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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG-SS~The Bliss~Thread-4~UPDATED-Pt 43/ Pg133 / 30 trd added. (Page 11)

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It's Amazing. Finally maan is showing improvement. His upperbdoy started to work but lower part is still weak. Although his lower part is also feeling sensation but it become son weak that it will take time. Maan is missing geet and wants to meet her and wants to ask sorry for his violent behaviour. Here geet also wants to know about maan's improvement but she couldn't able to get as adi and dadi's phones are switched is such a cheap man. He is irritating geet very much. Because of him, geet wanted to help.from maan . waiting for next dear

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                   Hello friends 


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Waiting for update di

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Lovly , awesome , amezng updates :D this story is getting interesting day by day ...n i cant wait to read more n more ...maan mei jo improvmnt dekha uska reasn geet hai ...agar geet maan ko push nehi krti toh sayed maan kbhi kosis bhi nehi krta ...yea finally maan ko relz huya ..n woh ab geet se milna chahata hai ...usse miss kr raha hai ...mei kbse yea dekhna chahati thi n finally yea huya yayyy !!! :p geet jo positivity maan ke life mei lana chahati thi woh ab hai but geet iss chakkar mei thoda jada push kr diya maan ko jiske karan woh guilty hai . maaneet dono guilty hai apni apni reasns se n dono hi ek dusre se milna chahate hai . feeling bad for geet ...bechari akheli hai ..dadima bhi ab apne pote ki thik hone ki khusi mei sayed geet ko bhul hi gyi hai n geet ki busybee family ko toh uski fikar kabhi thi hi nehi . uske resrch wrk bhi agge nehi baad rehi hai dr dev ke karan grrr ...ek maan tha jo uski help kr sakta tha but usne mana kr diya.  Plz plz plz update soonnn...egrly waiting for next...

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              Hello my dear friends          




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                       The Bliss

                            ( For Banner credit goes to my dear  Priya )

  The simple things of life can be blissful, if you can take the time to enjoy it. There is love in the air, everywhere... you just need to feel it, embrace and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Every moment that is enjoyed, treasured and relished is a store house of memories, that you can draw out, enjoy and smile with love. It is bliss.. 

   Oh sweet bliss how did you find me in the dark with all my troubles 

collecting like copper pennies in a fountain, 
under pain concrete form, 
a flower breaks 
through the crack of my once solid shell.

Stay with me bliss , 
never leave me again, 
for my need is great and my patience is plentiful.
Oh lessons I need not learn again, 
forget where I have been. 

Let me walk in the sweet embrace of a Sunday's morn 
and not forget it tender kiss of compassion 
for God had granted me another day with you. 
Hold me in the arms of your unfolding grace 
and we will put back all the fallen stars in the sky... 



This a fiction , all incident  , medical terms , professional terms nd places r imaginary ,, plzz don't relate them  with reality .

   Note... This is a fiction inspired by some facts and incidents from our surroundings . If someone find any resemblance in d title and story line , they r welcome to leave their comments on my page (plzz don't pm me)with d link . I'll try my best not to touch any body's work. Need ur love and support to make it an interesting SS. 


        Part - 32

                           Part - 33

  It was  more then a week nd Maan nd DM wr in KM ,, Yash got busy in his business ,, his new project in Pondicherry  needed his attention  ,, Veer was looking after d Head  Office in Delhi ,, at dinner time Yash informed all that he was going on business tour for 3-4 days ,, Maan to wanted to go back nd voice out his desire .

Maan: Dad I m too wanted to go back .


Yash:  why Maan , u r very capable now nd cn help in business here ,, u cn join our office here nd Veer is here to help u .


Ruchi: yes beta why do u want to go there again ,, nothing is there so better live with us in ur home.

Maan: no , I cn't live here ,, I have to go .

Veer: bro what'll u do there ? stay here nd join office ,, slowly u become habitual ,, I m here with u ,, why do u want to go there, when u don't have any work ?

DM too wanted to live with family but Maan was adamant nd refused to stay in Delhi .

There was an unpleasant expression on Nandini's face when all wr forcing Maan to stay here nd to join office ,, her face lost its shine .

Maan: no I have some pending work nd have to meet someone .


DM:  Maan to whom u want to meet ,, u didn't meet anyone in those 2 yrs .


Yash: why do u want to go there again Maan , I don't like ur this decision ,,  2 yrs back I agreed bcoz of ur mentle condition but why now ,, u r fine now nd cn live here .


Veer: yes bro , bcoz of u Dad has to run there ,, what's d prob here ?

Maan: sorry I cn't nd  I mentioned that I have to meet someone .

DM: nd who is that ?

Maan: Geet .


All : Geet .

Maan: hummm .

DM: Maan u never liked Geet nd insulted her all d time even u hit her in ur anger then why do u want to meet her ? She didn't talk to us after that day nd distanced herself .


Maan: but now I have to meet her ,, plzz why all r u forcing me to live here when I m not happy here .

Nandini: he is right , he was living there from many yrs nd if he was happy there then let him live .


Veer: nandini , but what he'll do there alone  nd DM has to go with him ,,

Maan: DM cn live here ,, Adi is with me nd servants r there ,, i'll manage .


DM: Maan if u'll go then i'll also join u , I won't live u alone .

Ruchi: Maan why r u doing this beta ,, if u want to meet Geet then we cn call her here .


Maan: she won't come ,, I know .

Yash: i'll request her , she won't deny me nd Maa.

Maan: dad plzz ,,, I  have to ,, I m not feeling good here .


All looked at each other disappointed  but nandini's face lit ,, half heartedly Yash agreed nd DM told that she wd go with Maan ,, Yash told Veer to book their tickets also ,, d atmosphere became sad .

Next day Yash went  to Pcherry nd after his 2 days Maan nd DM went ,, Ruchi became sad that he was going to live away again ,, DM , Maan nd Adi reached in KC nd settled ,, now Adi got some free time for him bcoz Maan cn walk on his chair easily which run by battery nd controlled by a  nob  on plane surface .


That day Maan entered in his study after 2 nd half yrs ,, he felt a lump in his throat nd his eyes turned wet when he saw all his study materials nd a big collection of books ,, slowly he drove near his study table nd touched all d things after yrs ,, he was chocked with emotions ,, Maan noticed that there was an envelop on his laptop nd his name was on that ,, he took that , opened nd took out d folded paper but something more in that , nd when he took out d other thing he got a shock ,, that was d PD which Geet showed him nd which belong to him ,, Maan turned that PD many times in his fingers remembering their talk on that day ,, keeping back that on table he opened d letter  for which he was sure  that it was from Geet .

Maan started reading that in which she asked sorry for many time for her foolish nd careless behaviour towards him , she accepted that she opened his laptop nd had changed d PW too ,, d new PW- Bhasmasur2 was mentioned there  ,, now Maan was not angry on her for all that but one thing hurt him ,, saying sorry to him she said that she never come infront of him again to trouble him bcoz one day she promised him that if he throw her out then she won't show him her face ,, his hit proved  that how much he heated her nd how much her insane behaviour hurt him ,, she wd never reapet this mistake ,, giving him her best wishes she close d letter saying sorry again .


Maan sighed deeply after reading that ,chocked with so many emotions , thinking that Geet was not wrong anywhere ,, she thought only his good nd tried hard ,, there wr many ppl who thought for his best but Geet's efforts nd ways wr diff ,, if he , his family nd all d ppl cd say that it was God's miracle then he cd say that it was God who sent Geet for him  as a medium ,, as his angel , ,nobody knows how nd why that incident happened , but he nd Geet knew ,, Maan read that letter again nd kept that back in envelop nd then in table's drawer with a decision that if she is stubborn  like him then he too like her , nd bring her back to  him ,, he came here only for her nd if she  asked  him to help her then he wd do ,, then with heavy heart he opened his laptop nd spent few time searching diff things on that .

 At eve they wr sitting in lawn ,, nd Maan was flipping d pgs of a magazine ,, DM was talking to servants nd asking how they wr manage d house behind them ,, both d servants wr sitting there ns describing her nd then she called d watchman nd asked from him  too ,, who was giving all reports nd then said about Geet which alert Maan .

WM: ma'am , Geet ma'am came  once to ask about u few days back .

Maan: what ,, how many days back ?

DM was surprised at Maan's eagerness to meet Geet ,, why all of sudden he wanted to meet her?


WM: sir , nearly 2 weeks back .

Maan: DM call her plzz nd inform that we r back .

DM: OK , 

DM treied Geet's number but that said to add 0 ,, DM became confused nd tried again , but d result was same .

DM: I think Geet is not here .

Maan: why ? How do u know ?

DM: her number asking 0 dailing , it means she is out of city .

Maan: then add na , nd contact her to ask where is she ?


DM: humm ,, OK .

DM called Geet again nd that time it respond  ,, Geet replied after few rings ,, every sec Maan's heartbeats wr raising  ,, he was eager to listen her voice nd DM noticed this thing  .

Geet: hello DM ,, at last u called ,, how r u ?


DM: we r fine beta ,, I m angry with u ,, u haven't call me in last 2 months .

Geet: I called u DM but ur number was coming not reachable  nd even Adi's too.

Maan impatiently  whispered: DM switch on d speaker .

DM rolled her eyes nd gestured  : why ?

Maan: plzz .

DM smiled: no u talk urself .

Geet: what DM ,, what r u saying ..? where r u right now ?

DM: we r back in KC  beta ,, Maan make my life hell to come back here .


Maan galered  at her but with a smile ,, DM chuckled  nd on d other side Geet was confused .


Geet sadly: how is Maan DM ? where u went all of sudden?


DM: sorry beta in our busy schedule we forgot to inform u ,, we went US for Maan's treatment nd stayed there for 2 months .

Geet: OH ,, that's good ,, how is he now ?

DM : why don't u ask urself Geet ,, he is very much here ,, nd where r u ?

Geet: I m at my home DM .

DM: what ,, but why ,, r u on leave ?

There Maan was making faces ,, he wanted to listen her  nd DM was enjoying his restlessness .


Geet: yes DM .

There Geet too was eager to know about Maan but DM was not replying nd Geet was not getting courage  to talk Maan.

DM : Geet beta Maan wants to talk u .


DM forwarded phone to Maan , but he too was feeling nervous to talk her ,, DM gestured him to talk nd took d phone with thudding heart ,, he was not getting words to start a normal talk to her after many days nd that incident  ,, he took a deep breath nd sighed placing d phone against his ear ,, this was d 1st chance he was going to talk her .

Precap --- will they talk ... ?  how ...? Ermm

     Part - 34

Ouchsorry for mistakes ...


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Originally posted by CrazyEyes

   LOL  Hi Dona ,,
 kya entry mari hei..          

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