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5.5.15 - Param's back, Subbu-Simmi - a likely pair in near future...

gravity23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Romi has gone to inform Mihir about the rishta wala thing...Mihir is like- Kya, mere liye rishta aaya hai..abhi se...sahi hai yaar, shaadi tooti nahin ki marriage market mein abhi se hi dhindora pit gaya

Romi told him the truth...zyada udd mat...tere liye koi rishta nai aaya hai...he informed him it was just a plan and he only needs to play along..."meri behen ke alawa kisi aur ko dekhna bhi mat" - this was cuteDay Dreaming

Why did Toshi say BhuCAMP?? LOL...Pammi Aunty was apparently in Nepal when the quake struck..Pammi Aunty is ALWAYS in the thick of controversy naeen...

Aww...just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ishita's pink chikan kurta, braided hair, white bali-like earrings...she has forgotten her mobile in the clinic...Subbu came peeche peeche to give it back to her...yeh HAR JAGAH KAISE PAHUNCH JATA HAI?Angry Anyway, Raman has called...Subbu gives the phone to her and turns to leave...and as he does so, he finds Simmi carrying Ananya and cajoling her...

Itne dinon baad AAJ SUBBU ko apni biwi bacche yaad aaye...FINALLY, he behaves like a grieving man would...he came right back to play with her...that was cute..except, he looked like a moron..when he started with Twinkle Twinkle little star, I wanted to laugh at him...He looked like what Mani wudve looked like, had he tried to profess his undying love for IshitaLOL...Subbu picked her up in his arms...he is totally ENAMOURED with her

Kahin...Subbu-Simmi jodi toh nai hai naa pipeline mein...sahi hai...YEH BHI SCHIZOPHRENIC HAI...SillyJab se aaya hai, tab se Ishita Ishita laga rakha tha...ab baccha dekhte hi akal thikaane aa gayi?? Sahi hai yaar...yeh pehle hi kar lena tha...Atleast we wuld have been spared of his bad acting DAYS AGOLOL

"Tumhare bina neend kahan aati hai?" Raman tells wifey over the phone...a light banter follows...
"Cologne agar itna hi ganda hai toh use soonghkar tum mujhe yaad kyun karti ho?" he teases her

She told him how she missed him thruought the day...she missed him when she was working on Roo's project, while helpingAdi select his bat...those little instances here and there...even when she's making paalak paneer..awww...Raman baat karte karte hi so thing guys USUALLY do...while we silly gullible talkative girls drone on and on, thinking hamari saari baatein suni jaa rahi hainBig smile

Saw so LITTLE of KP..Unhappy

Simmi came back and saw Subbu playing with Ananya..she is surprised...kinda touched, actually...Ananya chup ho gayi...Sahi hai, Subbu will soon become Subbu papa... they talk about Ananya's health and all...Ishu is surprised to see him still in the house...he tells her he stayed back to play with Ananya..

Toshi is angry...seeing Subbu in the sure she is wondering ki meri bahu ka yeh EX-BF yahan kya kar raha hai??!

Neelu tells Romi ki  Rinki Mihir se milne gayi hai, bade gusse mein hai...he calls Mihir and informs him the same "sambhaal lena" he says

"yeh sab kaise?"  Rinki asks Mihir, seeing him gorge on food cooked by other womenLOLAs Mihir is busy eating parathe and chhole... Apparently, all the aunties and daughters are busy showering food and affection on him...and how they have MORE THAN MADE up for her absence...Rinki ko badi jalan hoti hai...she goes to the kitchen to get some water for her..

She opened the fridge and saw the entire fridge filled with food...cake hai...juice hai...this and that...she asks him "yeh sab kya hai Mihir?" Mihir smiles to chalo, biwi ke dil ki dor uske haath mein aa hi gaya finally..Im actually liking how SERIOUSLY Mihir takes his marriage..and how he's really, really trying...accha laga yeh dekhke ki Rinki ko bhi farak padta hai...Im just waiting for these guys to turn on the heatSilly

"Subbu ka bag reh gaya ghar pe" Ishita tells the family at dinner...Toshi and Romi exchange looks...Someone rings the bell...she goes to the door thinking Subbu's come for his laptop bag...and sees PARAM...

She is my! I MISSED PARAM'S STYLE!LOL Lambu was a BIG BORE ...villaingiri ab sahi maayne mein Param karega...jaan aayegi thodi si iss show meinLOL Param ki nazron mein hi jadoo sa hai matter WHICH woman he looks at, it seems he's scanning her...Shagun ko bhi taad raha thaBig smile

Poore tashan mein andar aaya...Romi tried to prevent him from entering the house...

"Saale...tum sab siyaane ho gaye ho...bade hain nai ghar pe toh chhote tevar dikhane lage hain" He told the Bhallas he's come to meet his daughter and no one can stop him

"Ananya sirf MERI beti hai" Simmi yelled back at him.. "uspe tumhara koi hak nahin"

"Tu shayad bhool gayi hai ki baap ko apni beti se milne ke liye koi rok nai sakta iss desh mein"

Ishita threatened him with dire consequences... "dhakke maarke bahar nikal denge"

"Hum hai ki aapke ghutnon pe aa gaye...aur aap hain ki wheelchair pe baithke dhamki diye jaa rahi hai"

He dares can call the police if u wish law in this country can stop a father from meeting his daughter

Sr.Bhalla ne MUNH KHOLA! MUNH KHOLA! Clap"Tu Ananya se nahin milega"
Param and Romi ALMOST got into a brawl

Ishita told him - yeh mat bhoolo ki main tumpe kabhi bhi case kar sakti hun...koi bhi ek baap ko apni beti se milne se nai rok sakta hai...lekin ek aadmi jisne ek aurat ko molest karne ki koshish ki ho, use ek baachi se milne kabhi nai dega

I was thinking - WHY AND HOW did you let this CREEP OFF THE HOOK AT ALL???!! Jail mein sadh raha hota toh yeh abhi stepni villain ki tarah wapaa thodi na aata! Ufff...Wahan Ashok bhi khule aam ghoom raha hai...I think YHM should have an in-house legal cell on the sets who can aid in scriptwriting and instruct them to PORTRAY the right things..I mean...there are rapists, blackmailers, and varied kinds of people in this showD'oh

Its the middle of the night and Subbu wakes up..sweaty and panicky... "use chhod do" 'use chodd do" NIGHTMARE. I guess...Why would he utter THESE words?? Didnt they die in an aircrash??D'oh
kiski baat kar raha tha? Started crying...and I wished my heart would explode but it simply remained frozen and blah...coz of his dull acting
he looked at his wife's and daughter's picture

Wahan Simmi Ananya ko apne aap se alag nai karna chahti...she is panic-stricken and anxious as well... she is also worried about court-kachahri and 'badnaami' D'oh(Toshi's infleunce is all-pervasive) Ishita consoled her saying they are all with her..and she doesnt need to worry

Toshi saw all of that standing at the door...Subbu is reminded of how he played with Ananya in the evening...called Ishu on the landline...Toshi picked up the phone

" gall hai Puttar.."
"Nai Aunty..main bol raha hun...Subbu"
"Subbu...inne raat ko..."

Waise toh he started off saying "Kya main..Anan...matlab Ishita se baat karta hun"

AB SAB SAAF SAAF HAI...Subbu ki ek hi jhatke mein bonding ho gayi hai Anu baby ke saath...awww...cute...Im sure..Subbu-Simmi next pair! And it makes for a nice track...nice long CONTROVERSIAL track..coz OBVIO...when Param will get to know ki Subbu has a good chance of bringing her life on track..he's not gonna sit still...

I wont be surprised if Subbu MARRIES Simmi for the SAME reason Ishita married Raman...s that Param can stay away and not stake his claims on Anu baby...My my! AB SAMAJH MEIN AAYA WHY THIS SHOW IS BASED ON THE NOVEL 'CUSTODY'...Poori poori Mahabharat likh li EK ne ispe!LOL

Toshi is extremely worried now... and didnt like the fact that he called up so late at night

Ishu is mulling over whether she should inform Raman about the evening's Param episode...Toshi went and told her about Subbu's call...they talk about Simmi... "Humein kuch karna hoga Param ko rokne ke liye" she suggests

UFFF...Toshi regaled ALL marriage-related problems to Ishita AGAIN...she blames it on bad luck...I was thinking, Romi ne apne hi pair pe kulhaadi maari hai...How does it always happen ki she ALWAYS goes to Ishita to discuss marital problems of ALL her kids...ufff...Waise, even though I was exasperated, I did feel sorry for her somewhere...dekha jaye toh NONE of her children are truly happy and living in peace...Not counting Raman as well, kyunki jab tak Shagun zinda hai aur aas-paas mandra rahi hai, Raman ki life mein chain kahan se aayega...aur YHM kaise chalta itna lambaLOLwoh havan karana chahti that ghar mein thodi shaanti aa jaye...

Ishita ne ek cheez sahi Kya aap khush hoti ki Simmi uss gande aadmi ke saath rahe? OBVIO...iTS BETTER TO LIVE ALONE THAN WITH THIS CREEP...So for ONCE, Tsohi shud stop these regressive thoughts circulating in her thick head

PRECAP - Shagun is busy kaan-bharoing Param (iska aur KAAM HI KYA HAIAngry)
Subbu goes to Bhalla House..and asks if all is well...its clear he wants to see Ananya again

Toshi gives him THE LOOK. "Aa gaya meri bahu ka psycho ex-bf"LOL

ONE GOOD THING WILL COME OUT OF SUBBU-SIMMI PAIRING - Subbu will LEARN the importance of expressions in communication when Simmi elbows him hard and brings out movements in his frozen stiff faceLOL

P.S. Yaar Toshi itna tension leti hi kyun hai apne bacchon ke liye...un logon ko koi na koi mil hi jata hai..Raman got Ishu, Rinki got Mihir...Simmi will soon get Subbu in her life ..ALL matter of chances...they are Toshi...stop depressing your daughter's morale by going all teary eyed on what society's gonna sayErmm Half the drama in this show is coz of YOU


And Shaggy...she doesnt have ANYTHING and yet she wears these flashy blingy sarees, bright red lipstick and those 5 inch stilettos.. Im wondering if she HAD the money, would she walk with a two-storeyed tower of hair on her head and multiple layers of make-up to do justice to all the money??!Wacko

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3fra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 9:14am | IP Logged
I wish to see Subbu mom face simmi omg worth to watch it 
gravity23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 9:17am | IP Logged
Yeah alright...maybe my excitement at Subbu-Simmi pairing is premature...but aakhir ...honi ko KAUN taal sakta hai..LOL
and then, it will ALL be in the ke bahar dekhne ki zaroorat hi nai hai...poore zindagi in logon ke beech drame chal sakte hainBig smile

Subbu-Simmi look nice together...except that, Simmi might have to tell him... "Stop behaving limp like a wet tissue. Be Pujabi"LOL

And Subbus' mom? After a barren woman (in HER mind), now its a divorcee with a child...let's see HOW she takes it...I will kill her if she starts with some crap drama again

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-Atii- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Nice review Aka! 

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--Megha-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 9:51am | IP Logged
Awesome review. EmbarrassedClap
Firstly, it looks like Cvs changed story for Subbu track n now they r trying to pair him up with Simmi. I agree with u that it looks interesting coz Param will get some scope n also maybe Simmi can move on (in real life, people might chose not to marry right after horrible divorce or death of their spouses n kids but this is a soap so we have to bear all that crap. N besides I wudnt mind seeing Simmi supporting herself n her kid and staying with Bhallas all her life). 

Now if Subbu was introduced for Simmi then y did the cvs show us all that Dil hai ki manta nahi ROFL just to show that Raman finally understood Ishita's pain n in another 1 hour or so asked her to get out. LOL Seriously this serial is a joke at times. Tongue

I frankly speaking do not like the fact that Toshiji (n Mr Bhalla too with his silence) pile on Ishita n Raman to sort out Romi's Rinki's or Simmi's life problems? Cant theparents themselves do something for their own kids? OuchConfused Ishita or Raman goes to help their siblings n get blamed in the process but then how will the drama happen. LOL

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DipaRB6 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 10:04am | IP Logged
Funny review my friend!
I'm still catching up on last week's epis but I'm glad they are giving Subbu something to do other than stalking Ishita. He can stalk Ananya instead.
I have to say as evil as Param is, the actor is so hot I enjoy watching him on screen. Also more screen time for Simmi is a very good thing!
I also have to say even with Ruhi being back, I miss the little kid on screen. I like her best when she's interacting with Raman or Ishita. These days she has more scenes with just Adi or with him and the parents and I'm not getting that old IshRaRu feeling.

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sunitas123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice review Aka. And I totally agree with Megha too. She is the only voice of reason in this Ishita bashing forumLOL.
Looks like a lot of drama coming up. Lets wait and watch. looks like Ishita will be having her hands full... and Raman will be back to blame herLOL
Mahi78 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Would love to see Subbu's mom expression with dis new pair.LOL
Moreover I love Amit so no hard feelings love him frm DMG days.Smile

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