Nisha Aur Uske Cousins


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins
Nisha Aur Uske Cousins

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Background-Nisha is an eleventh grader. Viraj is at the peak of his career. He has now collected enough funds to rejuvenate his father's dream-Lakshya Academy. He is recruiting students. Nisha yearns for safety. Viraj yearns for family. 

Request to NiBir fans:
It'd be nice if you commented too. You know, if you just see it as a story. Considering you are not prone to liking anything related to NiRaj, it'd be interesting to see what you think of NiRaj in a different setting. 
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Nisha had a strange fear of camps. Yet she couldn't miss this one. Not this one. Not everyday did Viraj Singh Rathore share his know-how of shooting with schoolgirls. She feared men, in general. It wasn't like she wouldn't be scared ofhim. Yet there was something more powerful than fear. Awe? Inspiration? Trust?

This seemed to be the perfect time to start afresh.

She went through the pamphlet again.

Lakshya Camp

Every girl has her day.
This could be yours.

Don't let them tell you that you're not meant for this... Or for anything you want to do.
Don't argue with them when they stop you. 
Show them.

Show us that you want to make this day yours. 
We'll show you how.

  • 7 day workshop with basic training followed by
a talent hunt
  • 100% Scholarship for those who prove their mettle. 
Nothing's Tough
Viraj Singh Rathore

Yes. This was the day to start afresh.

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Like every other morning, Viraj was jogging in the Lakshya Academy grounds. None of his staff had arrived. It was just six. In three hours, his students, prospective students, as he reminded himself, would be here.
After his third lap he noticed some rustling from the hedges. 

Suddenly a head popped up. Viraj tilted his head a little to observe better. She was stuck. Her shirt was caught in the brambles. 

"Why don't you take off the shirt? You are wearing another T underneath..." Viraj remarked. 
Take off the shirt?!!! Nisha didn't need to turn to recognize the voice. Heard it on loop. She turned her head slightly. "Thank you Sir. I'm grateful for your help. But I'll manage." She wriggled a little, trying to free herself.

Viraj knelt down. "My purpose is not to make you grateful. It is to get you out. Please be practical. Take off the shirt."

Very hesitantly, Nisha let go of her plaid. She stood up feeling awkward in her figure-hugging half-sleeved T. Viraj rolled his eyes. "Melodramatic! You're clothed. If you weren't this awkward, I wouldn't even notice that..."

Nisha hesitantly uncrossed her arms from her chest. Viraj bent down, trying to free her plaid from the hedge.

Nisha couldn't help but notice his muscled back which was more than visible in his racer back. Drops of sweat glistened. "I think you should stop ogling at others if you don't like to be ogled at, yourself." Nisha turned around quickly, as if to prove that his accusation was wrong. Viraj finally extracted her plaid and held it out. "Turn around and take it." 

Slowly she turned. "Thanks Sir." She quickly put on the shirt. 

"What are you doing here Miss-?" He enquired.
"Nisha, Sir, Nisha. I wanted to be on time. That's why I started early. I'm here for the camp." She replied hastily.

"Early? The reporting time was 9 a.m. it's 6:20 now. And you could have used the gates."

Nisha blushed. "The gates are locked." She mumbled.

Viraj had a strong urge to ruffle her hair. She was acting exactly like a five year old. But then Viraj Singh Rathore didn't ruffle people's hair.

"Had breakfast?" Viraj asked.

Nisha shook her head.


Nisha hesitated. Go alone? With a guy?

"I am not allowing malnourished girls in my Academy. Come." Viraj repeated.

Slowly, Nisha followed.


Viraj's penthouse was well-ordered. Everything in the right place. Viraj almost had OCD about propriety. 
"Why do you have brambles in your garden if you are so proper?" Nisha blurted, immediately regretting it.

Viraj finally smiled. "To keep out intruders." Nisha blushed again. "Sorry Sir." She mumbled, her head drooping.

"Stand straight. Nose in the air." Viraj ordered. Without thinking, Nisha obeyed. "If you have the guts to do stuff,have the guts to face the consequences. Also, I find it personally offensive when girls look so pitiable." Viraj continued.

"I'm not pitiable." Nisha replied. Her eyes had a glint of anger.

"You looked it... A moment ago." 

"I was being respectful." Nisha countered.

"Respect is not about considering yourself subordinate." Viraj told her

I am subordinate. 

"That is fear.  Respect stems from equality. You should accept that I am another person just like you. Your respect should be because I have some qualities despite being just like you. All people are the same."

Now you're making no sense.

Viraj quietly proceeded to make omelettes for both of them. 

"I'm vegetarian." Nisha said firmly.

"Oh. OK then. Open the fridge. Bread and cheese on top shelf.There's the toaster."

For the first time in her life, Nisha prepared her own breakfast.


At nine, some ten girls arrived at Lakshya Academy, all aged between 17 to 20.

The first day was spent mostly in teaching the girls how to hold a rifle correctly. They were warned about the injuries that could occur and the necessary precautions. 

By the end of the day, most girls realized that Viraj Singh Rathore wasn't as sugary as he sounded. He was, in fact, strict and aloof. Unless he was making a speech, which he did quite often, he would be monosyllabic in his replies. Nisha,of course, had received a lot more of his lectures, early in the morning. 

As she prepared to leave, she was interrupted. "What time should I open the gates tomorrow, Miss Disha?" 
Viraj walked away without hearing Nisha's very serious, "8 would be ffine Sir. And it's Nisha."


Lakshya camp started today. I don't know if any of the girls are up for the task. Let's see. 

I met a funny kid today. Girl, actually. When I first spotted her she looked like a worm wriggling out of an apple. Sorry Ma, I can't help that analogy. That's how she looked. Cute though. Like a child. She was scared of me one moment and confidently conversing in the next. 
She is one interesting worm.

P. S. The worm seems to be good with guns. She's the only one who got the stance nearly right.


A/N: Red=Nisha's thoughts
Blue= Viraj's postcard.

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The next day, only eight girls arrived. Perhaps the thought of injury had intimidated them. Viraj sighed. This is what always happened. People backed out without trying. If he got even one of these girls to shoot, it'd be an achievement.


"This is Coach Shekhar. He will be helping us out in training." Viraj announced. "As promised, today, we shoot."

The girls took position. One by one Shekhar and Viraj corrected their stance. The idea was to see who could maintain the correct position after being instructed.

It was Nisha's turn. She held up her rifle. Shekhar moved up behind her to bring it up to the right level. He slightly straightened her up by placing his palm on the small of her back. Then he tried to focus from Nisha's rifle, so he could show her how to aim correctly. Just as he placed his palm over Nisha's to steady her rifle for the final time, her hand went limp. She hastily extracted her hand and ran away.

"What the hell!" Shekhar exclaimed.

Viraj followed Nisha, only to be stopped by a certain Gayathri. "Oh my my Viraj! How are girls like her going to shoot? So weak, unfocused... Let it be."

"Buaji is right, Viraj. We can't invest our energy on girls like these. Not now, at least." Shekhar echoed.

"Shekhar don't you see that she has some issues? Some mental block? Come on... you're a psychologist... You should know. " Viraj argued. He looked around, wondering how Nisha was.

"I do know Viraj. That's why I'm saying. She can be trained in the long run. But we need to win at the upcoming state championship. We don't have enough time to counsel and convince her. You know these things take time. Psyches can't be repaired so soon." Shekhar calmly explained.

"Things can change in a moment, Shekhar." Viraj coldly replied, before stalking off to find Nisha.


Viraj searched for Nisha all over the Lakshya grounds and in the main building, but she was nowhere to be found. Resigned, he settled on a bench beneath the cassia tree in one corner of the grounds. He gazed at the ongoing training session on the other end of the ground. 

Suddenly yellow cassia petals blew down, almost in a shower. The sudden shower of petals surprised Viraj, considering the lack of wind. He looked up. There she was leaning against the tree, straddling a branch, high up. He walked over to her side of the tree. She stared out blankly, taking no cognizance of Viraj. 

"Come down right now!" Viraj ordered, jerking Nisha to her senses. Again, without much thought, she made a move to execute his command. There was one problem though, she hadn't paid attention to the height while climbing the tree. Now, the height had all her attention. She looked at Viraj and then at the ground. Maybe if the ground was at your level I could get down. She tried to find something to hold on to, but to no avail. She looked at Viraj again. "I can't come down Sir."

Viraj slapped his forehead. "Yes you can. Here." He held out his arms to help her down. She didn't budge. "Miss Trisha!" 
"Nisha, sir, Nisha." She corrected, forgetting that she was stuck on a tree for a moment. 

"So, Miss Nisha. Are you planning to build a nest on that tree?" Viraj asked.

Nisha's lips twitched. "No, Sir."

"Then come down!" Viraj nearly shouted.

"How?" She asked. Viraj stared at her half angry, half amused.

Finally he pulled the bench he had been sitting on a few moments ago. Positioning it beneath her, he said, "Try and swing down, then use the bench."

Nisha contemplated for a moment, before following his instructions. When she finally stepped down from the bench, Viraj crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. "Explain."

Nisha lowered her head. What do I explain? That Shekhar Sir's touch felt like molestation to me? That I am paranoid? That my fear of men gets the better of me?

"Talk." Viraj snapped.

She sniffed lightly. "Sorry Sir." She murmured.

Viraj's expression softened. "Sit." He said, calmly.

She obeyed. He sat next to her. She cringed. He shifted away slightly.
"Talk." He repeated, more sweetly this time.

"I'm scared of men." Nisha said simply, looking away. Not that you haven't already guessed...

"What do you intend to do about it?" Viraj queried.

Nisha looked at him in surprise. After a moment's hesitation, she shrugged.

"You're seventeen, Miss..." He pretended to recall her name. "Nisha." This drew a smile from her. "You have too long to live, to spend the rest of your life in fear."

Tell my fear that. Easy to say. Nisha constantly stared at the grass.

"Look into the person's eyes when you are speaking to him. It shows confidence." Viraj told her. 

"I am not feeling confident. How can I show it?" Nisha countered.

Viraj looked stumped for a moment. Then he said, "Let's work on that."

Nisha looked at him disbelievingly. You're not kicking me out? You're probably as crazy as me. But wait, your craziness is justified. Mine isn't. Is it?

"Do you still want to shoot?" Viraj asked. The other students had left by then. Not unnoticed by Viraj, none of their bullets had managed to even touch the boss, forget about hitting bull's eye.

Nisha nodded.


He picked up his own rifle and took position. "Observe carefully and follow." He instructed.
She complied.

He turned to observe her. Stepping closer he placed his palm a centimetre away from her back. She straightened up. Walking around he estimated whether the rifle was angled correctly. "Fire."

She pulled the trigger. She missed bull's eye by a hairline. That's good. I'm good! She turned to Viraj to confirm her assessment. 

"It's a start." He affirmed.


I know what it feels like when a child has no one to turn to. No one deserves that. A simple tug can do wonders when one reaches a standstill. If our butler could care enough to show me the way, why can't I do the same for my student?

She is my student, already. She learns. She obeys. She is willing to trust.
 She is like a cassia tree-Vibrant and blooming, even in the hot summer. Yet just like the cassia she is delicate.
It is as if she is being forced to grow up. People say that everyone has to. I don't believe it.

Innocence should be protected, retained and if possible restored. 
If possible.


A/N- Red=Nisha's thoughts.
Blue=Viraj's postcard to his mother.

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Much to Gayathri and Shekhar's surprise, Nisha easily had the highest score in the trials for Lakshya Academy. In fact she was the only one who met the standards that Shekhar and Viraj had set for the students.

Nisha's entire vacation was spent in rigorous training. She diligently followed whatever routine Viraj laid down for her. In those forty days, she had become good enough to compete at the state level. 

As the summer vacations ended, Nisha resumed school, albeit half-heartedly. To accommodate her timings Viraj shifted her training sessions to the evening. All was going smoothly until-

"Bhai, shouldn't we practice in the morning?" Priyanka asked Viraj as soon as she came back from her Europe tour. 

"Miss Nisha has school." Viraj replied curtly. Somehow, Priyanka had started taking him for granted. Viraj didn't mind being taken for granted as her brother. It was when she took shooting lightly that Viraj snapped.

"Bhai, you know I and my friends are better than an amateur. You are ready to see her problems, but not mine?" Priyanka purred.

"You know nothing about her talent Priyanka. What problem, huh? Your dinner date in the evening? Just so you know, Miss Nisha is as good as you, if not better. Also she is twice as sincere. Please don't tell me how to coach." Viraj said coldly.

Priyanka fumed out of the room.

Priyanka's mother, Gayathri now charged. "Oh my my Viraj! Don't you think you are indulging in favouritism? You hurt your sister for that girl! You are doubting Priyanka's sincerity!"

"Oh! So I should favour Priyanka. That won't be favouritism. Entitlement is in-existent in my dictionary Buaji. Why should I be extra lenient to Priyanka? Doubt? I know for a fact that she is insincere. Every single time I've been away for some championship, she stops practice and goes for a trip. This time she went even while I was here! I had asked her if there was something else she would rather do... She insisted that her heart lies in shooting. She has NO excuse. Revelry appeals to her, like the decadent royal culture that I am trying to get rid of."
Viraj had had enough. 
"I'll be leaving for the world championship next month. Although it's only for a week, would she continue practice? No she would rather party and holiday. Who knows, she will take an even longer holiday this time." 

Gayathri's eyes welled up. "Fine, if you have already made up your mind, she will train elsewhere. No wonder you don't have any family. "

Having thus attacked his Achilles heel, Gayathri left. 

Just then Nisha arrived. Viraj sighed. "Five minutes, Miss Nisha. I'll be there."

Nisha stood fixed. "Sir we could adjust..."

"Why don't you let me decide how to run my Academy? " 

A subdued Nisha moved out to get ready for practice.


As usual, Nisha's keen observation and quick learning lifted Viraj's spirit. By the end of the training session, Viraj was smiling contentedly.

As Nisha got ready to leave, she meekly said, "Sir I could come here directly from school. It's problematic going to and fro anyway... It would be so cool if all of us won medals at the championship..."

Viraj smiled. At a loss for words, he mouthed a 'Thank you'


I suppose I am a difficult person to love. Still, should I compromise with my principles or the truth just to make myself lovable? 

I'm supposedly indulging in favouritism. Am I? Have I done anything for her that I wouldn't do for any sincere student? 

Although, I cannot deny that she is my favourite. How can she not be? She is a reflection of all that I have ever strived for. Hope, determination, positivity... Love?

I don't know.

She understands my dreams. Rather, she is a personification of my dreams. I would never say this to any living person, but she is my favourite... And not just student. 



A/N : I know this is a little off... Still I will be waiting for feedback. Blue-Viraj's postcard.

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From then on, Nisha would arrive at Lakshya Academy in her school uniform sharp at 2:00 p.m. The training session would start only at three. She would be busy completing her assignments in the free hour.

Viraj realised a few days on that Nisha had been skipping lunch because of this schedule. One day he confronted her. "Miss Nisha, mind sharing your tiffin with me?" He enquired. 
She looked up at the interruption. Tiffin? Sorry, already shared. "Sir, tiffin's over."
Viraj narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms. "When?"
"Just now." She blurted licking her lips. 

 He lifted her hand to check her fingers for any trace of food. None. Uh-oh.
"You're one clean eater." He remarked, her hands still in his. 
"I...uhhh... Actually... "She started. Sir maybe you could let go of my hand.

Viraj had her hands in his as if as evidence of her truancy. Suddenly she jerked her hands away. 
"Sorry Sir." She said as hastily. Viraj paused as she tried to steady her breathing.

"Come let's have lunch."


It had become part of Nisha's routine to have lunch with Viraj. Sometimes she would save her tiffin and share bits. At others they would share their lunch with the underprivileged kids that Nisha used to give her tiffin to. 

During lunch Viraj would get to hear titbits about Nisha's family and school. Just before Viraj left for the world championship, he asked Nisha if she would like to come along. To this Nisha had stared at him incredulously and said, "My Dadaji would never allow."


When Nisha won her first state championship medal, albeit a silver, Viraj asked her with a grin, "What would you like for lunch tomorrow?"  Nisha thought for a while, she wasn't really a foodie, and said "Poori and aloo gobhi!" 


*At lunch*

Nisha gobbled up the aloo gobhi greedily(she had missed breakfast that morning). Viraj asked her casually, "Your Dadaji will allow you for own world championship, right?"


"What?" Viraj asked, unable to understand her garbled speech owing to the aloo and poori in her mouth. She gulped it all down and said, more clearly this time, "I'm not that keen myself."
Viraj frowned.

Sir let's leave this here please. She stuffed in some more hoping to deter any further questions. Viraj simply said, "You can tell me when you feel like it."


It was finally the end of Nisha's school life. Well, almost. There was one last bit left-the farewell.


One day before the farewell, Viraj witnessed a subdued Nisha at lunch. No amount of coaxing would reveal the cause. Finally it was a phone call that unveiled the reason for Nisha's discomfort.

Her phone rang incessantly but she paid no heed. After it had rung for the fifteenth time, she hissed "Kirti I'm not coming to shop for a sari and I am not coming to the farewell. Get. That. Clear."
She disconnected the call to see a confused Viraj expecting an explanation. Don't push it Sir. Don't. Why should anyone be bothered about my idiosyncrasies? Why should I bother you?

Patiently, Viraj resumed eating, not breaking eye contact all the while. Finally Nisha blurted, "I don't want to wear a sari." Wow, I just said that to my rifle shooting coach. I am discussing clothing preferences with my coach.


Nisha froze. Because I don't want to be seen as a potential "catch" by my guy friends. I don't want to be seen as feminine by any guy. I don't want to look or feel... Attractive... Like a girl.
Nisha shut her eyes. 

For the first time in years she let her tears trickle down. Viraj was taken aback. Unsure as to what had caused this reaction, he apologised.

"Not your fault Sir." She mumbled. "Not... my fault." She broke into sobs.

"Miss Nisha please calm down." Viraj offered her a glass of water. "Relax. Please. "

Nisha looked at him, her tear filled eyes determined. "They tried to molest me at the Pilani sports meet when I was 13." She said in a single breath, as if heaving off a load with great effort. The glass slipped out of Viraj's hands, crashing down as it registered why Nisha wasn't keen on going out for sporting events... Why she didn't want to look attractive... Why her light flickered every now and then.

Viraj got up to bring her another glass of water. Not a word did he say until the end of their practice session that evening. Just as Nisha was about about to leave, Viraj said hesitantly, "Try your mother's sari. It'll feel like... Home. "
Nisha smiled at him ever so slightly.


The next evening Viraj saw group pictures of the farewell on a social networking sight. There she was draped in an bottle green cotton sari, her hair drawn up into a plait and a simple gold chain around her neck. Out of place, yet in the picture.


I wonder if I can ever understand what she has gone through. Helplessness? Frustration? Anger? Despair?

I hope not. How can hope despair?
How can someone see innocence with evil intent? 

I am probably too involved...but that is irreversible. She will always remain my student. Yet I cannot deny that she is more. At least, not to myself.

Since I met her, I have tried to understand her. Perhaps I am too interested. But now that we do have an understanding...

Maybe, just maybe, I can be her hope?



Red=Nisha's thoughts, Blue= Viraj's postcard to his mother

Sorry, the next update will come only in June.Unhappy
 Do leave feedback.Smile

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Viraj had been improving with regard to his world ranking every year. This year, he was hoping to break into the top ten. Shekhar too had been improving consistently, yet he was the 50th seed while Viraj was 15th. 

***Before the Championship***

"Shekhs, this Nisha really irks me. That's the only good that'll come, out of you leaving for a few days. I don't know what bhai sees in a commoner like her." Priyanka huffed as she served him from the bottle of wine she had managed to sneak past her mother.

Shekhar cringed inwardly at commoner. "She got gold though it's only her second time.. You've been shooting for much longer,yet... That girl has talent." Shekhar said concentrating on the glass of wine. 

"You're always behind bhai, although you've been shooting for longer. Even the new kid is better." Priyanka retorted, obviously offended by his remark.

Shekhar calmly said, "I don't comment about your brother or that kid.You're talking like a sour loser. That makes you a loser." He stood up, setting his glass on the centre table.

Priyanka got goosebumps. Shekhar was the scariest when he was calm. He stepped up to her, staring into her eyes. Grabbing her arm he pulled her to himself. She was still scared, yet she couldn't tear her eyes from his. There was something hypnotic, snakelike about his stare. She was dumbstruck as usual. Placing his lips to her ear, he whispered, "We're not losers Priyanka." He slowly undid the zip of her dress, running his finger along her spine in the process. "At least, I'm not." He continued. Priyanka though was not hearing. Her arm that he had twisted behind her back had all her attention.

***1st day of the championship***

"All the best sir! :) 

Viraj smiled. This was the first time someone had wished him luck for his game. Perhaps people thought he didn't need luck or maybe they didn't really think of him. 

Viraj absentmindedly strolled through the hotel corridor, not wanting to do much before the event. Suddenly he heard a click from a nearby room. A room he had thought to be unoccupied. The youngest player from the Indian contingent had been allotted that room and the kid had gone out to see a movie last minute. Viraj knocked, pocketing his cellphone.  

No response. He knocked again. A bellboy opened the door. "Yes sir?" He asked in markedly husky voice. "Nothing, I thought I heard..." Viraj turned to leave. Then he spotted a spring on the floor. The bellboy immediately locked the door and left.

"Why Shekhar? You could have endangered the kid's life! I would never have thought... " Viraj looked hurt and betrayed. Most of all, he was saddened that there were no second chances in the sporting world. 

The federation had acted on Viraj's warning and procured CCTV tapes. Shekhar had disguised as a bellboy and tampered with the participant's rifle. By default, he was slapped with a life ban.

Shekhar seethed. You have the tenacity to look hurt. You have betrayed me. You have always had everything, yet you had to ruin me. "I made a mistake" Shekhar said, when he felt sure that his voice wouldn't give him away. 

"How can Viraj sir keep him here?" A receptionist whispered to the guard. "Shekhar is a great shooter. He made a mistake and he was punished accordingly. I don't think you should require any other explanation. Anybody who has issues with Shekhar can leave."


One afternoon, Viraj was busy with some investors so Shekhar was coaching Nisha as well. 

"But Viraj sir said this angle is more effective." Nisha was adamant. Priyanka sniggered. "Why waste your time Sh-" Shekhar's eyes flitted towards her momentarily. Priyanka gulped. "Sir." She hastily completed.

Shekhar positioned Nisha's rifle the way Viraj had taught her. "It may have escaped your notice, but Viraj sir isn't always right." He said in his famous, caressing hiss.

Very hesitantly, Nisha related to Viraj all that had transpired in the previous session. She stressed on how sarcastic Shekhar's concluding remark had been. 

"He's right Miss Nisha. I'm not always right." Viraj simply said.

I hope you are right about him sir. Nisha apprehensively thought.

People have been questioning my decision to keep Shekhar at Lakshya. Nisha too has doubts. Although she is polite enough not to point fingers directly. 
I admit that he made a mistake. He was punished wasn't he? 

Isn't it better if he has something positive to do now? I'm hoping he'll find redemption by helping others achieve their goals. As for the remark... It's...Nothing.
She just doesn't like to hear anything against me, I guess. As much as I am Shekhar's friend, this makes me inexplicably happy. She is, you know, on my team!


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In her final year, Nisha finally decided to participate in the national championship. Perhaps it was the thought that her family wouldn't allow her to pursue a career in shooting that spurred her on. Viraj, of course, was more than happy. 

However, Nisha could only go up to the quarter finals. Nisha didn't speak to anyone for two days after that.

A very worried Lakshmi rang up Viraj. "Hello, is this Viraj's Nisha sir speaking?"

"What?!" Viraj exclaimed. "Who's this?"

Lakshmi took in a deep breath. "Nisha's Ma." She finally managed. She decided to speak in short,manageable sentences that would make sense to those unaccustomed to her anxiety, like Viraj. "Nisha has become unusually quiet. Please can you talk to her. We never realised that she was this serious about shooting. Talk to her."

"Sure, Mrs. Gangwal. Word of caution, I think she is pretty serious about shooting. I hope you will understand." Viraj replied. He couldn't help smiling at Lakshmi's anxiety. How he wished...


Priyanka finally mustered the courage to speak to her mother. "Mom? Can I speak to you for a moment?" Gayathri didn't look up. She was busy texting, her coy smile in place.
"Mom, have any of your boyfriends ever hurt you... Physically?" Gayathri's head jerked up. "WHAT?"
"You heard me." Priyanka said, softly but surely.
"No." Gayathri replied, suspiciously eyeing her daughter. "My boyfriends wouldn't dare to hurt a Princess." Her nose inched up even as she spoke. "What have you been up to young lady?!"

"I... I thought it was okay first... Romantic almost... But now... I can't... It's as if he is hurting me on purpose.. And then again we have moments...I love him but..." Priyanka managed to reveal as much.

"Who is it?" Gayathri, somehow was angrier than Priyanka had anticipated. 

"Shekhar-" Slap! Priyanka was shocked to say the least. She simply stared at her mother cursing the moment she had decided to seek her advice. 

"All my life, I have strived for my daughter to be a successful independent girl and when she gets the opportunity... She does what? She sleeps with an Iron smith's son! So you're trying to prove my father right?! Huh? Girl's aren't good for anything else. He had me married just so the Rathore's could consolidate... My husband... Dependent loser... Haven't you learnt ANYTHING?"

Priyanka's puffy eyes glared at her. She was surprised to learn about Shekhar's father's profession, but now wasn't the time. She said just one word, "Hypocrite."

Gayathri slapped her again. "I did this so you wouldn't have to... You can leave my house you classless little w-"

Priyanka indignantly got up to leave. "I didn't know w****s had class.."


"So, all set for graduation?" Viraj asked Nisha at lunch. 

"Hmm." A dejected Nisha replied. 

"Miss Nisha... It's just one championship. Big deal!" Viraj told her.

"Easy for you to say. You don't face the threat of being married off anytime, of having to discard your dream like it was just... Time pass... I'm sure you don't even know what it feels like to lose." Immediately, Nisha regretted her outburst. "Sorry." She stifled a sob.

"You don't want to know about my losses..." Viraj started, Nisha looked up piqued, but he immediately changed track. "Come with me to the World championship this year."

Nisha looked up in surprise. "No." This is important! It IS a big deal!

"Miss Nisha I understand that you're feeling terrible. I meant that it gives you exposure, watching good shooters... You can learn so much... " Viraj tried to explain. Nisha lowered her eyes again. "I won't get permission. I'll watch on TV." 

Nisha's graduation was on the same day as Viraj's first round. Just as she returned happily and was about to change to the sports channel for updates she saw a newsflash. 
"Indian ace shooter in accident, still assessing injuries say doctors.

Nisha froze. " He'll be fine, right?" She turned to Lakshmi for assurance. Lakshmi held her all night.

Viraj felt light even as he was lifted out of his car. Numbly, he walked with someone's support. How long, he didn't know. Soon, he could smell disinfectants and antiseptics... "Ma!" He prayed before passing out. 

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