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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

SS-We Are Family 2 :Thread 4:Last Part/Pg 71, Epilogue/Pg 77 : 31 May (Page 25)

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Shocking teaser. 

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Nice ud 
in party maan dancing with another lady 
geet seeing him flirting and dancing she
so much jealous but can't do any thing 
mrs ria desired to have maan on bed 
and geet  was burning as their every
woman want hr hottie husband 
she didn't want to create scene 
their other wise she will show mrs.ria
wat she said to geet 
maan was highly drank and geet trying 
to stop him but he not ready to listen her
than she blackmail him in name of maansi
and morning mansi was angry on maan 
and even called her G G parents and they on way
all knows geet want divorce to save family from 
problem and blaming her self fr maan condition 
maan ready to give divorce 

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tammana.m IF-Rockerz

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Teaser My god Shocked with maan behavior*interesting* waiting 4 part

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Updating Tongue LOL

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waiting Big smile

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It wasn't the right move Geet. Dadaji's face was blank and she knew tat his anger was justified and so was Dadima's silence today. You are a Khuranna now and you need to keep tat name. Aur waise bhi agar aaj Mohinder zinda hota tho he would have slapped you for this. She did not say a word coz she knew whatever Dadaji was saying was true. And now I want to know wat you have decided?


Dekhiye... she is..


Aaj nahi Savitri. Ranjit Singh Khuranna cut his wife midsentence. He did not want anyone to interfere and this fact was known by his son Yash and his wife who were sitting quite. Har baar galati maaf nahi hoti. She isn't alone now.


And tats the reason I'm saying you need to calm down. Dadaji did not spare a look at his wife, he just kept looking at Geet. Maa banewali hain humari Geet and she's weak too isliye..


Isliye woh bhaag chali aayi right. Savitri did not have a word to answer. She just looked at Geet in pain. But now I want to end this. It's  affecting the whole family.


End. Yash asked with a shocked and confusion but insides he was scared. Papa ab yeh kaunse end ki baat kar rahe ho.


The end tat will solve everyone's problem. Geet looked up at Dadaji and the expressions tat she saw on his face she knew wat it was. She wanted to open her mouth say something but she could not. It was like as if everything was frozen inside  and she was a dead body. And I don't want anyone to say a word on it. Savitri, Yash and Naina they looked scared. Yash tried to say something again but Savitri shook her head realizing tat her husband was beyond any understanding now. She has done damage to our name and its time tat I take matters in my hand. I can't see my Maan in pain anymore and she needs to understand tat our son is more important than her. Geet just stared at him. And now she will do wat I say coz this is the only end tat I can see.


But you don't need to do anything Dadaji.  Everyone turned and saw Maan standing on the door step. Jo karna hain woh sirf main karunga. Dadaji narrowed his eyes at Maan while Geet she just sat there without a word to say. She wanted to turn and see him but she could not coz she was numb and frozen with fear. Its time tat I give her wat she wants now.. after all its her right.


Maan yeh tum..


Nahi Mom. Maan raised his hand stopping Naina. Not now.. its me and her and no one has the right to say a word in between. He then looked at her back and smirked and walked inside with baring his face out of any expression turning into hard and cold.


Sign. He threw some papers in her lap. Sign and get your freedom.


Kya hain woh Maan and wat do you mean by sign? Dadima asked holding on to her heart tat was beating fast. She did not want any verbal confession coz the word freedom was enough for her to know wat he meant. Wat are the papers Maan?


Divorce. Geet looked up at Maan and she was shattered. She could not even blink her eyes nor stop the tears tat ran down like water now. Sign and get the hell out of my life Ms. Geet Handa.


Maan. Dadaji clenched his fists in anger. He had never expected his blood to ever behave in such a disgusting way. How dare you get those papers back here? Maan ignored his Dadaji and threw a pen at Geet. Don't you ever ignore my words.. it will cause serious things Maan.


And don't interfere in my bloody life Ranjit Singh Khuranna.


Geet sucked in a harsh breath. She had never ever in her life heard Maan speak to his family like tat and here he was calling his Dadaji, the man who he adored and loved to death by name. Her eyes blurred as she tried to look up at Dadaji who stood few steps away from them and even with tat unclear view she could see wat Dadaji, the man of honor was going through.


None of you have a bloody right to say a word to me when I want her out of my life. He almost snarled saying tat. And it would turn ugly if said and by the way weren't you saying the same Dadaji... The end to this drama so here I'm doing the same.


You think I wanted this? Dadaji was beyond shock. His mind never reached Divorce coz he had planned to give Geet and Maan and ultimatum by sending them away for a trip where they could spend time with each other without any disturbances and solve their problems. I don't favor such things Maan and mere liye ek baar shaadi hui so hogayi and Khuranna khaandan mein divorce kabhi nahi hote hian.


This is Divorce Dadaji. His 4 sharp words broke everyone sitting there. And you he grabbed Geet by her arm and forced on her legs why the hell this expressions haan. Geet just kept looking at him while his grip tightened giving her pain but she did not flinch with it. Bhool gayi.. you want this so c'on sign them and get the hell out of my life and don't ever think of fighting  custody.. you  know Maansi's and the baby tat you have in your womb.. haar jaongi Ms. Geet Handa.. buri tarah haar jauogi.


Woh.. they.. are.. mine..


Yours. He laughed like a mad man throwing his head. Handa ki saari property karach karongi tho bhi jeet nahi paogi Geet.. so better stop this drama and sign them right now.


Maan leave. Dadima stepped closer wanting to pull Geet seeing the way he was manhandling her. Maan I said leave her.


Lo chod diya. And he just pushed her away as if she was nothing for him.


Is this the way to behave Maan.. are you forgetting tat she's pregnant? Dadima tried to out sense in him but nothing no words affected him. Maan...


Sign and out of my Mansion right now. He said grabbing the papers tat were fallen down. And yeah don't you think you can move to your so called Handa Haveli.. you live here in Khuranna's out house until you give birth and then you walk out f even before my baby steps inside my home. She just stared hurt with his words pained with his words. Sign right now.


And she took a step closer to him. His eyes burnt her with anger but she did not stop looking at him.


Sign. And tat one word was like a knife on her beating heart. She took the papers looked out for the pen and just signed them without a word shocking everyone there.


Geet. Yash cried her name. Don't do this beta.. this isn't wat you want...please. But she did not hear a word and just signed wherever it was needed and then looked up to see Maan just staring at her.


I have signed Maan... I have signed. She tried to control the sob tat was trying to escape her throat but she did not want to be weak. She knew tat this was the end of her life and now she would do just as he says after all it was her who is has to be blamed for it. I signed Maan... signed the death warrant for our marriage.


I can see. He said grabbing the papers. Death warrant. It was like a mocking tone but then seeing him smile she smiled sadly but did not know why she did it. She waited for more words from him but he did not say a word just stared for few seconds and then turned to walk away but suddenly stopped and turned facing her before taking a step away. And now get the hell out of here before I throw you away.


I will Maan.. I will. No one said a word. There was complete silence as if no one was there to stop the wrong happening. I will walk out... bahut..


And for Rajveer Chopra. Her body shivered with a fear tat slit her right through her delicate weak heart as he cut her midsentence . He's dead but don't you worry Geet Handa. She looked up in shock. Her eyes filled with confusion but Maan refused to take those emotions in her once you leave after birth you'll get many b******* to marry and sleep with.




Even before she cried his name in pain and hurt he was slapped hard by her delicate hand. She trembled with the strength she used to slap him and now she was on the verge to fall down into a heap of nothing but just a deadly corpse whom Maan Singh Khuranna shred into tiny pieces.


How.. dare you.. she grabbed him by collar. tat.. how..


How dare I? He pushed her away and it Yash who was there to hold her. Don't you dare question me Geet.. don't you dare question me about my words. His eyes filled with anger and his whole body trembled with same. This was wat you wanted right... DIVORCE then why the hell this drama now... Rajveer Chopra right.. ushi ki darr se yeh sab kiya tha na tumne... Rajveer Chopra ki darr se.


It was a blow to everyone standing there. No one had ever thought about it but now hearing it from Maan even Yash pulled his support and stood at a distance from Geet.


This is your trust on me Geet.. this is your trust on me. He waved the divorce papers at her. The ultimate results of my undying love to you and I applaud you Jaan.. seriously this is the most happy moment for me after all I did realize where I stand in your trust and life.


Maan yeh tum..


Nahi Dadaji aaj nahi please. His Dadaji was stunned with this sudden break down by Maan. One moment he was angry and ruthless but now he all saw was a broken man who was fighting for his love. Aaj nahi please. Maan cried and did not even wipe out his tears tat started to roll down his cheeks.


4 years Jaan.. 4 saal tumse nafarat karte jeeta raha but the moment I got to know the truth I hated myself from giving you pain.. I wanted to kill myself Jaan but I could not... I had to smile seeing you smile and hide my regret deep down so tat you would stay happy.. so tat our baby would smile but why always me Jaan.. why always me.. why should I die and regret for your incapability of trusting me and my love. Why should I cry in pain for you lack of trust in me Jaan. He cried and fell down on his knees with the papers still tightly held in his grip. First you doubt on my love and god knows wat and now.. you come running away leaving me to die in hospital. Ek baar tho keh deti.. ek baar tho pooch leti mujhse Jaan... why always me.. whyyy..




Don't.. He saw her coming closer. He wiped his tears and stood up with one swift move. Don't touch me.. don't you dare show me tat fake love and care for me Jaan do you get. Geet shook her head. I have lived with this and I will live with it.. after all tumse pyar karne ki saaza jo hain mere liye and today you proved this is wat you wanted from my love and me. He showed the Divorce papers. Socha tha tat you will tear them.. you will say nahi Maan I don't want it..I can't stay without you but I was wrong.. I was bloody wrong Jaan.. Maan tho pyar mein haar hi gaya coz its only me who loved you and not you. I lost wat I always wanted Jaan.. I lost trust in this marriage of ours and now...


He smiled and she feared. His smile was dangerous and it almost stopped her heart from beating.


You stay here.. with my parents and your kids Jaan but not as my wife... do you hear not as Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khuranna but just Geet Handa and the moment I walk out of this Mansion you'll will never ever see me again.. none of you Jaan..none of you and don't worry I won't fight for custody.. woh bache tumare hain Jaan... after all I just met Maansi so it won't be long for her to forget me.. forget her Daddy...hum kabhi family nahi ban sakthe hain Jaan.. we aren't a family Jaan.


And he stepped backwards keeping his eyes on her holding divorce papers.


I free you Jaan and you are free to marry the man whom you would trust with your love and safety..bhool jana ish bekaar ki shaadi ko Jaan.. bhool jana.


And he just kept walking backwards but then he stopped and looked at his Dadaji.


I'm sorry Dadaji.. sorry... maaf kardijiye apne Maan ko Dadaji and tat were the last few words he said before he turned and walked out of the Mansion leaving her broken and others too.



Precap:  And it is tat...



Do like and comment.


Someone asked me if this is going to have a happy ending.. off course its going to have a happy ending.. after all Its WE ARE FAMILY.


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It ws shocking .maan ws just trying to make geet say no for the divorce bt she signed the papers ,
uff maan ws shattered all his dreams of his family ws broken tht time ,
I also think why every time geet punish maan for her fears ,
I don't like maanu jaanu crying ,
he ws crying for his family bt no one ws for him,
rajveer is dead .is pure sad update mein sabse happy news ,
bt Me thinking zayda wala happy hone ke liye thoda wala sad hona toh banta hai ,
hmm I missed maansi in this part ,
I think she will re-unite her parents ,,

Yiiippiiieee !!!! Me first Hug   LOL LOL

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nahi aisa nahi ho sakta maan waking out no pls no wat will happen to maansi baby Cry Cry
di aap jaldi se iss sad sad parts ko end kar do na pls
iee want happy n naughty family to be back with love n love that all exist in their lives

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