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SS-We Are Family 2 :Thread 4:Last Part/Pg 71, Epilogue/Pg 77 : 31 May (Page 8)

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Drink. Some asked but Geet did not pay attention. She knew tat someone was standing closer but her eyes were focused on her husband who was dancing in another woman's arms. Her heart burnt but she did not say a word and just stood watching Maan laughing and dancing. Mrs. Khuranna drink.


Huh. Geet almost jumped feeling a hand on her bare shoulder.


I asked, would you like something to drink? Geet blinked her eyes trying to understand wat the other lady was speaking but she could not. She could only she her lips move. Are you alright? Should I call Mr. Khuranna for help?


Na. She did not know wat the lady said but just hearing Mr. Khuranna her mind forced her to a reply denying whatever the lady said.


So drink. Geet blinked finally seeing the glass the lady was holding. Should I ask one for you?


I don't drink Ms. Ria. Ria smirked making Geet wonder wat she had said tat forced Ria Gupta to give such a reaction. Why is tat I find your expression not very pleasant Ms. Ria?


You not drinking makes me wonder Mrs. Khuranna tat how do you handle a husband who drinks and flirts with girls like anything in front of you. Geet almost snarled but then she could see where Ria was looking at and there was no denial tat right now the rest of the world would only see MSK flirting with others girls right under his wife's nose. But tats wat hotties are meant to do. I would give everything to be held in his arms right now and spend a night with him.


You are an insult for any women Ms. Ria Gupta. But instead of being anger and insulted Ria was smiling with her eyes focused on Maan. And don't you think tat you are talking the wrong in front of me?


Aahhh Mrs. Khuranna.  Fidelity is long forgotten term in this world now. Geet clenched her fists. She wanted to throttle Ria's neck making sure tat she give her a reason to stay away from her Maan but she was in public, a party tat was attended by highly respected person in Delhi. And having some variety in bed does not count to infidelity in any terms.. so tell me if you do want the same?


And tat proves tat you f*** any random guy who spreads your legs from their pleasure. With this Geet threw a dirty look and stormed away not wanting stand any closer to the sick women who expressed her wish to sleep with her Husband her Maan and with a determination to pull her husband away and remind him tat he had forced her into this party.


Mrs,. Khuranna. The lady dancing with Maan greeted Geet with a sweet smile still held in Maan's arms on the dance floor. Are you ready for the dance now?


Geet almost opened her mouth for a reply but hearing the lady's words she was hit back and was forced to strain her brain to remember when she wasn't ready for the dance.


Maan is a very good dancer and anyone would give on her wealth for a chance to dance with such amazing sexy partner... right Maan. Maan smiled with the sexiest smile he had but he did not turn to look at Geet. So tell me Mrs. Khuranna how many dances you have shared since your marriage? The lady asked still making slow movements.


Tats quite private to tell Ms. Saxena. Geet grit her teeth inside but she did not show her anger. And right now if you wish is fulfilled I would like to have my husband back.


Ohh Jaan. Maan suddenly turned and Geet's eyes burnt with fury as she saw the red lipstick mark quite closer to his mouth on his left cheeks. I do know tat you don't do dance so why waste time here... go get some drink and enjoy a chat with the women's out there.


I don't drink and you know it. Geet retorted back with hurt clearly visible in her eyes but Maan just ignored and turned to his dance partner who was just smiling at Geet as if mocking at her. Maan I want to go back home.. I'm tired.


The driver will do the honors. His curt reply slit Geet's heart but she deserved it and she knew why he was behaving like this but publicly she had never ever thought off. I'm supposed to stay in the party.. its my business.


And I know you have drunk too much. She grabbed his arm and tried to pull him and he willing went without any struggle tat surprised Geet even more but the moment she tried to take him towards the exit he jerked her hand and reached for the bar for more drinks greeting many other associates who were enjoying the party.




Go away Jaan.. He hissed but then she would not let him get drunk like this. She knew he never ever drank and if his parents see or foremost if Maansi sees him like this she would be hurt and angry. Let me enjoy the way you enjoy hurting me for no reasons.. jeena hain mujhe aise Jaan.. jeeno do na please... Ab jao na.. let me drink...


You are drunk and sab dekh rahe hain Maan. She could feel eyes on them now and it worried her. There was press all over and she feared the for his reputation coz he wasn't just a businessman but a prince of a Royal family and their daughter's coronation was still being talked about.


Na.. your Maan isn't drunk.. dekho you can smell me and tell if I'm drunk.. tum sirf jhoot bol rahi hoo.. jaise humesha bolti aayi ho. Hain na Jaan. She knew wat he meant but she did not say anything on it coz one word would lead to another and then there would be more heart breaks. Go now... driver le jaayega tumhe ghar Jaan.


She just walked away not wanting to make a scene and continued to smile and chat with some women whom she knew and discuss something or the other but her concentration was on Maan and knew tat he was getting heavily drunk. She was even aware about people walking up to him and talking on business but how long could she wait coz someone or the other started to question her about their stay in Handa Haveli and why was Maan drinking so much when he never drunk and tat was bothering him and at last not having any more control she walked back to the bar and waited for 5 long minutes for him to acknowledge her presence but he did not.


Maan. Geet carefully called him knowing tat several eyes looked at them. Bahut ho raha hain Maan.. ghar chale? She waited for his reply but he kept ordering another drink for him. Maan... ghar chale..


Ghar? He asked with a silly smile and with drunken eyes holding the glass in one hand. Which ghar? Ghar hain kya mera? Do I have a home Ms. Geet Handa?  Are we a family?


Yes. Maan giggled getting her quick reply and then with same funny expressions he emptied the glass of drink. We are family.


No we aren't. He grinned with tat answer but Geet was shocked. She stood numb just staring at him. Hum tho family hain hi nahi. Family mein tho Divorce nahi hota na Jaan. She just continued to stare at him. Hota hain kya... Humare family mein ho raha hain na so how can you say we are family..hum tho nahi hain family. We aren't family Jaan.


Maan you are drunk and this isn't the right place to discuss about us. She hid her hurt and made him to understand where they were and wat he was talking. Media is all over and you are a respectable person.. Dadaji and Dadima will get to know if your current condition gets featured in the headlines.


And you care? He questioned blinking his eyes with a soft smile while the bartender filled his glass with another shot. Do you care for me Jaan..


I care about the family.


Family mein tho main bhi aata hoon... so bolo do you care for me..  kya hain na... iska answer mujhe ab tak nahi mila coz sometimes you pretend you care but if you do, you would not leave me there dying on the hospital bed Jaan. Abhi bhi dard ho raha hain.. ush kamine Rajveer...


I don't want to hear or talk about him. She rudely cut him not wanting to do anything with Rajveer. And now get up.. we are leaving right now. She stated with a firm tone. I'm getting tired and I can't leave you like this here.


But mujhe nahi jana hain baba. Geet smiled at his baby tone. It was his beautiful quality tat he only used with his loved ones and especially with her. Abhi mujhe bahut peena hain.. pata hain sab bhoola deti hain yeh sharab.. bahut dard hain na mujhe... meri Jaan mujhe chodna chahti hain.. she only gives me pain when I only give her love. So let me drink and forget my Jaan na Jaan.. please..


Maansi will be hurt if she sees you drunk like this Maan. She did not want to blackmail him but she had too and she got the desired effect coz Maan stood grabbed her wrist and made his way out on his unsteady legs but making sure tat she did not trip on hers.






Don't talk to me Daddy. Maan pouted at her truly not understanding why she was angry at him. Maansi baby hate daddy ok.


Hate daddy why baby? He asked pressing his fingers to his head wanting to soothe the pain tat was bursting inside it. Wat did Daddy do?


You forgot? It was a question and it made Maan to fully concentrate on her. Maansi baby really hate you Daddy..


Aahhh. Maan screamed and Geet thumped a glass of lime water in front of him on the dining table. Thank you he said but Geet sat down without a word.


Bolo na wat Daddy do baby. Maan asked after gulping down the lime water in one go. Why is my princess so angry on Daddy?


You drink sharab night na... you smell bad and you said I hate Jaan to Mumma.. Maan eyes wide and he trembled with her words.  He did not even remember his daughter seeing him in his drunken state. Everylone heard.. we all sit when you come and you kissed me smelling bad.. I hate you ok.


Did she. Maan did not ask anyone in particular but looking at the faces of his family he knew the answer. Baby daddy.. But Maan stopped mid sentence seeing his Mom plating for Maansi and giving him looks tat would kill while his Dad he was not even looking at her and Vicky and Geet they were having their own little eye war.


Geet Naina suddenly called out. I don't think so you remember tat you have an appointment today and this is the last time I'm telling you to move back to KM coz kal Maa and Papaji aa rahe hain.


But Mom..


I don't want to hear anything Geet. Naina threw an angry glare at Geet. You have done wat you want and I don't want any justification on it but as you are pregnant you should realize wat tat means. So pack everything and get ready to move out from here by evening. Geet just nodded. She did not know now wat she wanted. Last night Maan's painful words and his hurt was still echoing in her and it was killing her now. She was feeling weak and now she was regretting for even thinking about wat she had done to the one who loved her without limits but then one look at Maansi and her anger for last night shot and she glared at Maan with anger just like their daughter.


Maansi eat. But Maansi narrowed her small eyes at Maan instead of listening to Naina who was sulking in his seat looking from his Jaan to his daughter who were giving him dangerous glares. Maansi...




Vicky choked while Yash stunned hearing the way Maansi called Naina. None of them ever had denied Naina on dining table and here Maansi was clearly showing her dislike in eating.


Maansi eat or else I swear I will lock you up right now. Naina squint her eyes at Maan and Geet in anger. And I don't appreciate..


I'm sorry Mom and Maansi baby listen to Dadi and eat your lunch baby. Maan tried to coax Maansi into eating but she too was a Khuranna and the worst one. She looked from Maan to Geet and then at Naina and smiled at her sweetly clearly showing tat she had a plan working inside her tiny little brain.


You... she pointed her small index finger at Maan no talk to Maansi baby now and tomorlo and tomorlo you she looked at Geet you Maansi baby punish you...


Why me... Geet asked with sudden anger.


You give Maansi baby daddy drink sharab and I tell big  dadu and big dadi on phone.. they both punish you both and Maansi baby clap happily ok.


When did you tell them? Yash asked with sudden shock and fearing for their anger coz he knew his Papaji would kill Maan for his stunt. Maansi when did you tell Big dadu and big dadi haan.


Morning. She replied with a big smirk tat was a true copy of Maan. Daddy -Mumma do wrong... so Maansi baby tell big dadu and big dadi and they come early now.


Tats the reason they are coming tomorrow instead of next week. Vicky grinned and smirked at now Geet and Maan would learn the biggest lesson of their life. He knew one thing tat their grandparents would not interfere until they think they needed it and now it was time tat they show their supremacy and take matters into their hand. And tats wat I call a surprise.. right Bro...right Geet.


No surprise chachu. Maansi said with a grin tat almost frightened Geet and Maan. Big dadu and Big Dadi come and punish Mumma - Daddy.. and you know they say we go back to our home... Right Dadi. Naina just smiled. She herself did not know wat she should she say coz one thing was sure now tat there would be war of words and nothing else.


This is wat you wanted right Geet. Everyone looked at Naina in shock even she herself was shocked at her words. And now you'll be the coz of any wrong in my family..


Its my family too Mom.. I simply..


Your family... Humor me. And with this Naina walked out not herself quite sure why she said it but she was definitely angry on herself for saying it.

Mom did not mean it Jaan.. she was just angry. Maan tried to defend his mother and he knew his mother did not mean it. She was just angry.. you know na.. ever since you are back she hasn't a day where there aren't any problems...


And tats why I ask you to divorce me.  Me the reason to everyone's problems. Maan just stared. What would he say when Geet for the first time said something tat was related to the so called divorce. Rajveer tried to kill you and he is out somewhere still... m the cause of everything.. divorce me Maan..leave me on my own. Maan was shocked and numbed to say anything. He just could not believe wat she said while Yash and Vicky they were not less trying to understand wat she meant. Leave me to die... I will give you your baby.. but leave me to die Maan.. I can't take this... I simply can't and she stormed out of the haveli.


Precap: Geet knowing about Rajveer.


And We Are Family  2coming to end soon... Ohh not ending it coz I'm unhappy with likes and comments but its has to end and its ending.


And a very simple suggestion to many so-called readers here.. I wish those few readers who have messaged me on likes and comments and the once who have commented on some great post against writers who ask for likes and comments stop reading my work, liking and commenting if you do have some pride and respect for yourself coz your words say tat you dislike writers who wants likes and comments as a mean of appreciations.. Ahhh don't think I'm rude here coz its you who have made me rude.. and anyone saying tat I can't  handle many stories and don't update regularly please have your eyes checked up and stop visiting my threads coz you don't deserve my works coz I hate such people.


Do like and comment.


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oyeee hoyee i am 1st today Party

before commenting i have a req dont end sooo soon di plsss Cry

maan flirting with other women wo bhi geet ke samne OuchOuch
geet just watching ConfusedConfused
uff ye aurat log Angry.chalo geet ne acha ans diya ClapClapClap
maan in too much in pain... geet also in pain OuchOuchOuch
chaloo maan ko ghar le aya geet SmileSmile

mansi angry on maaneet ... maan kuch yaad nahi ahy ConfusedConfused
oop mansi kamal kar diya ClapClapClap
naina angry on geet OuchOuch
aww geet ko kya huya .. she thinking she is the problem for eveything DeadDead

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Originally posted by sumaiyariya

before commenting i have a req dont end sooo soon di plsss Cry
maan flirting with other women wo bhi geet ke samne OuchOuch
geet just watching ConfusedConfused
uff ye aurat log Angry.chalo geet ne acha ans diya ClapClapClap
maan in too much in pain... geet also in pain OuchOuchOuch
chaloo maan ko ghar le aya geet SmileSmile

mansi angry on maaneet ... maan kuch yaad nahi ahy ConfusedConfused
oop mansi kamal kar diya ClapClapClap
naina angry on geet OuchOuch
aww geet ko kya huya .. she thinking she is the problem for eveything DeadDead

Riya i would not end if I wanted but everything comes to an end na baba.. and story i just cant drag but don't worry you will get good moments of Maan-Maansi-Geet TongueWink

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Amazing update maaneet in pain but maansi baby rock she is khurana after all
naina right on her place
ooops geet n her pov

waiting for next part

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Maan hurt drunkf first time in life
Geet brought maan home
All family member angry on maan
Maansi called big dadu best idea
Geet want maan to leave her

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Maan drunk and flirt with other woman present in party...

Geet is hurt with Maan behavour and said something as a first reaction...

Loved it...

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maan is flirting with other women vo bhi geet ke samne tooo baadd...mansi part is soo lovely...mansi tell dada ji about maan stunt...naina angry on geet...geet taking all blame on herself..over all dhamake dhaar upate...waitng for next

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hi thanks 4 updating! wonderful update! well written! Maan drunk n flirts! Geet upset! Maaneet in pain! Maansi reveals!! update soon

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