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Software Symphonies 20 Color my shadow on 100 (Page 99)

taramira Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
It's got to be the most lovable, heartwarming, positive, endearing, romantic, hopeful updates EVVEEERR. 
RB and II's relationship has moved so significantly. Considering That both of them though imperfect in their own ways...he a nomad by nature and she impulsive, a little immature, have chosen the perfect partner for themselves...something that two thinking mature adults sometimes are unable to do. Just goes to prove that feelings and emotions override cultural Compatibility,  financial status and that so called all important intellect. 
Of course yeh sab bhi ho jaye to double bonus...

Loved II's fierce claiming of LASYA as a true blue Bhalla...looks like she's almost become a Full Bhalla herself. 

I have a feeling that RB won't let II let go of her IYER identity. He will insist she be the way she is...because iyer II was who he fell in love with, a transformed Bhalla II won't be as endearing. 

Another Thing that make us love SOSY so much...the subtlety with which feelings progress... 

Perfect Sunday treat Nisha. Hope you are having a swell moms day. My daughters have written beautiful notes for and reread them and cried my heart out. I am not an emotional, PDA type of a mom, but felt nice to read what my kids think of me. 

Waiting for more lovely things to happen in SOSY. 

1. Money matters need to get resolved
2. AGM and The scandal looms large
3. baby talk
4. Returning to Paris matter
5. RB birthday
6. Manny vik

Also want To see RB defending his wife in some way. BTW did II return the expensive Apple lap top back? 

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TanjoreGirl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
Tum Embarrassed

so now he guesses sweet and the Laasya talk adorable! too cute ayoo now i want to eat her seriously how can u describe a baby this way!!

i know when ur family members are not being treated well and u cant do a thing about it u do get a little low ..fortunately everybody finds a balance in real life , from Vandus side or Sams side they might find IIs life hard..

I cant wait for FIL /DIL shopping :-) i think R&B should join,  my dream is the 2 Bhalla men taking her out for shopping and eating chaat together followed by II and Ranjan watching Andaaz Apna Apna and dozing off !Day Dreaming

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TanjoreGirl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 7:03pm | IP Logged

had to post this .. so sick , doesnt go actually is getting worse for me the first day i actually felt may be there was the other side, ..but this is so sad ..

no words

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putti77 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 7:27pm | IP Logged
I think Nisha is busy. We will get next update today evening time in India.

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ishruhi IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 October 2014
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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 7:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by putti77

I think Nisha is busy. We will get next update today evening time in India.

even if its so lets keep on refreshing the page till 10 30am IST... Wink

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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 8:37pm | IP Logged
Color my shadow
She did the diya in the prayer room, sang a couple of hymns...

Told the help to take the evening off saying she will bring dinner for her husband

Around quarter to seven she texted him from downstairs...

"will u go with me?"
"Give u a ride?" he texted

" I mean... to shop... with Dad?"

"U havent left yet?" he asked

"U wont?"she asked

He showed up in blue jeans and a white Lacoste in 7 minutes... he wore Austin men's sneakers in graphite color

He leaned on the doorway as if it was his excuse for not entering the room

She walked up to him to ask "Did u get robbed?"

He arched an eyebrow

"all ur flip flops?" she smiled

He trailed an index finger along her jaw, down her neck and over her
yellow cord around her neck... "I just didnt want to be accused of not displaying enough interest in shopping"

She laughed out loud.. throwing her head back

"so accusations  do influence behavior?" she asked softly

"Only on Sunday evenings" he smiled softly

"Other times?" she asked for confirmation

"They are a detriment" he said cheerily

"I will remember to fire from all cylinders between 6-8 PM on Sunday evenings" she said softly looking up at him

"Prioritize" he muttered with a glint in his eyes

She nodded obediently

She sat by the front door and wore her white strappy sandals

He walked over to the car and pulled it out of the gate... she wandered around shutting doors leading to the outside

she walked to the guard "Amma mere liye shaayad phool aur books laayengi aap le lenge?" she requested R&B listened

"Arey andar bhej denge" Hari said

"Umm shaayad rukengi nahi... maine Mahavir ko kaha woh shaam ko free hain" "is liye ghar par to koi nahi hoga"

"Hum bitha lenge aap aa jao... khaana to hum bhi bana lete hain" he smiled warmly

She looked at R&B... "No I dont know I dont care to do a taste test of his food right now" he thought

She  sprinted to his car as he waited on the slope of the driveway just outside the gate  
"I let the help go" she told him,
"Umm.. maine mahavir ko chhutti de di" she muttered

"And?" he asked gently and waited patiently...

"Kuch bhi nahi... mujhe laga" she checked herself

We could go up right now and fight all you want over why and how unsure you are about belonging to this house, or I could take you shopping with Ranjan

She didnt have to look at his eyes but knew thats what he meant

She left him on the drive way

And went up to grab her cross body sling, and a bottle of water as a symbol of truce...

She keyed her playlist... wordlessly... lowering the volume

He attempted to take it from her lap

And the Ferrari played her Tamil playlist for the first time
Oru thuli iruthuli from Pudiya Thiruppangal played

"Oh!" she said nodding as Chinmayee began to sing

One drop two drops...
The distance continues to reduce bit by bit... my heart soars
I look at your eyes and question myself
When our hands join, a million flowers bloom

He never spoke much he could be silent for months she knew that

wherever they drove wherever they paused, which ever traffic sign they waited at people turned to look

Kids tapped and peeked in...

"have u been saree shopping before?" she asked

He turned to her with a half smile and shook his head
"Not for your French friends?" she asked

"No... Ved's admin or my Lawyer's admin would do it" he said indulgently

Male: Why does my heart jump at your sight, it races and it leaps would you know why?
Female: My lashes refuse to flutter, why does it only admire you?

Male: Who makes me giddy?

Female: "The daily torment I suffer at your hands, the demonic love.
The way our eyes communicate in this wordless warBlushing

II: Ummm... uh...Did u abandon your work for me?"

He saw her hands, they were clenched like she waited for test results from a Doctor's office
He turned to look... paused and shook his head slowly but surely...
He could see her relax visibly.. he wondered why she was so afraid or who she was
For some one that was supremely confident about every goddamn thing... atleast every goddamn thing he knew of,
she was jittery and jello like around him

Female: Who gives me this agony daily, shows up in my dreams, joins our souls?
Male: who entraps me in her charms? who stuns me with her beauty, who colors my shadow...

Female: This hunger will not be assuaged in a day
Male: this misery shall only be compensated with a lifetime of pleasure...  do not stop me from merging myself with you...

He parked at the first available spot, the attendant asked him if he shud appoint a "special aadmi" to guard the car

He chuckled and declined

He walked unassumingly weaving between cars... hoping to go unnoticed... she observed... not in the center pathway... like some 30 year olds did
Most wore expensive clothing, and too much cologne and bottles of hair gel...
He was too tall, too skinny and too anonymous

"Do u have a store name?' he asked politely, as they walked into the hallway of the ultra affluent mall

"Nahi" she said sheepishly

"Do u want to text him?" he asked patiently

She nodded

He held her hand... "relax... I am not grading you" he bend down to whisper in her ear "Not yet anyway" he mocked

"Phew! u were not my mentor or advisor during Masters, mujhe kabhi pass honey nahi dete" she accused

He stared dumbfounded... at her spontaneous mistrust... right off the bat... she needed no provocation... she was wary of him. Period.
His eyes took on a familiar glint when a thought struck him... of taking her on in a game of scrabble... or a World Economy quiz, she would decimate him, he knew
His heart raced as he imagined the visual of her agitated face trying to score a point... or accuse him of cheating

"Would you have dated me?" he asked gently

"i wore salwar kameez and a nose ring and flowers to class at IIM some days" she said dismissively (WAYYY out of YOUR league, dude)

"and?" (that did not answer my question)

"I did not own one lacy bra" "or thong" she whispered

"I usually take those off before I make love" he muttered

"I know" she said smugly, her cheeks flaming, trying to free her hand as they spotted Ranjan at On The Go

His eyes lit up like a thousand lights at the sight of his son

"TWO men and no women to help u pick?" he asked hugging her

"Umm.. I asked him if he wanted to go" II muttered

"and he said YES?" ranjan teased

II nodded innocently

R&B nodded on seeing Ranjan

"Do u want to do alphabetical or popular" Ranjan quoted popular internet search tools

She chuckled

"I have no idea Dad, this my second time here.. " "First was with Sam" she said embarrassed

They went from store to store to store, she took pictures on her phone, and texted Sam and Akka then borrowed Ranjan's and then R&B's...

Ranjan forced her to buy 4... FOURRR SAREES... she wore a couple for the dude... Ranjan took phone calls while she modeled for her husband

He smiled, or half smiled... or twitched part of the lips

"Its regressive? its demeaning? u did not expect a feminist like me to model clothing?" she ranted when he wouldnt say a word

"The red is pretty hot" he shut her up, his arms stretched out on Anju Modi's plush couch...

"With a blouse or without" she asked

"Depends on what the blouse  covers" he said softly

For Akka and Sam, she argued loudly and softly and endlessly until Ranjan allowed her to pay for Mother's Day

For Amma she bought a pair of pearl and coral earrings, Iyer women craved for coral jewelry as they aged... Amma didnt have any
It was too expensive, but she knew it was classy...

"are u going to let her pay?" Ranjan asked baffled

He didnt say anything, just exchanged a look with his wife...Ranjan had no idea what a slippery slope money matters were in his son's life
His son was not about to open his heart up either at a jewelry store and beg for comfort

He dragged her through the plush marbled corridor as she texted or responded to texts... "Will u bother to watch where u are going?" he scolded her

"Tumhara haath kyon pakda phir" she justified

Ranjan laughed out loud
"Umm.. sorry... I didnt mean to say that" II muttered sheepishly "Yahan main kaise kho sakti hoon?" "I know Delhi" smug

"No no... betaji... I agree... he should steer u"

R&B had a "REALLY? Do u have any idea what she did in paris?" look

"He always finds me when I am lost" II muttered still preoccupied, as if she heard his thoughts
 staring at her screen grinning at the joint conversation with Akka and Sam

"God Bless" Ranjan whispered

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swathi1990 Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
Yay...First family outing and shopping...
are they going to restaurant next ??? there is no cook in MM illa ...

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swathi1990 Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
now going to read it again playing the song Smile

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