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ArDi FF 2 ~ The story is still yet to come|LastChapPg33| (Page 20)

MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 October 2015 at 12:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .Sanskruti

res res res

Rula diya PagliHug
unres Sleepy

MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

Jedi of CC, FFG Cupids
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Posted: 11 October 2015 at 12:51am | IP Logged
Chapter 36 - Ang Laga de 

"Doubt thou the stars are fire;
 Doubt that the sun doth move;
 Doubt truth to be a liar;
 But never doubt I love."

-Willam Shakespeare

Draupadi smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror . 

'Mr boyfriend dear ready to go on your knees ' she smiled at the thought itself . 

It was sure that she was going to win the anniversary challenge . 


"You know Arya our anniversary is near ! one year together . I can not believe it . " Draupadi said excitedly . 

"Neither I can believe that I tolerated you for one year ! Uff ! " 

"How rude of you ! " 

"I was jus joking re . Don get on the angry queen mode . I don know why get angry at such small things " 

"I m not angry !" 

"Of course you are ! You never stay silent otherwise . " 

"Okay then what surprise are you giving me ? " 

"Umm . Surprise is a surprise bae how can tell you what it is . But that will be the best I can bet . "

"Uh huh . Mr proud . Not only you I too can give surprises okay ." 

"Okay then let see madam who will give the best surprise of all . You or me . Challenge ?" 


_Flashback ends_ 

And this was it , she was going to surprise as she had not met him since the last few days and said that she had left the town to meet her grandmother  who had turned sick suddenly . Now she would surprise him . 

"Yippee I m going to win this challenge boyfriend dear " 


Draupadi had finished her make up and was giving a final touch to her appearance when her phone rang . 

It had Arjun 's caller ID . 

Haha , she thought . I m going to fool you.

But to her surprise the voice on the other end was someone else's . 

"Hello . Madam I called you because that was the last call I saw in the phone . Please if you know this boy then come here fast . " 

"What happened ? " her voice came out in hesitation as her heart filled with worry . 

"There is an emergency madam . I will tell you the address please come here soon . " 

Draupadi could feel the ground beneath her taken away as she stood still without knowing what to do. 

The next thing she knew was that she has rushed to the address given . 


It did no take her more than fifteen minutes to reach there . She looked around but she saw nothing but an empty highway .

Her head moved around . He mind still not working when she felt two hands on her eyes blocking her from seeing more. 

She quickly pushed the hands and turned back to find Arjun smiling at her . 

"You you ... You are fine ... You you " her words did not come out as  she was confused on seeing him there . Was she surprised or was she happy . 

"Yes me baby . " 

"So that thing , the accident , that emergency . All of them were jus ..." 

"It was false . Nothing has happened to me . It was a way of bringing you here .

"What ? " worry fled her eyes and anger conquered them . Arjun could see through her eyes that he had led himself to a trouble and a big one . 

"I hate you . You did all these jus to win that challenge ..., I hate you !" She started to blurt   out words of anger and complains hitting him in the chest all the time . 

"Relax my fiery queen . Relax " he tried to calm her down . He hugged her tight , she first opposed it but then gave up in his arms . 

"I hate you . How could play such a prank with me !" Tears flowed out from her lotus eyes . 

"I m really sorry . Please forgive me , kill me punish me but please don get angry with me " he wiped her tears with his lips.

It took him sometime to calm her down and he swear that he would never do that again . 

"Now that you have come here would you see my surprise. " 

She nodded her head in a yes and walked with him as he led her towards a pond . 

On one side was a beautiful decorated hut with a decorated table and musicians on the other side. The whole place was decorated . 

Panchali could not help smiling to her fullest . 

"Happy first anniversary " Arjun said hugging her close from behind ." When I first met you I never knew you would be so important for me . I love you for the person you are , all that you have been and all that you're yet to be " 

"I love you too Arya , without you I m nothing , with you I m something and together we are everything . " she confessed as he kissed her cheeks . 


They both spend the rest of the evening with all that Arjun had planned . Later when he was going to drop her back she refused and chose to stay with him that night . 

He carried her in a bridal style and led her to the edge of the hill from where they could see the stars . 

Both of them lay on the ground looking at the sky .

"I won the challenge by the way " Arjun said breaking the moment's silence .

"Yes you did . And I love you for that" 

"So would not I be rewarded ? " Arjun 'eyes hold a naughty glint in it . 

Draupadi did not say anything just lifted her head and bent it towards him and pecked on his lips . 

"Is this what you are looking for ?" She asked blinking her eyes . 

"Not actually " he pulled her towards him and passionately took her lips . 

Panchali backed into the ground , her breath coming in gasps, her skin singing its own song. 

He placed both his hands on either side of her face, and whispered, "Won't you let me kiss your neck?" The vein in her neck twitched in anticipation and when he set his tongue to it, it felt like taking a swan dive off the Qutub Minar. 

Her fingertips travelled up his back, feeling his shoulderblades, stroking up and down his spine. Arjun pulled his t-shirt over his shoulders, his head emerging with a ruffle of hair atop it. 
Lifting his head, he took it off, stretching it over his arms, causing Draupadi's eyes to widen like gulab jamoons. 

Panchali bit down a laugh and ran her hand through his hair, pulling his head back to kiss his Adam's apple and trail her lips to his ear. She nuzzled the side of his face, feeling him smiling against her neck. 

"What?" he asked abashedly.

Draupadi giggled again. This is probably the cutest thing ever! Hotter than freshly outta the oven chocolate cake. Just waiting to be bitten.

Panchali's face split into a grin as the space between their lips lessened to zero. Arjun  pushed forward as Panchali's lips parted, and the kiss deepened. He had felt the warmth of her breath on his face as their noses traced the other's cheeks. Panchali's eyes were closed, her thumbs hooked into his waistband. Arjun's  hands slipped off her hair-tie and loosened out her braid. Both of them were pressed so closely together that each could feel the planes of the other's body.

Then pulling her close with one arm, he looked into her eyes, searching for the last sign of hesitence. But she wasn't made of nothing; her gaze mirrored his, the fire of her passion ringed around her eyes.

She slowly closed her eyes .  She never wanted it to end.

Panchali's eyes flew open as Arjun's  lips moved down to her chest. A loop of "this is perfect, this is perfect" was playing in her head. But she really hadn't wanted to wait that day.

The inches between their lips closed as they leaned in. They were soft at first, still testing waters, when she sighed. Draupadi broke the kiss and looked at him, her hands framing his face. Arjun's mouth stretched into his lopsided grin and Draupadi giggled.

Draupadi's hand roamed over his back and wound itself into his hair. His fingers clutching her waist, Arjun  leaned forward and deepened the kiss. Her hands snuck in his upper torso , bare fingers tracing the contours of his spine. Arjun's back curved along her hands . His head emerged, grinning like a loon, hair a ruffled mass of black. 

"Oh my God," she whispered, her eyes dancing with the mischievousness of a child with a particularly naughty plan. "This is so so not fair."

Raising his eyebrows in wonderment at the suggested unfairness, and smirking at her obvious phirni-knees state, Arjun's  hands reached for her thighs, his deft fingers slipping underneath the folds of her dress to grasp her hip bones, she grasped his head with fingertips of fire, kissing him anew. Arjun  held her so close that she felt his limbs melding into hers. He kissed her eyebrows, her cheekbones and gently pushed her head back so he could work down her throat.

Draupadi's hands tightened in his hair as she felt his teeth graze at her collarbones. Her legs wrapped themselves around his waist as she arched back, and his lips peppered kisses along the incline of her neck as the strap of her dress slipped down, exposing her shoulder. She dragged his face up and met his lips with hers, biting down on his lower lip till he parted them and the kiss deepened, intensified. Her hair had become undone spilled down her back, a forest of black and deep blue Arjun 's  hands were now lost in.

She broke the kiss to breathe in heavily, but his mouth roamed down her throat to her chest, biting hickeys that would be purple by morning. Her breathy squeal drew him up. Her eyes, darker than ever before, reflected them the same restless passion that was churning in him. Draupadi's face split into a smile as he helped raise her dress up and over her head, and it joined his T-shirt on the ground . 

"My God," Arjun  whispered, "Which Goddess incarnate are you?"

Draupadi raised an eyebrow as she pulled him closer . "You tell me."

"Well," he said, his hand going back , "Let's find out, shall we?"

Draupadi left out a gasp as he entered her . Her heart sang as their love making reached its height .

Panchali's lashes fluttered as she lazily opened and closed her eyes. It was like those "thinkers" in the movies-- they could never stop flicking the light switch and Panchali's eyes were like that. She couldn't stop opening and closing them.

"Why are you thinking? Stop it please," Arjun  drawled, running his index finger down the bridge of her nose . She stayed still.

"What did you think you were doing when you joked with me about your accident ? " she asked in a tone of anger and disappointment . 

"I never thought that you would worry so much . I never even imagined . I m sorry" 

"You know that you may say sorry hundred of times , I would never allow you to do that prank again . Never " 

"Okay my fiery queen " 

He kissed on her forehead and she smiled . 

That night was special for them as it  held memories , some that were the pillars of their upcoming life . 

Unknown to both of them that the future hold something more for both , something that would test their relation n maybe enough to break it into pieces . 

Hope u all like it and do comment back your opinions . No res and looking for long comments ;) 

Ps three more chaps and I would finish this FF  .

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Angela_Grokes IF-Rockerz

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Like I said earlier, its really good to see ArDi stories coming up. Sadly, this one will end in a few updates. But then, its better giving it a good end than stretching for long. It will definitely be missed.

I won't call it hot aplike many would, there was more of passion. Some tugging passion which definitely was very arousing and it was a mix of sweet naughtiness especially on Arjun's part. I liked it.

But a small suggestion, though the title of the chap informs a lot in the beginning itself, I would suggest you put a +18 tag before the chapter for young readers. Smile

Keep up the good work.

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So many chapters coming in today...uff!Wink
PriyaSweety-Anu IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for PM,Dear.Smile
It was Awesome Part.Smile
Arjun and Draupadi Romance was so Beautifully explained.Embarrassed
Their Kiss was So Cute.Embarrassed
The Whole Part was so Interestingly explained.Smile
Please Update Next Part soon.Smile

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DI, it's not good! u kept us in suspense till now! To whom did yudhi called? plz update!!
MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by naturelover33

DI, it's not good! u kept us in suspense till now! To whom did yudhi called? plz update!!
already updated dear . Check the previous page Embarrassed
aanvi98 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 October 2015 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Texie-Shady

Originally posted by naturelover33

DI, it's not good! u kept us in suspense till now! To whom did yudhi called? plz update!!
already updated dear . Check the previous page Embarrassed
But wasn't it anniversary special?? Sorry, it was 18+, so i skipped it!!!LOL If u have written that part that to whom yudhi called, then plz quote it!!! Becuz i am too lazy to check and too excited to see!!!LOL Now what will happen to my ArDi? Is anything big happening!! Something like *tht* thingy? Noo!!! I can't see my ArDi in pain!!!Broken Heart

P.S: I was going to read, but angie di ke daant khake nehi pada.LOL Agar bade logon ko bata chal gaya ki yeh sab hum bachche longon ka kiadhara hai, toh woh shahed pehele shabashi denge, uske baad maar hi dalenge!!!LOL Socho, agar kisi din, khuda naa kare, Shaheer ko iss thread bare mein bata chala, uske baad hamare special update ke baare mein bata chala, then hamare age discussion ke bare mein bata chala, then kya hoga!! another tweet- my birdies are my babies!!!ROFL
Sorry, can't reply for some IF post issues...Ouch

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