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# 2 Arshi SS ~Anmol~ Thread 3 link posted

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Second thread... Oh God... Thank you all for your wonderful support and response...

Love you dearies...


Thread #1

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Thread #3


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Firstly... thank you so much for your lovely wishes, prayers and concern. I never thought I will have these many well wishers... I never thought people out there will worry about me...

Thank you... all... Hug

Love you... Day Dreaming  Heart



Previous :  Chapter 17



Part 18:


His face is red with anger


His body is stiff


His eyes are filled with lot of emotions


His hold on her hand is hard


He entered into an empty room which is next to his father's cabin. He almost dragged her inside and with much force pinned her to the wall. But she didn't budge at all. She looked into his eyes to see love, worry, concern, anger and much more. Strangely she didn't feel scared. She looked at him with peaceful eyes


"Arnav Ji" said Khushi with a small smile on her lips


"How dare you? Who gave you the permission to leave me? Who gave you the permission to go?" he gritted his teeth


"But Arnav Ji!" Khushi tried to give answer


"Answer me damn it... Don't you know how much vulnerable I will be if I don't see you? Khushi you are my life Khushi... I can't stay away from you... don't you understand that much?"


"Arnav Ji..." she again tried but Arnav didn't let her


"How can you Khushi?"


"I'm not leaving you. I will be here by Saturday afternoon" she said in a hurried voice


"But you will go back again..." Arnav complained like a child


Smiling at him, Khushi released her hands from his clutches and cupped his face


"You know you are so cute..." she said with a smile


"What the!!! I'm serious" Arnav frowned


"Me too... you look so cute when you behave like a child - adamant and stubborn" Khushi smiled and continued "Now tell me one thing, do you think I'm a stupid girl, or a fool or a brainless girl?"


"What the!!"


"Tell me"


"No... You are not... you are my Angel Khushi. Don't say like that" Arnav didn't like Khushi talking like this


"Hmm... Then do you really think I will leave my happiness and go away?"


Arnav looked at Khushi with confused expression


"I mean to say, after whatever I said to you yesterday, do you really think I will leave you and go away? Arnav Ji... I need you; I need a life with you. I want to be happy with you. I don't want my life without you. I like you Arnav Ji... please trust me... I can't go away from you. I don't have any other man in my life... Please trust me..." she whispered her last words with tears in her eyes


"Khushi... I trust you Khushi. I never had any doubt on you or I don't have any doubt now. Please don't think like that" Arnav felt badly, for making Khushi think like that.


"Then why are you feeling like I will leave you?" fear and confusion are clear in Khushi's eyes


"I was just... I want you to be with me always"


"I know Arnav Ji... after all I'm going to Lucknow for that only" Arnav looked at her confused "You know... there is a temple in Lucknow - Devi Mayya's temple. Our family has a strong belief on her. We usually take blessing from her whenever we start a work. As... Um... as we are getting married me, Amma and Bua Ji wants to take blessings from her. I don't want any hindrances in our marriage or life"


"Then you can come back immediately, right? And no need to go again after engagement" Arnav didn't let her continue


Sighing deeply Khushi continued "Arnav Ji do you know the financial status of my family?"


"Khushi..." Arnav has an expression of hurt. He don't want Khushi to think about him as he is making fun of her family


"Don't go there... I know you can never make fun of me or my family. I'm just trying to say that, as my family's financial status is not that much good; we can't afford the workers to do the work. And Amma and Bua Ji both are not comfortable in talking with decorators or caterers and there is no one to help them. So, I need to be there to help them. I will be here on Saturday afternoon and will leave from here on Monday. As nobody is there to help them I need to be there and take care of all the things for marriage rituals and all. After all I'm getting married to the great mighty Arnav Singh Raizada, then I have to be more careful, right?" she tried to make situation light.


"Khushi please... I'm serious"


"I know Arnav Ji... I am just trying to make you feel light. Please try to understand what I'm saying. My presence is needed there Arnav Ji. Amma and Bua Ji needed me. I promise I will take care of myself. Please..." she looked at Arnav with hopeful eyes.


"Don't say that... you know I can't deny you. But frankly I don't like you going there" he hates whenever he has to hear please' from Khushi. He doesn't want to see Khushi in pleading situation. She is my queen. She should order not pleading' thought Arnav.


"But why? I don't think you are missing me is the only reason for your worry. What's wrong Arnav Ji? Why are you looking so tensed?" asked Khushi keeping her hand on his shoulder


Arnav held Khushi's hand in his both hands, looked into her eyes


"Yes, I'm worried. I don't want you to be there with your sister and her so called husband when I'm not with you. I don't want you to face them alone. What if any one of them tries to hurt you? I can't take that Khushi"


Khushi eyes moistened knowing Arnav's worry. She cupped his face and kissed his forehead


"Khushi!!!" Arnav's eyes widened in surprise


"I'm so lucky to have you. Thank you for coming into my life. Don't worry, I will take care of myself and will try to avoid them as much as I can. And if I face any problem then I will immediately call you. Okay?"


"But Khushi..."


"Please Arnav Ji... it's needed"


"I think we can think about some other option, like the wedding planner or some agency" Arnav tried his luck one more time with hopeful eyes


"Do you really think Bua Ji or Amma will accept your help before marriage?" Khushi asked with a smile tilting her head a little to left

Arnav nodded his head in no with a small pout and slumped shoulders


With a growing smile Khushi continued "Hai na? So let me go and come. Don't worry Arnav Ji, everything will be fine, I will be fine. Top to all, I will talk with you every day, in fact every minute whenever you want to. Then what's there to worry? Lucknow is just few hours from here. And anyway you will be there in few days, right? So stop worrying and let me go"


Arnav accepted unwillingly. "Come everyone is waiting there and Arnav Ji... woh... I want you to... to... say sorry to sir. You shouldn't have said like that" Khushi looked down


"You want me to say sorry to dad?" Arnav asked raising her face with a finger under her chin. Khushi nodded her head little "Then fine, it will be done. Come..." they both left to Aran's cabin


When Khushi and Arnav entered they saw Aran is pacing up and down in his cabin. All the ladies sat there with tension filled faces. Anjali stood at the window clasping her hands in tension. Arnav cleared his throat to gain the attention. Everyone looked at them. Aran and Dadi looked at Khushi, who nodded her head in assurance with a slight smile. They breathed in relief.


"Fine... Khushi can go to Lucknow, but I have one condition" said Arnav


Khushi looked at him with a surprised expression


Arnav smiled at her sheepishly and turned to his family "I want us to go to Lucknow much earlier than we decided. May be next week after the engagement" everyone looked at him surprisingly "I don't want to stay away from Khushi" he blurted out. Again everyone looked at him with wide eyes and open mouths "What do you say Khushi?" Arnav asked


Khushi turned into tomato red after hearing his words.


"Khushi... you better prepare yourself, I'm sure, and we will see a much romantic Chote from now on" Anjali teased more


Khushi couldn't meet anyone's eyes in the room and she couldn't stop her shy smile. For the first time, Akshaya felt happy seeing Khushi. She slowly went to Khushi kissed her forehead while cupping her cheeks.


"I think today is surprises and shocks day for me. I don't know what more I have to see" Aran said in a low voice, but audible to everyone. Dadi, Anjali and Arnav laughed loudly where Garima and Bua Ji tried to smile for courtesy not understanding why Aran said that. Khushi looked confused and Akshaya glared at her family with a fake anger. But she couldn't stop herself for longer. She also smiled making Arnav and Anjali hug her tight.

After that, deciding about their program and about rituals all the Raizada-s left from there. Garima and Bua Ji stayed there for few minutes to take Khushi along with them. Arnav entered Khushi's cabin by knocking the door.


"I just want to talk about Khushi's sister and BIL. Bua Ji did you inform them about engagement?"


They shook their head in no after looking at each other




"No Arnav Ji... we didn't"


"Fine... call them now..."


"No beta... Latha don't have any number. I don't want Khushi to talk with that man" Bua Ji is firm in her decision


"Trust me Bua Ji... Khushi is my life, my responsibility. I won't let anything happened to her or I won't let anyone to harm her. Don't worry I know very well about how to deal people" Arnav assured Bua Ji, and then signalled Khushi to call Abhinav. Khushi took Bua Ji's phone as she didn't' have Abhinav's number.


Khushi called Abhinav and kept the phone on speaker, as said by Arnav.


"Hello... Jeeja Ji..."


"Wow... what a pleasant surprise... my aadhi garwali is calling me!! May I know the reason for the sudden love of my love" Abhinav said in flittering voice making Khushi flinch with disgusted expression on her face


Arnav held Khushi by shoulder hugging her side ways and gave his silent support. He assured her with a slight nod when Khushi looked at him. Khushi felt secured and strong after having Arnav beside her.


"Namaste Jeeja Ji... I called you to inform you about my engagement with your Boss I mean Arnav Ji..." Khushi's voice is stern


Bua Ji and Garima looked at Arnav after hearing Arnav being Abhinav's boss for which Arnav nodded his head with a slight mischievous smile. Bua Ji felt relieved after knowing this. My Titaliya will be safe with Arnav' thought both Bua Ji and Garima. Their trance broke with the Abhinav's voice


"Tsk... tsk... you are not doing good... what's the need to marry him Khushi; I'm here to fulfil your needs', right? Then?" he stressed the word needs making Khushi feel irritated


"Are you at home? I want to talk with Di"


"Oh yeah... I'm at home only... but I won't give the phone to your sister because I want to talk with my lady love"


"Fine then... wait... someone here to talk with you" said Khushi after seeing Arnav asking for phone.


Before Arnav could talk anything Abhinav said "Hello Bua Ji... how are you? So at last you got a multi millionaire as you SIL. Good, good... but what's the need? I'm here to marry..." his words are forced to stop by Arnav


"Um... Ahem... Mr. Abhinav... it's not Bua Ji... it's me... Arnav. Singh. Rrraizada" Arnav said in a very dangerous low voice


For the astonishment of the members in Khushi's cabin the line was disconnected within a fraction of second after when Arnav mentioned his name. When Khushi looked at Arnav's face, she found him different. She found ASR, not Arnav Ji.


Arnav dialled the number again and waited to the call to be answered. When the call was answered immediately after got connected, he said in his usual ASR mode "Mr. Abhinav, Khushi said you are her BIL. She wants to invite you and her sister to our engagement. If you come for engagement, do remember that you are coming to MY, the ASR's engagement. And when you or your wife wants to talk with her, do remember that you are trying to talk with MY to-be wife - the ASR's to-be wife, not your SIL. I think you are capable enough to understand what I'm going trying to say"


"Ye... ye... yes sir..." they heard Abhinav stuttering from other side.


"Fine... let's meet on this Sunday"


Arnav disconnected the call and looked at Khushi with a smirk on his face and winning glint in his eyes. He turned to Bua Ji


"This problem is solved Bua Ji. He will never bother Khushi or you both. Trust me in this" he said politely


"But how?" whispered Khushi


"Dear... you are marrying Arnav. But for them I'm ASR... A.S.R., nobody can dare to mess with me, because they knew messing with ASR is not only cause losing job but much more. You just relax and enjoy the preparations, okay? I will take care of these all things. Hmm...? Fine leave it... if you finish your work, come let me drop you all at your house. You have to pack things after all" said Arnav holding Khushi by her shoulder.


Khushi stood looking at Arnav with wide eyes and open mouth. She couldn't believe that just one word from Arnav will shut Abhinav's mouth.


Understanding Khushi's feelings, Arnav smiled a little and said "Prepare yourself for more sweetheart. You will see much more. You only saw one side of me, but not the hard side..." Khushi burst out laughing after seeing Arnav's villain kind of expression.


"Hamesha aise hi hasthe rehna" both looked at each other with affection after hearing Garima's blessing. Garima and Bua Ji has content and satisfied smile on their faces. Both looked at each other and smiled.  



As I'm due of this update, I'm updating now. For next update of Anmol and YT, I need time. As I'm not fully recovered, it will take time for me to sit for long before laptop and write. But I will write whenever I can, so please give me little time. I will post ASAP I can...

 That's all for now...

 Hope you guys enjoyed the update... Let me know, if you have any doubts... I will try to clear them...

Thanks for your wonderful awesome response... Hug




You remember the  Requirements for next update, right???

Let me remind you one more time...

More than 100 likes and more than 8 pages of comments

I know I'm demanding... but it's my right... Approve Day Dreaming


Next :  Chapter 19



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Thank you so much for your wonderful support and response...


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Congrats fr new thread awesome update 

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finally khushi convinced arnav..nd dat anhinav...abhi toh he is gone..
letss see wht he can do..
loved it..
thnxx fr pm

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That Abhi is a ***#^/@ Censored
Loved ASR Cool

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