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ArDi FF 2 ~ The story is still yet to come|LastChapPg33| (Page 16)

aishwarya48 Senior Member

Joined: 08 January 2015
Posts: 446

Posted: 11 August 2015 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Oh you better update every weekend!Tongue
Been missing your updates soo much!Wink
Loved the update and of courseApprove
Oh finally the wedding is here!Big smile
And is what is Yudi going to do!Ouch
Marraige fixage or what?!Sleepy

sadiasaba68 Senior Member

Joined: 04 November 2014
Posts: 537

Posted: 11 August 2015 at 1:08pm | IP Logged
finally u updated Big smile
ok the starting part OMG so hottt Blushing
thoughts of drau.. i mean we can't blame her can we?? when arjun is seen in that way what can she do?? Wink
so here's ur twist... what's yudi up to??... Ouch
now u better continue soon sammy... things getting more n more interesting Approve
Sonatia IF-Dazzler

Stormtrooper of CC
Joined: 11 December 2014
Posts: 3426

Posted: 22 August 2015 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Hiee...sorry for being late..actually umm.. I am very tired of my life..uff..or yea weather..kitni achchi monsoon chal raha tha itni garmi aagaye..u noe wat i mean..tip tip barsa pani,pani meh aug lagaye..haha aug toh itni cool nahi hoti nah, HOThoti hai..ROFL i mean jab apki patidev aug lagaye...!! Kitna sexy wala update thaaa!!! And drau ki toh gandhi wali thaughts ki pahad lag gaye yaar..uska K2 mera mount everest..!!(gandi wali thaughts ki.) Yeah mai jet gaye..wohhoowww!!! And drau z seeming hungry.. dieting kar rahi hai kya?..she may be in food diet but me soda diet...hahahaha!!
Chitra aur drau toh pagal hi ho gaye hidimba ko leke..but u noe meri sister bi bilkul ayse hai..dress up karneke bad mugse you noe thousands of tym puchti hai "di hw am i looking...hw am i looking...n..." woh bhi everyday...aur mai bi bolti hun"you are looking very beautiful"..woh mughe doubt karna suru karti hai aur use thousands tym confirm karna hota hai..uff...aur yudhi ko kya hua dekhte hi behush???? Drau ne kch sprey kia tha kya? ROFL becharaaa..cutepie..

Edited by Sonatia - 22 August 2015 at 11:03am
Sonatia IF-Dazzler

Stormtrooper of CC
Joined: 11 December 2014
Posts: 3426

Posted: 22 August 2015 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Dabangg_Sam

Originally posted by Sonatia

Sorry mai woh kya hai na ok...maine res bi karna bhul gaye and padi thi bohot pehle but u know when i wrote my cmnt and proof read it i found it boringROFL{NEXT TIME DUSRI EXCUSE BANANA OK?} after dat when i wrote the cmnt for 2nd tym mughe maths ki yad augaye and after that when i logged in for the 3'rd tym and was going to typ a cmnt mughe history book ki yad augaye and ab mai sab ko yad kar kar ke thak gaye hu so i am puri focased..
I AM SPEECHLESS par gungi nahi...kya update tha yar... Tumne mera dil le lia...
Ladkian hot hoti hai han? Tumne mera bhai ka explanation de di...ROFL my bro says same to his gf...
And the shopping wala part was amazing...ROFL
drau ki nak bohot unchi hai arjun ne itni sari shopping bags carry kia fir bhi she is nt fully satisfied..huh:-/
and bechara arya...
Rain dance han? I am jealous...usne mera arya ke sath dance kia...
I cnt belive this maine socha nahi tha ki meri tarha ek aur pagal hai...realy cnt belive this...mai bi ashique 2 experience karna chahti hun...when my friends use to ask me abt my love life, mai apni aise lovestory bolti hun ki woh log mughe kehte hai tu lover nahi director banja...mai aise he examples deti hun ki mughe ky2 me mannan jaise takraya tha waise hi takrana hai...htp ki tarha mughe woh last wali kiss karna hai...mere bf ko jealous feel karwana hai...d3 ka swam aur sharon ki rain dance/navyanant ka rain dance kch bi chalega...ashique2 ka kiss...ek khubsurat date...bitch me twist ayegi ek yehi hai ashique/love by chance ki tarah...shadi se bhag ne ka experience chaiye...aise hi bolti rehti huh and agar woh question karte hai ki agar tu kisi se nahi takrai toh my reply alwaysTAKRANAHI HOGA..Mou tu director bangaROFL
but u so cruel kiss mehi khatam? Arre kisi mahapurush ne kaha hai kiss mehi kiss ki khatam nahi hota..kya yar kiss me pause karke rakha hai koi dekh lega toh?TUMNE MERA HEART LELI WOH Wapis nahi auraha tumhare story se...lagta hai remote kharab hogaya hai ya charge khatam hogaya hai...

Tera Yeh lambha comment and lame excuse .LOLTere history aur maths .Angry
I took your heart . Oh . Yeah I m heart stealer u see . Iss liye Toh kehti hu Arjun mere Arya hai cause I stole his heart par tu hai ki Har bar war karti haiROFLgirls should not be satisfied so easily otherwise boys will take it for granted .LOLI told u he was my Arya .WinkHaha congrats u got a another crazy friend who wants to do the Ashiqui scene . LOL Ok my baby doll from now on you are my director baby doll .Big smileBeg how much u want or tease me to death I m still gonna call u Director Baby Doll .
Oh god ! Please Kohi iss Kolkata k Malai ko sambhalo , she wants to run away . I will call your home and complain to uncle .Wink
Iss ! Ab meh Kya karu main noon hi aissi badmash . Omg, totally true , mere story ka remote button Kharab Ho Gaya hai.LOL

First of all i am not A baby doll, i donno why every1 want to call me a baby..meri body se baby baby khusbu ati hai kya or mere profile baby baby hai or wat?? Every1 almost every1 i met here want to call me baby..
I don't noe hw did u escape the leser lights while stealing my heart...alarm hi nahi baja..woo i see tum bohot thak gaye ho,pasina aaraha hai na arya ka heart chori karke..lo thanda pani pio..but u noe wat mughe arya ka heart chori nahi karni padi unhone khud mughe de dia hai..pata hai tumme aur mughme kya fark hai?ROFLROFL Arya koto lakho dil dete hai aur churate bi hai but arya ne mughe dil dedi hai..*VICTORY SMILE*Dekha kitni smart hun maiROFL
kolkataki malai nahi pagal rosugolla hai...daddy koh call karke koi fayeda nahi dude..patana auta hai mughe..mai pakka apni shadi meh tughe nahi bulaungi..q ki tab pakka yeh shadi nahi hogiROFL
love u so much my friendly enemy sry arya chor.ROFL
Sonatia IF-Dazzler

Stormtrooper of CC
Joined: 11 December 2014
Posts: 3426

Posted: 29 September 2015 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Hellow! Hollaa! Hw r u yet to come?? Kya kahan hungry? Hmmm i can understand your mom i mean sam tumhe weekends meh feed karne ke nam se mahine lagti hai...hai thodi khadoos tumpe but dil ki buri nahi hai;-)
kya kaha tum strike karne wali ho...abbe oye!! Aisa koi karta hai bhala? Woh bi is din pe? No baby aisa nahi karta jab woh date 29'th september ho yani ki tumhar b'day...! Congo congo yet to come ab tum ek sal ki ho gaye ho...!

I know u r missing ur mom but trust me she wz the one to remember me ur b'day and for her xms she can't celebrate it today...but she ll do it nxt twesday..;-)warna mughe toh sirf tumhare mom ka b'day yaad hai. but b'day toh b'day hota hai nah toh i'm here ur mausiROFL to wish u a happy happy happy b'day..wish ur mom feed u with spicy spicy updts and tum 1000s of thread meh badi sry lambi hogao...!! Sam u r such a such a brilliant wr8er dat i can remember each and everything of this ff..

I loved the first part dreams and dat MMM..Their first fight wid that car which was karnas gift to arjun..i loved kaju bonding so much..mother kunti and her laal neil hara pila kalaROFL loved dat rocky and lokendra..rocky's colourfull dresses was just to funny...singing competetion..arjunne yagya ki voice suni.. Their last uloopi ne unlogon ka gana churalia...
Oh hw can i forget dat stalking wala part jab drau ke shirt me arjun ka chain atka aur ek lip accident hua?? And loved dat dil dafar wala part...hw cute.. Loved IQ TEST WALA PART..ULU IN LEADING BUT ARDI HAS TO BEAT THEM? I loved dat part...omg dat part of kamli drau was dancing and finally ended up in arjun's arm...arjun teasing drau and drau going day library wala part ardi reading...privacy...amit spoils and woh wala 30 kal wala joke dat makes drau red..ardi uncomfortable..dat part drau looks at her arjun and goes in her dreamland...arjun:mughe aise mat dekho..drau went red..arjun saying red z ur fav colour...ROFL atlast arjun exhausted with her ques..230 bc ya 4** yad nahi hai dat cafe part..ardi first hug.drau afraid of bheem...!! Hugging last faints...arjun takes hosp.hw caring.. And dat part when drau asks kya hua tha and all arjun replys u came,i came,u fainted,i took u to d hosp that was hailourious..den dancing comp...oh i forgot to ment drau burning finger arya can't help but showing his caring side...u gave such such wonderful updts...;-) villains entry and drau being kidnapped...arjun saves dat jay matadi wala part and when they were acting! Loved dat bike ride..loved dat holy part and there passionate kiss..hating colours haan?? Loved dat chitra drau part.chitra tell drau dat wz attraction btwn oppo sex..and next day making arjun jelaous and again two kisses...blashing...and their first date..its the heart of dis ff and the best part..u made me cry and that part before earthquake braking up wid uloopi...arjun telling drau u r 3'rd person to laugh listening dis...drau gets angry why 3'rd i sud be 1'st...nadaan ladki yeh bi nahi janti ki 1'st and 2'nd ulo and arjun tha...loved dat part drau coughs arjun cmforts...but i am still angry on u why why u went nepal dat tym.? Do u know hw much worried i was..huh..anyway mai aur typ bilkul nahi karungi.sry sam i cnt be here nxt week when u gonna celebrate its bday..i have sry i'm dropping my wish here.

dis cake 4 u sam! Dnt say i hav already eaten and hav to keep in frdge

Edited by Sonatia - 30 September 2015 at 6:55am
MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

Jedi of CC, FFG Cupids
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Posted: 06 October 2015 at 7:15am | IP Logged
Next page Confused
MsChanadlerBong IF-Rockerz

Jedi of CC, FFG Cupids
Joined: 29 August 2014
Posts: 7136

Posted: 06 October 2015 at 7:15am | IP Logged

^Now that was literally my expression when I found out that this story reached one year ! 

Oh it's the birthday of my baby . Not actually baby but this thread is no lesser than a child to me . 

Oh ! Can't believe this story reached 1 year ! 

Actually it had  on 29 th but posting it now cause We were  unavailable at that time . So happy one week postponed first birthday "Story Is Yet To Come " PartyParty

This would not have been possible without anyone of you . 

After reading like many *actually all* ArDi stories  in IF We decided to write one . And Tada !here it was !

I love all my readers thank you so much for all your support , without you all this would have not been impossible . 

I love you all ! *hugs and kisses* 

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deactivated_bye Senior Member

Joined: 22 October 2014
Posts: 487

Posted: 06 October 2015 at 7:16am | IP Logged

Story so far , 

Where did your love story start from ? Umm from the time you first saw him or from the time you started to feel for him or from the time he proposed you ? 

We all know that our love story had one of the above start . But this couple's love story did not start from here , it started thousand and millions years ago. They both had left an incomplete journey , an incomplete story behind but here they were with another life just to complete that unfinished story of theirs. 

Let's start from the beginning , uh huh from when they saw each other . 

It was not so well ... Meeting as it leaded nothing but to fights . 
And they knew not that this meeting of theirs was the first time but not the last . 

It surprised both of them when they landed in the same college . Ugg ! Coincidence or fate ? 

Maybe fate , as they unexpectedly when were trying their best to avoid each other , became partners for the so called "perfect two competition . "

They may say they hate each other but was the love suppressed inside them for each other not to come out ? 

When he fought with the goons for her or when she got jealous , every time there was that tinge of love , Even when confessed that they don like each other . That unexpected kiss of theirs or that song where they sang out their hearts every time they had that thing for each other . 

It was one Holi that brought colours to their life . Colours that could never fade away . Colour of love , red love . 

But will this happy journey of theirs stay like this forever ? Or will their past haunt them down ? 

What's next ? Will their love story have a happy ending or will it just ... 

Cause picture Toh Abhi baki hai . The story is yet to come . 

Edited by Aresha_uchiha - 06 October 2015 at 8:41am

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