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renjus Newbie

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 7:05am | IP Logged
wonderful update waiting for the next
now tension who is evil eye and will do any damage Confused

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RashSri Newbie

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Nice update. OOPS evil eyes watching. Who is it ???

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lovearshi01 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 5:07pm | IP Logged
Love u story, read all parts
Continue soon

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-Roshini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2015 at 6:34am | IP Logged
Amazing update
Hope Nothing bad happens to arshi
Update soon

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yoga123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2015 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
Awesome parts 18 and 19...thanks for the PM

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..Sri.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 May 2015 at 10:02am | IP Logged

Spare me with typos...

Thank you... all... whoever responded... Hug

Love you... Day Dreaming  Heart


Previous : Chapter 19



Part 20:


Arnav is on way to his office with a smile on his lips. He couldn't forget the feel of Khushi's soft lips. It's only few minutes he left her in station, but he started missing her. He is wondered thinking how much he got used to Khushi. He wondered how he is missing his Khushi. He doesn't know what made him love her, but he loves her. With these thoughts he reached his office. After entering the office he called his PA and asked him to send his head designer to his cabin.


"Come in" Arnav gave permission to the person outside his cabin door. He asked his designer to sit and asked about ongoing projects. After hearing a brief explanation, Arnav came to the point


"I want you to design the dresses for my wedding"




"What? Do you really expect me to buy designer suits from outside when I'm running a fashion house?"


"But sir, the projects..."


"Do you really think I will give damn to those projects more than my own marriage?"


"No sir..."


"Good... carry on and ask your team to prepare designs. Next Sunday is my engagement. I need the dresses to be ready by Saturday morning. My fianc comes to Delhi on Saturday, and then you will have time to check with the modifications. As I'm here, you can take my measurements"


"Sure sir, I will be on that. By Friday night the dresses will be ready. I will make sure of that"


"Good... and one more thing by today evening I need designs. I will finalise them. Now get back to work" ordered Arnav and called his PA to come to his cabin


"Yes sir"


"I ordered the designer to make mine and my fianc's wedding dresses. As next Sunday is our engagement they should prepare our dresses by Friday night. You take care of that. I don't want any delay or any excuses in that. You can go now" Arnav never gave others any chance to talk. After commanding his PA to leave, Arnav rested his head thinking about his Khushi with a smile on his lips. Suddenly, Arnav remembered that he got a message when he is driving back to office. He hurriedly opened his mobile and checks the messages. A huge smile appeared on his face. He opened the message and felt happy seeing the content


"Arnav Ji... I'm sorry... but I miss you... I like you..."


But, why is she sorry? Is she okay? I need to talk with her' thought Arnav dialled Khushi's number


"Hello..." came a sleepy voice


"Khushi..., I'm sorry to disturb you. I didn't expect you to be sleeping"


"Arnav Ji!!! No it's okay... I'm just resting. Tell me, why did you call?"


"I just saw your message. Thanks for that. Thanks for liking me. I too missing you Khushi" he confessed








"Why did you say sorry? Are you fine? How is your journey going on?"


"I'm fine... journey is good, but boring"


"Then, why sorry?" his voice conveyed Khushi, how worried he is


"Don't worry, I'm fine. I was just... I don't know how to say... I'm sorry because..."


"Relax Khushi, don't be tensed. If you don't want to say to me, then fine. All I need is you and your happiness."


"But I don't want to hide anything from you. I want to say each and everything to you which happens in my life and mind"




"When you went from station after... after..."


"Khushi... I'm saying really there is no need to say anything if you are not comfortable"


"Will you allow me to talk Mr. Raizada?" Khushi almost shouted with gritted teeth


"Oookkkaaayyy... sssorry for that... continue" Arnav said, taken aback after hearing Khushi's angry voice


"After you left from station this morning, I sat and thought about you. I felt really happy being with you. I don't know what's happening to me, but when I think about you or when I am with you, I'm feeling so happy and my heartbeat going higher. When I noticed this change this morning, my mind went to... went to..." she left a little sob making Arnav worried


"Khushi..., bas..., No need to say anything now. Just stop it damn it... I can't stand this. Please Khushi..."


But Khushi started saying without listening to Arnav's words "My mind went to my past. I remembered the days when I felt same with that man. I was disgusted with myself for comparing the feelings I'm feeling and having for you and that... that... I'm sorry for insulting you Arnav Ji. I didn't mean to compare you with that man. I'm sorry... I'm really sorry..." with that Khushi burst out crying leaving stunned Arnav on the other side of phone.


Arnav never knew Khushi feels like this. He closed his eyes with two reasons; one is being compared with that man, second not able to console Khushi and not being with her. But he can understand how Khushi is feeling now. He can understand her vulnerable condition. He knows that she is pure at heart and she is falling in love with him. He felt his heart swelling with happiness.


"Khushi" he whispered in low voice


"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to hurt you or insult you. I'm angry on myself for doing that. I'm sorry... I'm really sorry... please forgive me... please don't leave me..." she continued her cries.


"What, where did it come from? Why would I leave you?" Arnav was shocked hearing her


"because I remembered him and compared both the feelings. I thought you will think that I won't be genuine to you or I'm not a kind of girl who suits for marriage or I'm not the person to considered as a good girl"










"Good... now listen to me carefully... when we got hurt once and later when we face same situation it will be very normal to compare both the situations. This is not mistake or sin or you are not insulting me. This is very normal Khushi. Obviously you will compare me with him, because we both stood in same place; because you wanted and wants to see your life partner in both of us. Obviously you will compare both of us to know who is better and whom you want most. This is not wrong Khushi. This is completely normal and you ARE NOT insulting me with this. Just relax, okay?"


"But Arnav Ji..."


"Do you know one thing Khushi? I mean did you notice one thing?"




"First wipe your tears and relax, then I will tell"


"Hmm" she did what told her to do


"That's my Khushi..."


"Tell me now, what are you saying?"


"I'm asking did you notice that you started to have feelings about me"




"Ha Ms. Khushi Gupta..., that's why your heart is beating in high speed, when you are with me or thinking about me. OMG... I can't believe this... my Angel is having feelings for me"


"Arnav Ji... I'm serious" Khushi said with little irritation


"Indeed I'm"


"But... how?"


"You know, when I'm with you my heart too beats loudly. Sometimes I feel like others will hear its beating. And when I think about you or see you I feel like my heart fills with so much happiness. And as I'm in love with you and as you are having same symptoms" Arnav's voice changed into a mischievous "You started to fall for me sweetheart..."


Khushi sat in the train with widened eyes and opened mouth


"Are you sure?" she asked in low voice


"More than anything" his reply is confident








"Khushi, it's okay..., take your time. There is no need to hurry things. I think you are in a state where we move from LIKE to LOVE. Don't worry, I won't force you for anything till you understand your feelings and make yourself comfortable with me. I just want you to understand your heart. I'm so happy that you are trying to give chance to our relation Khushi. We will work together to make it successful. You don't need to suffer or worry alone for anything or anyone. I will be always with you in each and every second. I love you Khushi" he sounded happy


"I... I... like you too" she said in low shy voice "You aren't angry on me, are you?"


"Yes, I'm angry on you. Not for your thinking, but for your accusations about my Khushi. And I'm angry on you for saying all these in phone. And I'm angry on you for not giving me chance to be with you in this situation" he said pouting


Khushi smiled little "I wish I'm in front of you, I missed seeing the mighty ASR pouting" she teased him


"Oh you are teasing me... Hmmm I will remember that. Oh I forget to say one thing... I want to tell you one thing" he didn't want her to feel uncomfortable. So he changed the topic very nicely




"When you come back on this Saturday, I need you to come to my office. My designers need your measurements Khushi. They are designing our dresses for wedding"


"Sure Arnav Ji. If I couldn't make it on Saturday, then I will come to your office on Sunday. Is it okay?"


"Then what will you wear on our engagement?"


"I think you already brought my engagement Lehanga" she is confused


"Don't tell me that you are going to wear that" he sounded surprised


"OF course I will. Why are you so surprised?"


"Nothing... I never thought, that you will think about me as - being the owner of FH, I will allow my fianc to wear other companies designs... Hmm..." he said like he is really hurt with her words "It's okay no problem. But still you are making it on Saturday to my office and that's final. Now I need to go, I have a meeting. Take care..., I love you..." he commanded


"Will see about that Arnav Ji, I don't know I will have time for all these or not. But, I will try my best to come over there"


"Okay fine... now tell me... how are you?"


"I'm more than fine after talking with you. Arnav Ji thanks for being my friend. Thanks for being in my life. Thank you..."


"Shh... Khushi... don't say that please. Okay fine, I think I took lot of time and disturbed you beauty sleep. And one more thing, how can this possible you are in signal area this long when you are in train and travelling?"


"Yes, I'm in train, but who said I'm travelling? The train stopped due to some problem. We are in Hapur station. They said it will take time to move"


"I can't believe you are waiting for that damn train to move. You wouldn't be faced this situation if you would have agreed with me to fly. You would have reached by now" Arnav said in mocking voice


"There is no need for saying or thinking all now. We will be fine Arnav Ji, don't worry. Amma and Bua Ji are also with me. You don't worry. I will call you when we reach home okay?"


"Hmm... take care Khushi"


"Sure Arnav Ji... bye and you too take care"






"I miss you... I love you... come back soon"


"I will... bye now..."


They both cut the call and drifted to their conversation.


Both felt relaxed after talking with each other. Arnav felt too happy after knowing Khushi's feelings. Khushi too happy after knowing, that Arnav is not sad or angry with her thoughts. Khushi look at her Bua Ji who is sleeping peacefully. She wanted to share this with Bua Ji. There Arnav too wanted to share this news to his Nani. He about to call her, but reminded by the remainder of the meetings. Sighing he left to conference room.



That's all for now...

 Hope you guys enjoyed the update... Let me know, if you have any doubts... I will try to clear them...

Thanks for your wonderful awesome response... Hug




You remember the  Requirements for next update, right???

Let me remind you one more time...

More than 100 likes and more than 8 pages of comments

I know I'm demanding... but it's my right... Approve Day Dreaming


NEXT : Chapter 21



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Thank you...  Day Dreaming  Embarrassed Hug

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Brilliantly written...

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