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Junoon: Round 2 (Page 3)

LoveSonu2408 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 12:43am | IP Logged
We r bk with sahil.lk jannat said 'lagta ha mera dil aj pehli bar dharka ha',we r also jst seeing qh3,nt njying.nw with sahil we r bk-tht feel,tht magic,our eagerness 4 each epi-all of ths jst 4 sahil.
Yes,junoon round2 indeed.

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Ms.Sherlocked IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 4:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by _ZaaraK

What a beautiful episode! Surbhi's eyes speak volumes. I wish Aahil recognized her voice when she said "shukriya", but that's okay, we waited this long... we can wait a little bit longer! ;) At least her touch triggered something in his head! :) 
I love how this sequence was more focused on Sanam, and her finding something familiar and intriguing in Aahil.. It's the first step to her getting her memory back :) 
Even while she was in Pakistan, she got these blurry flashbacks, but then they stopped :\ Now they're back since she finally saw her Aahil... she just doesn't know it yet LOL
Eagerly waiting for the next episode!!
PS - CVs, do you see how easy it is to please us!?
Welcome back Junoon Tere Ishq Ka Embarrassed

Z! Indeed such a gorgeous episode! Like many others, I was pleasantly surprised HOW well it was executed! Really! The CVs KNOW how to do amazing jobs, they might just be lazy LOL I don't know what has happened suddenly, the episodes look SO MUCH better! Maybe coz the scene has shifted to India. "Mera Bharat Mahaan" LOL Even the bomb drama was nice to watch!

But yes! I also thought he could have felt something, maybe by looking into those big big eyes of hers, he must know them, "Woh aankhein" LOL And the touch he felt of hers. Actually, its nice. he remembers her TOUCH you know?! Ofcourse he would remember, they surely have taken it to the "next level" LOL

Yes exactly! I am so glad that this started and is shown as HER journey kinda. Like SHE is feeling something. Earlier, she was too naive, maybe this is the time SHE would start feeling and feeling and we might get "why don't you understand" in HER versionLOL

Oh yes! very VERY easy to please us! Just keep giving the "Junooni doses" Tongue

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Ms.Sherlocked IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 4:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MrDarcyfan

Prags! Nice write up girl! Came just to see what sort of Junooni things are being said! Finally an amazing SAHIL scene and I have to give it to the CV's this time! They made it worth the wait. They gave us something worth seeing today as far as SAHIL was concerned. It went beyond my expectations! I never thought they would play "Teri Meri". I thought it will just be Junoon! But that was not the case! So pleasantly surprised! 

Thank you so much Mandy! Amazing scene indeed! Exactly! I was so pleasantly surprised the way the scene turned out! It looked breathtaking! The "feels" were so much there! Teri Meri yes. And the female lines "Har ehsaas mein tu hai, aur har yaad mein tera afsana' suited SO MUCH on her! Heart

This meeting was quite momentous. We see Sanam feeling something for the first time in a long time! Also, feeling like herself again! I really enjoyed it, and the whole sequence was beautifully shot! This meeting was like one of those moments when you see someone and you just "Feel" like you know them? You cant explain it, it's just how you feel. That is how this felt! It was beautiful. You could also feel the regret in her and how she takes a few steps back, when she thinks this man already has a wife! It was a tragic yet beautiful moment.

That scene was just marvelous! And the way her eyes did all the talking was amazing! Surbhi was so so wonderful! The way she felt "something" when he heard his name and then taking a step towards him and then taking it back..amazingly portrayed! 

Other than the SAHIL scenes, the best scene was Aahil asking MJ to go do a Google search of Shashi Kapoor, the finest actor in India! KV rocked those lines. I also loved when the other guy rang MJ and said "Let him go, he is the Nawab of Bhopal!". LOL. So what happened to Sanam 2? Did SK put her her bomb in her bag? Love you SK, you did something good! Even terrorists come in handy sometimes! 

LOL. That was seriously my 2nd fav part man! Loved HIS expressions and that little lopsided smirk he gave "Ofcourse I know. Come on! Gimme a break! Shashi Kapoor. India's finest actor!" LOL Hilarious! They can do comedy AND romance so good! They should stick to that! Tongue
Hmm. Yeah she would put the bomb in her bag I guess. Good riddance LOL

Now just waiting to see what happens in Dharamshala. I wonder if we will get any scenes there this week, or will that start from next week? Looks like they surely have a bank of episodes now. Just like they did a few weeks into Season 2, when the channel took a tighter control of the show. Looks like the same has happened here! Thankfully, and now the story is back on track, and not the two roads going nowhere situation we had before! Once again, the magic that can be wrought by the leads being in one frame is made clear! Now seeing them together again, we can feel what we have been missing all this time! THIS is what we were missing. Because all these weeks something just felt off! Finally it feels right now! 

I know man! I just can't wait! This is sounding too awesome! And I hope it stays this way and no trolls! They are going carefully I guess, they are NOT posting so many spoilers too, like they used to do and use as "live bait" So I hope no trolling this time and the track goes on with teh same intensity this track is capable of! They are SaHil! :)

Great post Praggy and one of many many to come I am sure! :)

Thank you so much Mandy! I'll surely be making if the episodes would be such awesome! I am looking forward to your posts too! Tongue

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Ms.Sherlocked IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 4:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by darlingpinks

Beautiful Post Prags
And yes Sanam is back ofcourse being with Aahil brings Sanam back, only he knows the Sanam inside her, remember the dialouge he says to the Lawyer, when he suspects them.
'mein uss choti siladki jo jane laga jo bohut simple, independent aur masoom hai'. He knows Sanam more than she herself ever knew. Once he is back she is back to being herself. She feels comfortable to be herself. Cheerful at times but mature and independent with a innocence of her own.
And the way she was looking at him, the fbs, her moving towards him, her jealousy, staring at him, everything her heart was doing. at that time only her heart worked because her brain had stopped registering everything once she saw him.
Aahil, when he first saw Sanam in burqha, he felt something, a sort of curiousity, those eyes had captivated him, it was clear in his eyes, then that touch, he was  more sure this time, he turned back, but she had turned back already.
One of the best scenes I must say. Thanks to cvs to potray it so beautifully.
Last time it was Aahil who was immature n Sanam turned him mature, this time Jannat is acting immature n Aahil will turn her mature or to be precise show her the Sanam inside her.
And I am excited for this track n how it will go on.
Can't wait for the next epi, after I see one.
So all I can say is these epi keep us eager for the next one.
Loving Junoon Round 2

Thank you so much Rashmi! :)

You have said it all! He KNOWS her more than she knows herself! That lines you said. they were beautiful! Oh those days! Heart

Her heart knows him and feels him whenever he is around, that is what you feel whom your connected at soul level. No wonder she felt the same rush and fast paced heartbeats, when he heard his name and saw coming. All those memories came flooding back to her as soon as she saw him..amazingly amazing!

The sense of touch from his side was so powerful! He felt how her touch feels like, that was just amazing!

I too have a feeling this time it would be her version of "why don't you understand" LOL Can'twait how she will fall for him. We never saw properly how SHE fell for him, this is a good chance and all Junooni! Day Dreaming

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Ms.Sherlocked IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 4:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SONU2408

We r bk with sahil.lk jannat said 'lagta ha mera dil aj pehli bar dharka ha',we r also jst seeing qh3,nt njying.nw with sahil we r bk-tht feel,tht magic,our eagerness 4 each epi-all of ths jst 4 sahil.
Yes,junoon round2 indeed.

Exactly! Those lines were gorgeous! And the way they felt each other, even more!
Junoon reloaded indeed. Thanks for commenting! :)

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Ms.Sherlocked IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 5:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Raingoddess

Res Wink Will reply after I watch the episode lol 

And so it has! Round 2 of Junoon has begun and we simply cant get enough Clap What an amazing post Pragya! I just saw the episode and I could literally see the scene replay in front of me once again after reading this post Star I was just sitting there still while watching the episode! I could not react for a few minutes but then I watched it a second time (just that scene) and I couldn't stop smiling! It was sheer brilliance! Along with Sanam, the story and the Junoon is back Embarrassed

She felt her voice. He felt her touch. Both felt each other's presence and their hearts beating.
Junoon in its full swing. Back again!

Uff you explained it so well Day Dreaming What she felt we felt... U get me WinkLOL The way she was watching him almost in a trance... Something we all waited so long to see! And then him stopping in his tracks, recalling her touch and slowly turning back! The look in his eyes was mesmerizing! Those little expressions by both KV n SJ made the scene what it was! It was just so so amazing Embarrassed

What a scene it was! Splendid! Marvelous! Stunning! Gorgeous! Surreal! Heart

You said it! You actually used up all the words LOL Kuch hamare liye bhi bachake rakho WinkLOL

Their hearts are connected, their souls are entwined. Their paths are one, their destination is one - SaHil Heart

So beautiful Pragya Day Dreaming This is SaHil! Their Junoon! The purity of their love! Heart They are truly meant to be!

A special shoutout to CVs for this brilliant execution. No spoilers?! No problem,, we are happy that way, with these Junooni doses ;)

Yes! I love it this way! No spoilers is another way to spoil us Wink By making us enjoy these scenes without knowing whats coming up LOL The execution was truly brilliant! Cant wait for tomorrow!!

KV's voice when he said "I think yeh aap ke liye hi hai" Day Dreaming The way he kept looking at her till the end.

Also the small smile he gave her Day Dreaming Uff his voice does things to me so I could imagine Jannat aka Sanam getting all hot and bothered by just his voice Blushing She could not even move!!! Now this handsome stranger will constantly be there in her thoughts and her dreams Wink  And ours too LOL But then he has always been there (in both cases) WinkLOL

Surbhi's eye talk! Embarrassed Amazing! All the expressions done by her eyes today only, gorgeous! Our Sanam is coming back, slowly! Only she can stare at her Jallad Jinn like that after all! LOL

Yes Dhabevaali meets Jallad Jinn once again... Sparks are bound to fly EmbarrassedLOL And they will hit elsewhere LOL

Shashi Kapoor as an ACTOR makes its appearance LOLLOL

Finally! I was like you rock ARI! You tell them LOL I loved the biwi dialogue as well LOL Poor MJ pakka uski biwi yaad dila di LOL

What an episode! What an execution, on the whole! Amazing! Its getting back on track! Can't wait how our Dhabevaali falls for her Jallad Jinn this time! Day Dreaming

Yes! Yes! Yes! To everything you said! Couldnt agree more! Perfect post Star Keep making such posts LOL

Eshaaa!! My darling! Your just awesome! Miss "just turned Red" TongueLOL

Thank you so much for an awesome comment.

My bad. MY BAD. I read the 2nd part of your TS before reading this and replying. I was blank for almost 4-5 mins after reading that part, and just recovered from all the crying..WHY ESHA?! WHY DO YOU DO THIS?! Okay, sorry you should keep dong this I guess  Lol. sorry I shouldn't talk about that in MY POST! LOLLOL

You said it all! And yes I GET YOU wherever you wanted me to "get" TongueLOL

I am so excited about HOW she must be 'feeling' after having this "strange yet familiar encounter with certain guy" You know the "feeling" and all the "feels" TongueLOL

That was seriously best part! First was when she heard his name. Then how her steps stopped from approaching him. And 3rd was how she was at loss of words LITERALLY facing him and just saying "Shukriya" LOL Hey does that "Shukriya" was for all the "feels" too?! You know what I mean?!TongueLOLLOL
And then how HE FELT HER TOUCH. Can I just say I went so hyper when he remembered her TOUCH, I mean come on! Why WOULDN'T he?! WinkLOL

And yes. The MJ convo about Shashi Kapoor was hilarious! He was so stopping himself from laughing and smirking LOL

I can go on for this like forever..but I guess I should just stop now and just cry over your 2nd part and comment too...CryLOL

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Laura.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 5:56am | IP Logged
Wow! What a wonderful post! Clap 

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Laura.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2015 at 6:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by micshy

Finally getting to type my 3rd reply, urrgghhh my mobile AngryAngryAngry

Anyways pragsss such a beautiful episode Hug

I write essays daily, today i dont know what else to write, u hv written every thing i wanted to say Embarrassed

Damn right, furst it was lauki wale ki dukaan, today its Jootey ki dukaan, but thers so much difference in the same people, he was a clossal jerk, she was a fietsy lioness...

Now they are both, changed people, both weakened by circumstances, but Junoon is still the same, 

Hats off to SJ fr expressing so much thru her eyes only today, expressions, 

I loved the way she went into the trance just hearing his name, the way their hearts raced Embarrassed the way  She kept on staring him ...

Those FBs, the reminder of their awesomeness Embarrassed uff ...

Teri meri such an apt song   , previous one a masterpiece, today's was nothing short of one, 

I can say they another meaningful interaction of SaHil to be cherished EmbarrassedDay Dreaming

Uff the haunting melody of Teri Meri , n that Frst interaction, EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

The best part when Aahil realized her touch and he turned to look into her , n how she avoided his gaze .. Day Dreaming

So dreamy, i hope we get some more scenes in plane tomorrow too 
@bold I'm still watching this scene again and again. KV's expressions are fabulous Day Dreaming 

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