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The Memorable Stranger... 5.5.2015

AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 11:51am | IP Logged


Somewhere far away, the writers are sitting down enjoying themselves after assaulting our senses with a overload of feels.

Like this helpless child we are taken along for this roller coaster ride of emotions...

We're going to Dharamsala with Sanam and Aahil ... and Shaad.

But what a momentous episode ... Oh my goodness...

Aahil was planning to shake Sanam2 off while she was at the ladies' room, but SK's shenanigans with the bomb, has tipped off the hyperalert Indian intelligence, who close off exits and trap the culprit in the airport.

   So they all decide to go shoe shopping...

in the same shop Shaad has deposited Jannat in for her safety.

Sanam2 calls out ... 

Aahil ji... won't you come in to your Sanam??

and our Sanam.. gets the goosebumps.

Still veiled, she looks through the window at him, and it's as though her soul recognizes him... 

Look ... It's HIM !! The one whom I've been waiting for...

She has foggy memories with this memorable stranger; being held by him, holding him, such intimate moments as though imprinted in her DNA. 

Her eyes are wide, it looks as though she knows him. The strong pull makes her move toward him as he walks into the shop. She slowly moves toward him like a shadow.

Is he mine? How do I know him? But these memories... I must find out...

But as she moved, she watched as he stops and a woman links her arm through his.

Oh no... it can't be... this can't be... oh no...

She turns away, appalled at what she was about to do. Going up to a memorable stranger, to see if he recognized her... 

Took her in his arms maybe,

as though he'd been looking all over for her

i feel as though i belong with this man...

But who is this other woman? 

Confused, she reels and absently fingers a pair of shoes. And as though fated, the stranger comes to her, right up to her, and takes the very shoe she had been toying with.

Through the veil, her eyes are hungry, as though famished for the sight of him. Her eyes are wide and huge, absorbing as much as she could of this stranger.

What is it about him? 

The briefest of eye contacts. His voice reverberates in her body... but the words are so disconnected.

"Sorry, my wife Sanam wanted these in this size. But you can have it if you like..."

She shakes her head and he goes away...

I can't stop staring at him... I feel a little crazy but suddenly something happens...

"What size is this!?? I asked for a size 9 !! You brought me a size 7 !!"

The stranger looks away guiltily, sheepish at his error.

"I see. You are still dreaming of her, aren't you ?! Your Sanam !? " The woman speaks scathingly, roughly at him, hardly loving.

My ears prick at that ... His Sanam... 

"She is GONE, you hear me !? Get that into your head!!"

 I can't help but overhear this very private conversation. Who is his Sanam?

He comes back with the shoes towards her. He hands it back to her, and she look into his eyes...

 Brown, melting, fluid, honest eyes. My entire being humms at this connection. 

His voice again... 

"Sorry, please take this back, I've taken the wrong size accidentally..."

She reaches out for the shoe but her eyes are glued to his. Her hand brushes against his, he slightest of touches, and it sizzles like electricity...

I know this man, this memorable stranger. He's all over my memories.

Somehow she manages a "thank you" and he turns away.

but something stops him. But she had looked away..

Does he recognize me? 



Sanam2 is taken for questioning, must be about the bomb SK planted in her bags. And Aahil makes an escape for the Dharamsala boarding gates.

Right behind Sanam and Shaad...

p/s : looks like The return of Sanam... She's coming back guys !

Special shoutout to KV :  Everybody knows Shashi Kapoor !! One the greatest actors ! Go google him and you'll know who it is !!LOL Clap

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KhatamKahani IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
ROFL @the last line. I almost wish I hadn't read this before I watch in a few hours 

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AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 February 2014
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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by KhatamKahani

ROFL @the last line. I almost wish I hadn't read this before I watch in a few hours 

uh oh... maybe my post should have a **SPOILER ALERT*** sign !!


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TIA.Tia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
I was blowing kisses at screen when Aahil said "Yes even a child knows Shashi Kapoor, he is the India's Finest Actor, and if you still wanna know more about him. I would suggest just Google him and you would know everything is to know about him." and I was like Damnit, you spoke my heart Aahil Raza Ibrahim. It's a great insult to a very Finest actor like Shashi Kapoor that his name is used to cover up the false identity of a terrorist. Everytime I hear the name Shashi Kapoor, I feel like killing the CV's of QH with the cheap explosive bomb, yeah the same one that serial's SK is carrying around and roaming all around the airport and this oafs are still not able to catch her. It's a pathetic joke. Hell Shashi Kapoor is my favourite actor. I love him to the core. But these f***ing CV's they have made a joke on the expense of this renowned actor's name. But finally they salvaged themselves by giving  landmark dialogue to Aahil, which made me love him to the core. As though I never loved him enough already. But I hate the way Sanam2 controls him and orders him around. He has been reduced to a Pussy like Henpecked Husband. I hate it. I know he can't do anything, b'coz being famous is an irrevocable curse which Sanam2 can use like an ultimate weapon against him. They are seriously making me hate Sanam2 like hell.. But hats off to Additi, for portraying a role so diverse from her personality. I seriously felt like slapping  Sanam2 silly or until she bleeds and looses all her teeth.  

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Ms.Sherlocked IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Hayyyee Ani! My darling! 
Look at him! The one whom I have been waiting for..

Melting, brown, fluid eyes...

Day DreamingHeart

WHAT AN EPISODE IT WAS!! So much for the feels! 

His voice though. And his walk though. And how he looks at her though. And how he humors us though...LOL

Her heart knows him! Her eyes search him! Her soul reeks of him and only him! The rush she felt when he saw him. Ohh Emm Gee. WHAT a scene! 

Is this how the surprises feel like?! Day Dreaming

Aahil's "Gimme a break!" though LOL

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reshmaruth Senior Member

Joined: 17 April 2015
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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
Hi i watch qubool hai online everynight dailymotion but the link is so slow that it ruins the fun. But thanks to you all with such creative comments and photos it has become more interesting to come to this forum than watch an episode. Of course i tolerate the slow link for the sake of watching aahil. You are absolutely amazing unbelievable all of you who take time to post comments in this forum.

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micshy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
Sageyyy what an awesome post , n what awesome gifs, this is thevfirst time u hv used all the SaHil gifs in ur post ... 
Uff feels , feels from the episode and feels from the gifs, im a gone case now ..

Honestly, u hv written it such beautifully , i dont know what to write else. But i just loved the impact the names Aahil n Sanam had on her. They way she went into a trance, Embarrassed her eyes all the talking tonight Embarrassed n so beautifully , 

Teri Meri is so apt fr the situation, loved everything about them ,
 Lol KV's Shashi kapoor wala dialogue was damn funny Clap i was like finally someone could see how funny that name resounds Tongue

Loving this surprise factor n the less spoilers, its making all these scenes much mire enjoyable Tongue

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MrDarcyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 5:40pm | IP Logged
This episode was even MORE rocking than yesterday! I was surprised. I cant believe they got it so right! We thought yesterday was good? This was even better! The whole "Teri Meri" sequence! Amazing! Just loved it. Junoon played a bit too!

But it was great that Sanam FELT him! This is Sanam! Not anyone else.  Finally seeing this man, has made her feel things nothing else can! She feels a connection! We can hear the beating of the heart! The way Khushi's heart used to beat faster whenever she saw Arnav! The heart knows what the heart knows! The heart recognizes her true love! It was beautifully done! Their memories, those vague visions she gets! Is it HIM I always saw in those visions? Suddenly it's like the shadow in her vague memories actually got a shape! Finally it felt like she knew who that person actually was! It's HIM! That scene was so beautifully done! Then comes this other women, and acts like she belongs with this beautiful stranger! She looks away guilty. Like you would when you realize you have been coveting something that belongs to another!

Then suddenly he walks up to her, and he is right in front of her. Weirdly enough, he takes the size HIS Sanam wears, not Nayi Sanam, and she rips into him and Sanam hears everything! "Forget her! She is gone, she is the past...or else!" Aahil challenges "Or else what?" Then he comes back and gives her the shoes. "These belong to you!" She finally speaks and says "Shukriya" and their hands touch! He turns to leave, but the familiarity of her voice and touch make him pause, and we see HIM feeling those same feelings SHE felt.

Best line "Ek Duje se huwe juda...jab ek duje ke liye bane!" THAT is the take home line! They are made for each other, and it was always indicated to us from their very first meetings that they are FATED! So they will have to meet. A song from Silsila comes to mind! 

"Tuu Badan Hai Main Huun Saayaa, Tu Na Ho To Main Kahaan Huun ...Mujhe Pyaar Karane Vaale, Tuu Jahaan Hai Main Vahaan Huun...Hamen Milanaa Hi Thaa Hamadam, Isi Raah Pe Nikalate...Ye Kahaan Aa Gaye Ham Yuunhi Saath Saath Chalate...Teri Baahon Main Hai Jaanam, Mere Jism O Jaan Pighalate..." 

Other than Teri Meri and Junoon, the best part was when Aahil told MJ to look up Shashi Kapoor on Google! It was an LOL moment, and KV's expressions were spot on, and the actor playing MJ was staring at him like "Is he for real?" and Aahil looking at him like "Am I being punked?" LOL. But the episode was better than I thought! I cant believe this is the same show that was putting me to sleep in some episodes in the past weeks! The BEST thing? OTT Jannat is nowhere to be seen! I am feeling Sanam again. Its like coming back to India, and coming in proximity with Aahil, made her reconnect to her old self again! It's amazing to see. Even though all her emotions are shown through her eyes in the past two episodes, that is what makes it so much better! Good job Surbhi! KV and Surbhi were off the wall today! Finally they are shooting together again! Even they must be feeling happy about it! Welcome back SAHIL! 

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