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But confused about Garima's reaction. Understands her fear for Khushi but at the same time how can she be sure Khushi will be safe otherwise if the marriage does not happen.

Already a leech is present in their life and how can she be sure she will get nice boy for her daughter as sure as it is Khushi would not be so happy with anyone else than Arnav.

Thank you for the pmSmile

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Fantastic update 

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Spare me with typos. Don't have time to proof read. will proof read if mistake are too much in number and meanings. Let me know. This is big update... 4468 words. I expect big response



Previous : Chapter 24  


 Part 25:


"You can't warn me babua" Garima stammered in low voice


"I can't believe this" muttered Arnav and continued "If you feel like that, then let it be. Let's complete this threat" he is serious now.


Seeing his serious face, both Garima and Buaji gulped their tension. Khushi held his shoulder to stop him from any outburst. But he didn't look at her, because he knew, if he looks at her his anger will reduce in seconds


"Let me clear you one thing aunty. I will never ever lose my things or my people for any one's fears or wishes. Khushi is mine, no one can separate her from me. Don't dare, it won't be good for you or our relation. And about warning you, I surely can do that and if needed I will do that definitely." Arnav said in dangerously low serious voice, sending shivers to Garima.


"Let me ask you one thing aunty, are you sure, Khushi will be safe without me? Can You guarantee her happiness with some other stupid random guy? Can you say surely that she will enjoy her life without me? Leave all that, do you know what she want? Do you ever tried to understand her feelings? Do you ever tried to help her in her tough Times?"


Garima looked down, not knowing what to answer.  Smiling mockingly at her, Arnav continued


"Don't know what to answer? But I know the answer. Its a 'No, a big fat NO'" Arnav gritted his teeth "If it is not because of Buaji she would have broken completely. You never understood what she wants. But I'm not like you. I know what she wants, what she needs and whatever happens I'm going to give that to her"


Garima looked at him


He turned to Khushi and held her hands


"Khushi, tell me frankly, genuinely. Are you ready to spend your life with me? Do you trust me with your safety? Do you think you won't be happy with me?"


"Yes, yes and no. I can't be happy, safe and protected without you. I trust you with my life. I believe you more than myself" Khushi's answer is clear. Khushi went to Garima and said "I might have misjudged a person before in my past. But, now I'm sure about Arnavji. I can't be happy and safe without him. I trust him completely. Please believe him, his love is pure and he is a nice person amma. Please accept this marriage"


"Stop it Khushi. No need to plead anyone, because whoever agree or not, whoever comes or not this marriage will happen at any cost"


"How can you say like that? Would you have said this if your family objects this..." even though Garima is feeling scared seeing ASR, she didn't like what Arnav said.


"Guess what, I already said that long back. Khushi and my life with her are most important to me, nothing else"


Three ladies looked at him surprised and shocked.


"I always take care of my things. I will do anything to get them. I will not allow anyone or anything to disturb my life. I don't care about others... I will do what I want" Arnav looked like an alien to Khushi. Till now, she saw him as a loving guy, an arrogant businessman, and responsible son of his family. But she never saw him as a selfish man. It made her smile. Her eyes moved to her mother's face to look her expression.


Garima looked at him with so many expressions in her face.


"This explanations and discussion are useless. Now tell me, what do you say? Do you want to come to your daughter's marriage or not?" Arnav asked with straight face


"I always want my childrens' happiness, nothing else. If Khushi is happy, then I don't have any objection for this marriage" Garima said in a low tone

Arnav looked at Khushi and Buaji and gave them a victorious smile with twinkle in eyes, which made him look like a boy who got his favourite candy after fighting for it. Buaji came to him and cupped his cheeks


"Smile like this always. Don't worry, this marriage will happen. You just enjoy the days before your marriage, after you won't get chance as you are going to get marry to my sankadevi" Buaji winked at him and looked at Khushi, whose face is filled with shock, eyes are round and lips are in O' shape. Arnav laughed seeing her expression. Then Arnav went to Garima and said


"Aunty, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be harsh on you. But I didn't have any other option other than that. Please ever don't say that, I can't live without Khushi. Believe me aunty, I love Khushi more than myself. You can trust me with her safety. don't worry, she will be fine" Arnav touched Garima's hands

Seeing the love in his eyes, Garima caressed his cheek and whispered "I trust you, Take care of my daughter"


Arnav smiled nodding his head


"Bas, bas... it's time to sleep. Titaliya, we have to go for shopping tomorrow. Rest will now. Babua, you also sleep, you will talk with your Khushi tomorrow" said Buaji


Both Arnav and Khushi looked away feeling shy. As they are tired with the day's events, they bid good bye and left to their respective rooms.




Next day  morning Garima, Buaji and Khushi got ready for their day events after finishing their breakfast. When they asked Arnav to accompany them, he politely said that he need to check with Sheesh Mahal. He dropped the ladies at the market and he went to Sheesh Mahal alerting Aman and his men. Then day went completely hectic for Khushi and all with moving from one shop to another. She got irritated with her Amma and Buaji for their selection. She wants to be with Arnav and here they are taking much time in selecting damn cloths for their good for nothing relatives. She shouted on them few times in the shops, much to their surprise. Buaji giggled guessing the reason, making KHushi to all red.


"Be patient Titaliya, we will go. Only few days are there for your marriage. Please be with us till the date. After that if you want also, Arnav babua won't let you here with us" she teased


"Not like that Buaji" Khushi tried to escape the situation. But the man in the talks didn't let her. Just after she said not like that buaji, her mobile started ringing showing his name. Khushi looked at Buaji and Garima to see Buaji raising her eyebrows.


"I... I think... ahem... Um... I think... he needs something, that's why..."


"Yeah... yeah... talk..." with that both Garima and Buaji burst out laughing and left to counter to pay their bill.


Khushi too smiled and answered the call, before she says anything, Arnav said "I will be there in one minute. Don't go anywhere, I will take you all to lunch. stay where you are" and disconnected the call.


"Kaat diya???(dropped the call??)" Khushi whispered and waited for her family' to come


When Buaji and Garima came back, they were surprised to see Arnav with Khushi waiting for them. Buaji looked at Khushi with teasing look, making her go red all over again. Then Arnav took them to lunch. After the lunch till evening, Arnav stayed with them and helped them in the shopping. When they reached home it's late and Arnav ordered food, when they are way back home. Then dinner also went well with light teasings and discussions about few little serious matters related to engagement and marriage. After the dinner, they retired to their rooms and went to sleep.




Next three days went like that.  On Thursday evening, everyone sat in living room, drinking their evening tea


"Hai re Nandkisore, all works are finished. Titaliya, did you talk with caterers and decorators?" asked Buaji


"Actually Buaji..." she was cut by Arnav


"Buaji, we already talked with the caterers and decorators. Decorators will start their work just before 10 days of the marriage. And we also talked with caterers and asked them to send their people to work in house. They agreed and will join us here, whenever you want. We still need to confirm them that when we need them exactly"


"I think, we need caterers before at least four days of the marriage. What do you say Garima?" asked Buaji


"You are right jiji. As rituals will start before two days of the marriage, we will receive our guest three or four days before. I think it will be better if they comes here before four days" Garima accepted


"Then I will ask them to come here 5 days prior" said Khushi taking her mobile out. She dialed the number and informed them when they need the cooks and workers.


"Thank God, all work has finished" said Buaji looking at Khushi dropping the call and continued "Titaliya, as tomorrow is Friday, we need to go Devi Mayya's Mandir for the blessings. Get ready in the morning and I want you to go to the market and bring the Sari, bangles, flowers and fruits to offer Devi Mayya, okay?"


"Ji Buaji. I will go and bring all of them. Don't worry... I will take care of that" said Khushi and left to her room to bring her wallet


Arnav cleared his throat and said "Can I go to the mandir with you all?"


"Of course you can babua. After all this is your marriage too. Get ready in the morning, we will leave as early possible"


"Thank you Buaji and I will go with Khushi now to bring all the things you said. Should I take something else to offer from my side?"


"Actually, there is no need. But if you want, you can take whatever you want to offer"


"Hmm... okay..." Arnav said


He along with Khushi left the house to bring the things.


Meanwhile in RM, Delhi


"Why isn't Pandit ji answering his phone? I need to remind him about the engagement on Sunday" said Akshaya looking at her family.


"May be he is busy Akshaya, call him later" said Aran, who sat in living room along with his family to have their evening tea


"From morning onwards I'm calling him. He didn't answer"


"Oh... then it will be need to think. What will be the reason?" asked Dadi


"Let's wait till night, if he didn't respond, then I will send anyone to his house" said Aran




After purchasing the needed things, both Khushi and Arnav reached home after two hours. Khushi made everything ready for next day and Arnav helped her. Arnav wanted to spend sometime with Khushi alone, but felt worried to ask her. He doesn't want her to be uncomfortable or tensed. They all finished their dinner with light conversations. After finishing their dinner, Buaji and Arnav went to living room and Khushi helped her mother to clean the things on the dining table. Everyone doing their work silently. Their silence got disturbed with the landline ring.


"I will see Buaji" said Arnav and answered the call "Hello"


"Who are you?" asked a girl


"Excuse me? I think you have to say who YOU are as you called us" Arnav never accepted this type of behavior. Hearing his irritated voice, Buaji came to him and asked raising her eyebrows. Arnav shrugged his shoulders. Garima and Khushi too came there, after completing their work in the kitchen.


"I can recognise my family members voices. But I never heard you, who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house?" asked the girl, making Arnav anger rise


Hearing her sister's voice from phone, Khushi whispered "Jiji?"


Looking at Khushi's face, Arnav smirked and kept the phone on speaker mode and said "I'm Arnav Singh Raizada, now tell me who are you?" arrogance and recklessness are dripping from his voice.


"A...a...a...Arnav Sssingh Raizada?"


"Can't you understand one time? Yes, I'm ASR, who are you?" he commanded


"Sir... I'm Latha"


"Who is Latha?" he asked and looked at Khushi with confused expression and nodded seeing her mouthing my jiji'


"Khushi's sister"


"I think that is the way you have to introduce yourself"


"Yes sir... Can I talk with Khushi?"


"No..." the answer is straight and blunt


"Oh... Um.. at least can I talk with Buaji?"


"Yes..." he gave phone to Buaji smirking


"Hai re Nandkisore" said Buaji smiling holding her forehead after seeing this serious teasing Arnav "Hello... Latha"


"Buaji... what is he doing in our home? And when will he go back?" the fear in Latha's voice gone and the authority she wants to show on her family is back.


Buaji looked at Arnav, who nodded his head in no, not to tell her about his staying.


"Leave that, tell me why did you call?"


"Me and Abhinav started from Mumbai. We will reach there by tomorrow morning around 11. Make sure, everything will be ready for him. And I hope you reserved tickets for us to Delhi in first class"


Arnav raised his eyebrow hearing her demands. He looked at Khushi who stood rooted to her place. Understanding her fear, he immediately went beside her and hugged her sideways "Sh... I'm here to take care of them. relax..." he whispered


Khushi looked at him and leaned on him as to shift her fears to him. Arnav caressed her upper arm in relaxing.


"Why are you coming here? I already said you to come directly to Delhi" Buaji is irritated with this couple


"He need to and want to see the house once. Who knows in what condition it is? So, many people are coming and staying there, who knows how they maintain the house?" she taunted everyone


"See you tomorrow" saying this Buaji cradled the receiver on it's place. She is fuming How dare this girl' She muttered


"This is not new to us jiji. Leave it, we can't change things" said Garima


Everyone sat in living room. Arnav sat beside khushi still hugging her giving her support. She is worried about their arrival. She is worried about Abhinav's arrival. She is worried about Arnav's respect. Sensing her hold on his hand getting tightened Arnav said "Sh... everything will be fine"

Their silence again got disturbed by the phone ring. When Khushi is about to answer, Arnav stopped her and answered the call




"Namaste sir, My name is Akshaya Singh Raizada, can I talk with my son at least for once?" she mocked


"Mom... how are you?" he smiled heartily after listening her after almost 4 days


"Arey wah... you remember me? recognized my voice? that's great... what a luck? I thought you forgot about us, being with your fiance..."


"Mom...!!!" Arnav is surprised and understood her mocking "Oh... come on Mom... I'm busy"


"Yeah... I know... how busy you are in what"


"Mom..." he sounded irritated and warning


"Okay... okay... I called you to ask about panditji's another numbers. I hope you have them"


"Why Mom?"


"He isn't lifting the call. We want to remind him about engagement. We are arranging the havan on that day"


"Oh let me call him and inform him, you guys relax. By the way, why didn't you call me on my mobile?"


"Go, search your mobile, see the number of missed calls then talk" she is serious now.


"Um... sorry Mom"


"Fine... how is Khushi and all? Give the phone to them, I will talk"


"Sure Mom..." saying this he gave phone to Khushi and went to call Pandit


Khushi along with Buaji and Garima talked with Akshaya for long time. Arnav talked with Pandit and came back. He took the phone from Garima when he saw her bidding bye to his mother


"Mom... I called Panditji's family. They said, there is a bad news in their family, so they can't attend any rituals of the marriage. I asked them, if they can suggest any other Pandit, they told about their family friend who came here for his substitution in temple. I asked them to send his details. I will send the details to you once I receive. Don't worry Mom, everything will be fine" he said


"Okay Chote... I'm just worried. We need to arrange things for the havan, there is so less time. And what about the things there? Is everything okay there?" asked Akshaya hinting about Pankaj


"Of course, everything is fine, don't worry" They talked few more minutes and dropped the call. When he turned back, he saw Khushi sitting on the sofa alone and Garima and Buaji went to sleep. He can clearly see the worry lines on Khushi's forehead and he knew the reason. He cursed the person under his breath.


"Khushi" he slowly touched her shoulder.


"Can I spend some time with you, before sleeping?" she pleaded


"Of course Khushi" he said sitting beside her


"Not here, can we go to terrace? I need some... I mean..."


"Shh... it's okay... I can understand... let's go" he thanked God for this chance for letting him here with her when she needed him. They went to terrace and sat on the bench.


Khushi held Arnav's upper arm tightly and kept her head on his shoulder.


"I don't want him to come" she said after a long silence


"But we can't stop"


"Why can't I? It's my marriage?" she said in a high voice, moving from her comfortable place; feeling helpless


"Sh... come..." he hugged her sideways


"I don't want to take any risk. I'm worried about your and your family's respect. I don't know what he will do. I don't want him to show is extra talent. I don't want any of you to get upset"


Arnav got surprised hearing her. Here, he is thinking that she is worried about herself, but she is thinking about him and his respect. He felt warm. He hugged her more tight and whispered


"Khushi... I'm ASR, I know how to deal with  people. Trust me dear, I will take care of everything"






"Hmm..." Khushi gave her acceptance


"What's wrong with this Gupta-s? Why should I plead and beg for their trust? These people are really tough nuts to crack..." Arnav muttered making sure, Khushi will hear him, pretending he is thinking


"What did you say?" Khushi broke the hug and looked at him Khushi said in harsh tone


Seeing the desired reaction in Khushi, Arnav said "Nothing... I didn't say anything"


"I heard you Arnav ji... you said me and my family are tough nuts to crack. How dare you say that?" Khushi asked pointing him with her index finger, pouncing on him. She is almost lying on him making him lean on the hand rest of the bench.


Seeing his eyes twinkling more than necessary and a smile crept on his lips, Khushi understood what he did. She looked at their position and turned into pink in color. Feeling sudden aware of their posture, she is about to move from him. But Arnav held her waist and hugged her, still staying in that lying position making her gasp.


"No need to feel embarrassed. You have every right to be here. And moreover, Buaji said, she don't have any objection if we stay/share in same room. I think, this is allowed" he showed her hugging lying position


Khushi turned deep red listening his words


"I Love you..." he whispered and kissed her forehead. He removed his hands from her waist, to let her go. But  Khushi didn't move an inch and for his surprise, she leaned on him and kept her cheek on his chest holding his shirt tightly. Understanding her unsaid feelings, he held her tightly by waist with one hand and by back with one hand. He closed his eyes feeling content, with her in his arms.


"I'm waiting for this moment from the time I came here" he blurted out before he stop himself.


Both stayed silent in their places.


"Um... Khushi I didn't mean to..."


"I know..." she whispered pushing her head in his chest.


Arnav gulped hard feeling her warm breath on his chest and closed his eyes to control his raising feelings. He hoped that she won't notice the change in his body, which her closeness is creating


Khushi is feeling really different with their closeness. She is feeling overwhelmed with his smell. She is feeling dizzy, smelling him. She wants to feel more, but not sure what is that more'. She is feeling lightness in her heart, feeling his touch on her waist and back. She hoped that he won't notice the change in her heartbeat, his closeness is creating. She felt safe and secure in his arms. She never felt these feelings before. She just want to be with him always. She is feeling like, if she loosens her hold on him, he will slip. So, she held him tightly by his neck. In this process she kept her face in the crook of his neck, making him groan. She looked at him to see the same desire in his eyes.


Arnav slowly turned his side, making her lie on her back comfortably, not breaking the eye lock they are sharing. He slowly moved his hand from her back and held back side of her head. He remained his other hand on her waist.


"Khushi..." he whispered. She is not sure, whether he said or not. She thought she imagined him calling her. They stayed looked at each other.


Arnav slowly leaned on her and kissed her forehead, then each eye. He lingered on each eye, more than necessary. Then he kissed to her temples, cheeks, nose and chin. He slowly moved to her neck and sniffed her filling his senses with her smell. Khushi unknowingly turned her face to other side giving him full access to her neck.


"You smell like Jilebi" he joked in low voice, making her smile little. He came to her face and looked intently in her eyes. Then his eyes moved to her lips, which are trembling with the happenings. He slowly leaned on her giving her chance to push him or stop him. When nothing that sort happened, he leaned more on her. Their faces are centimeters away. Their breaths are uneven, their hearts are beating in full jet speed. Then can feel eachother's heartbeat. They feel like lightheaded with their closeness. They both closed their eyes, as Arnav leaned more. Both of them felt like they are flying in air feeling each others lips on them. They felt heaven with the feeling their partner's lips creating on their own. They felt needed, they felt loved, they felt content, they felt connected and finally they felt living. Before they deepened the kiss, Arnav mobile started to ring, bringing them back to the earth.


Coming to the reality and recognizing what she did, Khushi panicked. But Arnav held her tight and whispered "Sh... it's not wrong. It's completely normal to be in this situations with our spouse. Relax... Sh... it's normal to get close with your husband. Don't worry... we didn't do anything wrong" he tried to assure her.


After hearing his words, Khushi felt somewhat relaxed. She looked at his eyes to see love towards her. She hugged him tightly plastering herself to him. Arnav too held her tightly, feeling her completely. He can feel the changes in her body, the kiss brought. He can feel her relaxed in his arms. He felt satisfied with the way things going between them. He can't wait long to show her what is pure love, what is true love. He closed his eyes and lied on his back pulling her on him. The ringing of his mobile forgotten long back. Their close moment got disturbed again by the mobile.


"I really need to thank the fellow who is calling me at this time. Otherwise Buaji will throw me out of this house but not before beating me with broom" Arnav said making them sit. Khushi blushed hard hearing his words. She couldn't look at him after what happened few minutes before. Arnav felt so happy seeing her blushing face. He hugged her sideways tightly making her gasp and kissed her temple.


"Don't worry... we will continue this later. We have our lifetime to continue this" he whispered and winked at her. She hid her face in his chest not able to take his tease.


Arnav's mobile started to ring for the third time.


"I think it's important" Khushi said in low voice, coming out from the hug


"Hmm... indeed" said Arnav looking at the screen seeing Aman's name


"Yes, Aman"


"Sir... he is in Delhi now. Our men found him near Panditji's house two days back. After that, Panditji met with a severe accident" Aman said in hurried tone


"What?!!!" Arnav became alert with the news


"Yes sir, He is serious about stopping this marriage. And he didn't know that you are in Lucknow. I'm leaving to Delhi now and I will inform you if you needed there"


"Don't worry Aman, I will be there by tomorrow evening. Just make sure, Di and others are safe and he won't get chance to meet them" Arnav said


"Sure sir. I will drop the call now" with that they hang the phone.


Arnav looked at worried Khushi and told her about the call.


"Devi Mayya... Please save Anjali ji... Arnav ji... I think you should go there. Anjlai ji needs you now"


Arnav looked at Khushi and locked her hair behind her ears.


"I will. But with you... I can't leave you alone here, that too when that man is coming. Don't worry about Di, I trust Aman. He is best in his work"

Khushi nodded her head, thinking about Anjali


Sensing her worried state, he said to make her to enjoy the moment "Do you know, how difficult it is to stay away from you? Almost every night, you are testing my patience Khushi. You are torturing me in my sleep." he whispered in Khushi's ear kissing her ear lightly. Her breathing became fast as well her heart beat. She closed her eyes feeling his lips on her ear. Seeing her like that and unable to control himself, he turned her face towards him and kissed her again on her lips. He wanted to deepen the kiss, but Buaji's trust on him keep coming to his mind. He break the kiss, kept his forehead on her and said "Let's go down Khushi. Or else, it will be difficult for me to control myself. I don't want to break the trust Buaji has on me and I don't want to force you for anything. Let's go down..." with that he stood and led her towards the downstairs.


That's all for now...

 Hope you guys enjoyed the update... Let me know, if you have any doubts... I will try to clear them...

Thanks for your response... Hug




Requirements for next update More than 100 likes and more than 8 pages ( at least 70 comments) of comments. 


Next : Chapter 26


For PMs, see next post

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nice that garima  accepted him... of course she has to

lets see what will happen next'

thanks for pm

nice update

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loved the updateClap
thank you for the pmHug
hope nothing goes wrong before the wedding

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Amazing update 

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wah kya update tha...i love u di for these awesome stories of urs!

but seriously...pandit ko kuch karna is something damn physco!

the way arnav handled garimaClap...and khushi.Embarrassed...with his desires in control!Wink

hayyeee...the method of handlling latha...agar samne agai toh uski toh watt lagegi!!LOL

mujhe aur update chahiye!

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