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Loved part 23 Clap
Eager for the next chapter Big smile

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i love khushi's frankness and her reaction on finding arnav in her house

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Banner credit - Myself Tongue Wink


Previous : Chapter 23


Part 24:


Both Garima and Bua ji stood in their places with shock clearly visible on their faces.  Arnav's state is not different though. He looked at both Garima and Buaji with question in his eyes. But getting NO in the form of head shake, he called Khushi in a whisper.




But Khushi sat hugging him tightly. Whenever Arnav tried to break the hug, Khushi tightened her hold around his neck. Understanding her need of support, Arnav sat silently holding her in his embrace and rubbing her back in soothing way.


"He called me again" Khushi whispered making sure it's only audible to Arnav.


Arnav hold tightened on Khushi


"Shh... I came to see that matter only. Relax... You will be safe and I will make sure, he can't reach you. Trust me... please relax" Arnav whispered back.


Khushi looked at him helplessly with hopeful eyes. Arnav nodded his head in assurance. Their little personal conversation got disturbed by Bua Ji's voice.


"I think Arnav babua is tasting his sweet fruit" said Buaji making Garima giggle and making both Arnav and Khushi looked at her with confused expression.


Knowing their unasked question,  Buaji showed their position, moving her hands up and down. Noticing their pose, both Arnav and Khushi broke their hug and moved apart embarrassed.


Both Garima and Bua ji laughed, seeing their kids shying.


"Garima, go and prepare dinner. I will send Titaliya in a bit" she turned to Arnav and said "No need to be embarrassed babua. It's your right to stay close to your to be wife. But please make sure, you both won't cross the limit before marriage. If you both remember your limits, I won't have any problem if you both stay in a room"


Arnav looked at Bua ji surprised and then looked at Khushi, who is smiling.


"Why are you looking so surprised? Don't be, I'm like this, because, for me, my Titaliya's happiness is important. I will do anything for her. I hope you won't disappoint me" said Bua ji


"Never Bua ji. I promise, I will take care of Khushi as I take care of my own life, in fact more than that. She is my priority Bua ji. I don't love her to hurt or harm, I Love her to adore, I love her to cherish, I Love her to live my life. I need her in my life Bua ji. I can't hurt myself, can I?" Arnav asked with a smile


"Live long babua. I thought you are lucky to get my Titaliya, but now, I think both of you are lucky to have each other in your lives.  God Bless You. Titaliya, go and change, and help your mother in preparing. Grab the situation, no girl can get this chance of cooking for her future husband." Bua ji winked at Khushi, making her shy away and run inside her room.


Bua ji turned to Arnav and asked "Is everything really okay babua? I never saw Titaliya in this vulnerable state. She can never lose her control as she did few minutes back. Why am I feeling that something is bothering you both?"


Looking keenly at Bua ji, Arnav understood her observation power. And he also know that he can't skip this or step further without Bua ji's help. Sighing  deeply, Arnav said


"Yes, Bua ji, something is there. I will tell you all the details. But before that, I want you to trust me with Khushi. She will be fine and safe with me. I will give my life for her. Before any harm can touch her, it should cross me. Please trust me." Arnav almost pleaded


"I do trust you. Otherwise, you wouldn't have sat here. And I will wait for you to tell me the whole thing."


"Ji Bua ji"


They sat for few more minutes talking about random things. After an hour,  Khushi came and informed them about dinner being served. Dinner went well with Bua Ji teasings Arnav most than Khushi and enjoying along with Garima.


"You should tease Titaliya too Bua ji. You are concentrating completely on me, is really not fair." said Arnav making Khushi smile.


"Everything is fair in love and tease babua" said Bua ji with a dramatic expression.


After the event full dinner, they all sat in the living room. When Khushi is about to sit beside Bua Ji, Arnav said showing his hand to Khushi


"Bua ji and aunty, if you don't mind, I want Khushi beside me in all the situations"


Seeing his serious expression, Buaji nodded her head. But Garima looked at others with confused expression. Khushi, slowly kept her hand in Arnav for the first time. She looked at Arnav, who nodded his head and blinked his eyes in assurance.


Taking Khushi's hand in his and making her sit beside him, Arnav looked at Buaji and said "Before I start saying anything, I want you to trust me with Khushi and I want you to believe me that I love Khushi from the bottom of my heart. I always need Khushi beside me rest of my life. Please, after listening me and before saying anything, think once, please" with that Arnav told them about Anjali's broken marriage and her ex husband's behavior and intentions. He also said about the phone calls Khushi is getting. He expressed his and his family's doubts about the caller being his ex BIL - Pankaj


"Hai re Nandkisore, how dare he did that to Anjali bitiya. She is such a nice girl. How can he do that?" Bua ji is angry on Pankaj for hurting Anjali and trying to separate Arnav and Khushi.


"We can understand Anjali's pain. After all we too saw one betrayal in our home" said Garima looking at Khushi.


Khushi sat silently trying to guess and understand Anjali's pain after the betrayal. For me everything happened before marriage and I got a chance to live my life again in the form of Arnav ji. But what about Anjali ji? She was betrayed by her own husband. How did she come out the pain?' thought Khushi.


Arnav, who is observing Khushi, held her hand and squeezed little. Khushi looked at him and nodded her head in assurance.


"But what if he gets successful in creating MU between you two? Or what if he hurts Khushi?" asked Garima


"That it will never happen. I trust Khushi completely" said Arnav. Seeing the disturbed expression in Garima and Bua ji's faces, Arnav sighed deeply


"How can I make you understand how important Khushi is to me? My Love is true towards her. I didn't love her to hurt her or let others to hurt her. I will safeguard her, I will protect her as much as I can. I will stand before her not to let any harm come towards her. I love her Bua ji. I can't live without her. Please try to understand my love. I'm not like Pankaj. Khushi is important to me, she is my priority. I'm not interested in any other girls. Please... believe me, I can never hurt Khushi" Arnav said tightening his hold on Khushi's hand. He is tensed about Garima and Bua ji's decision after hearing this

Garima still looked not convinced with Arnav's confession.


"I'm not ready lose Khushi at any cost. But still we need your permission and blessings in our marriage. Khushi needs you in her life, I need her. Please trust me with your daughter, aunty. She will be fine"


Garima looked at everyone with expressionless face.


Buaji looked convinced.


Khushi sat there not looking at any one, with thudding heart. She is praying to God to let her mother get convinced with Arnav's words


Arnav's state is not different, he is getting worried seeing Garima's expressionless face. He looked at Buaji, who nodded her head in assurance.


"Whatever you say, I can't convince myself, babua" said Garima "I'm worried about my daughter"


"Please trust me aunty, I will protect Khushi with all my life, throughout my life. Please trust me" Arnav said in low voice controlling his raising irritation. "In fact I'm already protecting her from that man. I have appointed my men to guard Khushi throughout the day. As they can't guard Khushi at night times, I took that responsibility. That is the reason for me to come here and stay with you all" he blurted out the reason of his sudden visit.


Hearing the reason for his visit, Garima looked at him horrified.


"That means, my daughter's life is in danger!!! Oh God... how can I let it happen? No I can't take risk in my Khushi's life. No... I can't" said Garima make the trio shocked


Arnav felt Khushi's hold on his getting loose. He looked at her to see tears forming in her eyes and face became expressionless. He felt he is losing his life. He held Khushi's hand tightly not letting her go.


"What are you saying Garima? Are you out of your mind?" Buaji asked controlling her anger.


"Yes, I'm saying what I have to say. I can't risk my daughter's life, can I? I'm sorry babua... I can't help or I can't accept this marriage" Garima said making Khushi gasp. Before anyone can react, Khushi freed her hands from arnav, rushed to her room and closed the doors.


"Khushiii" Arnav called and followed


"Hai re Nandkisore!!! Garima, have you lost your mind? Why can't you understand or believe Arnav? I'm sure, he will take care of our Titaliya very well. Don't say that you can't accept this marriage, because no one will and can stop this marriage. As my Titaliya wants this marriage I will make sure it will happen. You better accept this." Buaji said with determination and went to Khushi's room, where Arnav trying to talk with Khushi from outside


"Khushi open the door damn it. Whatever you are thinking is not true. I'm not going to leave you or stop this marriage. You know that I need you in my life. Then, how can I leave you? Please Khushi, trust me. This marriage will happen. Please open the door at once and talk to me. Please"


Arnav is desperate to talk with her. After yesterday's phone conversation and hearing Khushi's request, he can well understand her condition. He can well guess how her thoughts are running and how her mind thinking. He can't let her suffer alone. He will assure her about their marriage, he need to do that


"Khushi, if you don't open the door now, then I will break this damn door. You know very well that I can do that. I will wait for one more minute or else think that this damn door doesn't exist" he shouted in anger


"Hai re Nandkisore, Titaliya open the door betiya. Look at Arnav, he is so worried about you. You shouldn't do this to him. Open the door Khushi" said Buaji "I think, she is feeling rejected again" murmured Buaji and left from there hoping Arnav will take care of the situation. After all she needs to talk with Garima


"I didn't reject her damn it" saying this Arnav started to hit the door with his shoulder. He groaned with pain in his shoulder. Suddenly the door got open and Khushi stood before him. In a fraction of second Arnav hugged Khushi tightly making her wince. Arnav broke the hug, cupped her face and pressed his lips on her. That is not normal kiss of passion, this is the kiss of frustration, fear of losing her, helplessness, his need of her, his love for her, his way of assuring her. He broke the kiss and said still cupping her face


"YOU. ARE. MINE. No one - listen carefully - absolutely  NO ONE can separate you from me. You are born for me. I'm not going to leave you or not going to let you leave. YOU ARE MINE. Don't dare to think like that. I will make sure this marriage will happen. If you don't want also, this marriage will happen. I will never ever leave my things. I can never give my things to others. I can never share my things with others, let alone leaving you for some other stupid random guy. You are mine and I LOVE YOU, NO ONE can separate you from me. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" He shouted on her face. His breathing is uneven. His eyes and face is red with anger, but that anger didn't scare Khushi. She smiled looking at his face with tearful eyes. Seeing her smile and moistened eyes, he softened little bit


"Don't do this to me never ever. I Love You Khushi. I can't lose you, please trust me. I'm not like others..." he pleaded


For the first time, Khushi cried her heart out before Arnav. She hugged him and vent out all her pain. Arnav stood hugging Khushi, letting her free from her pain. He want Khushi to be strong, happy going girl. He wants to see her original self. He wants her to trust him completely. He is determined to make her happy, safe and fine. After all she is his life. If she is happy he will be happy. Her happiness is most important for him now.


Arnav sooth her rubbing her back. He hugged her closely and kissed her on hair. After letting her cry for sometime, he said


"Sh... relax..., I'm here now. Nothing will happen as others saying. I won't let that happen" He broke the hug, looked at her and said wiping tears "You trust me right?" Khushi nodded her head "Then listen to me carefully. I will be always with you. We are made of each other Khushi, it is difficult for others to separate us. We may get differences, we may fight like other couples and we may get angry at times on each other, but that doesn't mean we aren't meant for each other. Small fights will increase the love between the hearts, isn't it?" he asked looking at Khushi with so much love. Smiling little Khushi nodded her head. "So, you accept, there is love between us, don't you?" asked Arnav making Khushi surprised. Arnav winked at her "Come on tell me, you love me, right?" Arnav tried to tease her


Khushi looked at Arnav for few seconds and said "I want to say that. But I want to be sure about my feelings. I don't want to give any false hopes to the person, who is the reason for my happiness and life. But I'm sure, I definitely will fall for you. After all, you are MY Arnav ji. I can't resist you." there is a blush on her face.


Arnav felt his heart beat gaining rocket speed. He looked at with mixed emotions. he held her hand and kept on his heart. Khushi looked at him surprised


"This is the effect you has on me"


Khushi looked at her hand, again at him then again her hand. She slowly bent forward, removed her hand and kept her head on his chest. For Arnav's surprise, she left featherlite Kiss on his heart.


"Khushi!!!!" Arnav whispered


"I want to live my life with you, happily. I want to live every moment with you. Please take me away from this people, from this surroundings. I tried to escape but I failed, I'm tired. Please help me"


"I will... please wait for few days. Then I will show you, how it will be to be the great ASR's wife" said Arnav with much pride

Khushi giggled seeing his pride.


"Stop your giggles, now come on... I need to talk with Aunty and make her agree for this marriage. I need you beside me for this"

Khushi's face turned into worry "What if Amma won't agree?"


"Then she will meet ASR. No one can face him, you  know that well, don't you?"


Khushi nodded her head in understanding. Then both went to hall, where Garima and Buaji sat. Arnav made Khushi sat on sofa and he went to Garima and knelt before her. Holding her hands he said "I know, you have fears about your daughter. But Aunty, I promise you, she will be safe and happy only with me. I can understand your fears, after all we too have faced that with my sister. Let me tell you one thing, Khushi already faced a lot, I don't want her to face any other problem or pain in her life. Please, don't push Khushi to do that. If she wants this marriage, then let it be. I will do anything for her happiness and safety. And please don't bring ASR in me, out. I never wanted to behave like ASR with my family. I want to be Arnav with my dear once. I'm not threatening aunty. I am just telling the consequences. I never lost anything which I wanted. I will get my things or  people I want and I love. KHushi is the first person I loved most after my family and she will be the last person. I will never think about any other girl. You better accept that Khushi will be safe ONLY with me. Or if you want any assurance, let me know, I'm ready to do anything for Khushi. But don't say that you can't accept this relations, because it's not going to happen" Arnav said with determination. Even though he used Please' so many times, Garima understood the unsaid warning in his voice. She can see the Love and determination in Arnav's eyes. She felt scared and calm at the same time looking at Arnav.





That's all for now...

 Hope you guys enjoyed the update... Let me know, if you have any doubts... I will try to clear them...

Thanks for your response... Hug




Tell me guys, what I have to do? I got only 36 comments and 90 Likes. Should I continue?

After this update, I'm going to filter my PM list. Whoever likes and comments this update ( I also will consider my 5S readers) will remain in my PM list. Others... sorry, I can't help.


Next : Chapter 25


About PMs, after filtering the PM list, I will decide Wink LOL

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Loved the update... Arshi are so much in pain . I loved Arnav s assurance .. Khushi is so much broken. Surely she will rise up 

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Nice update... Continue soon...

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Awesome updt
Loved it
Thy r so much in pain..

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Love the update yar...
They in so pain...

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