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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG-SS~The Bliss~Thread-4~UPDATED-Pt 43/ Pg133 / 30 trd added. (Page 100)

miss_mystery Goldie

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sorry for being late

awesome update

loved it

Nandini seems selfish

let see

waiting for next

update soon

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Waiting for next update

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                My dear friends  



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                      The Bliss


  The simple things of life can be blissful, if you can take the time to enjoy it. There is love in the air, everywhere... you just need to feel it, embrace and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Every moment that is enjoyed, treasured and relished is a store house of memories, that you can draw out, enjoy and smile with love. It is bliss.. 

   Oh sweet bliss how did you find me in the dark with all my troubles 

collecting like copper pennies in a fountain, 
under pain concrete form, 
a flower breaks 
through the crack of my once solid shell.

Stay with me bliss , 
never leave me again, 
for my need is great and my patience is plentiful.
Oh lessons I need not learn again, 
forget where I have been. 

Let me walk in the sweet embrace of a Sunday's morn 
and not forget it tender kiss of compassion 
for God had granted me another day with you. 
Hold me in the arms of your unfolding grace 
and we will put back all the fallen stars in the sky... 



This a fiction , all incident  , medical terms , professional terms nd places r imaginary ,, plzz don't relate them  with reality .

   Note... This is a fiction inspired by some facts and incidents from our surroundings . If someone find any resemblance in d title and story line , they r welcome to leave their comments on my page (plzz don't pm me)with d link . I'll try my best not to touch any body's work. Need ur love and support to make it an interesting SS. 


        Part - 41

                           Part - 42

Geet adored DM's room ,, everything is very classic showing d richness nd luxury ,, but all r  down to earth  nd humble. May be sometime tough time showed us reality of life nd made us humble.

Geet insisted DM to take proper rest 1st if she want to go for shopping otherwise it wd become very tiring for her ,, DM wanted to show her KM to make her familiar with d house .

Geet: u  change nd take rest DM , u need to walk nd stand  for  long if u want to go shopping , I will roam myself ,or will take any servant's help .

DM: don'tu want to rest?

Geet: no DM , plzz u take some rest nd i'll go to aunty's room to handed her a small gift which I brought for her nd uncle , hope they like it.

DM: why not beta , they'll surely like i when I like mine.


Geet: thanks DM ,, u take rest .

DM: OK beta , don't hesitate nd ask me anything if u want for u .

Geet: sure DM.

Geet left from there ,, she saw a servant nd asked about Ruchi's room , he escorted her nd showed her d room nd went ,, Geet knocked nd entered after getting Ruchi's reply .

Ruchi: are Geet beta u ,, do u want any thing ?

Geet smiled nd forwarded a beautiful paper bag to her ,, Ruchi looked at her curiously .

Geet: auntiji , this is a small gift for u nd uncle ,, hope u like it .( Ruchi took that nd thanked her)

Yash : beta why this formality ? u r also like our child nd we'll give u, not u .


Ruchi: yes beta , why u  became formal,  any way u brought with love so we accept it ,, thanku so much beta .

She  made Geet sit near her on settee nd opened that bag to see ,, she like that night dresses for her nd yash ns showed him too.

Ruchi: it's very beautiful beta .

Geet: thanks aunty .

Ruchi smiled: now u won't deny me when i'll shop for u ,, samjhi.


Geet passed a smile nd nodded ,, Yash patted her cheek lovingly saying thanku beta ,, after few talk Geet excused asking  Nandini's room ,, Ruchi narrated her nd Geet went out ,,  d door of Nandini's room was open  but Geet knocked to take permission ,, she didn't get reply so knocked again but again she didn't get reply so peeped in ,, d room was empty nd d baby was sleeping in d bed ,,  Veer may be left for office bcoz his casuals nd towel wr there on sofa  after change ,, Geet looked around nd  heard nandini's faint voice from balcony ,, geet moved that side nd saw that she was talking to some on mob ,, she thought to wait for her nd turned to sit in chair but her set of words caught her attention bcoz they wr related to Maan ,, nandini was talking to someone regarding Maan.

ND: he is looking quiet fine now nd dad was persuading him to join office ,, if he'll do then I m in lose ,, mera Raj to khatam.

OS : ...

ND:  yes ,, my luck is bad , he recovered ,, I thought he never recovered nd this whole KC empire is our at last .

OS: ...


ND: what cn I do  mom , Maan virji  don't want to live here which is good for us but what to do with Veer ,, he is forcing him to stay here nd join KC(Khurana Chemi) ,,jyada hi bhai prem umad raha hei.

OS: ...

ND: yes , if he started then I m in lose ,, half of property will go to him .

OS: ...

ND: hummm , it's good for us if he live there ,, away from KC.

Geet felt very bad listening Nandini's talk with her Mom ,, her talks showed that she is selfish nd seeing Maan's sickness nd inability she thought that he was useless nd they wr enjoy d whole Khurana property , but now seeing him  better nd living his life  she is sad that she wdn't rule d whole empire.


Geet came out quietly with saddened heart ,, she felt bad  nd thought that how money became more valuable for some selfish nd greedy ppl ,, there her aunty nd here this Nandini ,, for them money is everything not relation nd life of a person .. Gosh !! this lady is not happy seeing Maan well nd healthy nd wish that he remain lifeless on bed ,,, grrr... don't know  to whom we cn trust ? better Maan lives away from these crap ppl .


Lost in her thoughts she was going to DM room she saw pool nd lawn exist ,, DM was taking rest so she decided to sit near pool to feel fresh ,, she came nd sat on d pool chair ,, kept d nandini's gift bag was with her ,,she looked at that nd din't like to give her ,, her heart turned sour for her , but she had to give them she brought gift for d kid too .

Maan's was sitting in his balcony attached to his room nd reading d newspaper ,, his nd few more rooms balcony face pool nd lawn , he saw Geet there ,, she was sitting alone ,, he didn't like that , kept d paper aside , moved out his chair in d room ,nd call Adi ,, he was there in next min .

Maan: Adi , leave me near pool .

Adi: Ok sir .

Adi brought him out nd then to lawn ,, there we few steps at d exiet so maan need help to drive his chair  at those places  ,, Adi saw Geet too there nd leave Maan near her chair nd left getting Maan's signal.

Geet: u here ? r u not taking ur exercises ?


Maan: after an hr ,, had coffee nd eatables .

Geet: OK .

Maan: why r u sitting alone here ,, where is DM?

Geet:  I made DM to take some rest ,, I went to meet aunty nd then saw pool so think to sit here to get fresh air ,, it's beautiful pool nd lawn ,, ur KM is very beautiful Maan , like a palace.


Maan smiled: thanks u like it ,, but u know one thing , these wealth nd royalty cn't  give u any happiness nd life ,, these things became useless for me nd I cd leave this wealth nd luxuries to get back my life ,, Geet now these things don't please me ,, d motivation nd encouragement I got from u that was priceless .

Geet smiled sadly sensing his pain : Maan , I did nothing , plzz don't give me any credit ,, it is all God's wish nd ur luck.

Maan: it's true but it was u who treated me as a normal man nd encourage me to come out from my dismay ,, I know u knowingly provoked me .

Geet: O really ,, it means ur all fighting wr fake , u knew that I m provoking u .

Maan: not that time , but I realized after that incident ,, u always tried to bring me out from my darkness.

Geet: Maan , don't think about that ,, that turn good , so we r happy now ,,but It hurt me when I think about that day ,, it cd be fatal ,, mai kya karti Maan , kahan apna muha chupati agar tumhe kuch ho jata .( her eyes turned wet)

Maan: sshhh,, don't hurt urself for that which didn't happen ,, when ur heart  nd intentions wr pure nd u trust in God then how cd anything turn bad ,, see everything is fine so smile Or want to refresh my scold or our fight.

Geet: yes I m missing that .


Maan smiled: now  those fights make me laugh .

Geet smiled: me too.

Precap ------  Maan felt nostalgic ...

     Part - 43

Ouch sorry for mistakes ...


            New Start for discussion ...
    The Myth 


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hi di...
bye di...
see you m having m going for today...
good night sweet dream...take care...
n ha laksudi's kiddo will be back at home tomorrow...priyadi ne bataya...bye bye see you tomorrow...

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... I'll read ur update later..Today I'm Too tried & Sleepy ... C U Tommowww

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Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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   Big smile  Hi.. Updated ..Pg..126


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