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ISHRA SS: Katra-Katra (Horror) (Page 8)

peace.. IF-Rockerz

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The final part will be up in an hour or so Smile

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peace.. IF-Rockerz

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Part 5:

Raman called up Shagun.

Shagun: "Hello Raman! "

Raman: "Haan Shagun..kaisi ho?"
[How r you?]

Shagun:" I am fine Raman..when r you coming back?"

Raman: "Wo actually the meeting got delayed a bit. So I will be staying here for another day.."

Shagun:" ok.."

Raman: "Achcha suno..I am going to finish my meeting by the evening. Anyway I will be staying here for another day and will be free tomorrow..Y dont you join me here? I am feeling a little low today. Tum aa jao..We will spend some time together, away from home. I think this place is beautiful, we will have lots of fun, U can even do some shopping if u want!"

Shagun: "Oho! To Mr. Bhalla wants to spend tym with me and take me for shopping too! How can I deny that offer! I am coming darling. I will reach dere by tomorrow morning."

Raman: "I will be waiting.."

Shagun: "See ya you.."


Shagun joined him in the hotel in the morning. After she took some rest, they finally went out for lunch, hopped around the city.
Raman wasnt leaving any opportunity to cozy up with her.

Shagun: "Kya baat hai Raman, aaj mujhpe bahut pyaar aa raha hai!"

Raman: " you mind?"

Shagun: "Ofcourse not!" 

Raman held her hands and looked into her eyes.

Raman: "I think I have somewhere accepted that Ishita is not a part of my life anymore..I think its time to move on. And you have always been dere with me, it was only my mistake to have ignored you for so long. I want to be with you now, infact thats the only thought I have had since yesterday.
To be honest with u Shagun, I think i  feel lonely, I feel empty. I want your love Shagun. I want you to fill me with your love.."

Shagun: Oh Raman!

He kissed her softly on the hands.


Shagun: " hum jaa kahan rahein hain?"

[Raman..where are we going?]

Raman: "Bas thoda sa intezaar. Ek bahut hi romantic jagah le ke jaa raha hoon tumhe!"

[U will have to wait a bit. I am taking you to a very romantic place.]

Shagun: "Raman ye jungle jaise raaste se hum kahan ja rahe hain ? Why arent you taking a main route?"

[Y are you taking this jungle route?]

Raman: "Oho..short-cut hai. Dont worry I have come to this place earlier." We will reach soon.

He finally stopped the car. Shagun stepped out.

She realised the place was at a significant height. The sight around was beautiful...all the lovely colors of nature were mixing together seemlessly.

Raman: "Thoda aage chalte hain.."

They moved a few steps ahead..And then a sight of a huge waterfall gushing down came into sight.

Raman: "Shagun wahan chalte hain..uss cliff ke paas.."

[Shagun lets go there near that cliff..]

Shagun:"B..B..but.. Raman!"

Raman: "Kyun kya ho gaya Shagun?"

[What happened Shagun?]

Shagun:" Wo itni height pe hai.. Its so scary Raman!

Raman:" Kuch nahi hoga. Lets go"

[Nothing will happen. Lets go]

He pulled her hand and forced her to run up with him to the top of the cliff.

Shagun: "Raman no..lets go from here. I am scared of heights."

Raman: "Arey! when I am with you..what is there to be scared of! "

Shagun: "Raman but.."

He cupped her face.

Raman: "Arey trust me. I will take you to the edge..we will do the titanic pose. I am telling u u will forget all you fear.."

Shagun: "But Raman.."

Raman: "Arey trust me na baba..I am with you."

He took her close to the edge of the cliff, holding her hands securely.

Shagun: "Raman mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai..lets go from here.."

[Raman I am really scared]

Raman: "Shagun..nothing to worry. You can close your eyes for sometime if u find it scary..I am dere with you.."

He bent forward to kiss her on the cheek. 

Without waiting for a further response from her, he turned her around to face the edge of the cliff..held both her hands with his..
and then slowly pulled open her arms..

Raman:" Aankhein kholo apni Shagun..bolo aa rahi hai na titanic wali feel?"
[Open ur eyes Shagun..did u get the titanic feel?]

Shagun: "Raman meri aankhein khuli hi hain. U better hold me tight.."

[Raman my eyes are already open u better hold me tight]

Infact she grabbed hold of his shirt from one of her hand.

And then she felt the touch of his lips on the nape of her neck..

He slowly feathered kisses on her shoulder..her arms..and then wrapped his arms tightly around her.

Shagun loosened her hold on his shirt, turned around slowly and closed her eyes..

He held her from the waist from one hand.. his other hand ran up her shoulder..he brushed his fingers across her collar-bone..
her eyes were closed throughout..she purred softly..

His hands moved up her neck..

and then she realised he had tightened the grip of his hand around her neck.

She opened her eyes in shock.
She realised he was staring at her.

"Raman kya kar rahe ho ye.." she shouted, and tried to free her neck from his hold.

[Raman what are you doing]

But he tightened his grip even further.

"Main kya kar raha hoon? Aur tumne kya kiya Ishita ke saath?" he shouted back, his eyes filled with anger.
[What am I doing? What did u do with Ishita? he shouted back, his eyes filled with anger.]

Shagun: "Ish..Ishita? Raman maine k..k..kuch nahin kiya Ishita ke saath..she is dead Raman!"

[ Ish..Ishita? Raman I dint do anything with Ishita!]

" Achcha..tumne kuch nahin kiya haan!"  

[You dint do anything? really!]

He slipped his hand into his pocked.. 
and took out an earring..

"Ye.." he continued..

"Yaad hai earring tumhe? " he spoke

[You remember this earring?]

Her eyes widened. But she changed her expression.

Shagun: "Ofcourse can I forget..U gave this to me on Adi's birth.. But how come it is with you..did u bring it with you from home?"

Raman: " Stop lying Shagun! You know you lost it long tym back!"

Shagun:" But..but do you know this..where did u get this?"

Raman:" I found this earring yesterday..right here on this very ground"

Shagun: " Oh wo..wo.."

Raman: "No more lies shagun!" 

He grabbed hold of her throat again..almost choking her this tym..

"You killed Ishita dint you!"

"Raman leave me!"

" You speak the truth or I will throw you off this cliff RIGHT NOW!"

" Raman NO!"

"I will not feel any guilt of killing you Shagun..SPEAK THE TRUTH!" he dragged her further on the ground..his eyes reddening with anger..

"Ek minute..ek minute bataati hoon..chodo mujhe..sab bataati hoon"
[One minute..leave me..I will tell you everything]

He let go of her throat.


Shagun: " The day of the landslide, I was at Bhalla house, I had come to meet Adi. But the whole family was out, except Neelu, who was at home. The landline rang and I picked up the phone. It was Ishita's call. I pretended to be Neelu on the phone. She had called to inform that she was safe, she had stayed back in the hotel for some reason and so had been away from the affected spot. 
I cudnt let go off this opportunity..all my efforts to throw her out your life had failed. I went to Rishikesh..called her to Bhulla lake faking that I had gotten stuck here because of the landslide and asked her for help. And then I shot her to death..and then pushed her off this cliff..I killed her and all you guys thought she died in the landslide"

"But..I did this for you Raman..only for you!" she pleaded.

He slapped her tightly on the face.

"How dare you Shagun..HOW DARE YOU!"

And then all of a sudden.. the sky roared with thunder and the earth heaved..the sun suffocated behind the darkened skies.

The whisteling noise of the wind filled the air..and Raman was pushed to one side.

Then emerged a cyclone of wind, pulling up Shagun miles above in the air..

And then it disappeared and Shagun fell on the ground, her head hitting on a huge stone.

Another swirl of wind, and she was sucked off the cliff and her body fell down the 200 mt height..into the water..

The clouds then cleared the sky, but the darkness remained.

Raman raised his head up to notice a writing on the gold..

I love you Raman.
We will meet again.

The sky then cleared,  the Sun came back. Normalcy restored in the place.


On his way back to the hotel, Raman kept looking into the rear-view mirror of his car.

"Kyun Madrasan..ab dikhogi nahin kya sheeshe mein?" he joked.

[Y madrasan..wont u be visible in the mirror now? he joked]

" Hey bhagwaan..keh rahi thi we will meet again..kahin tapka hi na de mujhe apne paas bulane ke liye..tingu star ki baat bhi kar rahi thi kal" he chuckled.

["Oh god, she said that we will meet again. Hopefully she wont kill me to meet me again..she was earlier talking about the tingu star"he chuckled]

He contemplated over the whole event.. whether he actually met her ghost or she made him dream about her he dint know, but it was clear that she did all this to send her message across to him.

"Achcha laga tumse milke, cant wait to meet you again darling" he spoke

[Meeting you felt good, cant wait to meet you again darling"]


6 months later..

Raman had just boarded his flight to Mumbai. His was a business class ticket, he found his seat and sat down comfortably.

The female sitting next to him was hidden behind the newspaper she was reading.

He turned towards her, something forced him to pull down her newspaper and notice her face..

And then he was stunned for a few seconds.

"Ish..Ish..Ishita!" words spilled out of his mouth finally.

"Divyanka" she corrected him. "Divyanka Tripathi" she continued and raised her hand for a handshake.

"Oh..I m..I am sorry.." he spoke.."Divyanka Tripathi, the TV actress, ofcourse" he shook hands with her.

Raman: "I am sorry, I misunderstood you as my wife Ishita..she looks like you"

Divyanka: " Dr. Ishita..d dentist! Yes! I know her!"

"Infact I met her in Delhi some yrs back for a tooth problem. Even I was stunned to see her! I had never met a look alike of mine until I met her.." she continued.

"But I heard she passed away 2 yrs back.."

Raman: "Yes"

His eyes welled up with tears.

Divyanka ran her hands over his back to console him.

Divyanka: " Its ok Raman. Its ok..Sab theek ho jaayega"

Raman: "Hmm..thanks"

"One minute" he continued.."How do you know my name? I never told you my name is Raman"

Divyanka: "I..I..I dont know how I know your name Raman"

And then she turned to look at him again..

"Or maybe I know" she spoke, smiling this time. 
Raman recognised the glint in her was the same familiar one..

                                                **End Of SS**

In the end, dedicating a video for DivRa(Divyanka-Raman jodi)/IshRa:

My apologies if anyone was disappointed with the climax, but I wanted to write a very typical, predictable kind of shudh and desi  'Horrex'  LOL

Links to my other stories: Peace..'s Index
Anyone interested in PM notifications for my stories- OSes/TSes/SSes etc. pls buddy the id: peace_PMs linked in this postpeace_PMs

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peace.. IF-Rockerz

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Part 5 has been updated above. Smile

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Anum_says Goldie

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this was brilliant @peace...
i was about to cry bcoz i cant digest tht ishita is not alive...
but then aeroplane wala scene parh k acha laga...

but is line ne mjhe cnfuse krdia...
''Raman recognised the glint in her
was the same familiar one.."

plzzz clear kro k iska mtlb kia hai...

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Divancraze Goldie

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Omg Ishita Died...
Why Why Why?!?!
The Last Part Though!!

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nividances IF-Dazzler

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Oh Pallavi...only you can write such things. Main to kabhi soch bhi nahi sakti thi aisa kuch! You wrote it brilliantly my dear. Hats off for your amazing creativity. I really enjoyed the unexpected, but pleasantly happy ending. 

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usaonly IF-Stunnerz

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Pallavi what a twist Ishu is no more so all this happen is her soul. Amazing how Raman find out that Shagun kill her and bring her to same place and she got punish by Ishu the end is the highlight agin meeting with Divyanka  on the plane how she know his nameWink thanks dear for amazing OS. Hope will get to read more from you again.ClapClapClap

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Indie2121 Groupbie

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U write so beautifully!!!
I've thoroughly enjoyed your writing thus far! 
Got nauseated for a few seconds as I read abt Raman cozying up to Shagun...thank heavens you turned things around!!!!

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