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ArDi FF 2 ~ The story is still yet to come|LastChapPg33| (Page 30)

MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2016 at 4:11am | IP Logged

There are many reasons why this Munda is ruling millions of hearts and on his 32th Birthday we shall give 32 reasons why this Munda is Kamal Da ! 

He's handsome ! You may not like him or not be crazy about him . But you gotta to admit that he has looks to kill ! 

 His acting . With every movie his acting skills have improved and he has turned into one of the talented stars of the industry . 

 Hot ! Ever seen him without his shirt . Then you shall know what I am talking about Stern Smile

His eyes , they don't lie . There are like a ocean where you can just drown for hours without even knowing when time flew by . 

Those lips of his . From where even mouthed words seems like words of wisdom. 

 His hair , it can be turned into direction , styled into any type but yet it will suit him and make him look the best . 

 Sid was honoured with 2014 Vogue Beauty awards Most Beautiful Man . 

He's the foreign ambassador of New Zealand . 

 He's the endorser of several brands such as Coco Cola 

Sidharth Malhotra performed with other actors to raise fund for flood victims . 

He collaborated with PETA to raise awareness regarding dogs . 

 He was a part of the Dream Team .

He's been nominated in 15 award function and has won 4.

He's was honoured as Times of India , most desirable men 2013 (11) and 2012 (12) . 

 Honored as 2013 Times of India Hotlist Most Promising New Comer (3) . 

2013 's Times of India 50 handsome hunks in 100 years of cinema (27) . 

Sidharth was an international name before he got into Bollywood . He has burned the ramp of different countries and worked as a model for an international designer . 

He had his television debut with Prithvi Raj Chauhan along with Rajat Tokas . 

 Sid loves rugby . 

He's an artist too and spends his time doodling and sketching cartoons . 

He's 6'1 feet tall.

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MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2016 at 4:13am | IP Logged
kala chamsa ! Jachda hai ShaJa k mukhde ow Cool
MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2016 at 4:13am | IP Logged
Love me like you do Blushing
MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2016 at 4:16am | IP Logged

Chapter 39 - An End . Is it ? 

Past in italics and song in red . 

Tears formed in her eyes as she fidgeted with her bangles . Her heart was still heavy as though someone had placed a hundred , thousand pile of burden . The light was bright yet overshadowed by the darkness eloping her senses . 


"Panchali , Panchali wait ! " a concerned voice called out as short hurried steps followed her . 

"Leave me ! " 

"I wouldn't " and with that a forced pull made her spin around and face him . 

"What has happened Panchali ? Why are you running away from me ? " 

"Cause I want to ! You are nothing ! Nothing but a cheater , a betrayer and a liar ! You cheated on me ! Betrayed me when I needed you the most and you lied to me ! You could never protect and you could never protect our love or even him ! " 

"What ? What are talking about ! I am clueless Panchali . Cheated on you , when ? I wouldn't even think in my dreams of betraying you . And why would I leave you ? You are my everything Panchali . " 

"Oh shut this nonsense . You still are charm people by words , don't you Mr Arjun ? You can do nothing but talk good words and then fail your own words ! Is it only me or you betray everyone Arjun ? Am even worth your promises ? Do you even bother to do whatever you promise Arjun ? What am I ? " 

"You're my everything . I can't explain what you mean to me . I don't know what has happened to you but I promise whatever are your doubts , I will clear them . You mean the most to me in the world and none . How, how should I show you what you mean to me ! " frustrated he ran his hands in his hair . 

"You really want to show me you love me ? Then you shall . Leave your family . " 

"What ? " 

"Was I not clear . Leave them . Your family . Your everything . Once you left me for them . Sacrificed our love for your brothers and mother now sacrifice your family for our love . Can you ? Just now you said I mean more than anything to you . Then leave your everything . Can you ? Will you ? Last time I left my everything . Sacrificed everything including my self respect , dignity and pride for you . Will you ? " 

Silence . Silence filled the empty space that air left . No words could smooth the currency painful situation as he looked at her with nothing but begging eyes . 

How could he leave his family for her ? And how could he leave her for his family . But he had make a decision and the decision would cost him either his life for his reason for smile . 

Tere intehaan dekhega 
Aja asman dekhega 
Kya hai tera faisla ? 

"Hmph . Wow mr Arjun silent again ? Don't worry , I am used to it . I understand your silence . I understand that your silence is a rejection . It always was . I guess this is it . Maybe destiny had written your silence in the book of our love . Last time I survived but this time , I wouldn't . I wouldn't even try to . Silence . Always silent ! " 

Bezuban kabse tu raha 
Bezubaan sehta kyu raha ? ? 


"Panchali , can I come in ? " a female voice alerted her senses as she moved from past to present . Her present . 

"Yes ! " 

"Are you ready ? " Satya asked as she sat near Panchali . 

"Yes . I am . How do I look ? " 

"Beautiful. A beautiful bride. " Satya exclaimed before furrowing her brows in a frown . 
"Are you sure you want to do this ? I mean you still have choice " 

"I don't want any . I am fed of running . Now it's time for taking a decision. And I am sure this is the one . " 

"Okay . As your wish . I just came to tell you that the priest is ready and it's time for the  marriage . " 

"Lets go then . " 


Each step she took , she knew was the step towards her future . She knew she could go back , prevent this but then the decision was already taken and there was no going back from here . 

"Are you sure you want to marry him ? " 

"Yes" was the only word she could mouth . Was he good ? Was he what she wanted ? Maybe yes , maybe no . Was this the way she wanted things to go ? No . But , she could think of no more ways . This was the only way to get away from her past . From her love , from him . 

She ran away . She ran away from Arjun . For a new life , for a happy life . She chose someone who loved her . Did she love him too ? Did she loved him as she loved her Arya? 

"Panchali " 

Panchali looked up to the person who called her . And there he was . The man with whom she will tie knot today . He looked at her with eyes filled with love . Love which was pure and undefined . Looking at him brought only a question to her heart , will she be able to return that love ? Will she ever be able to love him as much as he loved her . 

He forwarded his hands . There it was . The last she could change her mind , after this there was no going back . It's him or none . 

"Arjun " she whispered . Loud enough only for him to hear . He looked at her confused as he raised his left eye brow . His hands still were ready to embrace hers . She met his eyes and smiled . At that moment she knew , this was it . What she wanted . 

She nodded her head before slipping her hands into his .


"Panchali , I love you . I love as a man loves a women . I love you so much that if my tears define it , the ocean of our love would swallow down the world of cruel . The one who want to separate us . I don't care if loving you costs me my family , my identity cause being recognised as your lover is my only identity . Earlier Arjun was known as Indra's son , Kuruwar's lineage , Pandavs brother, Kunti's pride but this life he is yours . Only yours . This brith has been only given to me to fulfil my love for you . To do all the justice I can to our love . Justice to us .  If all you want is me . If you want me to leave everything . I shall .  " 

I have given all the rights of my life to you 
A promise not even to glare at strangers 
I shall even dance in glass to prove my love 
If you ever doubt me , 

I have left the world for you 
Will leave all my loved ones for you . 
To the extent I love , 
You will never be able to imagine 


Yes she chose him and he chose her . He was her Arjun yet he wasn't . He wasn't the Arjun she had once loved . He was the Arjun she will love forever . 

Not the Arjun who will sacrifice his love for his family but a Arjun who will sacrifice his everything for his love . Not the one who will betray her but the one who will always walk by her side , fight for her and protect her . 

"Please stand up for the phera " the priest said grasping both Arjun and Panchali's attention . 

"A promise for each round my love " Arjun whispered in her ears and she blushed under his spell . 

"A promise to never fail you . Even at the cost of my life " 

"You are my past , my present and my future . Nothing will change that " 

"You shall be the only one that I shall love . None . Even the air can't come between us" 

"You are my first and my last . Your concern is my priority , your wish , my command and your choice , my step to follow " 

Kuch Bhi nahi hai yeh jaha 
Tu hai tu hai iss me Zindagi
 k tere bina jeena mumkin nahi 
Na dena tu mujhe fasle 

She silenced him before he could speak more . 

"A promise , a promise that you shall be the only one whom I shall love " 

"I shall try my best to be what you want and what you deserve " 

"I shall love you , respect you and always want you . Whatever the situation is " 

And with that ended . Ended the saga of the epic love story . A love which this time was not sacrificed but won . Won by a fight which didn't demand blood but emotions and pure love .

"Thank you Madhav for showing me the path once again . You led me to my destiny . My Panchali ." 

"I shall always be there Parth . My Sakhi deserve all the happiness and you deserve to get a chance to give them to her . Just remember Parth this is not the end . You still need to fight . Fight for your love and your family . The ones who are yet to come . " 

"What is more to come Madhav ? " 

"Nothing . Just relax and enjoy this blissful moment. " 

"This is not the end , is it Madhav ? " 

"No . It's just the beginning . Beginning of yet another story . " 

"What story ? " 

"Swayam bechar karo " 


"I can't believe this . I can't believe that you are mine . Only mine . " Arjun said with a tone of bliss . 

"Yes I am. " and saying this Panchali relaxed back his arms . 

"Hmm . I just realised that its our suhaag raat . " he pointed out mischievously as she chuckled . 

"Really . So what have you planned hubby dear ? "

"I have planned much. But what does my queen want? Her wish , my duty to fulfil . " 

"Your queen only wants you and nothing else . " saying this she kissed his forehead . 

"Then I shall be obliged to follow her order . " with this he leaned down to kiss her before being stopped . 

"Close the door and the curtains . " 

"Why ? We are alone in the house " 

"Even walls have ears and doors have eyes . And I bet people are already peeking into our privacy " 

"Okay okay . So people get away from here cause we are in between of doing something. Just scroll down and we both love you all . But not as much as we love each other . So bye bye . " 


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MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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The story 

The journey of "Story is yet to come" began from dwaparyug where Arjuna in his last moments asks for a chance to prove his love for his wife . It's in Kaliyug his prayer gets fulfilled with Arjuna and Panchali taking brith as human once again and coming down to earth to complete a task . To complete their love story which could neither be destroyed from their hearts yet never could be fulfilled either . 

But things don't turn good at their first meeting when they end up having an argument . The destiny yet had written its play and it were to unite them when they get each other as a partner in a contest. 

The journey starts from strangers to friends and then lovers who got united by time and fate . They stood for each other and this life they shall fight for each other . 

But will the love forever last or is there another game to be played ? 


Main leads 
Arjuna and  Draupadi 

Supporting cast 
Krishna , Pandavs , Dhristadyuman , Chitra , Kunti, Subhadra, Drupad , Radha, Ullopi , Jaydrath , Dushasan , Satyambha 


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MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Authors Note 

I started to write this story after reading all most all the ArDi stories written in the forum . The ArDi ff were inspiring n all the ArDi one shots helped me a lot with the story progression . 

When I read the story back when it started I feel stupid cause now I realise that from my grammar errors to the the story plot , most of them were messed up . But as they say , you learn when you do it . I am really thankful to all my readers for being patient and understanding and loving the story despite the 'not so great' story plot . 

This is really not the way I wanted to end up my story or the way I was going to take it but then time goes and decisions changes . 

The journey of me writing this story is a beautiful one . This is one of  the story I thoroughly enjoyed while writing and believe me, each of the chapter is special to me in every way .

This story didn't give me readers but friends who , encouraged me and helped me improve my writing . 
Every one who left back a comment is special for me and your valuable feedback means a lot to me . 

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MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Before you go ahead with the party , a little sneak peak of 
Story is Yet To Come, Season Two

"Happiness is a bliss till it last ..." 

Happiness was at the doorstep of Arjuna and Panchali . New life and  a new family . But was that supposed to be last forever ? 


"Why have they come again Madhav ? Why are they again after my wife and my family ? " 

"Density writes all your plays Parth . You came down for a reason and so have they . It's not only for your love that your life was been given to . You and Sakhi are here for a purpose . " 

"What purpose ? " 

"The same as before . For the end of the ill activities and for the establishment of Dharm . The pot of their Karm is overflowing with sins . It's high time they pay for it . You are here to establish Dharm again and purify Kaliyug . There wouldn't be another Mahabharata but there will be a war , a war against the good and the worse and this time you fight alone not only for your family but for whole humanity . And I promise Parth this time you wouldn't lose what you had in past . Neither your wife nor your son . " 


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                                                     |The Party| 

My FF became two years old !  Let's celebrate this moment ! Moment ! Silly First lets cut the cake ! 


Lets nacho  ! Thoda mental sa hoke saree let's nacho ! Lets nacho ! SillyPartySilly


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