powerful dangerous lady and now behaving like a scared kid. A small smile appeared on Arnav's face, seeing the care she is feeling about him. He slowly released his one hand from her grip and brought her close and hugged her keeping his hand on her back.


"Sh... relax..." he paused for few moments and said "You know what, I'm so proud of you" Arnav said


Khushi looked at him in confusion


"For your strong behaviour. For the courage you showed in facing problem. Remember one thing... don't ever say sorry for others mistake. I won't like that, got it?" he completed in serious tone, making Khushi nod her head. AFter few seconds of calming, Khushi and Arnav went to living room to see both Latha and Abhinav stood in their same places. They seems to be in deep thoughts. Sighing deeply, Khushi said "Buaji... we - Arnav ji, me, you and Amma - are leaving to Delhi today evening.  I already booked the flight tickets for us. Please make sure you lock everything properly"


"Lock? What do you mean by that?" said Latha


"Lock means closing the door, then securing the doors with a key..." Khushi said in a sarcastic tone


"I know that... I mean to ask, if you lock the door, where will we stay?"


"Aren't you coming to Delhi?" Khushi asked in mock surprise


"Huh... Hhhaaa... of course we are coming..."


"Then what's the need to leave the house unlocked?" asked Khushi


"Oh... Um..." stammered Latha


"Buaji... as they both too are coming, make sure everything is locked properly. I already packed my things... and kept yours and Amma's on the bed. Please look at that"


"What about our tickets?" asked Abhinav, still not able to believe whatever Khushi said few minutes back


"What about your tickets?" Khushi raised her eyebrow looking at Abhinav


"You said, you all are leaving today evening... then what about us? How will we come?"


"Who knows?" questioned Khushi in return in confusion, shrugging her shoulders


"What does that mean? Isn't it your responsibility..."


"Oh stop it... I'm not responsible for your journey... I already informed you all that my engagement will held in Delhi and asked you guys to come there, but you arrived here. You didn't even inform us about your arrival till you boarded the damn train. How can I supposed to book your tickets suddenly? If you want to come, arrange your tickets by yourself. Or else... your wish... we are leaving today evening by locking the house... that's final..." Khushi said in a final tone.


All this time, Arnav stood beside Buaji with open mouth, seeing this side of Khushi. He looked at Buaji when he felt someone closing his mouth


"Get ready and get used to this babua. You, yourself stepped into this. This is my original Titaliya" Buaji whispered with a proud smile on her face


"My Khushi..." Arnav whispered back, making Buaji caressed his hand in affection.


"At least call the travels from which you booked the tickets" Latha said, hoping to go with her sister and avoid the expenses


Khushi took her mobile and searched the number, wrote on a paper and gave to Latha and sighed as telling her to call by herself.


Khushi silently went to the kitchen to complete the cooking. She looked at Arnav before leaving to the kitchen. Knowing the meaning of that look, Arnav too followed Khushi. When he entered the kitchen, he saw Khushi sitting on the floor and keeping her head on her knees, hugging knees with hands. Her shoulders are jerking up and down as she is weeping without sound. Arnav rushed towards her and knelt beside her.


"Khushi..." he whispered. For his horror, her shoulders' movement went more fast. "What's wrong? Why are you crying? You are scaring me damn it... Look at me Khushi... what's wrong?" Arnav shook her little. What he saw after that little shake, left him baffled.


"Khushi...!!! You... You are... you are smiling!!!! NO... You are laughing...!!!??"


Khushi closed her mouth not allowing her laugh to come out... she couldn't stop her excitement nor she can control her happiness. Suddenly she hugged Arnav tightly and hung to his neck. Not understanding what's happening, Arnav too hugged her back with a confused expression.


"I can't believe I said all those to them... Hey Devi Mayya... Thank you so much Arnav ji... without your support it wouldn't have happened. Thanks a lot..." Khushi whispered.


"I didn't do anything Khushi. It's you, who said all those words and who fought with them. I was just a damn spectator" Arnav said with surprise, breaking the hug


"You might not have done anything directly... But your presence beside me did. It gave me the enough strength to face the bad. It gave me enough support to face the bad. Thanks a lot for staying here" with that Khushi kissed on his cheek leaving him in shock.


"Khushi...!" Arnav whispered looking at Khushi's flushed face, while caressing his cheek with his fingers


"I... I was just..." she couldn't meet his eyes. Her face became tomato with shyness


"Sh... I know..." Arnav said in a husky low voice and leaned towards her and kissed her cheeks. He slowly went to her lips. Khushi's breath fastened and she closed her eyes in anticipation. She inhaled deep, feeling Arnav's lips at the corner of her lips. He slowly went to front and about to kiss her lips, they heard a loud voice of Abhinav. They both looked at each other. When Khushi is about to go, Arnav held her hand and said "Let me handle this time. I think he needs to get proper reply"


Khushi nodded her head and followed Arnav towards the living room, where the drama is going on. Whatever scene they witnessed left them angered and shocked


Garima is pleading Abhinav with folding hands and whispering not to shout. Buaji stood beside Garima and nodding her head in support of Garima. Abhinav and Latha stood there as they are not at all concerned about these ladies. When Garima about to hold Abhinav's feet, Arnav interfered in the matter


"What the hell is happening here?"


Abhinav stepped a step backwards seeing angry Arnav.


"It's our family matter, stay out of this" Latha risked her life.


"Latha..." Buaji warned


"It's okay buaji... tell me what's happening"


"Nothing babua... it's just..." before she says anything Arnav's phone rang. Seeing Aman' on the screen, Arnav went outside hurriedly


"It's not nothing... how can you say that buaji? Abhinav is SIL of the house. How can you say it's just'" asked Latha


"Oh stop it... what you want now? why is this drama?" Khushi asked in irritation


"We don't have room to freshen up" Latha said as matter of fact


"That's all the matter? Whatever it is, I think we can discuss this with low voices too. What's the need to shout?" Khushi sounded tired of the events and shouting


"If that is the matter, then why can't you give your room to us? You can stay in guest room too... after all your fiancee is staying here. And I think sleeping in the same room with any man won't be a problem for you..." after that Latha couldn't say anything because of the tight grip on her throat. Her eyeballs went above, her face covered with sweet and her face started to turn into blue.


Everyone in the rook stood shocked in their places seeing the sight before their eyes. Khushi is the one who came out of the shock first, and rushed to her sister seeing her turning to blue color...


"Arnav ji... leave her... she will die... Arnav ji" Khushi tried to remove Arnav's hand from Latha's throat.




When Arnav went out to talk with Aman, he heard the small argument and Khushi's tired voice trying to cool the argument. But when he heard Latha's words towards Khushi, he couldn't stay there. He ended the call with Aman, not even listening to him once, dashed towards Latha and held her throat, completely in a thought of killing her for real.




"Arnav ji... please... leave her... she will die" Khushi again tried to remove Arnav's grip from Latha


"How dare she to say that to you? I will kill her now... Don't stop me Khushi" Arnav said in a dangerous low voice


Garima, Buaji stood like statues seeing this side of their loving SIL. They heard about his anger, but seeing him directly, left them scared to death. On the other side, Abhinav stood quietly, shivering seeing ASR, in his own way. He always wanted to go in ASR's good books. But because of his wife's jealous towards Khushi, made it difficult. He prayed to the God to not to let Arnav notice him at present. His trance broke with Khushi's shout


"ARNAV JI... Leave her... YOU ARE SCARING ME..." Khushi fell in the floor crying. The next second she is in the embrace of Arnav's warm hands.


Arnav left Latha immediately, when he heard the words -YOU are SCARING ME - from Khushi; He pushed Latha leaving her throat, came to Khushi and hugged her to remove her fear. He didn't mean to scare Khushi.


She cried hugging Arnav tightly.


"I'm sorry Khushi... I didn't mean to scare you. But I got angry after hearing her words towards you. See... I left her... she is alive... please don't cry Khushi... please I'm sorry..." Arnav tried to console Khushi


Khushi slowly looked at Arnav


"I can't control if anyone insult my family or my life, Khushi. whoever it will be, I will get angry in the next moment. I didn't mean to scare you..." Arnav whispered


Khushi moved her sight towards her sister, who is panting hardly to get her breath to normal after having a great disturbance in her breathing. She closed her eyes and leaned on her husband to gain some support, which she didn't get. Abhinav, sat there holding her lightly, not reacting or supporting her. He is not ready to go against ASR, because he knew  who is ASR and what he can do to anyone.



That's all for now...

 Hope you are satisfied with the outcome... and I think this is the most dramatic and silly update I wrote till now LOL Wink Big smile 

Thanks for your response... Hug




Requirements for next update More than 100 likes and more than 8 pages ( at least 70 comments) of comments. 


Next : Chapter 28


For PMs, see next post


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