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ArDi FF 2 ~ The story is still yet to come|LastChapPg33| (Page 9)

MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 2:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sadiasaba68

sammy Unhappy
omg I'm now scared of u Disapprove
i know I'm just too much i have read the update.. bt then i didn't have time to comment in brief so i didn't res.

n now i have time bt poor net connection...
I'll comment by tomorrow for sure.. n it's gonna be a long one i promise...
n really very sorry.. very very sorry my sweet lil sister.. don't be angry with me pls Disapprove
i understand Di . Don worry . I will wait for u to come back Embarrassed

MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 7:54am | IP Logged

Chapter 34 - New bonding . 

Draupadi  smiled as she entered her friend's house , she could hear laughter and shouts from the living room itself . She climbed the stairs up to Hidimba's room. 
As she entered the room she saw the whole room filled with different items and goods . 

Seeing this brought a smile to the beautiful face as what's this prepared for clicked on Draupadi's mind.

As she entered the room she saw her bestie Chitra decorating a curd matki with flowers . 

"OMG u started preparing for the wedding already ! And what's this huh u even made the saipatha . "Complained Draupadi keeping her hands in her waist in a childish voice . 

"Do not worry Drau we have left plenty of important work for you "Chita replied smiling . 

"Thank u . " Draupadi smiled as she sat down . 

"Starting with this ..." Chita said as she passed Draupadi a tray in which two fishes were placed . 

"What's this ?" Draupadi asked confused not even taking the tray. 

"You need to decorate this fish . "Hidimba replied . "Just like this one " she continued and showed two fishes which were decorated as such . They were placed inside a cloth made of velvet decorated with jari shaped like a fish . 

"Yuk ! U both know how much I hate fish . I do not even eat it ! And you are telling me to touch it and decorated it . 
"Draupadi said making a horrified face.
"Please I will do anything else but not decorating this fish please please "she begged . Both Chitra and Hidimba looked at each other and burst into a laugh. 

"We were just kidding Drau"Chitra 's answer brought a relief to Draupadi . 

"Your work is shopping for Jeeja ji " Chitra said looking at Hidimba and blinked her eyes and Draupadi laughed joined by Chitra whereas Hidimba went red. 

"Jeeji ki pehle , jeeji k baad, mere jeeja ji "both Chitra and Draupadi sang making Hidimba blush . 

"Okay shopping is good for me . "Draupadi said after sometime and looked onto the list . 
Her eyes widened looking at the long list . 'Shopping for men ain't fun 'she thought as she saw the list full of items to be bought which was all boring . 


Everyone laughed on Pandav's dinning table as Bheem cracked a joke again . 

"Looks like Bheem Bhai is really excited! "Everyone laughed at Nakul's comment and Bheem eyed him angrily . 

"Arjun , Nakul and Sahadev come home early on Friday " Kunti said after the laughter died . 

"Why Mom ? " asked Arjun as he drank water . 

"We have to go to your soon to be Bhabhi's house for the supari ceremony "replied Kunti smiling. 

"Supari ceremony ! What's that ? "Nakul asked looking confused . He looked at Arjun who shrugged his shoulders and looked at his mother for the answer but to their surprise an unexpected voice replied .  

"It is the ceremony in which the boy's mother goes to the bride's house with gifts accepting the girl as a bride. " Sahadev replied and made everyone in the table surprised . The one who never opened his mouth was today talking ! 

"Shame on you Arjun and Nakul . U don not know anything about wedding ceremonies. Look Sahadev knows more than you two  " Bheem said teasing them.

"Bheem bhai ,Why is it necessary for us to know about wedding ceremonies when you are the one marrying " retorted back Arjun . " and about Sahadev ,guess he is already ready for marriage " he continued under his breath which has only heard by Nakul . Both of them laughed inside their hearts and hi five each other under the table . 

"By marriage , Ma what do u think about your fourth bahu ? " Nakul said smiling naughtily . 

The word fourth bahu grabbed everyone's attention especially Arjun . 

"What about my fourth bahu Nakul ?" Asked Kunti curiously . 

" I mean to say nowadays you do not bring  new relations for Arjun Bhai na " Nakul started his play making everyone surprised . 

"And why Should she bring relations for me " Arjun asked pointing his eyes  before Kunti could answer . 

"No no I just mean that if mother wants her  bahu then she should start roaming around malls instead of contacting bride searcher . " Nakul reply confused everyone but alarmed Arjun . 
And then came near Arjun and said in a soft voice " I just met one today " 

Arjun silently kicked Nakul under table and slowly whispered in his ears "oh Ho so you are the sarif ghar ka ladka . Don speak too much otherwise your night dress and bikini will come out " 

Nakul face reddened as he heard that . 
"Sorry Bhai ! " and saying this he silently gobbled down his dinner making Arjun smirk . 


"I just can not believe this ! They all think that I ...I know girls more than anyone else in the house . Seriously as if I have been doing PHD in the subject 'Girls'" complained Arjun . 

Draupadi laughed at his statement . 
"What happened my baby why are u so angry ? " she asked pulling his cheeks . 
She was standing with him , bunking the school out in the park near their school as she leaned to his bike supporting her back . 

"Among all the works ...I got the most difficult one ! Shopping ! That too for Bhabhi cause my mother believes I know girls more than any of my brother. " Arjun continued his complaining as Draupadi moved her hands in his hair messing  them . 

"Shopping that's so fun ! "Drau said excitedly . "Don worry baby I will solve the problem , jus give me the list " 
Arjun like a good boy obeyed her . 

"Okay don worry I will do the shopping! " said Draupadi as she finished looking into the list . 

"So what should I do ? " asked Arjun innocently . 

"Umm u ...u can carry the shopping bags " Draupadi joked and started laughing while Arjun looked at her narrowing his eyes . "What ? Can't u carry shopping bags ? " she asked smiling . "What is the use of these muscles "she hit in his arms as she said that . 

Arjun smiled mischievously and pulled her towards himself . "Really ? I can even carry you " he said in a sexy tone as he tickled her . She laughed out as he came near her and bit her ears and whispered huskily "I think carrying you is more interesting than shopping bags " 

She bit her lips as she replied "Of course  u can . But I would not risk so first carry my shopping bags then I will think" 

"Oh really "he replied laughing as he swept her from her feet . "Now what do have to say miss ?"

"Umm . Good I guess " she wrapped her arms around his neck and she hung to his body . 

"So ...are u ready for shopping ?" Arjun looked at her face which was glowing with joy . 

"Yup. But I m warning you , this may be a new and unpleasant experience for you "Draupadi 's sentence confused Arjun . 

"Why ? " but the reply did not come instead a blink was the only answer. 

ArDi's first outing ...get ready for it ;) 

Hope u all like it and do comment back your opinions . Sorry for the late update, just started school so a bit busy . 

Ps the wedding functions will be similar to the one that I attended just some time before as it is still fresh in my mind so the style will be different . Hope u all like it. 


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Res! I am first to res i guess i'll be last to unres!
You noe sam maine apni ek car kharidi...bas jis din tumne updt kia usdin you noe dis updt is very speciall to me..mai infact har mahine gadhi change karti hu.. u must wanna have a look... then see

with this car i got a kachua helmt and kachua dress for free..
I noe u are very jealous ROFL..waise do u wanna have a ride???ROFL.oye don mazak vid my kachua gaddi bas thodi dhire chalti hai...
Ok enough of this idhar udhar ki bat lets come to the point... Ummm so cruuunchyyy updt bilkul kurkure ki tarha...
So maatha sriii ko 4'th bahu milgaya huh??? And i loved the teasing draune bikini and n8 sute wala incident arjun ke sath share kia huh? Bechara 'Sareef gharka ladka'
kuch pet me nhi rahti drau mall me milegi chauthi manzil huh bohot shaitan hai yeh nakul.
Fish decorating? Yuch.. Infact me too stay far away from this fish... Thank god woh mazak tha laiken achcha mazak tha infact i vil say mughe bohot maza auta hai jab drau ko chitra satati hai LOL
Toh hamari heroine shoping karegi ha achcha hai,badia,badia and use bi ladkon ka saman buri lagti hai mughe bi.. mai pehle hi bolti hun yeh drau hai na mere copy cat hai...
Ahem! Ahem they themselves donno dat they r going to attain same wedding...kya naseeb fix kari hai sam tune huh...aur bi achcha hai...bohot badia bohot badia... So drau z gonna help arjun shopping hum kya chal rhi hai dore dalna wedding se pehle hi suru hum...
I cn guess abhi se ladoo fut raha me ladoo futa yar doo..
Kya updt tha yar isse kehte hai updt... Who z the blink?kahin dhish toh nahi. Then pakka arjun gane wala hai
kahen dhris toh nahi... magar yeh blink...
jabse dekha maine usko...
Puri plan meh pher gaye ink..ROFL
Plz updt soon. Cnt wait.

Edited by Sonatia - 03 June 2015 at 3:24am

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sadiasaba68 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 10:01am | IP Logged
part - 33
wow that's a superb update sammy Clap
rocky Ouch omg he saw them lip locking ROFL
i bet he was very irritated with drau ROFL
wow what a combination of dress... omg I'm laughing like a mad ROFL
drau was hiding behind arjun..
that was super cute Day Dreaming
wow arjun is so cunning.. Wink
what a hilarious answer he gave to rocky... ROFL
poor rocky seeing arjun like this he must be jealous...
seriously he pinched his cheek ROFL
gawwd drau got male competitions..
arjun is naughty boy Wink
drau-nakul encounter..
that was superb...
perfect place where the two met...
awe poor nakul ROFL hahaha
swearing n all... he's cute Approve
drau is such a tease...
ops arjun in trouble ...
nakul saw them...Wink now he'll tease arjun n make him crazy Evil Smile

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sadiasaba68 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 10:19am | IP Logged
yes this time I'm not late Hug
2nd... yippie Star
wedding starting...
the pics were very nice Smile
drau don't like fish...
i can imagine her face when she was asked to decorate fish ROFL
shopping for bheem...
they should shop food for bheem.. he doesn't need anything else ROFL
ok at pandavs..
looks like bheem is so happy Big smile
wow sahdev is a genius...Smile
nakul teased arjun so perfectly... bt it lasted short as he was warned about the nighty n bikini ROFL ROFL
that was just so funny...
both drau n arjun have to shop wow...
haha Irrigated arjun is cute Big smile
he has drau so he mustn't worry...
last part was very cute...
drau is warning arjun... hehe Wink
super update sammy Big smile
now continue soon... waiting for Ardi's outing Star

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deactivated_bye Senior Member

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 2:08am | IP Logged
res sorry!!
Radhikerani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2015 at 3:21am | IP Logged
Awesome update! Loved the weddings preps!! It was beautifully done!!
Zephyr_57 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 May 2015 at 4:04am | IP Logged
I like to break rulesLOLWink

Pehle mein srry sautanjee for being latey jaane humari yeh adat kab chootegiCry Cry *stops crying after 3 buckets ka fillingCry*

Now coming to updt
Devranijee ko fish se allergyShocked usi fish ki wajah se toh vo humari devranijee bani thiEmbarrassed
Bhim Devarji ladkiyon ke bare mein kuch nahi janteLOL Poor my Devrani HidimbiWink abb na jane shadi-shuda zindagi kaisi kategiWink teah him some romance ha!
Nakul DevarjeeLOL apki bari bhi jaldi ayegiLOL kuch intezaar kijiyeEmbarrassed
Arjun Devarjee ko ladkiyon ka bada gyaan haiWinkTongue Naughty kahikeAngryEmbarrassedLOL shopping is fun devarjee meri sautan se puchoWink pucho wo kitne paise udati haiLOL kyu hai na sautanjeeWink
abb kya hoga age

Oyyye choriii Update karAngry


Edited by .Sanskruti - 11 June 2015 at 3:00am

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