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SS-We Are Family 2 :Thread 4:Last Part/Pg 71, Epilogue/Pg 77 : 31 May (Page 60)

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Did you speak to the doctor Maan? Naina asked as soon as Maan stepped inside the private room of the hospital How is she? How is the baby?


Naina saas lo zara. Dadima chuckled. Naina had been anxious to know wat the doctor said. She had been pacing the room and still doing the same while Maansi she was exactly doing wat her Dadi was doing. And Maansi you..


No stop Badi Dadi. Maansi baby love doing this. She said pointing at Naina who now stopped and looked at Maan. Maansi baby enjoy ok.


Maan wat did the doctor say. Aaj 6 din ho juke hain and she isn't yet discharged. Meri bachi theek hain na. Naina asked with concern in her eyes and looking at Geet. Maan.


Ek minute Mom. He grabbed Maansi and made her to sit on the sofa. You Maansi sit down right here ok.


But Maansi baby do wat dadi do Daddy. She said with a pout. Dadi walk so Maansi baby walk.


You sit. Enough walking now. Maan glared but Maansi glared at him with double intensity making Geet to giggle at Maan. You.. Maan Singh Khuranna is surrounded by weird women's. He murmured grabbing the small medicines bag. And you Mom sit down and relax for some time. Aise karke kuch theek nahi hoga. He said and walked towards the small table tat was besides the bed. Sab kuch theek hain but...


But I want to go home Maan. Maansi giggled hearing her Mumma crib for the nth time. She had been repeating it since morning and Maansui found it too funny coz no one heard her. Please Maan.. jana hain na ghar.


Kaha na nahi. Maan glared back placing the medicines in the drawer. Abhi kuch din yahi rehna hain Hospital.


I don't like here and I want to go home right now. She once again said but all going in vain. Mommm


No help you Mumma. Maansi said standing on the sofa with her hands on her hips. Daddy shout all ok... even Maansi baby shout. You and chotu baby stay here.


Maan I want to go home.. abhi apne kaha sab theek hain tho why should I stay. Geet made a sad face. Please na ghar jana hain.


Maan. Maan closed his eyes hearing Dadima call him. He knew she finally caught him. Geet and the baby was all fine but he forced her doctor to keep her admitted and warned if she does not do wat he wants. Is it true wat I'm thinking?


Wat do I know about it? He questioned with his back still at Dadima and busy doing something or the other in the drawer. Ab main thodehi aapke dhimaang mein ghus saktha hoon.


Maan turn around and look at me? But he did not. Maan...


Ab sach bata hi de Maan. Dadaji stepped inside along with Yash and Vicky. And if you think you can't then I will do it.


Dadaji. Maan instantly turned and saw his Dadaji, Dad and brother smirk at him evilly but he acted innocent. Wat sach... I don't know wat are you talking about.


Ok.. fine. Dadaji smiled taking a seat next to Maansi. Naina Geet ko tayar kar.. she can go home right now.


Really. Geet almost jumped out of the bed but then crawled back seeing everyone glaring at her. But Maan ne tho..


Doctor ko warning di thi. Yash said with a smile and Maan closed his eyes. Tat if he discharges you he will shut down this hospital and poor your doctor she was so scared tat...


Main bhi tho darr gaya tha n Dad. Maan said in his defense. You did see how pale she had turned. Kitna weak hogayi thi meri Jaan phir main kaise...


You stupid fool. Geet grit her teeth. You kept me in this hospital for no reasons.. I swear.


Oye shant. Vicky said raising his voice a bit. Abhi tu itni bhi fit nahi hain tat you can scream and jump like Maansi ok..


Maansi jump. And she jumped on the sofa almost falling down but Dadaji caught her and made her to sit on his lap. Now Maansi sit.. Maansi tired.




But kya haan. Tum bimaar thi aur main risk nahi lena chahta tha.


Main bimar nahi pregnant hoon Maan.


Kuch bhi ho. Maan retorted back. Unless I feel you are healthy you aren't going back home.


And who's going to stop me? She asked with a mischievous smile. Bolo...




But I'm not going with you  in KM.


Wat do you mean? He asked seeing her evil smile.


Main tho palace jaa rahi hoon Dadaji and Dadima ke saath. Geet smiled seeing his face going pale.


Jaan you must be joking right.. you simply can't say it. Gusaa ho kya mujhpar..bolo I will say sorry. Maan almost begged. They had resolved all the problems and Geet had ultimately got to know tat Dadaji had ordered to kill Rajveer Chopra in a fake encounter so tat he would not harm their family anymore and she then realized how immature she was and how wrong she was in making rash decision but finally everything was good and they were back except Maan had turned over possessive and over protective now. Jaan...


Aap bahut over protective ban juke ho and I don't like sitting all the time or resting. Geet complained like small girl. Mujhe aapne yaha bina reasons rakha and you...


Woh main.. acha baba I will take you home right.. but not to palace ok. Geet smiled brightly hearing him say exactly wat she wanted.

Everyone smiled. At the end everything was back in their life. Geet was back where she belonged and Yash knew tat Mohinder and Rano would be happy tat finally their daughter got her family back, the family they always wanted for her while Dadaji and Dadima smiled with tears finally having their lovely and sweet Maan back to life. It was truth he had turned rude and harsh coz his only true love was snatched from him but he fought back even though it was revenge he could his love back to him and the rest was history tat they very happily would forget in future.





Mumma. Maansi sweetly smiled at Geet and Geet knew her daughter was up to something and tat Maan did not give her. Mumma... Maansi baby small na very small.


Haan tho.. my baby is very small. Maansi smirked.


Then Maansi baby stay home na. Geet smiled nodding her head for yes. Maansi baby no go out na.. Maansi baby only play here.. Maansi baby small na..


Haan baba.. my baby is very small and only play. Geet cupped her face while Naina smiled seeing the two talks cutely. Very cute little small baby.


Then Maansi baby no school.


Haan Maansi baby no school.


Geet. Naina suddenly screamed her name. Do you know wat are you saying..


Kya kaha maine Mom.. I said.. oh damn.. Maansi you made a fool out of me. 


Maansi baby small baby Mumma.. Maansi no school na. Maansi said with a soft low voice. Mumma tell Maansi baby no school Mumma...please.. no school.


Babaji yeh kaha phasa diya aapne mujhe. Daddy nahi maane tho Mumma. She looked at Naina for some help. Mom aap..


Not me Geet. You were the last one.. Geet looked at Naina in confusion. She tried her magic on everyone.. even on Maa and Papa on phone and when nobody listened she turned to you and you did say exactly wat she wanted.


But maine tho..


She fooled you Jaan. Geet raised her head and saw Maan walking inside. Very smartly she fooled you.


No fool Daddy.. Mumma say Maansi baby small baby no school ok..only play at home. Maansi said with so much of innocence tat Maan almost fainted. No school Maansi baby.


Maine aisa nahi kaha Maan.. woh tho..


Agree tat she fooled you Jaan. Maan smirked irritating Geet. She was not a fool and here he was saying tat their daughter fooled her. And right now...


No Maan... don't. Geet screamed as he picked her in his arms. Maan chodiye mujhe Maan.


Your time to rest Jaan. He continued to walk upstairs asking Maansi to follow him while Naina she smiled seeing her family so happy. And don't even deny tat you rested this afternoon ok.


I did.. maine nap liya tha Maan...


Nahi Daddy. Maansi murmured from behind. Mumma no sleep ok. She all play with me.


Jhooti. Geet grit her teeth. Maan I did. She's lying ok.. aap na Mom se pooch ok..


I don't need to Jaan. Maan said as he pushed the door open with his leg and Maansi closed it from behind. I have my own source..


Haan aapki chamchi jo hain..


Daddy Mumma call chamchi..


Haan tu chamchi.. Daddy ki chamchi. Geet teased Maansi who  ran to stand on the bed while Maan helped Geet into bed.


Aisa koi karta hain kya. Geet asked with a pout the moment Maan settled her on their huge bed. Mujhe bore ho raha hain Maan..please mujhe neeche...


Nahi jana hain. He said as he patted her left cheek and pecked her nose. You rest and while I play with Maansi ok.


Even I play. She smiled suddenly forgetting all her anger. Even I play with Maansi and you..


Yeah we play.. We are Family na Daddy. Maansi said with a big smile. We are family.


Yes we are family Maansi baby. Geet agreed. This was her family and she would never ever leave her family again.


No you no play Mumma. Maansi suddenly glared at Geet with her hands on her hips. You no play. You call Maansi baby chamchi so you no play ok.


You are chamchi. You tell Daddy everything. Geet teased Maansi narrowing her eyes at her. And I hate you.


Daddy to hate you Mumma. Maan giggled. Maansi never would say she hates Geet so she would take his name and say it. Daddy hate you so much ok.


Grrr I hate you.


Daddy hate you Mumma. Maansi smirked jumping on the bed. Daddy only love Maansi baby ok.


Maan.. Geet cried. I hate your daughter ok.. she always says it.. main na main na.. haan I will not talk to her.

Your wish. Maan said removing his shoes and keeping them in place. Waise bhi main Maansi se jyada pyar karta hoon na so it does not count.


Grrr I hate you both.. mera yeh baby hi acha hain. She said caressing her tummy. She was now 7 months pregnant and looked very much heavy. Nahi yeh baby nahi babies.. and I promise tat I will let them know how cruel you both are.


Tum bhool rahi hoon Jaan.


Kya. She asked with anger.


Tat we are family and my kids will do as I say... so you see they will love me more not you. Maan smiled evilly seeing her getting red and her eyes searching something so tat she could hit him. Family hain Jaan.. family.


You pig.. I hate you...


Thank you and now go to sleep. She glared and knew tat it was her final warning. Carrying twins wasn't easy for her as she would get tired very soon. Khuranna's family had a history of having twins but lately none of the women had given birth and everyone was teasing Geet tat she was bringing all the Khuranna history back in their life.


Maan... she lovingly called him. Maan...


Hmmm.. kya baat hain.


Woh main.. I mean kya main..


You think you can do it? Maan asked turning his back to her. He knew a look at her and he would say no. Do you Jaan?


Dadima and Dadaji wants it Maan.. aap jaanthe hai. She said with a hope. Maan was against her giving birth in Palace but Dadima and Dadaji wanted her to spend the last months of her pregnancy there along with the godhbharai. Godhbharai bhi wahi karna chahte hain.


You get tired soon Jaan. He closed his eyes. In reality he did not want to share him Jaan with anyone. Here it was just them with his parents and brother but in the state and in palace it would be all and he would hardly get his own time with his Jaan. And Maansi ka school bhi tho hain na... abhi..


Her first term starts after I give birth Maan. Geet cut him.  Aap jaanthe hain na Dadima and Dadaji har roz phone karte hain and Mom and Dad they don't know wat to answer.. aap maan kyu nahi lete..


Coz I don't want to share you. He said facing her now. Waha sab honge and they would hardly let me near you..Maansi ko bhi dur karte hain mujhse..


No Maansi baby no dur daddy.. Maansi baby only stay with you ok. Geet smiled. She had thought Maansi was playing by her own now but she was listening to them. No dur.


Dekha.. Maansi bhi nahi chahti... why don't you understand Jaan. He crossed the distance between them and sat cupping her face. I don't want to share you..hum abhi tho saath aaye hain and khush hain na.. I want to live all the moments of this he placed his hand on her tummy together.. no one else.. please maan jao na Jaan.. na keh do. please.


But I'm only yours na.. aap kaha mujhe share karte hain Maan. She said placing her hand on his left cheek. Only yours.


But there they won't let me. Please na Jaan.. na keh do na baba.. mere liye. He pleaded with a sweet puppy face.


Ok.. but aap Dadaji aur Dadima se kaho. He widened his eyes. I will not tell nor will Mom and Dad ok..


But how can I..


Why.. tell them tat you don't want to share your Jaan with anyone.. tell them tat you want to keep your Jaan closer to you. She smirked seeing his face turn white. He knew if he says this to Dadaji then hell he won't stop teasing him until he dies. Chalo phone karo.


Jana hain kya. Geet smiled. She knew even Maan wanted her to give birth to their twins there but he was insecure now. Bola na jana hain kya.


Ab maine na kaha na baba.. so we won't go.. waise let me sleep now ok. And she laid down ignoring him. Chalo you ok and freshen up and then play with your baby ok.


Jaan.. bolo na.


Main so rahi hoon. Maan looked at Maansi who was giggling and trying to snuggle into Geet. So rahi hoon.


So rahi hoon. Maansi repeated and Maan pouted seeing both his girls ignoring him. Daddy so rahi hoon.


Grrr I hate you both.


But we love you. Geet and Maan murmured and then laughed seeing him with a sad face. And we love you so much.


Precap: Epilogue


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Me  first LOL but last part OuchCryCry
Mindblowing part di .
Maaneet cleared all of their mu's ,
nd now they r happy together .
wow !!!!! Rajveer is no more to create more problem in maaneet's life
hmm maan hs warned the doctor ,
wow !!! Geet is expecting twins 
geet wanted to go to palace ,bt maan ws cribbing coz he doesn't want to share his wifey nd babies with anyone . maan hs became more possesive nd protective towards his "we are family " Tongue
haiye !!! I loved maansi  baby nd her antics ,
she wants to copy her dadi nd chamchi of her father ,aww she made geet Fool out of gest .
uufff I am gonna miss it so much .   

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so fabulous part falling in love with maansi baby even more but my first love is jaan Wink
n awesome part maan wants to keep his jaan close to himself

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Wonderful update Smilefinally everything settled between geet and maan and they are back as one family Smilegeet is going to give birth to twins and daadaji and daadi want their birth to take place in the palace but maan is cribbing for not going there because there he won't be able to spend time with his jaan and manasi babyBig smileas now he has turned over protective and possessive for geetTonguemanasi baby and her antics with a solid ok at the end Big smileawww!!! I am going to miss this cutie pie so very muchCrybut as they say all good things come to an end,so is this maaneet story with a happily ever after Smileeagerly waiting for the epilogue but I will surely miss my manasi baby okCryBig smileTongue

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awesome update too good

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oh no last part..
gonna miss this ff...

awesome update..
finally they are back together..
Mansi saying We Are Family..
geet going to give birth to twins
and maan dadaji and dadima want the kids to take birth there in their palace but don't want that..
since he hardly gets any time to spend with his jaan their...

loved it

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lovely part.

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awesome & lovely update. all is well now . geet realized that time she behave immaturely , she came to know that evil was dead. all are happy . maansi baby is so adorable . geet expecting twins & maan don't want ki geet go to palace for birth cos he don't want to share her with anyone Wink loved maaneet & maansi baby moments .
waiting for epi
will be miss this beautiful story

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