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Silence.... - A TRIBUTE! (Page 3)


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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Silence is enough to speak lots of things for them..

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Preeshaxo Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Yesterday Parth shone like never before, today without saying a word Niti stole the show!
Hats off to CVs for giving us a beautiful episode. Kudos to PaNi for going above and beyond. Take a freaking bow Clap

Your words were everything twinkling, absolutely beautiful!
My words will honestly fall short today.

Nandini just had my heart today. She's our ray of sunshine and today she was someone no one recongised.
The moment he finally found her, her mumble of the only word that could escape her mouth "Manik" the look on his face to finally see her, the guilt of taking so long and seeing the state she's in. The uncontrolled sobs of knowing she's going to be ok now, her Manik's here.
"Manik mujhe ghar le chalo..mujhe ghar jana hai". After reality hit her of what's just happened she wanted to go home. The real home, THEIR HOME.. Manik!
He had her hidden behind his tall frame and only exposed her when things were settled.
As she sat there, recollecting all the things that's just happened. Her body lifeless, her eyes so dull, dead. Her normal expressive face so emotionless. Blank, shattered. Zoning out of the world and the only thing to bring her around was Manik's touch which made her flinch, yet she didn't push him away. He asked her to take a shower and she listened.
As she stood under the shower, he hesitantly came towards her, scanning her body, seeing the bruises that have left its scar. He gently starts to wash away the dirt that is on her body, washing away the black that's making its way to her soul. The pain and anger when he sees her bleeding ear. His desperation of wanting to make it all okay. Their voiceless tears disguised by the water.
Leaving behind a trail of his touch and when her soul was clean, she took him back into her world. Just them.
Under the white towel, as their foreheads touch easing away each other's pain.

Who knew a white towel would have such a beautiful symbolic meaning!!

Preesha aka Your Soheesha Hug

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twinkle10 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Humzy

wow lovely post 
loved it
very nicely written
Thankyou babe!! Means alot! <3
twinkle10 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 February 2015
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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by LIKEDMG

Silence is enough to speak lots of things for them..
Thankyou! <3
Today it was more than enought for them to speak everything...
Queen_of_Shadow Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
Tinky mujhe naraz ho kya? Lol I will be back with my analysis tonight!!


Quick post before I run again.. 

One is a devil trying to touch her and she pushes his hands away..while the other one cares for her with gentle hands. One forces while the other one takes his time..slowly gently touches her...

Today's episode was heartbreaking honestly, I just lost it when Manik kicks open the door. The state he finds his shining star in devastated him. He checks how and what condition she really is in. Nandini on the other hand has been through so much yet her faith and hope stays in place. She knows he will come. He will come to save her from this Censored WHen she sees that he is finally here, she only utters that one word, that one name. Manik. He is finally here. He is here to save you from the bad guy. 

Manik today was a total tsunami, an uncontrollable tsunami that only wants one thing: Pandit's death. The way Manik beat the hell out of him, Clap awesome. Today he was not just a monster; he was a lover. He was a man in love who is beating up the guy that dared to hurt his girl, that dared to put his Nandini through this much pain. Waiting for the day when Manik finds out that Nyo has instigated him. Honestly to say, no girl deserves to be put through this much trauma. Nandini Murthy has seen all pure and today she sees a ugly face of the world. She sees a mask taken off by bad guys who put good guy mask on. She is hurt and in shock. She needs time to heal and fully recover which will take some time.

Tomrw is the 200th episode, I highly doubt Nandini will cnfess her love tmrw. She is in shock. My heart goes out to her!!

Parth and Niti nailed it!! Hats off to all the crew and cast of the show!!

P.S. Yaar thoda aur bhi marla Manik.. Its okay, you could have just hit him a little bit more on behalf of us viewers. Agar pandit ko hume mil jata.. We would have 

He deserves more than just a punch on his face...He can get hit where it hurts!!
Loved the khoonnn and the hits and smacks and punches!!! You SOB!! deserve more than that.. 

Well thats it for today!! Will be back to normal from Friday!!

Miss you guys!! Cry

QUeen of Cabir <3

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Shez.Ishra09 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 2:57pm | IP Logged

U R JUST FLAWLESS..!! Really I have no words to tell u how beautiful and perfect u r in conveying ur thoughts and emotions. Just brilliant post it was. And thankfully today I got time from my busy schedule to come here and to comment on ur post. But from now on I promise I will read ur post regularly but I think I wont b able to give my long analysis everyday since my Midterms are knocking at my door and m just not prepared for it so its time to panic! LOL..Well but this post...Gosh u just described everything soo soo amazingly. I just loved todays episode and believe me there was only one word in my mind after todays episode and that was SILENCE and when I saw ur post's tilte, I was like I have to comment on this post today. So here I am with my thoughtsWink..

So...It was very hard time for Manik-Nandini to part away just after the MOST MEMORABLE moment they shared. They were happy, contented, and peaceful. They were having a gala time of their life. But they didn't know that danger is awaiting for them, and the time they spent without each other was like a darkness, bcz they were not together to shine for each other. Without each other, there is only one thing that remain in their lives and that is darkness. There wont be any light, there wont be any hope, there wont be any happiness. So, these moments of separation was nothing less than a nightmare for them. They were restless, they were just remembering those memorable moments, they just want to get united, and they wanted their lights of their lives back.

And now when today manik finally found nandani, The LOOK..THE LOOK he gave to nandani was full of pain, it was full of that happiness when u finally find the most loveable thing of ur life. That look had every emotion ever possible. It was a mix of happiness, sadness, guiltiness, and the pain of seeing his star in such a devastated situation. Just a few hours before he was promising her to be there with her, he was promising her that nothing could harm her, he was promising her to give her every happiness, He confessed his love to her. And now seeing her love in this situation was heart wrenching moment for manik. But that look of his was enough to show that how much hurt he is to see her like this. And on the other side..Nandani..She faced the most horrible time of her life. She was being tortured by that pandit, she was hell of scared and her face was a proof of it. But in all that bad situation. She still managed to utter just one word and that is "Manik". Her fears just gone in seconds just by seeing manik infront of her. It was a moment of bliss for both of them. They were uniting after 3-4 hours(read one week), but this time was like the longest and hardest times of their lives. It was their first moment of SILENCE, when they didn't utter anything but their eyes spoke everything, their eyes understood their situation of hearts.

Then after that fight thingy, the way manik hugged nandani gently was like such a Pure and beautiful moment for them. They are finally in each other's arms. This is the place where they both belongs. This is the place which soothes both of them. This is the place which is like a protection and shelter for nandani. They were hugging and their souls were uniting after the toughest moments of their lives. This was the second best moment of their SILENCE. But in this silence their souls were talking to each other, their hearts were celebrating their union. Their hearts were being connected again. They are again together to SHINE for each other. The darkness is gone!

In Nandani's room the way manik kneeled down infront of nandani to assure her that he is there with her was such a lovely scene. And when nandani was remembering those horrible moments, she just got scared again and that's why when manik touched her, she got scared by his touch also. Bcz she just wanted to run away from that nightmare!

And now the most most lovely and meaningful part of todays episode. That shower scene, Gosh it was a pure bliss to watch that scene. They have something in them, they literally can do wonders. When manik asked her to take shower and she came without any interference bcz she knoes that she need to clean herself not only physically but also mentally from all those bad and unforgettable moments. So, she silently stand under the shower and closed her eyes. And this is the moment when SILENCE again came between them to make that moment more blissful. When manik saw the bruises and scars on her arms and face, He felt a jolt of guitiness that how his nandani survived through this, how difficult it would have been for her. So he came to clean it, he came to assure her that now he is not gonna leave her at any cost, now he will be there with her like her shadow. He softly and gently started to clean that dirt off and nandani was standing there with closed eyes and she now didn't reacted on his touch, bcz she knows that he is her protector, he is her saviour, he is the love of her life, he is the very person with whom she is safe more than anyone else in the entire world. He is her manik..HER STAR! And when manik saw that wound, hattered took the place of softness in his eyes in just seconds. Pandit hurted her! He hurted his nandani! his heart again got filled with pain and guiltiness that nandani had to go through a lot! But then he had to be normal for her love, bcz this is the time when she need him the most, so again he softly start to wash away that wound gently like a baby who caresses his most lovely toy in a gentle and in a lovely way. He just didnt wanted to see her in any pain now! He just wanted to assure her that now no power in this entire world can snatch her from him!

And now when nandani is finally getting into her senses bcz of the softness of maniks hands, she just looked into his eyes and it was something in that look. She thanked him for being there with her, she thanked him to not let her shatter, she thanked him to be a shelter for her, she thanked him for being a blessing in her life. And then she shared half of the towel with him to assure him that now they are together like before! This i what love is. When u forget ur own pains and share ur grieves with ur partner. And then they silently leaned and closed their eyes peacefully that now they are together even stronger than before. That no matter how many storms come into their life, as far as they are together they can easily pass through them! And when now they are together, they will shine more brightly for each other! Now they never let any darkness to come in their lives. They are ready to fight for any battle, they are ready to fight with any storm, bcz it will make their relation more strong! They just spoke thousands of words without giving any words to their SILENCE! Their eyes talked, their souls talked, their hearts talked but there was no voice of that conversations! Bcz their love is just above from all those talks which can be heard, their love is beyond the words. For me...SILENCE DEFINES THEIR LOVE! Heart...

And the song which is played was just just perfect and just according to the situation. This moment and the selection of song was enough to bring tears in my eyes! They are just PERFECTION! Big smile..And now lastly I wanna say that Niti and Parth...Gosh these guys are such a such a talented actors that they are just soo good in conveying the emotions through their eyes and gestures! TAKE A BOW! No one could do justice to their characters!  They totally nailed it today!! Brilliant performance by these people!! Big smile..

I'll miss commenting on ur postsErmm..But i will try to drop my chotu msg alwaysWink..

With loadzz of Love,


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moonstonespirit Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 5:50pm | IP Logged
Your words are fabulous!! love reading them...

Her eyes that used to convey her innermost emotions were covered by a sheen of blankness. Her ears adorned by her twinkling earring were covered in blood. She sat amidst the familiar decor of her home, lost in the nightmarish thoughts. He came to her, knelt by, not knowing how to approach her. His guilt overpowering him, her vacant stare killing him. When he asked her to clean up, all she could think of was Pandit's touch. The mere memory of his touch made her flinch. She stood under the shower letting the water cleanse her off. Then he then came to her, tenderly removed every memory of Pandit's touch and left a mark of his own in its wake. In his touch, in his love, she found her home.

It was one of the finest episodes till date. Hats off to the whole team for giving us such a brilliant episode!!

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fireroad99 Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 7:19pm | IP Logged
u girl
u want to give them a silent standing ovation!
i want to give u a standing ovation and applause 

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