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Previous : Chapter 25



Part 26:


Arnav came out of the room after freshening up. He felt different to wake up in the same house where Khushi stays. He wanted to see her when he came out and his wish was granted. When he entered in the living room, he found his Khushi sitting on the couch, drying her wet hair. She brought all her long hair front, from on her left shoulder and waving it in front of table fan to dry. Arnav stood mesmerised seeing her beauty. He thanked God for sending this Angel into his life then thanked his parents for accepting her.


"You can see Titaliya by sitting near her too, babua. No need to see secretly" said Buaji, making Arnav to come out from his trance. Khushi looked away hearing her Buaji's tease, slightly turning pink


"I don't think he is watching secretly  jiji. I think he lost in our Khushi's beauty, what say babua?" Garima participated in the teasing. She is really regretting for not trusting Arnav's love towards khushi. After Arnav's yesterday's confession/order/warning/threat and her discussion with Buaji, she understood what she did and how she insulted a pure heart. She felt bad for hurting Arnav and Khushi, unintentionally.  She was worried about Khushi's future. But now she doesn't have any worries about that. Seeing the love this man has for her daughter, she left a satisfied sigh. She walked to Arnav and cupped his face with one hand and said


"Stay happy always babua. I'm sorry for not trusting you yesterday. I shouldn't have behaved like that. Sorry for hurting you and insulting your love" she is not ashamed of asking forgiveness from this man.


"No aunty, you were right at your place. I can understand your worries about Khushi's future. As a mother you have every right to question us. Don't be sorry, in fact I should be sorry for talking with you like that. If my Mom or Dadi knows about this, they will literally kills me. Even my dad can't help me in this" said Arnav trying to change the mood


Both Buaji and Khushi giggled hearing his words. Arnav again lost in Khushi's beauty and smile. Buaji cleared her throat to bring him back. Arnav looked away embarrassed.


"If you keep losing like this in sankadevi, then only God can save your company babua" both the elders laughed out loud, seeing the blushing faces of their children.


After few minutes, they completed their morning coffee along with light teasing.


"Drink your coffees fast, we need to go to temple. It's already 6, we should leave before 6.30. Then only we can come back early" said Buaji looking at the wall clock


"Buaji, before we start I want to tell you all one thing. I think, my stay here when Abhinav comes may makes you all uncomfortable, so, I am thinking it will be better if I move to Sheesh mahal" said Arnav with low voice.


"WHAT!!!" Khushi shouted her life out, making everyone jump in their places.


"Khushi... what's wron..." he was stopped by Khushi's words


"You can't leave me like that and go. How can you say that you will leave me? After whatever discussion we had yesterday, I didn't expect this from you Arnavji. How can you say that you will leave me?" said Khushi. She is on verge of crying.


"What the!!"


"When did he say that he will leave YOU?" asked Buaji astonishing at Khushi's outburst


Khushi looked at everyone, trying hard not to let the moist come into her eyes. She looked like scared kid to Arnav.


Understanding her insecurities and knowing where her mind leading her thoughts, he said "Khushi, I'm not going to leave you. That will never happen. We are born for each other Khushi. No one can separate us. You have to trust me in this"


"Then, why did you..."


"NO... I DIDN'T.  I just said I will stay in Sheesh Mahal. After all it's a matter of a day Khushi"


"Yes, matter of one day, then why can't you stay here? I need you Arnavji... please understand" Khushi pleaded, Arnav gulped seeing her vulnerable


"Babua, Titaliya is correct. What's the need to leave the house. You stay here, we... um... we need you in facing him" Buaji finished in low tone.


Arnav looked at Khushi and voiced his doubt "But what will you answer if they question my stay here, that too before marriage? I can answer them. But I'm damn sure, they won't make a sound before me. I can't let them hurt you in my absence. I don't want to take risk"


"In that case you have to stay here Arnavji"


"But Khushi..."


"Nothing doing, you are staying here and that's final. I need to show them that I'm not alone anymore. I need to show them that I too have a person in my life, who will support me. I need to show them that I can live my life without their support or mercy. I should do this... I have to show them that they can't reach me or hurt me anymore. I want to show them that I have the best person in this world as my soulmate now. I need to do this... I want to do this... I should do this..." Khushi is breathing hard and the hatred in her eyes is scared Arnav for some unknown reason.


"Khushi relax... I am with you and will be with you, whenever and whatever you want to do. Just tell me what YOU want ME to do" Arnav said holding her hands in his.


"You no need to do anything Arnav Ji. Just your presence around me gives me enough strength to face this world. Just stay with me always" Khushi whispered


Arnav hugged Khushi sideways and assured her


"But, babua is right Khushi. What will we answer him, when he questions? He is already so fond of this property, if he thinks that Arnav babua will be an hurdle..."


"ARNAV JI IS NOT A BEGGAR LIKE HIM. ARNAV JI IS A PERFECT MAN. I WON'T ALLOW ANYONE TO UTTER A WORD ABOUT ARNAV JI. If they say about me anything then fine, let them. But I am telling you both before hand, I will give no damn to them if they laid their eyes or point their finger on Arnav ji, then get ready to forget you have another daughter and son in law... You are pulling me back from answering them from long time, not anymore..." saying this Khushi strode into her room, to get ready to go temple


Arnav looked Khushi's retreating figure with open mouth


"Hai re Nandkisore... don't be shocked babua... this is what and how your Khushi is. This is her originality - a fierce, daring, challenging yet innocent and calm girl. Thank you so much for coming into her life and accepting her. Don't worry, she likes you, she won't hurt you" said Buaji.


Arnav felt his heart swelling in happiness after hearing Buaji. Before he says anything, Khushi came back fast and sat beside him


"And one more thing. When they comes, you both will insist Arnav Ji to stay here and he stays here. I'm asking this to do because you all are getting scared about that idiot. And then Arnav ji will say that we will leave in the evening as tomorrow I need to go to office for some work. Then I will take care what to tell them about coming there or staying here or how to come there. I don't want anyone to talk in between... it's time to payback." Khushi gritted her teeth "I will be back in 5 minutes then we can leave to mandir" She said and left to her room in a calm manner leaving the trio gaped at her in shock and amusement.


After exactly 5 minutes, Khushi came out in her sari looking so pure. Buaji kept a small black spot on above her eye at the hairline, to block the evil eye falling on Khushi's beauty. Smiling at her Buaji, Khushi assured her with her eyes as everything will be fine. After that, all the four left to Mandir in Arnav's car which brought by his man. Khushi gave the set of offering to Arnav, which he will give to Goddess from his side and took her set and got down from the car. They all four entered all together in temple and did puja, took the blessings and permission from the Devi Mayya. After that, Khushi and Arnav took blessing from the priest, who knew Khushi from long years


After spending sometime in Mandir and giving breakfast to poor people, which Khushi ordered and collected in the way to Mandir, they left to home.

Buaji and Garima sat in living room after finishing their breakfast, getting scared about the time, when Latha and Abhinav will reach. Khushi along with Arnav came to living room with tray of coffee and tea in her hands.


"No need to get tensed about them" Khushi always can guess correctly about their worries


"Khushi tum chup kar. From long time I'm telling you to do that" Garima chided her.


"And I always did that. But, why are we getting worried/scared or tensed about his arrival? What is he and what are we? What's the need to be scared about him? I know him very well" Arnav looked at Khushi and felt little hurt hearing Khushi knowing some other man very well. But her next words, soothed his heart "I know him very well how shameless and dirty man he is. If you offer him money, he will do anything. If you give him something, he will agree to whatever you say. Please amma, let me deal him now, in my way, at least now" Khushi pleaded


"But what if he tries to hurt you Khushi?" asked Garima in worry


"He won't dare Amma... as I too have the right on this house and without my concern or sign, he won't get anything. At least now, let them show how much I hate them and how they had hurt me" Arnav side hugged giving her his silent support.


"But..." Garima stopped by Buaji


"No Garima... we did mistake stopping Khushi till now fearing he will spoil her future. But when Arnav babua is here, I don't think we should stop her and we need to worry about her. She has her support. I know, they can deal the situation" Buaji said looking at Arnav, in return getting a nod with assuring smile.


After that they talked about few things. Buaji and Garima asked him about his work, for which he explained patiently. Both felt respected seeing the big businessman giving his time to them and talking with them normally not thinking about their status. Seeing the happiness on their faces, Khushi felt content and sent a silent thanks to her Devi Mayya for sending this amazing man in their lives. She silently went to kitchen and started preparing lunch.

After talking with them few more minutes, Arnav noticed Khushi's absence beside him. Hearing sounds from kitchen, he looked at Buaji for which she nodded her head and waved her hand as asking to move to kitchen. Smiling at her brightly, Arnav hugged Buaji and left to kitchen almost running.


"Hai re Nandkisore... sankadevi's sankadev... God Bless both of them..." muttered making Garima giggle at his restlessness


Khushi, who is cooking lunch gasped feeling warm hand creeping her tummy. She tried to turn but felt the grip tighten. She heard his husky voice


"Shh... it's me, relax..."


"Ar...Arnavji..." Khushi moved in her place feeling shy


Misunderstanding her shyness as uncomfortable, Arnav moved away from her and looked away


"I'm sorry Khushi..." he whispered


Understanding his exact thoughts, Khushi took his hand in her "I'm more than comfortable with you Arnav ji. It's just... I mean... I am... after yesterday night... I... just..." Khushi couldn't look at Arnav's eyes.


Seeing her blushing face, Arnav felt his heart dancing in joy. He slowly wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her softly towards him, leaning on the kitchen counter


"After yesterday night what Khushi?" he whispered, not wanting Garima or Buaji to hear about their private moment.


Khushi looked down, unable to control her shy smile


Arnav kissed her forehead and said "You no need to feel shy or embarrassed near me Khushi. I'm yours, you can share anything with me. You can share any feeling of yours. You can ask me anything. I'm all yours..."


Khushi looked at him with so much love in her eyes.


Love???' thought Arnav looking at her eyes rapidly "Khushi???" he wanted to confirm whether he is seeing correct or not. But before Khushi can respond to Arnav, they heard a voice from living room, which boiled Arnav's each and every cell


"Where is my darling SIL? It's hurt to know that she is leaving me and marrying some other man. Where is she? Khushi darling... Khushi darling..." Abhinav shouted from hall, keeping his bag on the floor. He didn't even acknowledge Garima and Buaji, who looked at him with so much pity in their eyes. "Is she in kitchen? Of course, she will be, after all she needs to cook for me, for her beloved BIL" smiling idiotically he started to move towards kitchen. But before he enter inside the kitchen, Khushi came out with much anger in her eyes.




When Abhinav mentioned Khushi as HIS DARLING, Arnav tried to rush outside, but stopped by Khushi


"This is not the time Arnav ji" Khushi whispered


"But how dare he? You are MINE... not his" Arnav whispered in return


"Do you trust me Arnav ji?" asked Khushi


"Of course I do. More than myself" answer is straight


"Then trust me more, I will never ever leave you for any one. I will be yours always. Trust me... let me deal with him, if I can't then I will give him to you. Later you can see him" Khushi is determined. She is surprised seeing her braveness. She is surprised noticing the change in her. She is surprised to see the dareness in her. But she is not surprised knowing the reason for the change in her. She is happy to know that this man, who is standing before her, holding her possessively is the reason for her change, her braveness, her dareness. She is happy to have this strong man in her life as her man. She slowly leaned forward and kissed him on his cheek


"Trust me Arnav ji... I'm yours, Just sit and enjoy the show" she smiled


Arnav nodded his head with a smile, seeing Khushi fully in relaxed mode.




Khushi came to hall followed by Abhinav


"Look at you... You became more beautiful these days... If I know marriage brings this beauty in you, then I would have married you long back"


Khushi closed her eyes in anger, but instantly a smile appeared on her face, thinking about Abhinav's situation when he face Arnav.


Thinking that smile is for him, Abhinav talked little more... not knowing about the disaster, which is standing in kitchen


"Look at your sister... she is a waste... after getting married she became more ugly. But here you... became more beautiful and tempting" he flirted with Khushi


"Hmm... she is becoming ugly because she has to..." said Khushi looking at her sister


"What do you mean?" asked Abhinav


"I mean... I need to be more beautiful, because I'm marrying a handsomest man in this world. If we talk about jiji... she is becoming ugly because she has to... after all she married YOU" Khushi gritted her teeth


It took little time to everyone including Arnav to catch Khushi's words. But after they got what Khushi said, it shocked them. Arnav smirked guessing the expression on Abhinav and Latha's faces


Buaji and Garima looked at eachother with a twinkle in their eyes. Latha looked Khushi unbelievingly. Abhinav stood rooted in his place after seeing this side of Khushi after a long time. He was satisfied when Khushi became silent and started to hear his taunts. He enjoyed her helplessness. He enjoyed when she got scoldings from Buaji and Garima for being rude with him. His ego got hurt when she refused him when he offered her married life, but seeing broken Khushi, he felt his ego getting satisfied. So, to satisfy his ego, he started taunting Khushi more, he started using bad words towards her. But seeing her back to her original is hurting him badly


"What did you say?" he gritted his teeth


"Oh... God... Amma... Buaji, why didn't you say that Jeeju lost his hearing senses?" Khushi faked surprised "Oh God... I never thought this day will come... I'm sorry Jeeji..." Khushi smirked seeing the shocking face of her sister


"HOW DARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU THINK..." Abhinav stepped forward towards Khushi but stopped saying, hearing another voice in hall


"What's going on here? Khushi???" Arnav came from kitchen not able to control his anger.


Both Abhinav and Latha stood shocked seeing Arnav in the house




That's all for now...

 Hope you guys enjoyed the update... Let me know, if you have any doubts... I will try to clear them...

Thanks for your response... Hug




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Next : Chapter 27


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Revenge time

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Simply  awesome mind blowing wonderful  update! !!

Garima  buaji teasing h Arnav so mucheck short duration they are fond of him...

Garima  realised unknowingly what mistake she could have done..

But the way Arnav made her feel better was amazing. .

Khushi's  insecurity  after hearing from Arnav  that he can move to the way he understood her n promised  her that he will do whatever she wants he loves  her so much..

So good to see feasity brave khushi. .. the way she spoke left  all 3 surprised  n shocked.. after all she is  future KASR 

Buaji thanks Arnav to bringing the real khushi  back..

Wondering  how n why buaji Garima allow Lata n Abhinav to insult khushi. .

Yaar wish their kitchen time not got disturb. ..
Loved the way khushi told Arnav to trust her. She is only his..

Khushi seems to be on a mission ...
Simply loved her reply to A-L.

P.S. - readers please read n comet fast  so that our writerji  can update the next part soon.. next part will be Dhamakedar 

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