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201 Reasons To Ship SidNi

skinnypal IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 7:14am | IP Logged

I had seen some VMs made like these on American TV couples so i decided to write down the reasons since i don't know how to make VMs.. Wacko

With this post I am officially declaring that I am a crazy lunatic fan of SidNi LOL

So, without further ado here is my list.. i did not check twice i hope i didn't repeat some Tongue



  1. Because of Nia Sharma as Roshni Patel
  2. Because of Ravi Dubey as Siddharth Khurana
  3. Because he wanted to bring a smile on her face even when he didn't knew her
  4. Because she looked super cute in her modern avatar
  5. Because he looked handsome in his semi-formals
  6. Because he loves to tease her
  7. Because he could become a middle class man just to be with her
  8. Because he promised to be his stupid security guard forever
  9. Because she could give takkar in theories to him
  10. Because she was his Bhagyashree
  11. Because he was her Mr. Bubbly
  12. Because he fell in love with her first
  13. Because she confessed her love first
  14. Because he could lift her mood up
  15. ...and she could lift his mood up
  16. Because she kissed him first
  17. Because he promised to give her a family that she always wanted
  18. Because she wanted to spend her life with him
  19. Because no one could stop them from getting married
  20. Because she agreed to go out on a date with him
  21. Because he finds ways to bring up her mother in their conversations
  22. Because of the way he salutes to her while leaving
  23. Because he calls her baby
  24. Because she smacks him whenever he gets naughty with her
  25. Because he found her hot in the red dress "Raawr"
  26. Because she wanted to cook his favorite food
  27. Because he plead that God will give her a boyfriend one day
  28. Because they both didn't know the meaning of Banwri Puch
  29. Because he is big time chipkoo
  30. Because he won't let anything happen to her
  31. Because he talks A LOT
  32. Because she finally tells her name to him
  33. Because he got scared seeing her anger towards Siddharth Khurana
  34. Because she loved his small gestures of bringing a smile on her face
  35. Because they fell in love with each other because of their simplicity
  36. Because he understands her inside out
  37. Because she understands him inside out
  38. Because she trusts him the most
  39. Because she loves to tease him too
  40. Because sometimes when they are in sync they look cute
  41. Because they have sizzling chemistry
  42. Because just like the show his hairstyle is unique
  43. ...and her dresses too
  44. Because she was worried about him as she stood him up on their first date
  45. Because he wanted to click a selfie
  46. Because she can't bear listening to anyone who insults him
  47. Because she hated being ignored by him
  48. Because I love their emotional fights
  49. ...Or their cute fights
  50. Because she did not waste a single second when she realized she loved him
  51. Because they are so mushy
  52. Because they love to romance openly
  53. Because of the way she calls him Siddharth in the middle of a conversation
  54. Because of the way she holds him by his collar
  55. ...Or the way he pulls her towards him by her waist
  56. Because he is too noble
  57. Because she is too innocent
  58. Because she is his Mini Volcano
  59. ...or his Firecracker!
  60. Because she is proud of him
  61. Because she just wanted Love and nothing else
  62. Because he could give her Love
  63. Because he climbed 25 floors just to meet her
  64. Because he took upon himself to resolve the issues between her and his Sasumom
  65. Because they call each other "Pagal" and "Bewakoof"
  66. Because the way they teased each other with their legs under the table
  67. Because his proposal was simple yet sweet just like the ring
  68. Because the way he always bows down his head while taking her hand
  69. Because she could leave her family just to be with him
  70. Because he always consoles her
  71. ...and she too consoles him when he is low
  72. Because she was his everything, his friend, his companion and his life
  73. Because their first dori scene was fascinating
  74. ...even the second one
  75. Because their dance on their Sangeet was indeed Subahnallah
  76. Because when they are with each other they forget their surroundings
  77. Because whenever she is in danger the first word that comes out from her mouth is "Siddharth"
  78. Because he jumped in the fire to save her
  79. Because he always gets shaken up when he sees her lying lifeless
  80. Because he is the most romantic lover
  81. Because he never forgets to compliment her
  82. Because he can bear any amount of insults just for her
  83. Because she loves him more than her life
  84. Because he always made her understand her mother's view
  85. Because she shows him her anger by keeping quiet sometimes
  86. Because she lovingly tends to his wounds
  87. ...and he sometimes uses force to do the same
  88. Because he was ready to tell each and every detail to Resham about their SR
  89. Because he couldn't figure out how to open a necklace
  90. Because they were cutely upset that they couldn't spend the night together
  91. Because she was a perfect housewife
  92. Because she helped him get ready on his first day of office
  93. Because she was ready to do all "middle class work" happily
  94. Because he wanted to help her with house work too
  95. Because he called her TOTTA
  96. Because he made noodles for her with candles
  97. Because he wanted her to wear any type of clothes she was comfortable in
  98. Because she lied to go to her honeymoon
  99. Because he lift her up in his arms even though there were many luggage
  100. Because their bus-ride to Mathira was truly romantic
  101. Because of their cute nok jhoks
  102. Because Rain and SidNi are just magical
  103. Because he can calm her down when she is angry at others
  104. Because he apologizes cutely by holding onto his ears
  105. ...and she looks SUPER cute when she does the same
  106. Because she is his pride and honour
  107. Because he made his Sasumom cook food for her
  108. Because he cried along with her when she tasted her mother's food
  109. Because he is always ready to apologize for his mistakes
  110. Because he completes her
  111. ...and she completes him.
  112. Because he knew how to wear a saree
  113. Because he kept fast for her in karvachauth
  114. Because she wanted to help him financially
  115. Because she was a better kisser
  116. Because she loved his noodles
  117. Because he talks in her ears when she is asleep
  118. ...and she always hears it.
  119. Because when they do weird things the other mentions to be taken to a psychiatrist
  120. Because the way they say "Really?"
  121. Because they say "I love you" to each other randomly never expecting a reply from the other
  122. Because he was living a life of a Rom-Com
  123. Because he was "Bhagyashree ka pati"
  124. Because he is stubborn with his decisions
  125. ...and she is more stubborn than him
  126. Because he can't handle spicy food
  127. ...and inspite of knowing that she makes him have it TWICE.
  128. Because despite having an argument he still cares for her
  129. ...and she too cares for him
  130. Because he acts over smart sometimes only to turn out foolish later on
  131. ... and she too does the same
  132. Because a broken tap did wonders for their romance
  133. Because even when he is hurt and she is crying he can make her laugh
  134. Because he is always after a kiss
  135. ...and she is ready to be kissed MOST of the times
  136. Because she is possessive about him
  137. Because he is not a typical macho guy
  138. Because he was able to make his Sasumom and her see eye to eye
  139. Because he begged for forgiveness when his truth was out
  140. Because she broke down after slapping him
  141. Because his hope never died those 6 months when they were apart
  142. Because inspite of hating him she never stopped loving him
  143. Because she looked pretty in her anarkalis
  144. ...and he looked HOT in his Formals and stubble look
  145. Because she came to him in an instant when he had met with an accident
  146. Because he never stopped pursuing her
  147. Because she punctured his car as she didn't want him to drive as he was hurt
  148. Because they craved for each other when they were apart
  149. Because he put sindoor with a pichkaari
  150. Because he knows too many things that a "husband-wife" does LOL
  151. Because he imitated her perfectly
  152. Because she took advantage of him when they were drunk
  153. Because he is cuter than her
  154. Because she would spoil a romantic moment due to her hunger
  155. Because he was a great cook
  156. Because he was terribly hurt with her accusations
  157. ...and he didn't want to prove his innocence in front of her anymore
  158. Because even though her trust on him was shaken up, he was her weakness
  159. Because she was his weakness
  160. Because he wrote her a letter everyday when they were apart
  161. Because she broke down after reading those
  162. Because his aloofness made her fall in love with him all over again
  163. Because she gradually became mature in their relationship
  164. Because they never forget to taunt each other
  165. Because they were scared of a rat
  166. Because he proved her innocence when she was asserted characterless
  167. Because she never disrespected his family
  168. ...and he never disrespected her family
  169. Because he considered her mother as his own
  170. ...and she considered his mother as her own
  171. Because she realized her mistakes and asked for forgiveness in a simplest manner
  172. Because he forgave her in an instant
  173. Because he was HER Siddharth
  174. ...and she was HIS Roshni
  175. Because she used her own antics to get closer to him
  176. Because she craved for his touch
  177. ...and he craved for her touch despite of staying in the same house
  178. Because he chose HER above his family
  179. Because he sacrificed his love for HER family
  180. Because he has a witty charm
  181. Because she has a childlike charm
  182. Because they were Mr. and Mrs. Jadoo
  183. Because he was her DOST
  184. Because their heartbreaking scenes make you cry too
  185. Because they married each other thrice and we have one more to go
  186. Because she is the best Bahu one can hope for
  187. Because he is the best Jamai one can hope for
  188. Because he could do anything in the world to make her happy
  189. Because his trust on her never died
  190. Because they LOVE each other no matter what
  191. Because they are portrayed brilliantly in each type of scenes
  192. Because he has a soft and sensitive nature
  193. Because she has a bold and feisty nature
  194. Because of the way they rub their nose against each other
  195. Because forehead touching is their forte
  196. Because they are the SOUL of Jamai Raja
  197. Because they make you want to fall in love
  198. Because they are the mushiest couple
  199. Because "Kabhi jo Badal Barse" is their song now
  200. Because they made us fall in love with them
  201. Because they are SidNi after all Wink

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madhuharini IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 7:19am | IP Logged
Pallavi... wht have u did!!! fabulous job manClapClapClap
201 reasons? how many days u took to complete the whole thingDay Dreaming
I drool over each & every reasonEmbarrassedEmbarrassed superbb girlHeartHug
u made 201 reasons since we'll going to complete 200 epi.. hai na?Big smile

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Harmony10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 7:25am | IP Logged
You go girl! Everything u said was perfect. 134 and 135 are the best. Loved all ur reasons. I hope our CVS read this and realize that how much we love SidNi. Smile

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skinnypal IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 7:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by madhuharini

Pallavi... wht have u did!!! fabulous job manClapClapClap
201 reasons? how many days u took to complete the whole thingDay Dreaming
I drool over each & every reasonEmbarrassedEmbarrassed superbb girlHeartHug
u made 201 reasons since we'll going to complete 200 epi.. hai na?Big smile

Haha thank you Abi !! EmbarrassedHug
Took me 3 days.. had to go through sidni scenes from the beginning Tongue
Yeah 200 reasons for achieving 200 episodes LOL

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skinnypal IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 7:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by paru10

You go girl! Everything u said was perfect. 134 and 135 are the best. Loved all ur reasons. I hope our CVS read this and realize that how much we love SidNi. Smile

Thank you so much! LOL Yep we watch JR only coz of them Embarrassed

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rachana10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 7:47am | IP Logged
OMG!!! 201 i almost fainted...ShockedPallavi this one was u talking abt yesterday in stephie post na...Embarrassedu are such a great girl..ClapClap Actually i didn't read them yet...Tongue I hope u can understand me that to read all in one go, it ll take a lots of loads of time...LOLLOL 
But b4 gonna read them all i must congratzz u for ur efforts...Party And this one for u..Hug

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A.Green IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 8:04am | IP Logged
It must have taken so much effort to write these and i bow down to u for that..Wink
#8 n #199 are what i found best..
the best 201 reasons..LOL
P.S. If we make a person who does not watch the show read it he/she will start watching itBig smile

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mahaan Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 8:33am | IP Logged
skinny ji ur pallu ji...apko meri taraf se bada wala pranaamClapStarEmbarrassed

P.s...skinny ji stories update karo naEmbarrassed

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