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SS-We Are Family 2 :Thread 4:Last Part/Pg 71, Epilogue/Pg 77 : 31 May (Page 65)

icskwt Goldie

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 4:28am | IP Logged
wonderful lovely part...lo ji maan gave dhamki to doctor...maansi is so sweet...she made geet fool...

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Drashtilove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 6:13am | IP Logged
lovely update now they r a happy family maan became so protective toward geet he doesnt want to share her but geet wants to go to palace n maan had to agree lovely sweet ending

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sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 6:43am | IP Logged


Dadaji bhi na. Maan murmured as he thumped himself on the bed. Wat was the need to announce them as princes today only... aaj tho sirf naamkaran tha na. He complained.


Geet had given birth to twins and both boys in the palace where all the facilities were arranged for Geet. Her godhbharai was talked about for days and even though Maan grumbled everyday he almost spent most of his time with his Jaan and daughter who was quickly becoming the bossing Princess of Khuranna family.


Was there a need haan. I know they are born with the birth mark but zaruri tha kya. Geet smiled as she nursed one of their baby boy while the other was peacefully sleeping. Why are you smiling haan?


You are so over possessive Maan.. they are still small to know wat Prince and Princess is. Maan narrowed his eyes. He very well knew wat his Dadaji wanted to do coz Maan always tried to run away from the title and now he was  making sure tat his sons did not. Aap na rest karo.. bahut tired lag rahe hain.


I'm not and haan Maansi kaha hain. He asked sitting upright on the bed. Maine dekha nahi ushe.  Is she with Mom?


Dadaji and Mahaguru ke saath. I think arguing with them on something or the other. Maan smirked. He just loved his daughter when she does tat and shuts everyone with her words.


I just love her... sach mein meri beti hain woh. Geet narrowed her eyes. Koi tho aaya jo Dadaji ko jawab de saktha hain.


Seriously Maan. She placed the baby into the crib and said. How mean you are? Woh aapki ladli..


I will make sure my sons also follow their sister. Maan grinned ignoring Geet who narrowed her eyes at him. After all Dadaji ne khud unhe Prince ka title diya hain so they should use it na.


How cheap.. aahhh Maan. Geet screamed as Maan grabbed her and pinned her on the bed. Wat are you doing haan... Maan...


Making love. He smirked evilly licking her cheeks. You taste sweet Jaan.


Maannn Geet moaned feeling his hands inside her kurti. She had changed instantly after the function so tat she could be comfortable. Maan.. aap...


Shush. He pulled her lips shutting her down. Just feel. He deepened the kiss once feeling her giving away. He smiled as this was wat he liked about her. She could not stop him and he would do whatever he wanted when she was under his spell.


Maan.. naa..


Kaha na just feel. He untied her salwaar and softly caressed her inner lips. Just feel... I promise I won't hurt you.




Is it still paining? She nodded for a yes. Ok.. I won't touch there. She smiled at his words. But tat does not mean I won't make love to you ok.


And she cried as he made love to her with his lips and hands by kissing and caressing her everywhere. He was so soft tat she felt she was in heaven.


I love you. Maan smiled and settled her properly on the bed.  Maan.. mujhe..


You need sleep. He caressed her face. They hardly give you time to rest Jaan.. last one month have been so hectic for you.. so for now just sleep and I look after them ok.


But Maansi. She tried to get up but Maan pinned her down on the bed. Maan..


I will go and see here ok.. waise bhi she will be playing or irritating someone somewhere. Geet smiled knowing it was the truth. Her daughter wasn't the one to stay quite. And now sleep ok.


She smiled nodding her head and soon she was sleeping and then Maan went to look out for Maansi and he found her exactly where he thought he would. Arguing and irritating his Dadaji and the rest of the men's of the Khuranna family.




Maansi. Geet yelled but there wasn't a sign of her dear daughter. Maansi where are you.. get the hell here or I swear I will..


Quite  Mumma. Six year old Aadhaan tugged Geet's pallu wanting her to stop screaming.


Chill Mumma. Armaan said from the other side making Geet to flare her nose in anger. You look bad Mumma.


And who taught you this? She asked with her hands on the hips narrowing her eyes at them. Who Aadhaan?


Daddy. Armaan answered. Daddy say Mumma mad so we keep her quite.


Daddy also say Mumma no shout at Di.. Mumma very bad.


Geet was getting hotter and hotter in anger. She wanted to rip the father daughter who always found ways to irritate her and now they were using her soft loving and cute little boys for their play.


You love Mumma na baby. She bends on her knees and asked caressing their faces. Mumma loves you so much.. so you love Mumma na. She smirked seeing the change of expressions in their eyes.


Yes Mumma.. we love you so much. Aadhaan and Armaan kissed her cheeks and Geet smiled evilly now. She knew her plan was successful.


So tell Mumma where Di and Daddy is? They frowned for a moment but Geet knew how to get them to talk. You know Di and Daddy eat all chocolate and ice cream. They no keep for you baby.


They eat all. Armaan asked with tears threatening to fall down. They eat all Mumma.


Daddy bad. Aadhaan cried. Di very bad Mumma. Geet smirked. She was just a second away from finding her devils now. they bad Mumma.


So tell Mumma where there are... You want Mumma to punish them na baby..


This is cheating Mumma. Ten year old Maansi screamed coming out of her hide out. This is very cheating ok. Daddyyy she screamed eying Geet who was smirking at her. You are very bad.. you tell them lie.. wait I tell Daddy..


Off course darling. Geet smiled wickedly crossing her hands. After all to win against devils I need to be a devil right.


Jaan this is not good ok.. you make them against us.. how mean of you. Maan hoped out from one corner and complained while dusting his pants. This is...


Very fair Mr. Khuranna. Maan raised his head and saw his Jaan looking at him in anger. And now tell me who took my laptop? Is it you or your darling daughter?


First answer me. Geet narrowed her eyes at him. Are we here for a holiday or to work haan?


But aap..


Haan haan mantha hoon tat I was the one who forced you to complete your studies and get your MBA degree but tat does not mean you work while we are on vacation. Handa ko loss nahi hoga. Maaan cribbed like a small kid. He had to force Geet to take up her studies when the twins were 6 months old and then once she did no one could stop her and it was time tat Maan gave her the reigns of Handa Business. Though she did not work full time but she kept an eye on all the projects and worked on them.


So it is you haan.. Maan I'm warning you give my laptop back or I swear I will...


Wat you'll do haan.. kya karogi bolo.


Haan haan bolo wat you will do? Maansi came forward and seeing their sister the twins too followed and trapped Geet.


You two.. how..


Wat you do to Daddy Mumma. Aadhaan asked trying to imitate Maansi.


Wat you do haan.. Daddy good.. Armaan said hugging Maan's legs. He very nice.. no work only play with us.. but you work all day Mumma.


But baby..


No baby Jaan. Maan smirked. Finally he had all his kids on his side. You said I don't give time for kids and you and then we decide for this holiday and come to Italy but wat are you doing now.. jab dekhu kaam kaam kaam.


Maan you are making me to feel guilty ok. Maan smiled sweetly. I just wanted to check my email and you..


Don't lie ok. Maansi said eying her mother. I saw you working early morning... aap na jhoot bol rahe ho Mumma.. aap you don't love us anymore.


You devil.. I know this is all...


Yes devil. Maansi smiled seeing Geet glaring at her. Aapki beti hoon Mumma and I won't give your laptop back until you play with us.. you see  wearing tat short dress tat Daddy bought for you.. we all go out.


Wat. Geet'e eyes wide and now she realized why was this all drama for. Maan had bought a dress and hardly reached her thighs and now her kids too wanted her to wear it. It wasn't tat she did not wear western clothes but not as short as wat Maan had bought for her for the trip. She looked at Maan and saw his smirking and she knew tat he took help from his kids for forcing her to wear it. I will not ok.. tats very short.


But Mumma we are in Italy na.. and I saw everyone wearing short dresses..please wear na.. we are going out please.. Maansi made a puppy face


Haan Mumma please.  Armaan to made one pleading Geet to wear it.


Its nice Mumma.. I saw it. Aadhaan too tried to make her agree. Please


Please na Jaan.. We are family na... please.. please.


Maan this is not done ok.. I know why are you..


Please. He smiled. Did I ever ask you anything Jaan.. please pehano na Jaan.. please sirf ek baar please.


Maan I'm a mother. 3 bacho ki Maa hoon.


But you look very sexy and hot.. and no one will say tat you have 3 kids Jaan..


Yes Mumma you look hot and sexy please wear na. Maansi hugged Geet. Pleasee..


Baby how can I?


Please Jaan..


Please Mumma..


Please Mumma.


All came and hugged Geet and she could not say a no to them. After all they were her family and she dressed in the short dress and seeing her looking hot and sexy Maan simply wanted to cancel their outing but Geet dragged him out and they enjoyed their day out.


Finally we are family Jaan..


We were, are and always be a family Maan.. Family.


Maan and Geet looked at their kids and smiled seeing them giggling and playing. It was true they were destined to be a family and they will be a loving happy family forever.



The end.


Thank you for all your love dearies. Finally We Are Family 2 ends. It was not a long journey but I enjoyed writing something different from Season 1 where Geet had lost her memory and Maan was fighting to get her back along with their kids and here it was a different flavor.


Thank You once again.

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hemangigazal Goldie

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 7:17am | IP Logged
awesome epilogue
all babies are so cute and adorable
loved all

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nishamna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 7:21am | IP Logged
It was again a beautiful journey of maneet. Destiny made them separate for some time but at the end they become one family. Geet again blessed with twins. Their family moment was magigal and adorable. I enjoyed all parts. Can we hope for third season 

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metromasti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 7:22am | IP Logged
lovely dovely epi . geet gave birth twins,,, means maansi baby has 2 brothers . dadaji announced them as prince. maaneet moments are very sweet Wink geet completed her study . after some years they went to vacation to Italy and enjoyed there so much ,,,, like 'We are family' Smile loved maaneet moments with their children,,,, maansi , adhan & armaan .
will be miss this story .
any chance of we are family 3 ??

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doll.12 IF-Rockerz

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Awww... Best journey of a family

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jasmine15 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 7:43am | IP Logged
Twins born in palace. Maansi n maan always team up. Family on vacation. Geet continued her studies n now even run handa construction. A perfect family of Maaneet

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