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SS-We Are Family 2 :Thread 4:Last Part/Pg 71, Epilogue/Pg 77 : 31 May (Page 45)

sanum23 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 12:19am | IP Logged
kids too sensitive to say wat 
they wants there's actions
shows and copycats
and she wasn't ready to live
their without her dady
and behaving just like hr daddy

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harshu... IF-Sizzlerz

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Di ,ab toh evening bhi ho gyi :(

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sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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How is she now?  Dadaji asked the moment his wife and Naina took their seats. Did she eat something?


Juice. Naina closed her eyes leaning her head behind on the sofa. Aur kuch nahi.


I'm just worried about her now.. aisa chalta raha tho Geet ki zindagi...


Kuch nahi hoga Geet ko. Dadaji cut his wife before she could say something negative. And now it's time tat they understand who holds the command on their life. Ab jo hoga mere hisaab se hoga.


Sahi kaha Papa. Yash agreed with his father. He knew the one who could get them on line would only be the head of the family. You do whatever you want.. even if it means blackmailing.


Just don't forget tat Geet is pregnant and...


Did they think about it. Dadaji once again cut his wife. How long are they going to play this game... kabhi apne bacho ke baaremein socha hain... sirf apne..


Maansi leave home. Dadaji's words stuck inside his throat hearing the soft sweet voice filled with determination of doing wat she said. He looked up and saw Maansi standing few steps away with a bag lying next to her feet. Maansi leave ok.


Maansi. Vicky almost cried. He was shocked just like the others who could not even blink their eyes. Yeh.. baby wat are you saying. Aap gussa ho kya.. did Mumma shout... do you want chocolate and ice cream baby.


Maansi baby running away. Everyone's jaw dropped and eyes widened hearing the little Maansi. And no follow Maansi baby ok. She said as she picked up the small bag tat Maan had bought her. And chachu..


Haan. Vicky smiled a little thinking she was going to say something good.


You take Maansi baby away in car..they no follow us. She pushed her curls tat disturbed her eyes and then looked at her watch. Maansi baby.. late... come fast.. baby run away like Daddy ok.


Maansi. Naina gulped down the pain. She was feeling so miserable right now that she feared she would break down in front of the little child. Daddy no run away baby.. Daddy gone for work.


No. She yelled at Naina. You all tell lie. She scrunched her nose. Maansi baby hear you all ok.. you say Daddy leave Mumma coz Mumma no love Daddy,.. so Maansi baby run coz Mumma no love baby and Daddy. Naina cried hearing it. Probably Maansi was right coz she always believed children spoke the truth and may be Geet never loved Maan and Maansi. Chachu.. come.. baby no late to run away.


Beta Mumma loves Maansi baby and Daddy beta... come here. Yash tried to smile but somewhere he was failing now. Something in Maansi's eyes broke him even more. Daddy gone for work baby.. Daddy no run away beta.


You tell lie Dadu.  Maansi gave Yash an angry look. Daddy no take Maansi phone and he no work.. Maansi baby call office they say Daddy no work today. Yash closed his eyes. He did not know wat to say to the little girl who was speaking the truth. So Maansi baby leave home.. chachu come take Maansi baby away ok.


Ok. Everyone looked at Dadaji in shock. How could he just agree to wat Maansi says? You want to run away na.. then you can..but won't you say bye to your Mumma.


Bye. Maansi narrowed her eyed at Dadaji.


Haan.. your Daddy said bye to Mumma before he leave home and you are Daddy's princess na.  Maansi shook her head. Then you should say bye to Mumma before you run away.


But Mumma's sleeping and Maansi baby get late to run. She pouted sadly. I will wake Mumma and say bye ok Big Dadu.


But Mumma's not well na baby. Dadima smiled slight. And if you wake Mumma chotu baby too will cry..


But Maansi baby want to say bye na..


You can wait and then say bye to Mumma when she wakes up. Dadima said very carefully. You want Mumma to be more sick?


No.. Mumma no more sick Big Granny.. Maansi baby love Mumma na. She pouted sadly.


Then you sit and wait ok... and after saying bye to Mumma you can leave home and I promise Chachu will take you ok. Maansi looked at Dadima for some time and then nodded her head and thumped herself next to Naina resting her small body on the sofa.


Maansi baby hungry.. Dadi Maansi baby hungry now. Naina smiled and ran to the kitchen to get something for Maansi while Dadaji made eyed the rest to keep Maansi busy while he slipped out and ordered the driver to take him to KC as he knew one place where he could find Maan's whereabouts was KC.





Maansi baby. Maansi jumped even without looking who it was and ran towards Maan. Slow baby.. don't run..Maansi don't run.


Daddy you come.. Maansi baby Daddy come. She squealed in happiness running towards him and next moment she was in his arms hugging him tight. Maansi love Daddy ok.. Maansi love Daddy.


Maan cried holding his daughter closer to his heart and right now he knew wat he was missing. He had not been living since he had left the mansion this morning and he so much wanted to kill himself but then he could not do and the moment he saw Dadaji he knew something was very wrong. For a moment he was scared tat something was wrong with Geet but when Dadaji told him about Maansi he broke down falling on his knees. He hadn't known tat his decision would be getting such reaction and when Dadaji confronted him about wat he wanted to do in his life he simply confessed tat he could not stay without his Jaan and even if she wants Divorce he would give her but stay closer so tat he would see her every moment wanted nothing else.


Daddy. Maansi parted and cupped his face. Maansi baby too leave home ok.. you run na so Maansi baby too run. His heart cried. He tried to stop his tears but they just rolled down. Don't cry Daddy.. Maansi baby love you ok.. we say Mumma bye and then both run away.. we stay together ok.


You don't love Mumma? Maansi blinked her eyes. Don't you love Mumma baby?


Maansi baby love Mumma na Daddy. She said with a sad smile not understanding why her Daddy asked her. Maansi baby love Mumma and Daddy so much na. She widened her hands in air to show how much.


Then why you run away. She frowned at Maan. Bolo why you are leaving home?


But Daddy leave home and run away na Daddy. Maan numbed hearing her words. How so easily she said those words tat he had not even realized much. Maansi baby leave now and Mumma leave later and come to Daddy and Maansi baby. Should he smile or cry he did not know. His little baby was talking so big and he had no answer to her questions. Maansi baby love Daddy and Mumma ok.


But baby Daddy back home na.. Daddy no leave home now. Maansi blinked her eyes for sometime just looking at him. See Dadday back home.


Real. Maan smiled nodding his head. You no leave home Daddy. You stay home now.. you go to office. You take Maansi phone na. Maan just could not control his tears and wanting to hide then he buried his face into her small nape and cried his silently but she was his daughter and could feel his cry. Daddy no cry ok.. Maansi baby too cry.. Mumma say if Daddy and Maansi baby cry chotu baby to cry Daddy so no cry please Daddy.


Jaannn Maan yelped in pain the moment he raised his head and even though he eyes were blurred and filled with tears he could see his Jaan from the distance. Jaan.. don't.. Jaan don't run Jaan.. Jaan. He panicked seeing Geet running and reaching the stairs. Jaan. Everyone turned and their heart's stopped seeing Geet like tat. She was running down the steps. Jaan... Jaan.. For few seconds he was frozen but then next moment he ran putting Maansi down on her legs and with a lightning speed he ran for his Jaan.


You stupid fool. He yelled grabbing her midway. Pagal ho kya.. do you even know wat were you doing. Gir jaathi tho haan. His heart was beating so fast tat it would burst the next minute. Aise ko run karta hain.. Answer me does anyone run like this.. baby ko kuch ho jaatha tho haan.


My Maan.. he left me.. let me go please.. please.. he divorced me. Let me go please.. please. Maan was shocked hearing her. Was he dreaming or was she dreaming even having him so closer. Leave me... I need to tell him.. I need to tell him tat I love him.. I can't stay.. main pagal hoon na.. mujhe kehna hain chodona please.. please.


Jaan.. Jaan... M here Jaan.. Jaan.. He shook her but then she kept struggling trying to free herself. Jaan..


Chodo na please.. woh Maansi bhi nahi hain... please.. I want to tell Maansi baby to get my Maan back..please leave me.. I want Maan back.


Jaan. He held her shoulders and shook her tight. Your Maan is here.


Leave me..


Jaan stop it.. stop it please.


Maan I want Maan..




Maan closed his eyes tight. This was the first time he raised his hand on his Jaan and when she was not in her senses. He hated himself for everything now. How could he just let everything slip from his hand even if he wasn't wrong but somewhere he was wrong. He had not told his parents about their relationship before leaving for London and if he had done then these pain would not have been part of their life. He slowly opened his eyes and saw her staring at him.


Jaan... I.. so


Maan he almost stumbled on his feet as Geet hugged him tight pressing her whole body to his. You did not leave me na.. bolo you did not leave me na... She cried hugging him tight. Maan could feel her heart beat and he was scared coz it was beating faster and before he could pull away he felt his Jaan going limp in his arms scaring the hell out of him.




Precap:  We are family...


Next Update after 20 pages...



Do like and comment.




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suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

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me first di
omg after so long
in fact first time on we are family

the update was fab
Mansi baby is such a cutie omg baby leaving no running away from home and Vicky crying..
they have such a cute bond na..
everyone is scared and Mansi baby is just superb she made everyone understand and
what a cute pout and talks she has..

maan came finally..
idiot guy apni baby aur jaan KO aise chodkar koi jata h
maan gadha kahin ka

learn something from Mansi baby u fool..

Mansi is much more intelligent and finally geet came
ye dono pagal h I think..

ek dusre k bina reh bhi nahi sakte aur ladna bhi h gussa toh naak par rehta h

finally she confessed
but madam hua kya tha ye toh bta dete

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mamatha. Senior Member

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 7:04am | IP Logged
Sad, emotional and wat not...

Maan and Geet fight has hugw impact on Maansi...

Geet lost her sense and Maan had to slap her to get her out of it...

Hope very is good with Geet and Chotu baby...

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ifamanika Senior Member

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 7:05am | IP Logged
Really emotional part.. loved it.. hope nw maneet will get back together.. updatenext part soon di.. waiting

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mlaran852 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 7:05am | IP Logged
maansi is so cute, she has more brain that her parents...
maan and geet are acting like kids...
geet is pregnant and was running to get to her maan , she didn't even recognize him...
poor geet hope she and baby are ok!!!

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suni_104 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 7:20am | IP Logged
very sad update
maansi want to leave home as maan
maan back to home
geet is not in sense
hope all will fine

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