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chapter 20

it was awesome

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nice update
loved it !

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Spare me with typos...

Thank you... all... whoever responded... Hug

Love you... Day Dreaming  Heart


Previous : Chapter 20



Part 21:



"I can't believe this... or I can't accept it. I can't allow him to be happy in his life. I won't let them get married. I hate that man... he spoiled my life. I never leave that family in peace. I hate that family"


"But do you think you can face the Raizada-s? They are way more powerful than you"


"Shut up... just shut up. I know what they are and how they are. But now, I got my prey. I know whom to disturb"




"Khushi... would be the wife of Arnav Singh Raizada"




"I'm so happy for you Titaliya. I'm glad that you are giving chance to your life. Arnav babua is really a good person dear. I'm sure, you will be happy with him" Bua Ji said, after finishing their dinner in their Lucknow home. They have reached home in the evening.


"I don't have any doubt that Bua Ji. But I'm scared about Abhinav. What if he says any bad about me to Arnav Ji or to his family? I know he said Dadi Ji and sir knew about me and my past. But what about Ma'am and Anjali Ji? What if they finds me wrong? I'm getting scared Bua Ji. I don't want to take any insults. I can't take anymore" Khushi sounded weak


"Shh... don't think like that betiya. Everything will be fine"


"I don't think Amma. I know Abhinav well, he will never leave me that easily. I'm tired Bua Ji. I need a break from all these. My heart needs a rest. I just want to run away from all these. Didn't you hear how Abhinav talked with me yesterday? If it is not for Arnav Ji, he would never have stopped his rubbish. I'm really scared Amma. I want to live my life happily" she cried with that


Both  Bua Ji and Amma looked at each other helplessly. They too have the same fears about Abhinav. They couldn't understand what to do with this Abhinav. After hearing him yesterday, they really worried about Khushi's life. What if he lies to Arnav's family and what if they believe him?' this is the question eating their heads. Bua Ji looked at the child crying before her. Her heart went for Khushi, she hugged Khushi and tried to console her. Bua Ji took Khushi to her room and made her sleep.




"That's really good news Chote. I'm glad to know that Khushi betiya is trying to give a chance to her life and you. I hope she will get all the happiness she deserve," said Dadi


"Really Amma, she faced a lot. She needs happiness. I hope Chote will give her all the happiness," said Aran, looking at his son


"Of course Dad, I will. If she is not happy, then I too can't be happy. Her happiness is my priority dad" Dadi and Aran smiled, looking at their Chote


"Chote, did Khushi betiya called you after reaching Lucknow?"


"No dad... I'm waiting for her call only. She said they will reach by evening. But it's almost 12 in the night and she didn't call me. I was busy with London client's call and couldn't call her. I'm worried for her dad"


"It's okay Chote, she might be busy with something" Aran tried to assure his son


"That doesn't mean she can forget me" Arnav is irritated now


"Chote... you love Khushi betiya, but that doesn't mean she will stick to you. She too has own life, she too needs her personal time. She needs to spend her time with her family. She is going to leave her family and enter into our lives. It's not easy for any girl Arnav. Trust me when I say, it's really difficult. Try to understand the pain she is going through. She needs your assurance and support now, not your angry. She needs a friend now Chote. Be with her, assure her, trust her, believe in her, support her. What ever it comes, you should remain as HER HUSBAND. She is coming here trusting YOU, believing YOU. So, you should be her side always. Trust me Chote, only husband's love can heal the pain which any wife bears. Only husband's love can give solace to wife when others taunt her. Only husband's love can give courage to face the world. Only husband's love can give strength to fight bad. I want you to be the best husband for a pure, innocent and amazing girl, will you Chote?"


Arnav nodded his head with moistness in his eyes.


"I promise Dadi, I will try my best to be the best husband for an amazing girl, my Khushi"


Dadi kissed Arnav's forehead accepting his promise. The trio turned to the door after hearing the knock.


"Maa Ji... can I ask HP to prepare breakfast?" asked Akshaya, making everyone surprised


"Askhaya, what are you talking? It's 12 in the midnight" asked Aran surprised, remaining two nodded their heads in confusion


"That's what I'm saying. It's 12 in the midnight. This time is to sleep, not to chit chat. Chote Did you say everything to Dadi or is anything left for me to know? Are you going to share anything with me now at least?"


"Akashaya, you are jealous of me," said Dadi with amusing smile. That sentence sounded more like a statement than a question


"No, Mom, nothing is there. Everything is shared with Dadi" Arnav teased his mother. He loves teasing her. Aran smiled, looking at his wife. Seeing their teasing faces, Akshaya left from there huffing.


"Okay now, go and sleep. It's really late. Chote, call Khushi betiya tomorrow morning at around 10. Don't disturb her now, okay? Don't worry, she will be fine, " said Dadi patting his back


"Okay Dadi, I won't disturb her. But I think I can message her asking about her well being right?"


Both Aran and Dadi looked at him unbelievingly and shook their heads


"I won't call her promise. I will only message her" Arnav said, pinching his throat making Aran and Dadi smile. They saw kid Arnav once again after a long time "Please Dadi, Dad, please" he tried one more time


"Okay, but only one message" Dadi gave permission. Nodding his head with a bright smile, Arnav left the room, but not before giving hugs to his best friends.




Arnav pacing in his room, after finishing his breakfast. He messaged Khushi last night, but she didn't give any reply to that. He is getting worried about her and her family. He couldn't call her due to his promise to Dadi and the clock is still stuck at 9.30 in the morning. For every 10 seconds he is looking at the clock and cursing it. He left a frustrated sigh and ran his hand in his hair. He jumped from his place towards the night stand hearing his mobile ringing. He looked at the screen, and seeing the name all the tension vanished from his face and relief took over. He answered the phone

"Hello Khushi... are you okay?"




Khushi woke up from her bed at around 7 in the morning. She lazily opened her burning eyes due to crying, and looked around. She sighed helplessly and went to the washroom. After freshening she entered into dining hall and greets Bua Ji.


"Good morning Bua Ji"


"Good morning Titaliya, how are you now?"


"Hmm" Khushi nodded her head in yes


"Titaliya I want to say a few words to you. I don't know when we will get time, once we start the preparations"


"Of course Bua Ji, tell me"


"Titaliya, you are going to enter into another family. I know it's difficult to adjust there. But you should learn. Be calm and cool everytime, I know and I'm sure Arnav babua will be by your side all the time. If he takes his family's side also you have to understand him. This is not easy for boys too to adjust with this marriage. If you fight with his family, he can't take your side as his family is important to him as well as he can't take their side as you are important to him. Try to understand each and every one of the family. If you can't change yourself at your age of 22, it's not fair to expect them to change at their age of almost 55 or 60. Remember one thing Titaliya, everyone needs time to change or adjust. With one hour or day, no one can change anything. Think twice and act wisely. Don't take any decision in haste. Arnav babua and others love you much, but that doesn't mean they will stick to you or they will accept whatever you say or do. They too have their own life, and they need their personal time. Arnav babua needs to spend his time with his family.


They are accepting you as their family member by trusting you. And make sure you won't create any problem in that family and you won't break their trust. Be with Arnav, assure him, trust him, believe in him, support him whenever he needs. What ever it comes, you should remain as HIS WIFE. He is taking you by trusting YOU, believing YOU. So, you should be his side always. Trust me Titaliya, wife's love can heal the pain which any husband bears. Wife's love can give solace to husband from his daily tensions. I want you to be the best wife for a pure and amazing boy, will you Titaliya?"


Khushi nodded her head with moistness in her eyes.


"I promise Bua Ji, I will try my best to be the best wife for an amazing person"


Bua Ji kissed Khushi's forehead accepting her promise. Their emotional convo disturbed by Amma's voice "Khushi, you forgot your mobile here yesterday night. I think Arnav babua called you" Amma handed her the phone.


Khushi took the phone and searched for missed calls hurriedly, saying "How can I forget to call him yesterday? He will eat me alive now. He might have worried like hell" both Amma and Bua Ji looked at each other and smiled in content


Khushi saw the message from Arnav and immediately called him to assure him about her safety. Before she says anything she heard Arnav's voice full of worry and concern immedaitley after the call was connected


"Hello Khushi... are you okay?"


"Arnav Ji..."


"Tell me, damn it... how are you? Why didn't you call me yesterday? Why didn't you message me back? Are you okay? Did you reach safely? Is aunty and Bua Ji fine? Why aren't you talking now? Answer me, damn it, " he shouted into his phone. Both Amma and Bua Ji giggled hearing his voice while he is talking. Khushi looked at them and rolled her eyes


"Arnav Ji... Arnav Ji... relax..."


"RELAX? YOU ARE ASKING ME TO RELAX? Do you know how worried I'm about you? Why didn't you call me or message me? Why aren't you talking now? Don't test my patience Khushi"


"If you give me a chance to talk, then I will answer your questions... first take a breath and relax"


Arnav did as he was told


"Arnav Ji, I'm really sorry for not calling you or messaging you back. I'm fine and we are fine. We reached at the correct time. Yesterday, after reaching home, I wanted to call, but remembering your meetings I thought to call you later at night. But as I was... I was busy with something, I couldn't call you. And I just woke up and immediately calling you. Sorry, but please don't be tensed, we are fine"


"Khushi... don't try to lie to me. I can catch you. I know you are not fine, what's wrong? Any one said anything to you? Is your health okay?"


"I'm fine Arnav Ji" Khushi's eyes already filled with tears of content hearing the concern in his voice


"Khushi..." he whispered, hearing her voice shiver


"I'm fine... it's just that I cried a lot thinking that I have to leave Amma and Bua Ji. And... and... I'm sacred thinking Abhinav would create problems in our marriage"


Arnav didn't say anything for some seconds. Khushi felt uneasy with his silence


"Arnav Ji?"


"Khushi, do you trust me? Do you trust me to leave your family and live your life with me?"


"Of course I'm Arnav Ji, I trust you more than anything"


"Then keep that trust in your mind. I'm not ready to lose you for any damn thing or person. You are mine Khushi, you never knew how much stubborn I can be and how high or low I can go to get MY things or persons. No one takes away my things from me. Just trust me Khushi, you are getting married to a hard person, who can allow no one to touch his things. I won't allow anyone to disturb my life or my time. Khushi, you are my strength as well as my weakness. As much I know, no one in this world can get rid of their strength or weakness, me too neither. You just relax and enjoy the preparations. I'm here to take care of all these things. I'm here for you Khushi, to fight with this world. I love you, please relax, okay"


Khushi sat on the couch, hearing his words while closing her eyes. She felt lucky to have this man as her man




"I'm here Arnav Ji... just absorbing your words. I'm so lucky to have you. Thank you..."


"How many times you will say that?" Arnav asked smiling little


"As many times I can" she too smiled


"Okay... okay... fine... now what are you doing? What's your plan for today?"


"Not yet decided. Now I have to talk with Bua Ji and Amma then will decide"


Arnav's mobile beeped making him check whether it is call or message. Seeing the name which is flashing, he frowned his eyebrows. Sensing something wrong, he said to Khushi "Um... Khushi... I'm getting an important call, can I call you back after attending that call? It's really important, I'm sorry for doing this"


"It's okay Arnav Ji... no need to say sorry. I can understand. You carry on and I will call you in the night. Till dinner, I would be busy. So, we will talk at night"


"Thanks for that... bye till then... love you"


"Bye Arnav Ji..."


"That's all?"




"Didn't you forget to say something? I said love you"


Understanding what he wants to hear, Khushi said with a slight blush "I... I like you"


"Aww... I am just waiting for the day when you say I love you Arnav Ji. Love you sweetheart. Take care"


Me too waiting for that day Arnav Ji' she thought and said "Take care you too, bye"


With the slight blush - Khushi; with the slight smile - Arnav; both ended the call.


Arnav's smile vanished when he looks at the ringing mobile. He immediately answered the call


"Yes, Aman... what's the matter?"





That's all for now...

 Hope you guys enjoyed the update... Let me know, if you have any doubts... I will try to clear them...

Thanks for your wonderful awesome response... Hug




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Next : Chapter 22



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Thanx 4 d pm...
Lovely update...

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Superb update dear
thanx fr d pm

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Awesome.. i just hope they both dont get separated ...
thnx fr pm.

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Superb yar  ...

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