Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

.:|| Happy Birthday Hopeless Juliet Moutushi ||:.

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Tucking an invisible tress of hair, she slowly made her way down the stairs. The full length royal yellow gown and small crown on her loosely curled hair made her look like a fairy tale princess. 

As she took each step down a light flashed to life by her side. Taking a deep breath, slowing down the pace, she nervously glanced the beautifully decorated hall. Beautiful will be a small word for sure. Entire hall is decorated with fairy candle lights, and bright fresh carnations of red and adorned everywhere giving the hall a fairy tale look. The floor is covered with white and red balloons which was similar to the colour combination in the wall. Silver stars, which hung from the ceiling, shined in the candle light. There was a royal table in the centre with a cake, a dozen of glasses and bottle of champagne.

Her eyes slowly shifted to the 8 handsome gentlemen seated on chair, waiting for her. Well rather than waiting her, they are having their own fun. Chatting, teasing and even having coffee. 

Seriously? She shook her head. Suddenly, as if sensing her, they stopping their chatting and turned towards the stair..making her feel conscious about herself.  She smiled nervously and again slowed down her pace.


Somebody called her and she looked all 8 curiously. Wait.. the wasn't  husky or strong ..not even manly.Ermm It actually sounded a girl?Geek


This time it sounded like a girl shouting at her. Before mou can think properly, she felt like somebody dumped a bucket of ice water on her. She opened her eyes with a jerk, looking straight to a pair of furious eyes. There she is, Her best friend Priya is standing there with one hand on hips and other hand holding an empty bucket...looking all furiousStern Smile

"What The.." Mou stood up, all set to kill priya with her bare hands.Angry

Priya: mou...stop imitating ASR..I'm already irritated.Sleepy

MOU : excuse me..Angry its you who dumped a full bucket of water on me and now shouting  at me too? I'm  gona to kill you now..Censored*run to hit priya*

Priya : *saving herself from mou* What else i'm supposed to do? For last 15 minutes i'm trying to wake you up.QuestionBut you were sleeping like you didn't sleep for a year.Wacko Now go and change. We need to leave now.Geek

Mou :  Where? ConfusedHuh..leave it..i'm not coming anywhere with you.Sleepy Today i lost the golden opportunity of round table dinner date..Broken Heartand YOU..ONLY YOU are responsible for it. *throws a pillow at priya*

Priya: *catches the pillow* Round table dinner date??Shocked what was that? and what i did?Confused

Mou: why should i explain it to you?Sleepy

Just then kiran, pari and sana enters. 

Sana : Mou.. you are still not ready? And why your hair and face are wet?Confused

Mou: Why are you asking me? Go and ask your soul sister.Sleepy

Pari: Mou ..calm down beta.LOL

Mou: Calm down? huh..Pari..i'm telling you..This priya must be my Mother in law in last birth. PinchThats why she is behind my life. Today she ruined by round table dinner date .Broken HeartCry

Pari: Round table dinner date? *raise an eyebrow*

Mou: yes..It was soo romantic..Day Dreamingthe hall, candles, flowers..*looking dreamy* and  Harshad, barun, Hugh, hrithik, Rajeev, Jamie, eric, fawad..all were waiting for me..BlushingI was almost reached them too.Day Dreaming but..this priya ,Angry before i can even say a hai to them, she dumped water on me and ruined my date.Broken Heart

Sana : But how priya reached there? She was with us entire day.Confused

Kiran : sana..ROFLmou is talking about how priya ruined her dream by waking her up.LOLBy the way..Thank you priya, for saving my harshu in mou's dream Tongue

Mou: Kiran..waah. tell me one good reason for which i still consider you as my sisterSleepy

Priya: well..well..guys..lets stop the fighting. its 11: 20 now. Mou go and change now. We are running out of time.

Mou: where? ConfusedI already told you, i'm not coming anywhere with you.Sleepy By the way, what are you all doing here? Are you guys planning something?Ermm *looks suspiciously*

Pari: ofcourse .. yes. Tonguewe are going to scare faiza. Remember, yesterday she was flattering herself too much with her himmatwala stories.Silly What she was saying? "no one can scare me..".Wacko Today we will burst that himmat balloon of her.Evil Smile

Kiran: yesh..We have dhamaka plan with us.Cool And guess what? we are going to sneak in to her home through the tree and pipes.Evil Smile Gosh I can't wait for it.

Mou :how boring.. Sleepyi'm not coming .. i just want to sleep and continue my date and...

Before mou can finish, kiran, pari and sana pushed her to washroom and priya lock the door from outside. all shares a thumps upWink


Time: 11: 59


It is more than 30 minutes  since she stuck in washroom. Someone locked the door ..well she know who that someone is. First they ruined her dream and now locked in washroom. But they were planning to scare faiza right?When did the plan changed?

As she was going to bang the door again, she heard a small sound, like someone unlocked the door. Without wasting a second mou opened the door and stepped in to her room which is completely in dark now. She left it with the lights on right? Then who turned them off? Where are her crazy friends? She tried to locate them, but the room is too dark and the dim light from washroom is not helping much.  Cursing her fate she moved towards the switch board.

"Mou..." someone whispered from nowhere making mou to jump backwards in sudden fear.

 "who is this" mou asked trying to sound normal. This must be her crazy gang right? Are they doing any rehearsal here? Isn't she already know about their scaring plan?

"4.."someone whispered again..but it sounded from distance.


Suddenly all the lights went on and she heard a big scream


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It took few seconds for mou to realise what just happened. She looked around to see her entire crazy gang. Sana, Kiran, Pari, priya, faiza, Athi, Maria, afee and sanju are standing with wide smile. God..She loves them. She moved forward to hug them all and Just then her surrounding caught her attention. Is this her room? It no longer look like a bedroom.

Entire room is filled with white and pink balloons. The white curtains in her room are now decorated with tulip and orchids. Her study table is neatly covered with white table cloth and a big chocolate cake is placed on it with candle. Her small book shelf is nowhere there in sight. Her bed is put in vertical position and a big Birthday banner with all her round table date guys is hanging on it. It looked familiar..


Priya : So..How is the surprise? Don't tell me that you still want us to kill for ruining your round table dateLOL

Mou: depends whether i can dream a sequel to it today or not.Tongue But for the time being i lob you all.Hug

Sana: Save your love for later and cut the cake now..Tongue

Faiza: waah..someone is getting impatient to know what her ex thinks about her baking talentClown

Mou: what?Confused

Pari : aree..Sana made your birthday cake..i mean specially made it for youWink

Mou: what? want me to spend  my birthday in hospital??ROFL Ouchhh *priya and sana hits mou from either side* 

Mou: *rubbing shoulder* You are hitting birthday girl? Huh. Its me who is supposed to hit one. Pari beta..aao. Dont think that i haven't noticed the birthday cheat..Angry

Pari: mou..*raising hands* it was not my idea. Priya asked me to do it. She send me the list and i passed it to you..Tongue

Priya: *glares pari and run to save herself from mou* Mou..i was just trying to do something unique..Tongue have you ever seen a Birthday girl making banner for herself?ROFLROFL

Mou runs to catch priya and the chase continues..LOL

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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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 Mou  is chatter box. She love night chatting and  can chat on anything and everything under sun.LOL

 Mou is an awesome, stunning and creative Siggy makerDay Dreaming. Her Animated and non animated works are heaven. Its difficult to takes eyes off from them.Day Dreaming

 Mou is a sweet and caring friend. She will be always there for her friends.Hug

 Mou know how to gel people easily She can convince anyone with her meethi meethi baateinTongue

 Mou is our official roadside Romeo.. LOLshe tried to flirt with 3 girls same time.Shocked And most shocking thing is those 3 girls are sisters. Huh..i can see a tinge of ekta kapoor tooErmm

 Mou is scared of height ..Her anthem on heights is "Height pe mat jao umar pe jao"ROFL

 Mou has an insatiable fetish for Good looking hot Actors.ROFL It started with Rajeev and Hrithik, and list is still growing with new additions like JamieROFL

 Mou loves painting and she is very passionate about itHeart

 Mou have very small list of favorites.Ouch It contains 50+ celebs only. Isnt it too short?Ermm

 Eventhough she had a long list of favourites, Mou only watched 3 serials completely, which are Kahin To Hoga, Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil & Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam DoonCool

 mou love long drive in rain.. Heart

 Mou's first ever crush was Rajeev KhandelwalDay Dreaming

 Mou loves classic romance and is fond of passionate stories rather than Hot onesDay Dreaming

 Mou is a fitness freak..Tongue

 Mou Loves reading novels Embarrassed

 Mou is a fun loving girl. She loves teasing, joking and pulling leg. LOL

 Mou is too energetic. You can barely see her in dull mode.Shocked

 Mou is a natural and creative actress. ShockedIf you want to play any pranks on anyone and you dont know how to act. Then call mou. She will act in such a way that even you will be in confusion.  ROFL

 Mou is absulotely Exceptional in Jungle mai Mangle talks and theoriesBlushing *Only die hard Harshiti fans can understand the value of this point*Wink

 Mou loves actions thriller moviesStar

 Mou's dream destination is the head office of Grameenphone telecommunication of bengladeshShocked

 Additi Gupta is her one and only girl crushDay Dreaming

 Mou love peace. She stay away from fights and people who makes too much noise.Tongue

 Mou is too obsessed with the facebook stickers YaYa and plum.. D'oh 

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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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Dear Mou

Happy B'day  

Wish you all great things in the coming year.  

Love you loads. 

It's so much fun to pull your leg every time. 

No need to specify we appreciate you a lot for all that you do.

Huge fan of Kis Desh / Premeer / HCAG along with never ending list of people.

So nice that you're here with us, to party with us and to help guide us.

You're terrific friend and very supportive sister to each person whoever met you.

Thank you for everything to all of us as fans here.

You're loved so much and will always stay close to our heart.  

May your craze on Cricket, other sports, making edits, actors and TV shows continue forever.
xoxo athi

Happy birthday Mou   You are an awesome fun and a fabulous graphicer <3 I still remember that time when I mist0ok your fb status hahaha   Anyways here's hoping  that you have an awesome day and a great year ahead   


A very happy wala birthday to my dear guruji...may all ur wishes come true...may ur birthday filled with sunshine n smiles...laughter love n cheers...lots n lots of love...ur shishya

Happy happy happy birthday Mou!   Hope you have the best day of your life! Eat lots of cake and open heaps of presents!May your birthday and everyday from now on be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and cheer!  

XOXO, Love, 

Wish ya a very happy b'day mou 
May ur wishes cum true and hope ya have a wonderful day 
keep smiling 

I just want  u to wish her a very happy bday from me moumita writes lovely 
 still searching hrithik hot pics lol
a little busy with exams 

Wishing a Very Happy Birthday Mou !!! Have a happy and joyous birthday!!!

Happy birthday Mou  
Its really pleasure to work with you. We had lots of fun. Hope we get another opportunity to work together. Love you dear. God bless you!

Wishing a Very Happy Birthday Mou and God Bless and fulfill all your Wishes that your Heart Desires also hoping you have a Glowing and Bright future ahead. All the Best for everything and Enjoy . Love you Lot Dear Mou ...from Divya A R

Happy Birthday Mou wishing you many many happy returns of the day meri dushman ...its probably just a year since i know you and you have became such a important part of my virtual are undoubtedly a spice chatterbox with alot of nautanki that no one can resist you what you are...keep hating and taunting me coz never mind i love that Wishing a very happy birthday once again Stay Blessed and Keep smiling

Happy birthday to u n HV lvily day n hope yours life goes good as same as like what y wants to be like as

Hey Moutushi 
Wish you a very Happy Birthday 
Enjoy the day Tigress

Bdy wishes:- Happy Birthday Bardi didiji..wishing u a great success ahead..thank u soo much for always being there for me whenever i needed u..thank u so lighting my mood whenever i feel low...thank u for always supporting me..I m glad to have u in my life as awesome friend and as an elder u..happy birthday once again

Happy b'day dear have a gr8 day n year god bless n May u get evrything wht u desire

A very Happy Birthday Mou! Wishing you all the happiness and success in Life. Enjoy your day! Cheers

Mou on this special day, I just want to thank you for coming in my choti si dunia We don't know each other for long years but I can proudly say that the moments I spend with you are just so special and close to me You're not only talented and pagal but you're sweet simple and honest... Your simplicity and cuteness make you special wishing you a very Happy Birthday baby All the best in everything you do and keep making us proud Stay blessed LOVE YOU DAMMIT! 

Happy birthday Mou di ..may Allah bless u with good health & wealth

tum jiyo hazaro saal tumhe mile sabi ka pyaar ..
Happy Birthday my Roadside Romeo..You are one of the best thing happened to me because of kis desh and harshiti. I just love you in the way you are.. the bubbly and full of life girl.. lob u mou..May god shower his blessings on you.. Keep smiling.. keep doing nautanki.. keep making new theories on mr.chopda and miss.gupta.. and keep making awesome stuffs.. And yes.. better stop romancing with my sisters ..
Love you ya..

Happy Birthday Mou... May Allah Blessed you with all the happiness which u deserved... May your all dreams comes true... love u... Be Happy Always

Hey my dear sweetheart Mou I hope your birthday becomes the synonyms of happiness, fun and bliss. I pray that u achieve all your desires and your life blossom with success. Mou you are the most exceptional person I've met . Although we don't regularly keep in touch, you never hesitated to help me out and accept my reqs Your creativity is simply out of this world. You avi's and siggiess are unbelievably refreshing and uncommonly beautiful and gorgeous. Thanks for being who you are. You are really someone people can look up to and admire. Enjoy your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mou

Wish u a very Happy Birthday Mou! May u get everything that u want! Lots of love n Best wishes

Happy birthday Mou may All ur Dreams Comes true All d Happiness which u wished in life ahead ... Happy Birthday Dear

Wish you many more happy returns of the day. May God bless you with prosperity, good health and peaceful life... Happy Birthday Mou di 

happy birthday mou.may all ur wishes n dreams come true.u gt everything u deserve in ur life.happy birthday dear .love u

Well who had turned an year older amidst all the torture from the boss and pile loads of work? Well Mou di that's you ! An year older, an also more prettier, smarter n humorous. On ur birthday wishing u loads of khushi , mindue not armav wali, an arrogant boss who may b as hot and handsome as arnav singh raizada, a tear full of shocks n suprises, and adventures... keep smiling just like barun does.. having a rocking birthday n wonderful year ahead.. Happy Happy Happy Birthdayyuy
And many happy returns of the day..
Loads of kisses and hugs and love offcourse Vrushika

Happy Birthday Mou  
Wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises and good wishes.
 Best wishes for today and everyday.

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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 2:16pm | IP Logged

Tags and write up : Premeer_Diwani (Priya/Desh Arts)
Animated siggy (post1) : Faiza
Birthday Banner (post2) : MoutushiROFLROFL

Big thanks to all friends who helped me in making the birthday thread..big hugHug 

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AASUS IF-Stunnerz

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Wow love the colors Priya. Great job with everything. I always love the drama part in your posts. LOL My fav. <3 hehe so much fun.
The orange yellow green name tags are so pretty. The princess doll is so cute.

@ Faiza lovely anim stacked av is cool.


Happy Birthday Mou Hug 
Have a fab day and have masti with family and friends. 
Muwah love you loads.

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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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Happy Birthday once again my drama queen.. Hug have a blast 

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