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ArDi FF 2 ~ The story is still yet to come|LastChapPg33| (Page 17)

MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 7:18am | IP Logged

Sam : As we said before this was jus impossible without any of you . Each reader and their precious comments helped us to write more and more . This ff got us friends , family and fantastic commenters . Without your support we would be incomplete . 

Aresha : Okay would you  stop this nautanki ? and just call out our fantastic and  awesome readers who are great writers themselves . 

Sam : yeah yeah . Starting with the person without whom We would have not even start this FF . That awesome person is none other than Yagya Di aka (.MereRangMein.) . I still don get why did you change your UN . Anyways without you , this thread would have not come to the IF world . So Dil se , we thank you .

Aresha : Thank you so much Yagya di . You truly are a great reader and not forget a great writer too . 

Sam : Now the next person is none other than Krishnaa Di . We are great fan of your FF Di and we jus love your writing . 

Aresha : And we really got inspired to write more and more just by you Di . 

Sam : and I would I like you share one of her comments . 

Originally posted by Krishnaa_Nair

Ggaaawwwddd this is simply awesome yaar.. I still smiling n blushing.. My roomies are asking me whether my bf messaged me or something. I m tht red.. Ufff this is the best update till date...
Bheen n nakul n arjun.. Superb yaar i was lauging my guts out...
I cant stop reading ut.. I m reading it again n again... Gaawwddd.. and in this update too i m seeing kyy's manik n nandini.. N tht red colour on cheek scene.. Reminded me of ramleela *blush blush* 

Now the kisss.. I cant say abt it.. I m already a beetroot. It was damn haawwttt..

Update soon maannn.. Ab raha nehi jaatha

Aresha : Now did we forget our Quest Di . 

Sam : Her name is Angela . And she too is really good writer and really encouraged me to write more and more beautiful updates . And this is one for her comments that really is special to me . 
Originally posted by Angela_Grokes

Okay now I am back on my reading spree!Embarrassed
As usual, I am loving the pace of the story. You manage it really well.Clap
I can imagine this scene.Wink Pooja's hair flying...Day Dreaming
Plus, the song fits in really well. Oh God! Only wish if it was real.Blushing
Great update. Loved it with the whole talking to yourself thing. That is what I am doing a lot nowadays.LOL Update soon sugar.Embarrassed You really are turning out as a ArDi Shakespeare . 

Sam : Yeh Bandhan Toh Pyaar ka Bandhan hai . LOL

Aresha : Uff ! Miss filmi holic stop this nonese . 

Sam : What can I do , I have a great relation with this one reader . My Sautan . I started to recognise her from this story and I literally remember she asking me if I was her devrani and I denying and saying that I have an eye on Karn . 

Aresha : D'oh

Sam : Yeah yeah okay , here an comment from her that is really special to me . 

Originally posted by .Sanskruti

Kya update diya hai SautanEmbarrassed
 waise srry hum late ho gaye kya! xams started sautan mei three days se away frm IFOuch jab ayi toh 80 PMs theShocked lekin Sautan sautan attraction se tera dhoond liyaTongue
dedicated to meShocked aww thankyu so muchHug(JFWink)
u know mei aaj xam deke niche meri frnd ka wait kar rahi thi that time I read this...when Devarjee questioned me ki unke bhrata ne kitne papad bele I was blushing madlyEmbarrassed itni blushing ki usne ane par mujhe poocha ki kahi meine koi 14th Feb ka proposal accept toh nahi kiya na!Embarrassed
Aalia how perfect bhabishree I amWink waise Thankyu u didnt bring Arya into the scene spcly when I ws explaining to devarjeeWink nahi toh bolti nabd ho jaati meriLOL 
Bhrata Krishna is so superrr cuteeeTongue awwie Devranijee dreaming of her prince charmingDay Dreaming mujhe unse nahi milaogiWink and ha I liked Vrushali she is exactly like meShocked thodi naughty thodi natkhat nd lovely girlEmbarrassed plus u know ppl write my spelling Sanskriti when its Sanskruti!! I am soo happy shappy u used U in Vrushu instead of IHug nd issilye meine RES nahi chodaWink
nd ha u r a Kajulee na bring some bromantic scenes na nd I want to meet my Devranijee too
Rock the date tooWink aur ha congo u too dazzling like me haTongue
update soonBig smile nahi tohAngry

Aresha : Now the next amazing reader in our list is Navika . 

Sam : Oh how can believe this Gyani baba who never stopped guessing the story line and guessed it correct every time . ErmmBut her continuos comments and her demands for more romance always led me to write one . So Navika thanks a lot . And here is one of her comment that is really special to me . 

Originally posted by 8520NK

Bwahaha! I am first Sam!Dancing
Dekha? Romantic update jiske peeche mein mar rahi thi uspe meine hee sabse pehle comment kiyaWink
Itne awesome din pe tune post kiya, when I am bilkul free now! Oh, how I missed commenting here!Day Dreaming
I LOVEDDD the update! Hayeee!Blushing
Mere ArDi finally! Holi ke din dil mil jaate hai! Eeeh! Thank you soo much for this amazing, superb, stupendous update!!!! 
I can't say less about it! My favouritesssttt update till now! I absolutely loved it! So beautiful!Embarrassed
So, our Drau doesn't like colours, but only till Parth doesn't rango her in his rang!LOLWink
The update was shhooo romantic and that kiss in the waterpool made me blush so profusely Sam! I so badly needed this dose of romance from my ArDi FF writers!Thumbs Up
Loved the flashback also, and the present totally blew me away like whoooshh!Embarrassed
I loved this line though!
"U have already coloured me in your colours arya ! And no water can wash away that ! "She replied in a soft tone which made him smile broadly . 
So gyaani baba now predicts that the love story is officially starting...Star
P.S. - I could totally imagine ShaPoo as ArDi here! The kurta and the red colour! HayeeeHeart

Aresha : Oh Ho . This one is my favourite . She is the only one who can win you over arguments ROFL. By the way did you two decide whose husband is Arjun originally and who is the one to steal him . Geek

Sam : Oh , Moumita . And nope we still have not figured out who was the original wife and who was the stealer but I tell you , I m the original wife and she was the stealer . Anyways she always supports me and makes me write more and more . Without her comments , I don like to udpate my chaps . And here is one of her comment that is one of my best .  

Originally posted by Sonatia

 Sorry, my train is running late...
And so i get here late (~_~)anyway
i loved the 1'st part when chitra was forcing dhris to admit that he cried. You noe aise fight mai mera bro ke sath karti hun. I am very hardkhore and binadas ladki so my bro force me to admit though i nt use to cry. Anyway i loved that...very cuteee. 
And then the part in hall was ameazing.
U noe in ladke logon ki kya prob hoti hai pata nhi. Specially yea bhai.
Mai jab bhi classes ke lie jati hun with dressing beautifully he asks the same and i answer the same what drau did...
U noe i find many similarities in many incidents of ur ff vid my normal i love your ff more than any..
And that part where ancientLOL chitra vid ancient arjun.
You did a great job here.
The part was very beautiful. It took my heart away.[AND don get shock RETURNED MY HEART AS WELL. lol]
and the last ice-cream part was ohhh my god !
Ok let me comment in detail
1> the first part of the last part when ullu [CAN'T STOP MYSELF MAKING MESS WITH HER NAME. Sorry] told arjun bla...bla...bla[sry i am lazy] ohh gosh i was about to sing lets celebrate ! Lets celebrate this moment moment moment [I LOVE BOTH ARJUN]
DRAU IS THE THIRD PERSON ?!?? Why yea arjun ne bilkul thik nhi kiya...lolololololll
and the part wher drau coughs and arjun comforts was so cute it took my heart then returned as well. U noe manan in ky2...
And i loved their hugs and kisses they were so cute so cute that it took my heart and u noe then did nt

i noe mai bohot zayada bol rahi hun i sud stop talking bye! bye!
that z anyway still the best part i have read in this week..$$$$$
Aresha : Okay Sam tell me if these are comments or essays . Sleepy

Sam : Umm essay like comments . Syeda Di and Ashiwarya.Hug These two were readers from first but it never felt as though they were new to the story . Their constant long comments were always my favourite . 
I still remember me calling Syeda Di by her surname LOLand I still m and Asinwarya always complaining that she is Aishwarya and not Nadina Lopez . ROFL

Here is one of their long comments . Wow these are too cool . 
Originally posted by sadiasaba68

wow Day Dreaming Day Dreaming 
wow wow wow Clap Clap
omg Sam that was worth the wait baby ...Thumbs Up
I'm dancing I'm dancing Big smile I'm on the 9th cloud ..yahooo Big smile

ummm k now I have stopped acting like a mad n going to comment in brief Wink

1st part when arjun ignored her I felt bad for my drau Unhappy
n then the dream part Blushing aww our ardi Day Dreaming
naughty arjun n clever drau I love their combo Wink 

n then nakul spoiled arjun's dream Disapprove
I was so happy when arjun n bheem taught nakul a lesson ROFL ROFL

aww drau loves romantic stories!! Day Dreaming she doesn't know that her own love story is going to be the most romantic one Blushing Evil Smile

dhrish n chitra part was cute ...loved the bro-sis n friendship bond Big smile

I just loved the way arjun said sorry to drau , that was very cute Day Dreaming 

n the washing machine tips of arjun was just perfect ROFL ROFL

angry drau took revenge from arjun n had her laugh huhh Wink i just love my queen Big smile 

wow arjun pulled her to the corner Day Dreaming that line itself gave me chill on my spine Blushing

aww he colored her n then drau run away that part was so romantic n cute Wink

arjun hugged her from behind Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
drau pushed arjun n she herself fell beside him ROFL ROFL I loved it ..they should often fell over each other Evil Smile

n then what happened is just so so passionate Blushing Blushing
they're so fast baby Wink doing all these now what will happen next Day Dreaming oh I love my fast ardi Evil Smile
without saying the magical 3 words the confessed their love Day Dreaming aww that's y our ardi is unique Big smilethough I want them say those 3 words soon ...greedy me Evil Smile
last part was very cute waiting 4 their next meeting ..I wanna know what will they do Wink
that was long Ik don't throw chappals at me pls ROFL 
PS: while reading the update I was thinking that ulopi the ullu will come n ruin everything ..Angry ..I'm so happy that till the end there was no ullu around Evil Smile
when will arjun break up with that ullu Unhappy I want it to happen soon Big smile
here I stop ...Star

Originally posted by aishwarya48

res res!Wink
Such a cutie update!!!!Embarrassed
Drau is a fashion designer?!?!?! niceLOL
and her forgetting what to wear on her dateClap good job drau
but her outfit seemed paakaEmbarrassed
and i could just imagine shaheer in that outfit you gave us omgTongue
that view must have been so beautifulWink...such nice pictures
drau's momCryCry
but all her tears were gone in a flash thanks to arjunLOL
finally our sir confessed his loveEmbarrassed..
awesome song!!! I loved each and every word of it!!!Thumbs Up
and then the last part was just
HOT HOT HOTDay DreamingBlushing
I think I've read this update 10 times...GAWD ADDICTEDShocked
I love your long there is no reason to apologize by any meansThumbs Up
Please make the next update with the uloo and draupadi choosing thing and then he choos drau (duhhh)Clap
This ff is getting better and better and hotter with each lovin it (tm mcdonalds) ROFL
We cannot end this ff before like a gazillion threads!!!!
btw i found a spelling error (oops)..

Aresha : Hemangi and Ritz and Radhekarni , Priya next on our list . 

Sam : Oh yes Hemangi Di andRitz   And Proteeti And Priya di and Mamta di Hemangi too had a good guess every time . And her amazing comment . And Ritz Di always comments . And Protteti and priya di never forget to leave back their feedback . 
And I just love Mamta Di 's comments . 

Aresha : Also thank you all of our readers . 

Sam : I m crying looking at all these comments . Missing old good days . 

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deactivated_bye Senior Member

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 7:19am | IP Logged
Party all night LOL

When we started this story we never thought that this would reach one year . We had made so many stories and so many  ideas and finally comprised into one story making it "Story Is Yet To Come " 

We even have made the ending thinking we would finish this but *haha *our laziness did not help re ! 

We will still try to complete it. Lol ! 

So time to celebrate ! Let's celebrate let's celebrate this moment ! 

Okay so let the party start , 


Main, tu, mere yaar, tere friends
Teri girlfriend, teri ex
Teri girlfriend ka ex
Kyu ho gaye saare junglee
Kyu ho gaye saare junglee
Kyu ho gaye ho gaye, ho gaye, ho gaye
Ho gaye saarey junglee katthey

Aww.. tera happy birthday
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Aww.. tera happy birthday
Naach pajama pakadkey patthey


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MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sonatia

Hellow! Hollaa! Hw r u yet to come?? Kya kahan hungry? Hmmm i can understand your mom i mean sam tumhe weekends meh feed karne ke nam se mahine lagti hai...hai thodi khadoos tumpe but dil ki buri nahi hai;-)
kya kaha tum strike karne wali ho...abbe oye!! Aisa koi karta hai bhala? Woh bi is din pe? No baby aisa nahi karta jab woh date 29'th september ho yani ki tumhar b'day...! Congo congo yet to come ab tum ek sal ki ho gaye ho...!

I know u r missing ur mom but trust me she wz the one to remember me ur b'day and for her xms she can't celebrate it today...but she ll do it nxt twesday..;-)warna mughe toh sirf tumhare mom ka b'day yaad hai. but b'day toh b'day hota hai nah toh i'm here ur mausiROFL to wish u a happy happy happy b'day..wish ur mom feed u with spicy spicy updts and tum 1000s of thread meh badi sry lambi hogao...!! Sam u r such a such a brilliant wr8er dat i can remember each and everything of this ff.. 

I loved the first part dreams and dat MMM..Their first fight wid that car which was karnas gift to arjun..i loved kaju bonding so much..mother kunti and her laal neil hara pila kalaROFL loved dat rocky and lokendra..rocky's colourfull dresses was just to funny...singing competetion..arjunne yagya ki voice suni.. Their last uloopi ne unlogon ka gana churalia...
Oh hw can i forget dat stalking wala part jab drau ke shirt me arjun ka chain atka aur ek lip accident hua?? And loved dat dil dafar wala part...hw cute.. Loved IQ TEST WALA PART..ULU IN LEADING BUT ARDI HAS TO BEAT THEM? I loved dat part...omg dat part of kamli drau was dancing and finally ended up in arjun's arm...arjun teasing drau and drau going day library wala part ardi reading...privacy...amit spoils and woh wala 30 kal wala joke dat makes drau red..ardi uncomfortable..dat part drau looks at her arjun and goes in her dreamland...arjun:mughe aise mat dekho..drau went red..arjun saying red z ur fav colour...ROFL atlast arjun exhausted with her ques..230 bc ya 4** yad nahi hai dat cafe part..ardi first hug.drau afraid of bheem...!! Hugging last faints...arjun takes hosp.hw caring.. And dat part when drau asks kya hua tha and all arjun replys u came,i came,u fainted,i took u to d hosp that was hailourious..den dancing comp...oh i forgot to ment drau burning finger arya can't help but showing his caring side...u gave such such wonderful updts...;-) villains entry and drau being kidnapped...arjun saves dat jay matadi wala part and when they were acting! Loved dat bike ride..loved dat holy part and there passionate kiss..hating colours haan?? Loved dat chitra drau part.chitra tell drau dat wz attraction btwn oppo sex..and next day making arjun jelaous and again two kisses...blashing...and their first date..its the heart of dis ff and the best part..u made me cry and that part before earthquake braking up wid uloopi...arjun telling drau u r 3'rd person to laugh listening dis...drau gets angry why 3'rd i sud be 1'st...nadaan ladki yeh bi nahi janti ki 1'st and 2'nd ulo and arjun tha...loved dat part drau coughs arjun cmforts...but i am still angry on u why why u went nepal dat tym.? Do u know hw much worried i was..huh..anyway mai aur typ bilkul nahi karungi.sry sam i cnt be here nxt week when u gonna celebrate its bday..i have sry i'm dropping my wish here.

dis cake 4 u sam! Dnt say i hav already eaten and hav to keep in frdge

Omg ! Mou ! I love you baby . HugNow this is really unexpected . Love you and your comments . My reaction looking at this comment . 

Ao Ho my Mausi ji LOL you are the one who wishes this thread on its real b day . Love you re and thank you for that walk in memory lane . I love you re ! And that cake is just amazing . Muaah . 

And missing you like hell . 

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Angela_Grokes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Its a wonderful sorry. Kinda of fresh and definitely very refreshing and encouraging to see such stories about ArDi come up!
P.S. I have a lot to read LOL

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aanvi98 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 9:34am | IP Logged
Mere ArDi!!! Tum jio hajaaron saal saal!! and u also my didis! So u can give all of us big big Dhamakas!!!!LOL lets celebrate it!!!!!DancingAbhi toh party shuru hui hai!!!!Partyplz continue so we can celebrate hundreds of years!!!!!

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..AgniJyotsna.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 9:55am | IP Logged
Oh My God! Mujhe Thanks Kyon Bol Rahe Ho? Di Bolte Ho Aur Thanks Bolte Ho? Kuch Bhi Sam Aur Aresha? Thanks a lot for the honor and I am sorry ki main padh nahi paa rahi thi! I was a bit busy from AD and then CC ka kaam and everything! But bahanon ko chod ke, I am sorry! I will try to be more active and I hope that you celebrate more anniversaries of this beautiful FF! Bless You!

P.S: I changed my UN because I love the serial and the song, 'Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali'!

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PriyaSweety-Anu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Many Happy returns of the Day,Dear...PartyParty
It was So Happy to Hear this.Smile
I am Wishing You to achieve all your Dreams.Smile
Enjoy Your Day,Dear.PartyParty
Always Keep Smiling,Dear.Smile

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8520NK IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Omgg! One year of The Story is Yet to Come, and I have to say that this story is coming out to be absolutely wonderful.
It has been such a fantastic journey till now and a big shoutout to both of you, Sam and Aresha for having conceived and brought forward this amazing idea on this Forum.Party
It is such a pleasure to read about ArDi and this story has been one of my absolute favorites, because the filmy Bollywood buff that I am, it thrills me to read such seeti-maar, tabadtod, and well, filmy stuff, especially because I have my ArDi as the main leads.
A big hug and congratulations to you guys for this story and the completion of its one year. What more can I say? And well, for the comment in the earlier posts...I have to keep commenting on my Miss Filmy's thread, or do I have another option at all? But I am glad that you like my comments and I am honoured to have been mentioned there, in your list...I know the kind of joy a writer feels when you get comments in your work, after all I am a writer too.
Anyway, 'It's the time to disco', and don't forget to update soon! Big smile

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