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Posted: 16 June 2015 at 7:10am | IP Logged
loved the updateClap
thank you for the pmHug
sorry for the late reply, have been out of town

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very nice one...the start at the start of this update ...that's it from abhinav or somebody e;se?

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wonder who that person is who wants to take revenge on the Raizadas...

thanx for the update...pls continue soon Big smile

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amus5 IF-Rockerz

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oh btw ... just noticed that 100 likes and 8 pages of comments are long when is the next update Day Dreaming eagerly awaiting Wink 

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beautiful  story waiting for the functions to start 

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Wow its really ANMOL story  pls update. 

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Spare me with typos...

Thank you... all... whoever responded... Hug

Love you... Day Dreaming  Heart


Previous : Chapter 21


 Part 22:

"Aw... I am just waiting for the day when you say I love you Arnav Ji. Love you sweetheart. Take care"


"Me too waiting for that day Arnav Ji' she thought and said "Take care you too, bye"


With the slight blush - Khushi; with the slight smile - Arnav; both ended the call.


Arnav's smile vanished when he looks at the ringing mobile. He immediately answered the call


"Yes, Aman... what's the matter?"


"ASR, he is in Lucknow..."




"Yes, sir, I saw him yesterday while getting down the train with us"


"It can't be. Make sure, Khushi and her family is safe and out of his reach"


"Yes, sir, they are fine. From yesterday after you left the train, I'm following ma'am and her family with our men. They are safe, sir. Don't worry, I'm having my eyes on them and we are alert" assured Aman, Arnav's trusted employee


"Oh thanks Aman, if you need, tell me, I will be there with next flight"


"I will book the ticket and let you know, if you needed here sir"


That's the quality Arnav liked about Aman. Giving some more instructions to Aman, Arnav ended the call. He got ready for his office and came down to breakfast. He wished his family, and sat on the chair


"Chote... did Khushi betiya called you?"


"Yes, Dadi, she called just now"


"Woohhhooo... she called just NOW...  ahhaaa..." teased Anjali


"Di... Come on..." Arnav said smiling, but he didn't stop his sister. He kind of liked that teasing. For few minutes he enjoyed the teasing. Thinking about Khushi, he got remembered Aman's call an hour back. He looked at his family thinking whether to inform them about this call or not. Before he decides anything his mobile rang again. Seeing the number he immediately answered the call


"Tell me Aman, is everything okay? Is Khushi okay?" worry is clear in his voice. Everyone looked at him in confusion


"Yes, ASR, ma'am is fine. She is still in the house. But I have news for you"


"Shoot Aman"


"When we are talking about something, we saw him' roaming here"


"Where are you now, exactly?"


"We are in front of madam's house."


"So, is that mean he' is roaming near Khushi's house?"


"Yes, and we heard some people saying, they also noticed him yesterday night. When they asked, he said, he is searching for some address. When they asked the address he left from there skipping their question"


"I'm sure; he is trying to talk with her. Make our men alert and ask them to stay with her full day. I don't want anything to happen her. I want her safe and sound, do you got that Aman?"


"Yes, sir" with that they dropped the call


"What's the matter, Arnav? About whom you are talking about? Is that Aman in phone? What is he doing near Khushi's house? Did you send him to Lucknow?" asked Aran with surprised and worried expression


"Um... actually... I..." he takes deep breath and continued "I sent Aman and some men to keep Khushi and her family safe. What if she needs someone in these preparations? That's why I sent him"


Controlling her teasing smile, Anjali said "That's great to hear Chote... I'm really happy seeing you like love sick puppy"


Smacking on Anjali's hand, Akshaya said "it's okay, but what are you talking in phone with Aman? Is everything okay with Khushi?"


Arnav looked at everyone and settled his eyes on his sister and said "They found Pankaj near Khushi's house"


Everyone froze in their places hearing this news.




"Yes, Di. He was out on bail. I'm keeping an eye on him not wanting him to hurt you or other family members. But I didn't expect him to Lucknow. As

per Aman, he gone to Lucknow in the same train, in which Khushi went. And some people saw him yesterday night roaming near Khushi's house. When they asked him, he skipped the questions and left from that place"


"Oh god..., please make Khushi safe"


"I'm worried for Khushi now, what if he tries to hurt Khushi?" Akshaya is really worried


"Don't worry Mom, she will be fine. I trust Aman."


"Yes, Akshaya, don't worry, we can trust Aman in this. He will take care of Khushi betiya. She will be fine" Aran said, but still he too worried for Khushi.


All sat in dining room thinking about Pankaj and Khushi. Their thoughts got disturbed with the ring of landline phone. HP brought it and gave to Arnav. Before he answers he heard her voice


"Hello... I'm Khushi, can I talk with madam?"


"What? Madam? I can't believe this" muttered Arnav


"Oh... Arnav Ji... you answered the call? I thought some maid. Actually Bua Ji wants to talk with madam, so I called"


"What is this Khushi? Why are you calling Mom as madam?" Arnav didn't like it hearing Khushi mentioning his mother as madam


Akshaya took the cordless from Arnav and said "I already said don't call me that. Look at your Arnav Ji, how he is looking at me. He is looking at me as I asked you to call me Madam" complained Akshaya making Khushi giggle little


"Aw... you are giggling? That's wonderful..." she smiled and asked again "How are you Khushi? How are your Bua Ji and Amma?"


"Namaste Ma, they are fine. Actually Bua Ji wants to talk with you regarding some shopping"


"Oh give the phone then"


"Ji..." Khushi gave the phone to Bua Ji


Akshaya and Bua Ji talked for some time and they finalised about something like the colours of Khushi's dresses and jewels.


While Akshaya is engrossed in discussion, Aran said


"Chote... I think we should warn Khushi betiya about this matter. Then she will be alert" said Aran


"I think Papa is right Chote, I don't want that man to hurt Khushi in any way. Please take care of her" Anjali is worried


"Don't worry Di, I won't allow that man near Khushi"


"What will you do then?" asked Anjali


"Need to think" said Arnav thinking something.


Aran mobile beeped reminding about the meeting he has. I think we should leave for work now, we will discuss about this" Aran dispersed everyone. Bidding bye to family both Aran and Arnav left for their work.


After reaching office, Arnav got busy with work not before getting assurance from Aman about their men near Khushi. He also called Khushi to ask about their programme. Sighing deeply, he engrossed himself in work.




Here, in Lucknow, Aman and his men maintained their gap between them and Khushi, still following them very closely. Aman never let Khushi go out from his view. They always surrounded Khushi, without her notice.


When Khushi is about to enter into bridal shop, her mobile rang showing new number. Trying to remember whether she knows that number or not




"Hello, am I speaking to Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada?"


Khushi felt weird hearing Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada, as they are not marriage still. And no one knows about their relation as Akshaya mentioned that they are going to announce about Khushi to the world. But still she asked


"Who are you?"


"That's means I'm talking with Mrs. ASR" the man said with a smile



"I don't have all the time to talk with useless people" with that Khushi disconnected the call. But the mobile rang again with same number


"Why are wasting my time? Who are you?" Khushi is irritated by now. She never liked strangers calling her


"I want to talk with you about Arnav" the man said.


"I'm not interested" Khushi's answer is straight.


"Ohh... that's strange... You don't want to talk about your husband?"


Khushi didn't answer anything.


"Listen, if you marry him, you will never get happiness in your life. They won't give any damn to middle class people like us. They will insult you, they will use you as a maid, they will make you as crazy, they will accuse you and lastly they will throw you out. They are not good people. You will suffer in your life. You can never be happy. I think you are wise women and you will take a wise decision about ASR and your relationship with him. He has so many illegal relationships with other women he is cheating you"


"Who are you and why are you telling me all these?" Khushi said controlling her anger.


"You are sounding so innocent Mrs. Raizada. I'm your well wisher that's why I'm saying all these"


"Oh... unnamed well wisher, thank you so much for the information. I will think about this. Thank you..." with that Khushi cut the call and entered into

the shop


After finishing the shopping as fast as she can, Khushi ushered her family towards her family. She needed to talk with Arnav very urgently. She wanted to tell him about the so called well wisher's call. Nearly evening around 7 they reached the home. Immediately after reaching the home she went to her room and dialled Arnav's number




Arnav, after having a hectic day, he reached home. His father asked him to come home early, to talk about the problem they have in hands. Arnav entered the house and gave his laptop and coat to HP and sat on the couch asked him to send his coffee.


"Don't worry Chote, few days and then your Khushi will be here to do all the things to you" teased Dadi, making Aran and Akshaya smile


"Aw... I can't wait for that day Dadi. My Khushi in this house... oh what a bliss... I'm eager to live that moment" Arnav said with a dreamy look on his face


Akshaya felt happy seeing her son in love. She giggled along with Dadi. Aran smiled a little nodding his head.


"Indeed it's bliss" Aran confirmed with an affectionate look on his face


After having tea, Arnav went to his room and freshen up and came home. When he came back it's already 7 and saw his family members are waiting for him in the living room. Arnav settled in the couch and before he can say anything his mobile started to ring. Seeing the name, he immediately answered


"Khushi... are you okay? Why did you call me this time? You said you will call me at night? Is everything okay there?" tension is clear in his voice. He looked at his family to see their faces to looked tensed


"I'm fine Arnav Ji. What about you? How are you?" Khushi asked composing her erecting heart beat.


How much ever she composed herself, she couldn't able make Arnav fool. Arnav sensed something wrong hearing her voice. He immediately said


"Khushi what's wrong? Why are sounding tensed? Is everything okay? Tell me damn it"


"Actually..." she started and said everything with about the phone she received in the morning. While she is telling all these, Arnav kept the call in speaker mode, so his family too can hear. Khushi continued "It took a lot to me to control after hearing his words. He didn't talk good Arnav Ji. I don't know who he is, but he is not a good boy. He talked all the bad things about you. I felt very bad and sad Arnav Ji." Khushi's voice shivered in the last. Sensing her verge of crying situation, Arnav shushed her


"Sh... Khushi... relax... hey thanks for trusting me"


"If you can trust me, then how can I not trust you?" Khushi asked in return making everyone smile. She again said "Um... Arnav Ji... I... I mean..."


"What is it Khushi? You can tell me, you know that right?"


"Yes, but..."


"Come on tell me"


"About that caller..." suddenly HP came and asked something, Khushi heard his voice and understood that phone is on speaker mode. So she suddenly changed her doubt "About that caller... what I mean to say, that, what if again calls me? What should I answer him? I'm feeling tensed Arnav Ji"

Arnav can sense her change of question, but he let her "Don't worry Khushi, I will see to it. I will call you later, I need to do some work now. It's little important"


"Sure Arnav Ji, you carry on. I just wanted to inform this to you. we also just came home, I too need to drink water. I will talk to you at night, if I am awake"


"Okay Khushi, till then bye, take care" he dropped the call and turned to his family.


"What we going to do now dad?"


"Can that caller be him by any chance?" asked Anjali


"Don't Di, can be or can't be. We can't say anything. I think I should inform Aman"


Everyone nodded their heads


"But, Aman can't be with her throughout the day. Morning to evening he will be around Khushi, but what about at nights?" Dadi raised her doubt

Everyone became silent after this question


"Chote, do you have any important meetings or work in this week?" asked Akshaya


"No, Mom. Why?"


"Then, why can't you go to Lucknow and stay with Khushi's family? We can't trust anyone in this matter. After all it's our family issue. I can't let him to hurt or harm Khushi" Everyone looked at her surprised "Don't look at me, like that. I'm not that rude person to sit and see if anyone is trying to hurt my DIL. I am just worried about Anjali, but that doesn't mean, I won't think about Khushi"


"But Mom..."


"It's okay Chote, more than safety nothing matters. Rituals and all, we can cross them in emergencies. What do you say Ma Ji?"


"I'm proud of you Akshaya. I don't have any problem if Chote goes there. But, what about Madhumathi and Garima?"


"I will talk with them" said Akshaya.


"But please take care of yourself Chote. I don't want to lose you. I don't trust that person. This is all happening because of me" suddenly Anjali burst into cries making everyone startled.


Arnav sat beside her and hugged her sideways "Shh... Di... relax... it's nothing to do with you. You were not at fault or you are not at fault. It's him Di... moreover, we don't know, whether that caller is him or not. Let me go there and find. Please... relax..."


After that all of them talked about their past, Arnav's marriage, shopping and all. Arnav is successful in diverting their talks and minds mentioning about his and Khushi's honeymoon. They teased Arnav for some time. HP came and informed that the dinner is ready. Then they had their dinner and went to respective rooms.


After reaching the room, Arnav went to poolside and called Khushi.


Other side, Khushi, who is just finished her dinner, came to her room and took the mobile to call Arnav. She smiled seeing Arnav's name on the screen and answered the call for the first ring


"OH I think, someone is missing me badly. That's why they answered the call for the first ring" said Arnav, making Khushi's cheeks to turn into slight red


"Actually, I took the mobile to call you and before I dialled your number you called me. So, I answered for the first ring"


"Oh god, Khushi I missed you so much... in fact, I'm missing you a lot..."


"Hmm..." Khushi too wanted to say that she too missing him, but due to her shyness she couldn't utter


"What hmm... didn't you miss me?" Arnav asked fake hurt voice


"Arnav Ji..."


"Okay... okay... I won't tease you. Fine tell me, how are you? How was your day? And what did you want to tell me? What did you wanted to tell about the caller?" Arnav asked straight


"I... I think... please don't get angry, I think that caller is your jeeja Ji"


"What the, my jeejai?"


"I mean... I don't know that man's name, so, I mentioned him like that. Sorry, but I felt that he is your sister's ex-husband"


"What made you think like that?"


"Whatever he said or whatever he talked about your family or whatever he said about your behaviour, I think he is that person. He is trying to make me stop this marriage"


Arnav didn't say anything for few minutes


"Arnav Ji... Are you there?"


"Yes, Khushi. I'm just thinking about what you said. Dad knows some of police officials. I will ask him to talk to them. Don't worry; everything will be fine, okay?"


"Whatever you say Arnav Ji" Khushi smiled


"Fine, now tell me what did you do today? What did you shop today? Any dresses?"




After few seconds, Arnav's mobile beeped with an MMS. Seeing Khushi's name, he immediately opened to see beautiful royal blue sari's picture


"That's beautiful Khushi..."


"Really? You liked it?"


"Of course. It's so beautiful, I can't wait to see you in that" Arnav said


"I wish you were there when I selected this" Khushi said, before she stops her tongue


"Woo... that means, someone missed me today" Arnav teased


"Arnav Ji please..."


"What please...? I said the truth" he doesn't want to give up


"Arnav Jiii..." Khushi pleaded one more time making Arnav laugh out loud imagining her blushing face. Khushi hid her face in pillow and smiled along with Arnav. They talked almost for an hour that night. They felt content to have the other person in their life. After the call, they slept peacefully.


That's all for now...

 Hope you guys enjoyed the update... Let me know, if you have any doubts... I will try to clear them...

Thanks for your wonderful awesome response... Hug




I didn't get the enough requirements. Think about it...

You remember the  Requirements for next update, right???

Let me remind you one more time...

More than 100 likes and more than 8 pages of comments

I know I'm demanding... but it's my right... Approve Day Dreaming


Next : Chapter 23


NO PMs, absolutely NO PMs from now on.  I will only send PM for the FIRST update of my stories. IF you want to read the later parts, then follow the thread.

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Loved the update

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