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Software Symphonies 20 Color my shadow on 100 (Page 84)

taramira Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Hey Nish, right here, between loads of laundry and weekend chores trying to find innovative ways to keep up with the story, SOSY and SOSYites have incredibly become a part of my life in  such an incredible way that it's beyond comprehension...
Feel guilty sometimes that I am actually becoming anti social, kinda now understanding why people are glued to their iPod, iPad and other electronic stuff all DAY LONG. 

Romance, conflict, strife loving every bit of the story. 

Keep the fire burning, stir the pot a bit, BRING IT ON.

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swathi1990 Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Actually R&B's reaction is bang on here...
She leaving a PhD is not a big deal at all...its not like she is giving a bright career or anything...she has been doing this phd on and off for years just as a time pass...tomo if she feels bored, she can join excel, do another phd or simply sit at home and spend it is not at all a big deal...and his answer was right...

as far as vik is concerned, R&B is willing to give vik a chance...I mean what is the big deal here ?? If it doesnt work out, they are going to break up...that is not something new na...It didn't feel like she gave a damn about her a break up is practically nothing...she will probably find the next person in another plane...becos she wants some companion...but on the other side, if it works out it might lead to something permanent and she will also be happy...

I can understand from sam's and Ranjan's point of view...she would have behaved the same way if R&B wanted to marry marliese...they want a proper marriage with a person whom they will accept or lets say traditional for manny...but if that is the case, why not they try to set her up with someone whom they will be ok ??? I think with manny's current state she will be definitely give a try...

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shidin0117 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 2:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by fabmaahi

Originally posted by Nisha0604

Putti or Shilpa

Not sure which one of you mentioned II being disconnected from it... its by design. I vowed when I started writing the story that I wont have my female lead be saying any of the following:ROFL

1. Woh aapki behen hai aapko uski madad karni chahiye
2. Main Vik se baat karoongi
3.Vik aur Manya ki shaadi main karwaoongi
4. Dad se main baat karke Manya ki problem main suljhaoongi
5. Manya aakhir is ghar ki beti hai
6. I love to be humiliated by Manya I am a glutton for punishment so I will interfere wherever I am not required.
7. I will make it my business to talk with everyone and find out whats bothering them and attempt to resolve it.
8. I will investigate about Vik
9. I will speak with Manya's Professor/Advisor and order him to hand Manya her Ph D
10. I will apply for a loan for Vik and help him establish himself
11. I will impress Sam's in laws one way or the other and they will hug me with teary eyes
12. I will invite Chachi to dinner every night and ingratiate myself

You are too good ur sense of humour cracks me every time be it in ur updates or in ur comments I don't think I have ever laughed like this ever while reading FFs ROFL

Oyye, mujhe aisi wala II nahi chahiye, maine Tulsi maiyya, parvati maiyaa, prerana maiyaa yeh sab serials nahi dekha maine, no kasautis for me,nor I do like over the top mahanta, tyaag ka devisLOLWink, real life mei yeh sab nahi hota,  i want the II that u have created, she is perfect and i dont think I have written about ii, ...

But super funny points Nisha, this is what we get from the shows that air...I tried to imagine II being like this, but i just couldn't, not even a teeny weeny bit.

Ok, as someone as requested pls give some romantic, hilarious updates thru the weekend Nisha.

I dont know why I feel like pinching your cheeks Nisha after reading ur post aboveLOLTongue.but virtual hug kaafi haiHug

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shidin0117 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
[QUOTE=swathi1990]great move Nish...
Now manya wants to take the next step and enjoy the bliss that her siblings seem to have...but why does it feel that it is a move made out of desparation and also in a hurry... :-(

But after all this, I really dont understand the dynamics of these kind of relationships...I mean they like each other to live together but dont want to make an official commitment ???? which means are both always waiting for the time to back out ??? in that case will they really feel if there was a break up ??? .and even the definition of term "like" is very questionable here.. I mean they like having sex with that person and are ok until the person gives u space or does not question u otherwise ??? In that case, what exactly is this space...too many questions unanswered...
Even I dont understand these live in relationships...i think.its like standing near the shallow end of the water afraid to go deep, but sometimes wanting to, just like dipping your toe to test whether water is cold or hot. You can jump back to safety if something goes wrong.

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Ashu25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nisha0604


Ashu? Tujhe kaise bhool sakti hoon. I misunderstood Vikas was leaving

Shall read d next in the morning

Good you dont forget me Big smile
Ashu25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by SAKIV-RAM

Originally posted by Nisha0604


Ashu? Tujhe kaise bhool sakti hoon. I misunderstood Vikas was leaving
I am not leaving.
Only way it happens is .
when some one directly say's get out on my face.

Tujhe kaun bhaga sakta hai
U are like Ashu... unbhagao-ableLOL

Arya is busy again with research... She is ill also. She last told me she is working. 
Hsp.canada Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
Nisha didn't you u will post update at 4.30 EST?????
I have people at my house and I sneaked out to read it LOL I guess I should head back and check in another 30 minutes... I wonder shopping kaise thi and II be kaise handle kiya RnB ko? I also wonder will they again talk about money? 

I will be wondering about the wonderful wonderland of SoSy LOL

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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
Three lil pigs

"Is that IT?" Sam asked stunned

"what do u want me to tell her?" he asked unemotionally

"she is so close u jerk" Sam yelled

"Shhh ssshhh" Tan admonished her

"How do u know she is close? " R&B asked logically

"Sun yaar just shut up OK" tan ordered R&B

"What is your thesis on?" R&B asked smoothly

Manya didnt respond

"she only changed it 4 times in the last 6 years" R&B said

Manya looked at him eyes glistening

"Have we all decided we are going to be in our worst behavior?" Tan asked

"Aap Dad ko andar lekar aayen please" Sam requested

Tan went out to the patio...

"I need a break too... I ve been doing this since I was  24... shaadi hui, toot gayi. Master hua... Ph D enrollement.. life seems to go on... with no  graduation in sight" Manya said

"Idea kiska tha?" Sam asked

R&B shook his head sensing its going to be another war

"Se hes not even interested in my life any more" Manya pointed to him

"Hes not interested in any body... just his work and his books" Sam said sadly

"U forget his nayi biwi" Manya reminded

Sam (harmless) Us bichaari ko bhi nachaata hai.. (shaking her head)

"They call it love" Manya muttered

Sam was quiet...

R&B walked out of the kitchen

Manya: It was not his idea... it was mine... u dont have to start a witch hunt

Sam:I am NOT I like him... hes handsome hes funny... umm... we dont know his family bas

Manya: i havent met them either

Sam:Does he have parents
Manya: Nahi he was born in a manger
Sam not funny Manya

Manya:He said they are not around any more I didnt ask

sam:Oh! sorry!

Manya:He wants to start something in Kufri... he has family there... so thats why we are going the week of AGM

Sam's face paled... she wondered if it was the petrol pump

Sam: So its not a vacation

Manya:Oh PARDON ME... for dating a guy that has a day job

Sam:Tu har baat ka galat matlab kyon nikal rahi hai

Manya: He is wealthy, hes educated... umm... not compared to R&B or Tan... but chalega... hes good in bed

Sam squirmed

Manya: Hes ambitious... he wants to make big money... whatever
I come up with in Microbiology is not going to make me Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (cynical)

Sam:Dont say that... Manny... R&B had no support nobody propped him up he owns a company that is in the Top 100

Manny:Well... hes a guy...

Sam:thats bull (she giggled)
Manny did too "I dont know Sam.. everything seems impossible and pointless"

Sam: I had another child when I felt like that

Manny: And R&B married?

Sam did not answer

Manny:Jawab de mujhe

Sam:Lets keep him out of it yaar

Manny: she seems to perfect to me



Manny:I should just have a baby then?

Sam: Umm... NO... NO... No..

Manny:Kyon nahi? (startled)

Sam: First decide if hes the one bache... please
Manny: u just said he seems nice

Sam: Uffooo! Tujhe kaise samjhaoon... dont u want a big traditional wedding?

Manny: I hated Iyer food

Sam BTW Vik is not an Iyer

Manny stared at her beer...

Manny: I am just afraid she might hurt him (she cried)

Sam:U are abandoning ur Ph D because u feel like rescuing R&B from a situation hes not even in?

Manny looked at Sam...

Manny: Does it sound so ridiculous? (choking)

Sam: Very...

II entered to the front patio door, dressed in a Anthropology floral skirt in coral pink with a tile pattern and a button pocket
utility blouse/shirt with roll up sleeve in
Her long slender legs bare knee down, wearing coral summer thongs on her feet...

"Wahan par utaarna tha mujhe" she said sitting down on the swing taking off her sandals

"Iyers are very particular" Ranjan told Tan

"Ghar par sab kidhar hain?" she asked

"Sab se kya matlab hai?" Tan asked

"Umm... u know Lasya, Sam, Nandu" II muttered smiling shyly

"Woh to aapko khud dhoondna padega" Tan winked

"Manya bhi hain?" she asked nervously

"Vik nahi hai, he is on his way. Aur kuch?" Tan teased

She shook her head

"She set her sandals by the side door... "haan aur"

"WOHI TO" Tan laughed out loud

"Mujhe laga aapke saath aayega puttar ji" Ranjan said seriously

"Nahi to" II mumbled  "Hes not at home"

"Wohi to... with u in that pretty dress he wouldnt have let u come to people with kids" Tan laughed

She self conciously stared down at her skirt, pulling it down well below her knee

"Bache jao ooopar Lasya wahin hai... R&B ko main phone karta hoon" Ranjan promised

"Sam ko hello?" II asked

"sam ko main keh doonga" Tan smiled

Sam walked out  "OMG!! SO CUTE... Tan yeh teenager kaun hai?"

"U guys are funny" II muttered

"LOOK AT YOU, U look 16 not 28"

"Nice skirt Ishita" Manya said softly

"Thanks.. I ve worn it a couple times before shaadi"

"OMG... phir bhi u married my brother?" Sam asked

"Guys dont like tall women in shorts skirts"

Poochho isko" Sam said

she turned

R&B stood, at the foot of the stairs holding Lasya... clean shaven in army green cargos and a lemon yellow soft v neck tee

"U dont like tall girls in shorts skirts?"

"Tall girls in no skirts" he muttered ogling at her smooth ivory like legs

Ranjan turned away embarrassed

"Shameless bas***d" II hissed walking up to him reaching for the lil ball of butter... well big ball of butter
In a Dolce & Gabbana fan print empire dress, with a square neck...

"I LOVE HER CLOTHES" II turned to Sam

"I LOVEEE HER FAT ARMS" she inhaled baby soap

"Well her buas sent it from Neiman Marcus" Sam said carelessly


Lasya leaped from R&B's arms

"Kudu da" she begged
He handed the baby, letting his finger tips stroll her shirt front... she held it after it crossed her curves

"U are insane" she hissed

She sat on the bottom step and he sat by her, she reached for a book on a table by the stairs

"The Three Lil Pigs" she read it softly for Lasya... it was a board book,
she wanted to chew the pigs more than listen to their life story

"Where is Nandu?"

"Hes upstairs with Shravu" Sam said

Turned to give instructions to the help

Her in laws walked down from upstairs after yoga on the terrace...

A man in his 30s followed them down... II stared curiously

"Hi!" he smiled

"U remind me of someone I went to college with

"Which college?"

"LSR" II said

"My sister went to LSR... B Com Hons" he said

"Surbhi?" she asked

"Ya.. thats it... Hi! I am Sanjay" he reached

"OMG... SMALL WORLD... She lived in East of Kailash... some days she would even walk" II said

He laughed... he was well toned... with abs... and muscles and everything fit

He wore a kurta pyjama tho

Tan and manya chatte din a corner... Sam walked up

Her in laws went to the kitchen

"U know him?"

"HAAN his sister and I went to college"

"sanjay... he is my in-laws' yoga teacher" Sam giggled

II looked confused

"Well I have a day job... I know Mr & Mrs Batra... my parents do.." he said sheepishly

"Oh? Um... oh?" II nodded

"My name is Ishita" she extended her hand again

"Is she yours? damn cute" he smiled

"I WISHHH" she turned to Sam confused

"Today was the first class" Sam chuckled..

"She is hers... but not for long... I would like to kidnap her" II promised

"Yep pretty cute" Sanjay agreed... he had a great smile... and eyes as big as hers

Lasya cooed flirting with Sanjay...

"Uve met my brother?" Sam asked

"Umm no... I saw him walk in when I went up" he said


"raman" Sam said

"So u are the guy Tan refers to as Rhythm & Blues?" Sanjay asked

R&B nodded

"Blues music? Bachelor ho kya?" Sanjay cracked himself up

"HEYYY! Knock it off... yeh dekh rahe ho" she tapped Ishita's choora  "she is my brother's wife"

Ishita only wore a couple on each hand today... ahem!!

"Damm!" Sanjay grinned

"Do u do weekend lessons only?" Ii asked harmlessly


"TUJHE KAHA THA Physical Ed mein dhyan do Modern mein, dekh ab biwi Yoga instructor ko line de rahi hai" Sam laughed heartily

II was red... and R&B ... R&B? not amused...

"U went to Modern too?" Sanjay asked

Dude only nods...

"Vasant Vihar" Sanjay said

"Arey yeh poora parivar Barakhamba" Sam said...

"U too" he asked II admiringly

"Umm... no... Kendiya Vidyalaya Sangathan" II said softly

"Wow! where?"

"Andrews Ganj... us se pehle Saket... Amma taught there" Ii said

"are u from UP?" he asked

"Umm... no... Iyer" she said

"IYER matlab... IYER?" he asked

"She used to go to my Dad's office" Sam offered

"Used nahi.. I do.." II chuckled

"Oh sorry haan" Sam corrected herself

"Are u the Iyer singer?" he asked

II nodded confidently...

"College mein shows karti thi?" Sam asked

"Just for college day and fests" "South Campus fest" II muttered

"How is Surbhi?" II asked

"Oh! she lives in Dubai... she has two kids, both older than this one"

"How about u Sanjay?" Sam asked

"Koi ladki ho to bata do?" he laughed

"Iski koi behen hoti to" Sam giggled  "Oh BTW... waha jo corner mein baithi hai woh meri behen hai... chalegi kya?"

"umm... ya... sure" he nodded..

"shes 32"
"Mujhe chalega I am 30"

"U are my brother's age" Sam said as if there can be nobody else Rakshasan's age

"Oh! him? he doesnt talk?"

II giggled

"Yeh hai na... dono ke hisse ka baat karne waali" Sam smiled

"He really doesnt talk?"

Sam smacked him  "Ofcourse he does... but kam bolta hai"

"He didnt even say his name... YOU DID mujhe laga" Sanjay muttered

The help came for Sam...

"He reads & works" II said

"Not very outdoorsy?" Sanjay asked smugly

"Nooo... in fact.. he loves the AC... he goes from car to home to work.. BAS"

sanjay looked at the dude curiously

R&B shrugged going back to a Fast Company he was reading twirling his locks

"Well hes tall... really tall and skinny.. so i guess he doesnt need yoga" Sanjay prescribed

"Do I NEED yoga?" II flirted


"I dont live here" Ii said

"thats fine" Sanjay said  "U will be my third student

She nodded innocently...

II smiled at R&B

He arched an eyebrow... Nandu ran down the stairs  "Ma he wont share the white control... Ive been playing with the black one all day"

"all day kya abhi ek bhi nahi baja" "sorry around 2" Sam scolded

"Sanjay eat and go" she ordered
He hesitated

"arey aa jao... the help makes really good lamb biryani" she said

Nandu cried and walked to II.. "Lets go for a walk she urged"

She walked with the baby and Nandu around the house... to Sam's flower patch... sat down and showed them how to dig for treasure... held Lasya and let her feel dirt

II hid her choora and made Nandu find it... and took turns hiding it...

She ofcourse wanted to eat dirt... Nandu tricked her.. by snatching it... sending her into peals of laughter...
 R&B walked over to the patio and took pictures on his phone
"Three lil pigs" he texted/sent it back to her with a half smile
When they returned... the table was set... II handed Lasya to the nanny and went up to check on Shravu and wash up...

Dabbed wet fingers on the dirt drops and washed them off... and surveyed herself... the length of the skirt the still damp hair... held with a scarf

she heard the door to the guest bedroom

It was the wolf...

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