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khushiarsha Goldie

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Posted: 08 July 2015 at 8:04pm | IP Logged
Its beautiful
amazing update
loved arnav and khushi talk
bt now this new man?

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SViji_2706 Goldie

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Posted: 09 July 2015 at 4:58am | IP Logged

From Part 19

Liked the way Buaji and Garima understanding the couple. Arnav is so cute lover. I like him here lot.

Who is that evil man? Definitely someone from Arnav's past, isn't it?

Aww a kiss...It was sweet. Loved it...really did. Their relationship is going slowly and smoothly.

Confused with Arnav...he took shopping for their engagement dress na...then here he is asking to design the dresses for them to his designer. For other wedding rituals it is okay but then for engagement too after buying the dress...why so hurry when he has a month time...Confused...hmmm maybe bitwa did the shopping only as excuse to take Khushi out...maybe it is a surprise from his side to Khushi.

Liked the transparency Khushi wanted to have in their life. He is such an understanding partner. Not many would have taken it lightly. Loved how he consoled her...stimulated her mind towards the right path not letting any hurdle to block in their progress.

Chalo my confusion cleared he just simply took her for shopping.

Lo hogayi another devil's birth...I knew came out as thought, the person is someone from Arnav's past...thinking it must be Anjali's ex-husband but who is the another person with the devil.

I loved the conversation between Daadi to Arnav, Buaji to Khushi, and Arnav to Khushi.

Is it Pankaj who called Khushi? or is he Abhinav trying to make Khushi back off from the marriage...anything can be possible na.

Liked Akashaya's solution.

So Arnav will soon go to Lucknow...haye I'll be waiting for his stay with Gupta's.

Thank you for the pmSmile

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Pdrover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 July 2015 at 6:33am | IP Logged
Great update
Would like to know Anjali's past

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..Sri.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 July 2015 at 4:35am | IP Logged
Spare me with typos...

Thank you... all... whoever responded... Hug

Love you... Day Dreaming  Heart


Previous :  Chapter 22


 Part 23:

Next morning both Arnav and Khushi woke up with a smile on their faces. When they both opened their eyes, they remembered their previous night's conversation, which brought a beautiful smile in their lips. Both their thoughts got disturbed by their families outside their rooms.



Khushi got ready for her day work. When she went to living room, Bua Ji is waiting for her


"Good Morning Bua Ji"


"Good Morning Titaliya... You are looking fresh; did you talk with Arnav babua?" Bua Ji teased


"Buaji..." Khushi faked anger. But her cheeks gave away


"Hayee... Ooo Garima... come here and see your daughter is blushing" Bua Ji shouted


"Enough Buaji..." Khushi said controlling her shy smile


"I'm glad that you are moving on Khushi... Arnav beta is really a good boy. He will keep you happy" said Garima giving both Khushi and Bua Ji their cups of coffee


Khushi nodded her head little smiling at her mother


"Keep smiling always like this Titaliya. Arey ha, I forgot to tell you. Today, we are going for shopping. We have to purchase cloths. And, at night, you have to call caterers and decorators" said Bua Ji.


"Again shopping? Why Bua Ji, yesterday we shopped, right? Then again what's the need to purchase cloths?"


"Oho... sankadevi... we have to give cloths for relatives, right?"


"NO need... no need to give any cloths to anyone" Khushi's face became serious


"Don't say like that Khushi. This is last function we are doing in this house, and they are our relatives. We have..." Garima tried to convince her daughter


"Relatives? Where were these so called relatives when Bau Ji gone Amma? Where were these relatives, when we needed someone to stand beside us? When they can't think about us in our hard times, then what's the need to think about them when we are happy?" Khushi's pain is clear in her voice. She can never forget their relatives behaviour at that time.


"Sh... Titaliya... you shouldn't say like that. Remember one thing; we shouldn't expect anything from anyone at any time. If giving them something makes you happy then, do it. Don't think about what they feel, what they think and what they say. Your Amma want to give them clothes, because she feels happy with that. Let her do, we shouldn't stop anyone from feeling happy Titliya. It's just cloths. Okay?" Buaji tried one more time


"Fine... do whatever you want. But don't make me give to them. I don't want that" said Khushi in irritation


"Okay... now get ready; we have to go to the market" Buaji pushed khushi towards her room to get ready. Khushi went inside and got ready and came back. When she came to living room, she saw some of their relatives in the hall. Irritated with their presence, khushi silently left to kitchen to escape herself from the unwanted guests. She knows, what will be their next question if they see her. But how much she tried to escape, she heard them asking to her mother


"We must say Garima... Khushi betiya is so lucky. Otherwise, who will get that much big match? Who will get chance to enter into a rich family? Our Khushi betiya is so lucky... What do you say Prabha?" asked Khushi's relative Deepa


"What will I say? Of course Khushi is lucky. By the way..., Madhumati, is this arranged marriage or Love marriage? I'm just asking because, my neighbors are talking about this marriage only. If they asks me, I have to answer them, right?" said Prabha


"What are you talking Prabha? It is definitely Love marriage. Otherwise, how can Madhumati and Garima can bring this big match for Khushi? Don't you know about their status? So, definitely it's Love marriage" said Deepa


"That means, KHushi is not that a calm girl..." mocked Prabha faking a smile with cunning expression on face




"No... it's not... Love marriage... it's arranged only... Actually..." Bua Ji's words were cut by Khushi



"Buaji... don't say anything. In fact, what's the need to say anything, when Deepa chachi and Prabha mausi guessed correct? They guessed what they want, and what they want to hear. So, don't say anything" Khushi's expression is normal, but her voice is straight, strong and no nonsense. She turned to Deepa and Prabha, said "If you got your desired and needed' answers, then... please..." she paused for few seconds and continued "Actually we have to go for shopping" khushi stood there folding her hands near her chest and looked at the door.


Understanding Khushi's indirect words, both Prabha and Deepa stood from their seats.


"You are getting married, it will be best if you learn how to talk with your guests. Otherwise, your Amma and Buaji only get insults" they both left cursing Khushi


Sighing deeply, Buaji sat on the couch muttering Hai re Nand Kisore'


All the three ladies of Guptas sat with disturbed minds. Their thoughts were disturbed by the land line phone ringing. Khushi went and answered the call






"Ji.. Ma ji... How are you Ma ji?" asked Khushi recognising Akshaya's voice


"I'm fine. How are you and your family?"


"We are fine Ma ji"


"Khushi is everything okay? Why are you sounding low?" asked Akshaya, sending warnings to Arnav, who sat beside her.


"I'm fine Ma ji... it's just yesterday's shopping" Khushi tried to sound normal.


"Okay, is your Buaji or Amma there? I want to talk with them" Akshaya diverted her question, seeing her son rushing towards his room taking out his mobile from the pocket. She knew, Khushi will get call in few seconds and no need for her to worry about anything.


"JI... Ma ji..." Khushi gave the phone Buaji and went to her room.


When khushi entered her room, she saw her mobile ringing. She looked at the Unknown' on her screen, she sighed remembering the phone call of so called well wisher'. She didn't answer the call. She just kept the phone aside and sat on the chair resting her head on her hands keeping them on the study table. after few seconds the ringing stopped, but started again. Getting irritated, she answered the call immediately and shouted on the caller


"Who the hell are you? Why are you wasting my time?"


"Khushi???" came Arnav's concerned voice


Hearing Arnav's voice Khushi immediately felt relaxed. She closed her eyes remembering his concerned filled eyes




"I'm fine Arnav ji... it's just the people around me. I can't take these taunts anymore. I'm sorry for shouting at you" Khushi said a low voice. She felt weak to talk. She desperately in need of some strength, some support and some assurance. Not able to control her feelings, she asked "Instead of getting engaged, can't we get married on this Sunday, Arnav ji? I need you beside me. I can't face this world alone anymore" she paused a little and whispered "Please"


Arnav closed his eyes, understanding how vulnerable she is now. Her question clearly says her need of support. She is becoming weak emotionally. The situations or people around her, is not letting her lead her life peacefully. He felt helpless seeing Khushi like this. He may not know Khushi completely, but he understand her enough to know that she never likes to open up about her sadness or helplessness before anyone. But hearing her question, Arnav completely understand how badly she wants a person to look after her, how badly she wants to be herself. He understood that she misses her father, very badly


"Shh... Khushi... it's just few days... trust me sweetheart, I will or I can never leave you alone. I will never allow anyone to disturb your life. Just few days..." Arnav said assuring himself more than assuring her


Khushi composed herself fast, and said "I'm sorry Arnav ji... I was just... it's..."


"Sh... It's okay... I can understand, relax... tell me what happened? Why are you so disturbed?"




Khushi told him everything happened in their house from the morning. Arnav made her relaxed and said few words consoling her tired heart. After that they both talked for few more minutes then bid bye, to get ready for their day. 

Meanwhile in the hall


"Madhumati Ji... I will come to the point straightly. Arnav has some work in Lucknow, So, I called you to ask, whether is it okay or not, if he stays in your home for a week" said Akshaya


"Hai re Nandkisore, why isn't okay? He is our family member now. It's his house, he can come at anytime and he can live how much long he wants."



"That's great. Chote will come there by night 8. And one more thing, don't tell Khushi about this. I want her to be surprised by seeing Chote there"


"That's nice, I won't tell anything to her. And you too don't worry about Arnav beta, we will take good care of him. He may not get good facilities as in your house, but..."


Akshaya cut Buaji, saying "Please... don't say that. We know how good hearted you all, that's more important. I know, he will be fine there" Akshaya said genuinely. All her fears only about Khushi, not others.


"Yes, yes... he will be. I will make sure, that you won't recognise your son after a week. I will take that much care of him. I will feed him like he never ate before. I want him to be strong, after all he is getting married. He needs so much energy" Buaji ended with double meaning words, making Akshaya laugh out loud.


"That's great to hear Madhumati Ji... Now, I will drop the call"


"Ji... Namaste" said  Buaji and dropped the call. She turned to Garima and said everything. They sat on the sofa and saw khushi coming to the hall. She looked relaxed. thanking God, Buaji asked Khushi "Did you talk with Arnav babua?"


"Yes, Buaji. He is fine... by the way, why did Ma ji call?"


"Nothing, just about some rituals and all" Bua ji looked at the clock and said "Hai re NandKisore, it's already lunch time. This Prabha and Deepa disturbed our plan"


"Let's take rest for today, Buaji. We will go tomorrow for shopping. I'm not in a mood to shop now" Khushi said


Both Garima and Buaji looked at each other and nodded their heads. after that they had their lunch and went to their rooms to take rest. Once Khushi went to her room, both Garima and Buaji went to guest room and arranged it for Arnav's stay. By evening 4, they completed their work and sat with their tea on the sofas. Around 4.30 Khushi came out and stood beside Buaji and took the tea cup and started drinking it.


"Bua Ji... I'm thinking to go to temple now, can I? I will be back in half an hour."


"Sure betiya, go and come fast"


Khushi moved to her room and after freshening up, she left to temple, bidding bye to Buaji and Amma.




Khushi is sitting in the temple from long time looking at  the Devi Mayya Idol. She couldn't gather her thoughts at one point. For some unknown reason, she is feeling restless. She just wanted to run to another world where no one exists. She hugged her legs and kept her head on her knees. She couldn't even process her thought in right way, she couldn't even understand what to do or what to think. Whatever feeling she has now, she couldn't even understand that. Not able to think or decide anything, she sat there closing her eyes trying to concentrate on the goddess.


Her concentration got disturbed by her phone ringing. sighing deeply, she took the mobile in her hands and answered without seeing the name




"Hello Mrs. ASR... How are you? I think, you started to taste whatever I said before. I mean, the harassment and insults from your in Laws" the man smiled mockingly


Khushi looked at the screen to see the Unknown'. rolling her eyes she thought Only he left'


"Whatever it is... why did you call me again? Didn't I say not to call me, Mr. Wellwisher?"


"That's so sweet of you Mrs. Raizada that you remembered me"


"Cut your crap... tell me why did you call me" Khushi is losing her patience


"Calm down... I just called you to remind my words and warn you again"


"Thank you so much for your warning. I definitely will keep your warning in my mind. One more thing, don't  bother me again and don't try to contact me" with that Khushi cut her call and switched off her phone and kept her head on the piller which she is leaning on.




"Oho... coming... wait..." Buaji shouted coming from the kitchen. She couldn't believe that the person on the door, whoever it is, is ringing the bell and banging the door every SECOND. She couldn't understand why this person is so impatient and what's the urgency


"Hai re NandKisore... Why are you..." she stopped saying after seeing the person at the door. "Hai re NandKisore... Arnav Babua... you came!!! come inside... Hey Garima... Arnav babua came..." Buaji took Arnav inside and asked him to sit


"You came early? Akshaya ji said you will reach by 8, and you are here, by 5.30? Is everything okay babua?" asked Garima, giving water to Arnav


"Yes, everything is okay aunty. it's just I completed my today's work in office and got ticket for early flight. So, I came. Sorry if I troubled you" Arnav said


"No... not at all... you are always welcome babua. This is your home too... don't forget that" Buaji said patting his shoulder



NOdding his head, Arnav looked around the hall to get the glimpse of his love. seeing his expressions, Buaji said


"Titaliya went to temple, she will come back by 6. Don't worry... the longer u wait sweeter the fruit  ( intezaar ka phal meetha hota hai )"


Arnav nodded his head with a very slight pink adorning his cheeks. Both Garima and Buaji laughed out loud seeing his shying face. After talking with each other, Buaji showed Arnav his room and asked him to freshen up and come to have his tea


Arnav came to hall after freshening up, took his seat on sofa, waiting for his Khushi. Garima and Buaji brought the snacks and tea for him. He thanked them for the snacks and started chatting with them. Suddenly the door was opened and Khushi barged inside the house and stood rooted in her place seeing Arnav in her house. Khushi's eyes and mouth are wide open. She couldn't understand he is there in front of her.


Garima, who saw her daughter standing at the door like she saw a ghost, came towards her and shook her little to bring her back to reality


"Khushi... Look, Arnav babua came"


Khushi looked at her mother with disbelieving look. Understanding her confusion, Buaji came to her and pinched her hand, making her gasp. Khushi looked at Arnav, still not able to believe.


Seeing Khushi's vulnerable eyes and the restlessness in her eyes, Arnav called her in a whisper "Khushi..."  and nodded his head in assurance


That's all Khushi needed, an assurance. She looked at Arnav with tearful eyes and rushed towards him and hugged him tightly, making him stumble back. He sat on the sofa with a thud after the effect of her hug. He hugged her tightly, not wanting her to get hurt. He sat there with Khushi in his arms, till she comes out of her state. He just want her to believe that he is there and will be there, JUST FOR HER.


That's all for now...

 Hope you guys enjoyed the update... Let me know, if you have any doubts... I will try to clear them...

Thanks for your wonderful awesome response... Hug




I didn't get the enough requirements. Think about it...

You remember the  Requirements for next update, right???

Let me remind you one more time...

More than 100 likes and more than 8 pages ( at least 70 comments) of comments

I know I'm demanding... but it's my right... Approve Day Dreaming


Next : Chapter 24


NO PMs, absolutely NO PMs from now on.  I will only send PM for the FIRST update of my stories. IF you want to read the later parts, then follow the thread.

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raki IF-Rockerz

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Amazing update 

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madhu1210 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2015 at 5:53am | IP Logged
simply beautiful...
like the way Khushi told Garima Buaji about their so called relatives...
'liked her answer to those 2 annoyed ladies..

the way Akashya understood her son that he is calling khushi..

totally loved the way Arnav always become pilar of strength for khushi

wow!! khushi really meant when she asked to get marry instead of engagement

Khushi was so much distrub like her reaction when she saw Arnav at her home..

really eagerly looking forward...


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Happytwinkle IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2015 at 6:36am | IP Logged
Wonderful update
Loved it
Well written

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amus5 IF-Rockerz

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now I wonder who this unknown so-called well wisher is...

thanx for the update...pls continue soon Big smile

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