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SS - MANVEER LOVE STORY(aft last episode)chp4 pg4 (Page 3)

HunsraJ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
Wow - great update!!
BTW - are u sure it's an OS, it seems like a short-story Embarrassed.
Do update soon

simi.k. Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 12:44am | IP Logged
Awesome update...
continue soon
puggyy Goldie

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UDAY - he reaches office and goes to cabin

PA - sir u have a meeting with AMITH Chopra today at 11 and he is here

UDAY - k send him to my cabin

AMITH - hi Uday , how r u

UDAY - am good . How r u ? Pls take ur seat


AMITH - I'll do with vijay bai and jaigad project will be handled by my sister as I can't manage both at time as I already have handful projects

UDAY - that's k AMITH , done

AMITH - I'll take ur leave Uday . My sister will meet u at 3pm

UDAY - that's k and he signs contract paper and AMITH leaves

     All day Uday is busy with work and calls MAYATH in between .

ADITHI MEHRA - she comes and meets Uday

UDAY - he first gets shocked and covers himself up . Hi ADITHI how r u and ur here ??

ADITHI - I have ur appointment Uv sorry mr udayveer sing

UDAY - wat ?

ADITHI - am ADITHI Mehra sister of AMITH Mehra

UDAY - omg !!!

ADITHI - r u okay Uday

UDAY - am fine . Anyways welcome to jaigad industries ADITHI

ADITHI - okay partner . I mean we are business partners rite

UDAY - ADITHI I want to speak frankly now . Let us forget out past now . We were young that time . We give a new start as business associates . Can u pls ADITHI

ADITHI MEHRA - okay Uday . I'll try to forget . But I wanna ask u something did u ever love me Uday or just played me

UDAY - pls don't get past .

ADITHI - answer me Uday pls

UDAY - we were young . I was just attracted to u . That's it . I only love my princess MANYATAH . I love her truly

ADITHI - she geta tears and wipes . I know I moved on . And it's time for me to . And am happy for u as u found ur true love .

UDAY - ADITHI will meet tomorrow

ADITHI - won't u invite me to ur house Uday as a friend at least . I wanna see ur wife

UDAY - surely ADITHI . Tomorrow I u and AMITH come for lunch to jaigad palace . I'll all n tell AMITH. Will have our project checked there only

ADITHI - k Uday

     UDAY LEAVES AND STARTS TO HOME . On the way he remembers that Phakir. Words " he is rite my past came today . May be its a coincidence , come on Uday don't get into such words not superstitious " . He goes to home and his room

MANYTAH - Udayy she hugs her

UDAY - wah princess ithne romantic mood mein , Ba'ath kya hai

MANYATAH - will tell u first u go and have shower

UDAY - y do u have any plans to make out now princess

MANYATAH - chi Uday thum Bhi na

UDAY - he haves shower and come out in towel

MANYATAH - she is reading Some document and suddenly she feels like puking . She rushes to wash room and throw up

UDAY - kya HUA he runs behind . R u k

MANYTAH - am k don't worry

UDAY - don't tell me u ate roadside food ill call doctor

MANYATH - no Uday am fine and let me tell u again she vomits

UDAY - he holds her and help her . Princess I think food poisoning I'll call doc

MNAYATAH - she wipes with towel n tell . No Uday

UDAY - am going to calm doctor

MANAYATH - she gets irritated and follow him . Halkat vede kasmaunukane stop there I said not necessary na

UDAY - don't act as doctor now am calling and he takes phone

MANYATH - she takes phone and tell I know Uday already I have been to hospital

UDAY - wat u went to hospital and dint tell me . That's y I tell u don't eat all that road aside stuff . Uday keeps on blabbering

MANAYYAH - Uday stop it it's not food poisoning Am pregnent

UDAY - wat !!! Tell me again

MANAYYAH - she blushes and holds his hand and tell ur gonna be father halkat

UDAY - really MAYATH he hugs and kisses on forehead , r u sure

MANYATH - yes am 3 weeks pregnant

UDAY - am the happiest person on This earth now


VIJAY - so junior Uday is gonna come

UNNATHI - no it's junior Vasundara ( my mom .") .

UDAY - yes UNNATHI it rite .Mom always use to tell I'll be born as ur baby Uday in we last days with tears in her eyes

DS - she carcasses Udays head and tell . Yes Uday maharani Vasundhara Devi is gonna come back


MANYATH - she is gonna Take coca cola

UDAY - ur not supposed to take aerated drinks in pregnency MANAYYAH . He takes away the glass

MANYTAH - how do u know Uday , did I do a gynaecologist course

EVERYONE - laughs

UDAY - princess I don't do a course but I read in a book . Soon after I got new I first read what to eat and what to not as ur a big mess

MANYATAH - she looks at him angrily

KOMAL - wat Uday said is true MANYATAH ur not suppose to take all these . Only fresh fruit juices

UDAY - Seema ki yuvrani ke liye ek fresh watermelon juice lavo

MANYTAH - I want mango juice not watermelon

UDAY - no watermelon is good in sumner also mango better not to take in first 3 months as it produces heat in body and not safe in first 3 months

VIJAY - UDAY BANNA SERIOUSLY THUM THO pregency ke baare mein research Koya hoga

UNNATHI - after all my dada does any work perfectly , he is Yuvraj Udaybeer sing

MANYATA - an busss Karo apne bai ka thaarif . Yeh tho halkat Veda hi hai

DS - MANAYYAH ur not supposed to tell ur husband like that

UDAY - ek yuvrani ko Shobha nahi dethe



MNAYATAH - j and vijay ur Gonna pay for this . Uday thum bhi

DS - MANAYYAH aap Kaho

MANYATAH - sorry aap Yuvraj

UDAY - it's k DS MANYATH can call whatever she likes to

DS - but Uday beta I know if any other royal or PPP Listen they make news and especially Mahasabha ppl are particular about their rules and all

GIRI RAJ - maa sab tek keh raha hai . Uday I don't want this new to go out till 3 more months

DS - yes Uday I don't want to tell it still she is 4 months pregnent . Due to security issues and for privacy

UDAY - jee dad . I'll make it sure DS

KOMAL - I already asked doctor not to reveal it

BRIJ RAJ - acha Kiya Komal

J - but DS hOw can we hide . Wat if they see jiji tummy likes ball

MANYTAHA - j not ball k

UDAY - he laughs

MANAYATH - she stamps Uday feet


KOMAL - don't worry j . Tummy will start appearing form 14 th week and she is only 3 weeks now

MANYATA - really mom . I don't l know I should ask u many doubts

KOMAL - yes beta I'll tell . But I don't think u need my help wen Uday is around u . Think he must have read about it also

VIJAY - I tell u . Uday banna encyclopaedia

UDAY - vijay thum bhi na

   EVERYONE HAVE DINNER AND MANVEER RETURN TO JAIGAD PALACE . Uday tells about meeting with mehras to vijay and manytah.

UDAY -manyatha take this milk

MANYATAH - Uday am full . Pls

UDAY - MNAYATH before bed if u take hot milk . It's good for I n baby

MANYATAH - Uday thum tho mere peeche pade . I should have become pregnent instead of me

UDAY - haha funny princess . I can do anything for u but can't get pregnent I guess

MANYATAH - Udayyy k I'll drink after a while

UDAY - that's my girl . He kisses her in lips

MANYTAH - pregnent mein kissing mana hai

UDAY - wat really ??

MANYTAY - book mein Nahi pada , she laughs

UDAY - acha ur pulling my leg . He pulls her close and tell " do u know I can even have sex in pregnancy with safety measure and positions , Be ready for it "

MANYTAH - chi besharan

UDAY - he smiles and leaves her .


DOCTOR - she checks MANYATAH and gives vitamin tablets

UDAY - anything about yuvrani pls first inform me and I should know everything doctor and I mention it again

DOCTOR - don't worry Yuvraj ji she is perfectly fine and I'll keep informing u . But next month u have to come to clinic for scan

UDAY - if u don't mind doctor I want to buy that machine n keep at home with a nurse . Can I come and do scan here

DOCTOR - that's fine Yuvraj ji as u wish

MANYTAH - Uday is that necessary . I'll go and come

UDAY - princess if u go frequently to hospital media will get to know for sure

DOCTOR - Yuvraj ji is rite ur highness . She leaves

MANYATAH - patha nahi yeh media ka chakkar kab katham hoga

UDAY - it will never end . N am sure we are going to have hard time after they get to know ur pregnent

MANYTAHA - we won't reveal it at all . Then no worries

UDAY. - ache after few months ur tummy will come out like balloon and u will become like baby elephant princess and everyone will know

MANAYYAH - udayy , kya kaha . She throws pillow at him and turns around

UDAY - he hugs her from behind

MANYTAH - Uday if I become fat I won't like me na

UDAY - princess . He turns around . Whatever u look like I just love u madly . Will love u forever till my last breath

MANAYATH - she covers his mouth and tell don't talk like that . I love u she hugs him . They r in lawn outside

AMITH AND ADITHI - they come and cough

MANYATAH - she immediately pushes Uday and move away

UDAY - he acts normal . " welcome AMITH and ADITHI ,pls come in "

AMITH - he looks at MANAYYAH and wish her

ADITHI - she to stares at MANAYATH

AMITH - she is my sister ADITHI . Have tells MANYATAH

MANYATAH - she tells hello ADITHI and gives hand

ADITHI - she is lost and stares at MANAYYAH

AMITH - he mives ADITHi and tell " hey ADITHI we're r u lost " I know Yuvraj is so beautiful and natural beauty but being a girl don't satre at her

UDAY - yeh Kameena tho always flirts my wife . I'll see this guy one day

ADITHI - yes brother she is indeed beautifull as u said . Uday I must say u have got a gorgeous wife , nice meeting u miss udayveer sing

UDAY - he feels bit tensed . He thought of telling to MANAYYAH about their past but after knowing she is pregnent he dint want to .


MANYATAH - u guys carry on with ur work . I'll leave

UDAY - ji MANYATH UNNATHI is there in her room .go to her

AMITH - Uday u don't she know about project . I mean to day Devgad projects also vijay is handling . Y is MANYATAH ji is not coming to office these days

UDAY - it's not like that AMITH . She UNNATHI and j are taking care of other works . I don't want to over burden her

MANYTAH - Uday is rite . I don't want to interfere in everything

ADITHI - that's interesting buth of u make a good pair

UDAY - thanks ADITHI , shall we go ahead with work .

MANYTAH - she is leaving

UDAY - he excuses and goes behind MANYATAH and tell " princess don't forget to take tablet , came to remind '"

MANYTAH - Uday that's k abhi thum jao , she pushes him

ADITHI - she looks at them and get angry , especially MANYATAH

   ADITHI - she acts good and everyone believe her and she try's to harm MANAYATH and baby

UDAY AND ANYONE - they doesn't know about it . Even AMITH doesn't know about her past or about her evil plans

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simi.k. Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 11:28am | IP Logged
really nice update Smile
god this bro sis duo is too much I mean 1 is after uday n the other after manyata...
do continue soon n pm me if possible Smile
Twinkle_alisha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 10:19am | IP Logged
Good Chapter.. Thumbs Up Smile Plus U R Bring Twist Of Adithi Uday's Past... She Wants Plzzz Don't Let That Happen... Smile Plzzz Don't Bring Any Harm To ManVeer And Their Child Plzzz... Smile And Plzzz Post Next Chapter... Smile And Thank You For Brillant Update... Smile
puggyy Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by alisha_ashiyal

Good Chapter.. Thumbs Up Smile Plus U R Bring Twist Of Adithi Uday's Past... She Wants Plzzz Don't Let That Happen... Smile Plzzz Don't Bring Any Harm To ManVeer And Their Child Plzzz... Smile And Plzzz Post Next Chapter... Smile And Thank You For Brillant Update... Smile

Thanks I'll update in this week
Twinkle_alisha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by puggyy

Originally posted by alisha_ashiyal

Good Chapter.. Thumbs Up Smile Plus U R Bring Twist Of Adithi Uday's Past... She Wants Plzzz Don't Let That Happen... Smile Plzzz Don't Bring Any Harm To ManVeer And Their Child Plzzz... Smile And Plzzz Post Next Chapter... Smile And Thank You For Brillant Update... Smile

Thanks I'll update in this week

Okayzzz Will Be Waiting For It... Smile
puggyy Goldie

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UDAY - he finishes meeting with Divya and AMITH .

ANITH - am very happy Uday we earned good profit and 5 months left to finish this project

ADITHI - yes bhai am happy even

UDAY - he smiles


MANVEER. - they go to a marriage party of a politician

        Marathas pregnancy news is not still known to anyone except family members . Press members and public doesn't know about it . Also MANYATAH wears loose dress so that her tummy is not seen wenever she goes out . Also she has only little bump as she is in 5th month

UDAY - they are on the way to party

MANYTAH - driver stop car

UDAY - y princess r u ok

MANYATHA - I want to eat Kulfi

UDAY - MANYATAH pls not road side stuff

MANYTAH - no I want it am not gonna listen , pls Uday "

UDAY - princess

MANYATHA - she gets down and stand aside door

UDAY - he comes out . K MANYATAH I'll get u at least sit inside car

MANYATAH - k hubby . She pinches his cheeks

UDAY - omg !! Patha nahi aur kya kya mangengi or kithne zid karegi princess
He finds Phakir on the way while taking Kulti , he runs behind him to ask

PHAKIR - come beta . I know we would meet today

UDAY - namasthe baba I couldn't believe it . What I told is truth . That day I met a friend from my past and I got a good news my wife is pregnent . What u said is rite we are gonna get a new person in our family . Thank you baba

PHAKIR - beti hoga tuje . Ur mom is gonna take rebirth in ur daughters form . She said u in childhood rite that she will be born to u , she kept her word

UDAY - really baba am happy . I wonder how I know this that my mom said it . Only me and my sister knows about it apart from my mom .

PHAKIR - he smiles

UDAY - baba I wanna ask u something - that day u said tera Khushi terra pyaar cheenega . I don't understand can u pls explain me baba am so worried

PHAKIR - u will get to know have patience . Ur wife is in danger go save her

UDAY - his mind stops working , kyaaa

PHAKIR - go save her

UDAY - he looks at MNAYATAH in car , he finds a trick coming behind car and gets worried and shout . But MANYATAH n driver couldn't hear as glasses r closed . He stars running towards car

MANYTAHA - she is listening to songs suddenly here voice saying " mama go out of car run maa " she looks at her tummy AMITH shock n looks around n finds truck n immediately goes out of car .

    The truck hits the car and cat falls beside road

UDAY - he shouts MANYTAH and cries

MANYTAH - she sees Uday crying for her . She is about to call him but falls down due to shock . She falls down aside a tree and one cannot see her .

UDAY - he comes near car which is burnt away and he doesn't dare go near n see person in it . He falls on knees and cries out loudly princess !!!!

VIJAY UNNATHI - they pass through that way going to same party see Uday on road crying infringement of burnt car

UNNATHI - dada kya HUA


VIJAY - kya , Uday pls tell us wat happened


UDAY - where is MANYATAH . He runs towards Phakir to ask but doesn't find him

BOY - he hand overs a letter to Uday

UDAY - yeh kya hai

BOY - that Phakir baba to whom u spoke before asked to hand over this letter to u

UNNTHAI - kya dada

UDAY - he immediately opens letter .

IN LETTER it's written " don't worry my boy nothing will happen to ur wife and child . They are safe and they are waiting for u at ur home "

UDAY - kya , he starts running towards car


UDAY - he gives letter to them

VIJAY - don't be silly Uday , wat rubbish how can u believe it

UDAY - I have no time corn let us go to jaigad palace

LADY - a lady finds MANAYYAH on road near tree n see her phone n calls j and finds address and goes to Jaigad palace to drop MANAYYAH . She is doctor n checks MANYATAH n finds she is ok

J - she doesn't understand wats going on . She calls Uday but it's not reachable

LADy - don't worry am a doctor and ur sister is fine n I think she is pregnent . Don't worry both are fine

UDAY - he rushes to jaigad palace with UNNATHI and vijay

J - wat happens guys u r running and coming

UDAY - MANYATAH kaha hai j

J - in her room

UDAY - he rushes to see her

VIJAY UNNATHI - they look in shock

UNNATHI - that nana was rite . Dada said me about him once

VIJYA - unbelievable I tell u

J - guys wats going on

UDA Y - he sees MAYATH lying on bed and kisses her forehead and cries . " i died there for a minute . I scared me . I can't leave without u "

J - don't worry Uday she is fine n shows lady And tell she got we here n she is doctor

UDAY - he discusses all way happens between him am nana with vijay and UNNATHI while j stay with MANYATAH in her room

UNNATHI - dada way he said all happens till now . We should fins him somehow

UDAY - yes choti we have to find him

J - guys jiji is awake

UDAY - he Rushes to their bedroom and hugs MAYATH


UDAY - don't worry princess am here . That's k it's over

MANYTAHA - Uday I know who saved me

UDAY - kya , I mean wen I got down car and how

MANYATHA - Uday our baby spoke to me she said mama go out of car

UDAY - kya princess how can a baby speak

MANYATH - I know I won't believe buy trust me Uday

UDAY - he acts as if he believed . He thinks MANYTAH out of stress making some imaginations kind of hallucination on shock .

        AFTER A WEEK



MANVEER - both together are watching a movie in hall . Manytahs favourite kuch Kuch Hota hai movie

UDAY - he hugs her and both lie on recliner and watch

MANYTAH - she feels asleep while watching

UDAY - he sees it very cool and tries to reduce AC and go to ge remote
Suddenly Uday looks up and chandelier is loose and is about to fall on MAYATH

MANYTHa - she is sleeping n not aware of it

UDAY - he immediately runs and catches MANYATH n move out
Baaam a sound is heard

MANYTAH - she wakes up in Udays arms n shocked to see wat happened

UDAY - don't worry princess am here

MANYTAH - she gets down n ask , kya HUA Uday

UNNATHI GIRIRAJ - they rush down Due to sound n see wat happened


UDAY - am sorry MAYATH

MANYATAH - kyu Uday for wat

UDAY - that day I dint believe ur words . He puts hand on her tummy and tell " again today our baby saved u , she said me that chandelier is gonna fall "

MANYTAH - thank god at least u got to know .

UDAY - princes I wonder how is it possible . No one will believe it .

MANYTAH - yes Uday its miracle . May be our baby has some magical powers

UDAY - he smiles and kisses her tummy . May be princess who knows


UDAY - he thinks in his mind " wats happening in my life this baba m my baby talking from womb . I seriously wonder wats all his happening to me " he turns and touches MNAYATHa tummy

BABY - don't disturb mommy dad she is sleeping

UDAY - he is hell shocked and her up from bed . Wat ?!!!

BABy - dad don't panic it's me ur daughter . Am awake

UDAY - he comes near and tell with tears in his eyes " r u in real speaking to me baby "

BABY - yes daddy

UDAY - both Uday and baby speak for a while and MANAYYAH is sleeping

BABy - k dad now am sleepy . Tomorrow I would like to eat aloo cheese parata for breakfast

UDAY - he chuckles and tell " yes my angel ur wish is my command " . He couldn't wats happening in his life . He so shocked beyond words , it's like some fantasy for him . But it's happening in real .

He thinks " if I say to anyone ppl laugh at me and won't believe me for sure they will think Yuvraj had gone mad . I should keep this to myself better


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