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ArDi FF 2 ~ The story is still yet to come|LastChapPg33| (Page 4)

MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 1:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aresha_uchiha

YAy sam congtas meri sakhi!!!!
n aww u made me Cry
Aww m always ready 2 here ur "bakwaas" akhir dost kis ke liye hai bt tum hare bakwaas bhi bhaoot interestin hote hai i must say!!LOL
N dosti main no sorry n no thank u just party all nite!!!
iss khushi ke mausum mein party toh banti hai hain na!!!
n wat a banner very very gud m toh jealous!!!LOL
n mera treat kaha hain!!!Party
LOL any way a bg bg congo kaha kahun yese hai thread kholte jana meri aashirvaad aap ke saath hai!!!
n as always meri sam hai bak with a bang!!!
lov u aloot n aloot
Tum hari Sakhi
one n only Aresha
thanks my Sakhi . Big smile Haha meri backwas se inti easily piche nahi chuteka LOL
Aur party and treat toh Maine de diya , now your turn Big smile
Tumhara ashirvad ROFL
Waise tum Pehli Bahu ho gi jo apne sass ko ashirvad de rahi hi LOL
And yes 

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frankie123 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 8:01am | IP Logged
U dint reply I am really angry Angry
MataGauri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 6:09am | IP Logged
yyyeeahhh new thread sammmiiee!! 
.FairyDust. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 11:16am | IP Logged
update update update !!
MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 3:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sonatia

 Sorry, my train is running late...
And so i get here late (~_~)anyway
i loved the 1'st part when chitra was forcing dhris to admit that he cried. You noe aise fight mai mera bro ke sath karti hun. I am very hardkhore and binadas ladki so my bro force me to admit though i nt use to cry. Anyway i loved that...very cuteee. 
And then the part in hall was ameazing.
U noe in ladke logon ki kya prob hoti hai pata nhi. Specially yea bhai.
Mai jab bhi classes ke lie jati hun with dressing beautifully he asks the same and i answer the same what drau did...
U noe i find many similarities in many incidents of ur ff vid my normal i love your ff more than any..
And that part where ancientLOL chitra vid ancient arjun.
You did a great job here.
The part was very beautiful. It took my heart away.[AND don get shock RETURNED MY HEART AS WELL. lol]
and the last ice-cream part was ohhh my god !
Ok let me comment in detail
1> the first part of the last part when ullu [CAN'T STOP MYSELF MAKING MESS WITH HER NAME. Sorry] told arjun bla...bla...bla[sry i am lazy] ohh gosh i was about to sing lets celebrate ! Lets celebrate this moment moment moment [I LOVE BOTH ARJUN]
DRAU IS THE THIRD PERSON ?!?? Why yea arjun ne bilkul thik nhi kiya...lolololololll
and the part wher drau coughs and arjun comforts was so cute it took my heart then returned as well. U noe manan in ky2...
And i loved their hugs and kisses they were so cute so cute that it took my heart and u noe then did nt

i noe mai bohot zayada bol rahi hun i sud stop talking bye! bye!
that z anyway still the best part i have read in this week..$$$$$

Omg ! Thanks for this lovely comment ! EmbarrassedMaybe u find similarities cause it is made in real life event . LOL Mere bhai aur mere experience ko hi likhti hu main ROFL
Haha me too ! ullo ! I don why I just hate her Angry
It went away and came back again ? Shocked U got a flexible heart i see ROFL
Both Arjun Blushing but I don like the Tevar Arjun but I love this one Wink
Love u 

MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 3:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Krishnaa_Nair

yyyeeahhh new thread sammmiiee!! 
yes di second thread ! Party
MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 3:10am | IP Logged
Chapter 33 - The past recall 
Part three 

The sound alerted both Arjun and Draupadi as they slowly departed from each other. Arjun turned back irritably to find out the person who just destroyed his perfect moment but as he did so his eyes almost popped out with his heart. Draupadi tightly grabbed his arm as she cunningly hid behind him . 

"Uh huh ! I can see this competition leading the perfect way "Rocky's voice poured out all the anger stored in it. 
"Weren't u two supposed to be practicing rather than ahem ahem ! " 

Both of them hung their head as they tried perfectly to hide away their emotions . 

"We were umm...yes practicing "Arjun managed to say in between . 

Rocky raised his eyebrows as tapping his feet he said , "Practicing or lip locking ? "

Draupadi slowly peeked from Arjun back and her eyes almost pained looking at the colourful sight in front of hers . Rocky was wearing a bright lime green pant with red blue stripe shirt . Adding cherry  to the top he had a bright yellow scarf with blue polka dots snaked around his neck . 

'Hey Bhagwan ! Anyone please teach him some fashions sense before we will have colour blindness looking at him 'Draupadi smirked as she  looked away from Rocky . 

"We were practicing according to the song demands "Arjun gave the reply which left both Rocky and Draupadi confused . 

"You were doing this as per the song's demand ? "Arjun nodded to Rocky's question . "Oh really what song is it ? "

Arjun smirked to Rocky's mocking statement . And cleverly smiling said out "bheege hoote Tere "

"What ? "Both Rocky and Draupadi asked at the same time with the same surprised voice . 

"No no u can not dance in such songs . Out of the rules u see " Rocky managed to say . 

"Oh come on Mr rocky u never told us about the rules "Arjun started to talk . 

"Leave the rules darling ! I too do not like them its not for the sake of that Rathor ! "Rocky said shaking his head . "Anyways just do not dance in that song I know that u can find a better number !"
As he said that he came near Arjun and slowly pinched him in his cheeks . 

"Carry on ! I bet u will rock the floor "rocky continued in a flitting way "yeah yeah u too" he added as Draupadi eyed him narrowly. 

"Mr rocky ! One more thing "Arjun said out as rocky was about to leave . 
"Pink suits u "he blinked his eyes as his flirtatious compliment made Rocky blush . 

"Oh u naughty boy " rocky beamed  as he made his way out humbling . 


"What did u just do ? "Draupadi demanded keeping her hands in her waist. 

"Saved us both from Rocky "Arjun smirked proudly . 

"No ,not that . U just flirted with him !"her reply came in a disappointed voice.

"I did not I just complimented him " Arjun said . 

"Pink suits him ? " 

"Okay alright I just spoke the biggest lie of my life ! "Arjun admitted as Draupadi sighing tapped her feet. 

"Wow ! Girls were not enough that I have now got boys for competition " Draupadi made a face . Arjun laughed looking at her. 

"Oh possessive , possessive  "Arjun gave his famous winning loop sided smile . 

"Nope . "Draupadi denied the true fact . 

"Come on lady , u can lie to anyone even yourself but not me "Arjun confidently replied. 

"Oh really ! " 

"Yup " his hands quickly grabbed her from back . Draupadi hit his chest as his hands tightened its grip before she would like always ,cunningly escape him.

"Oh u naughty boy "Draupadi said in the same tone as of rocky while pinching Arjun's cheek which had now turned into a faint reddish colour due to being pulled two times . 
And then she pecked on his same cheeks slowly and softly . 
This act of her surprised Arjun so much that he freed her unknowingly   . 

"I need to go ! Bye bye ! "She said as she hurried towards the door carrying her bag before he could catch her . 

"Hey what ? What ? Hey wait " 

Draupadi laughed as she left the hall . Waise Rocky maybe free right now ,in case "she added laughing as she blinked her eyes and ran away .


"Seriously do not tell me that u are not coming ! "Draupadi complained over the phone to Chitra . 
"Okay I do not need you . I can shop on my own  "

Draupadi sighed as she called off . 
Shaking her head she entered her favourite shop 'Lipsy'. 


It had been almost one hour that Draupadi had surveyed the shop yet she could not find anything worth buying . 
Suddenly she heard some noises from her back . She turned around and saw all the perfectly placed shoes boxes scattered on the ground . 

Behind this was a young boy maybe of her age . He was fair , tall and handsome . His  cheek had a faint pinkish colour decorating them . 
Draupadi stared at him as he smiled at her sheepishly . 

"What are you  doing ? " Draupadi enquired . The boy seemed like a trouble maker . It was not her business on what actually he was doing but somewhat a force attracted her . 

"I umm umm I was ...I was trying to find which was more beautiful . " Nakul replied scratching his head . He did not know why he was explaining this to an unknown lady .
"This one or this one ? " he said picking up two dresses from the junk he had created without even  looking . 

Draupadi 's eyes widened looking at what was in his hands . "you want to find which one is more beautiful ? "She asked in a surprised voice . Her voice clearly stated her confusion and amusement . 

"Yup . I want to see which one will suit my girlfriend more ! "Nakul said smiling and shaking his head . All this time not knowing what was in his hands . 

"Oh okay good luck " Draupadi said uncomfortably as she did not know how to react next but only she did not know that the reaction to come next was of the man . 

Nakul smiled at her and was amazed why was she behaving like that . He then looked at his both hands and he almost jumped seeing what was in them . 

On one hand he had a pink lace night suit and on the other he had a bright yellow bikini . His face went red and he threw away the clothes from his hands . 

"These are not mine . Seriously I m not buying them . This was just mistake . "Nakul defended him in front of Draupadi .

Draupadi stared at him for moment and the next she burst into a laugh . 

"No no really I got interest in such things . I promise . Ma bahut sarif ghar ka ladka hu " only that his words made Draupadi laugh more . 

"Yup I saw how sarif u are " Draupadi managed in between her laughs .   

"No these are not mine . Promise . Mother promise " Nakul said pinching his neck . He looked around and saw heads turning towards them . He needed to stop this before he would be a big joke .

Suddenly Draupadi stopped laughing and looked at him . "Mother promise ? Omg that's soo cute . Surely a mommy's boy would not buy such things " she said winking . And then turned around to leave leaving Nakul sigh in relief . 

"Oh yes . If u really wanna buy ,pink is a better option " Draupadi turned around and called out to Nakul . 

Nakul looked at her flushed whereas Draupadi had her share of laugh .

"Amazing gal ! " Nakul mumbled to himself as Draupadi left . 
But before he could do something flashes started to haunt him . 
"I have seen her somewhere . Where ? "Nakul tried his best to remember where he had seen her but could not . 

He followed her out of the store in order to ask if they had met before but before he could catch her she ran . He tried to match her steps but suddenly she stopped and hugged someone from behind . 

Nakul's jaw dropped when he saw the person whom the unknown stranger lady hugged  turn around . The face of the person seemed familiar . At least familiar enough to be of his own brother. 

Nakul from a distance saw them hugging and Arjun saying something to her . Nakul did not understand what was going but he knew one thing . He knew now where he had seen the girl , 'in his Arjun Bhai's arms ! ' 

"Ma ko apni third Bahu mil gayi aur mujhe ek bahana Arjun bhai ko tang karne ka " Nakul smirked at the thought of teasing Arjun with this unknown girl's name . 


Spoilers : Arjun and Dhris ka subh Milan ! ;) 

Hope u all like it and do comment back your opinions . Yeah I know this chap is totally boring -_- 

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8520NK IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 3:10am | IP Logged
Yup, I unresed the comment and I am first!!!!Dancing
Oh yeah! It was an awesome chapter Sam! I absolutely loved it!Embarrassed
That Rocky part was hilarious! That guy is hitting on Arjun in front of Drau! God, I can imagine Draupadi's horror! And the color blindness too!ROFL
Aww, poor Arjun, tricked by Drau!
The Nakul and Draupadi meeting! Oh my god! HAHAHA! Epic!Party
He doesn't know that uski 'bhabhi' jaisa koi nahi! But thank god that he realized that she's going to be his ma's third bahu!
I saw your request in the shop! And I got my spoilers too! Hehe! Waiting for that! Continue soon!Clap
P.S. - so happy to have you back and BTW I scrapped you a suggestion for the song in return for the sheila ki jawaani that I used!LOL

Edited by 8520NK - 18 May 2015 at 4:38am

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