Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan


Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan
Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan

I hate MaNan AT ppl ...Err

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Tanhaai, tanhaai
Dil ke raaste mein kaisi thokar maine khaayi
Toote khwaab saare, ek maayusi hai chhaayi
Har khushi so gayi, zindagi kho gayi
Tumko jo pyaar kiya
Maine to saza mein paayi tanhaai..
Tanhaai, milon hai phaili hui tanhaai
Tanhaai, tanhaai
Milon hai phaili hui tanhaai

Yeah you all did fab job with the ATtClap
And you all even gave me an awardBig smile

Let me go cry nicely and come back...Cry

Okay m back..You all must be thinking..WHy so much of Drama...But I am a DQ..And I am bored at home...
So back to the topic

How could you do that?How??
What did I do to you all to get so much of ignorance in return...


P.S. I love Medha, Bolts and Genie coz only they showed their love to me...

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I am so terribly hurt that I am going to go on the terrace in my wheel chair and jump from there with my broken leg
But well let me first cirticise how ridiculous were the celebrtions..Big smile
I hated that description about how our AT came to existence...I completely hated it..ClapClapClap
That claps is for writing so nicely...

The Beauty and Besst story...
HAaeee..Well it was not that badDay Dreaming

101 reason to love MaNan..My footSleepy...
I agree with 100 reason except 1 that MaNan AT is a family...Family does not forget it's members

That PaNi interview...
YEah..Well...Err..Ummm...It was funnyROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
I got an awardLOLLOLLOL

Rubs your Vm isHeart err...sorry it had to beBroken Heart
You used thousand yearsDay Dreaming

Oh I had to be angry...
SO back to hating all of you...Here is my hatred to each one of you in detail...

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1.       Jaggs

So I went back to my first time I came on the AT and to my surprise it was you. Yes you were the first one to talk to me. You did Darshan to me. Full on Nepali heart you have

Jaggs-my female crush.


That's all I can say about you. From having sexy figure to a loving husband. You have it all. At times I do feel bad for you when your boss gives you loads of work but then it's okay because he gives you enough breaks as well.

We have so much in common from sharing the same name to loving Monroe and Parle G.

I enjoy being around you as I can blurt out anything in my heart and you don't mind it at all. Yeh you're sweet.

I love your pheels wale lines and one liner. Your live tweeting is a life savior as I am not allowed to watch MTV.*See Kaise yeh yaariyan ppl I take so much pain to watch and when you give me bad episodes..*

Oh sorry...Back to you...

I love your husband. I just love him and I will never forgive you for sending me your husbands pic with you tagged along. How mean are you??

Err...Can we just talk about your husband and his sweet nature?

I mean like he cooks for you, he plays music, he loves you and he watches KYY with you and to top it all he takes you to have ice cream just because your mood is off as the episode was bad. How cute is he??I LOVE HIM BAS...And please tell that to him.

I love you being a DQ coz even I am one. You are a mean umm...err yeah sweet lady. And you are a lawyer. Full on tashan you have...All in all you are a LADY

Just ending my rant to you.

I looou your husband and yeah you too...So are happy...


Now don't start off with your jhoote khushi ke aasoo...Kay...For the DQ you are


2.       Genie

Genu...My investment banker...Woman youu have brains...A lot of brains

I love how you are so optimistic. So optimistic, sometimes I wonder how you're not a Sagittarian. Like your optimistic pheels are overflowing...Like my Pani Pheels

What is there to not like about you? You are the only person in MaNan AT who is sweet apart from Vaishu. You stay in London, you have visited Greece. You have beautiful eyes. Your eyes man...

And you earn so much...Now don't lie ...I know investment bankers earn a lot...I have watched Student of the Year...Remember Sid be my lou...How he comes at the end with Alia in a biiig car...And he was an Investment banker okay...SO YOU EARN A LOT BAS

I don't remember how we interacted first but I remember me being a DQ as always posting that you were ignoring me and you posted an individual hug for me. Something which you don't do so often nowadays. I know joo don't love me anymore...But its kay...Coz you be aladian ka chirag for me...You give me HOPES...Now you understand how much important youare for me...

You give Pani to me sinking HOPES about the epi...If I don't like the epi, I start loving it by the end of the night because I read your log long essay. Trust me I love them. I can never ever write like you.

I always have one complaint from you though that you did not take me in your harem.

But you are too cute. And I always thought that you are married. Don't know you always gave me that vibes. Now don't ask me why?

Genie Maa

I love joo...Dil se...Humesha


3.       Shelly

You understand me like nobody does. And shit dude we share the same name ...My parents should have kept me name something else...SO common

However I love this new username you have on IF...Lilith...If you have kept the name after the mythhological Hebrew figure then a big hugs to you...I love it

Okay back to you...You keep my Man Shad pheels alive...I love them and was the happiest when Abishek came back...I had so hated it when his track was ended pathetically just because it had to...

Again bhatak gayi...Now completely to you

Sometimes I wonder how you are a Bengali. Coz you are not the sweetest person I have ever met. Initially I was scared talking to you. I had always loved like a maniac outside my exam hall reading you're fabulous after episodes post but I was scared. Literally scared. But now I realize joo be a kameeni like me only.

You are damn sexy and I love it that you have a dog. And to top it all, your dog's name is PRONGS...

James and Sirius...Hayee...You give me so many pheels all at once...

I know you must be mad at me for not commenting on your work but then

Zindagi ne kiya haseen sitam...Nahi it was not haseen

Bohut buri tarike se phasi hu...

Impatiently wait for my comment...I will pakka unres the next time you update the FF...

Coz I love your writing and I love you also...You may not believe me but yea I do...


4.       Geet

Geeet...My first reaction to your name was Kareena Kapoor's name on Jab We MET

Then I came to know your name was Geetakshi...I was like WOW...That's a really nice name...I even  googled to find what your name meant but I could not...SO please tell me hwhat your name means?

I am not a poem person. But you write that pretty well. Not well it's amazing. Also I need to confess it intrigues me because I don't understand the hidden meaning of your poems...And your a feminist (I did not know; I just read it on the AT)

SO one day you will need to explain me about this because I have heard so much on this topic that now I am confused whether I should be one or not.

If that is you on your twitter DP then you are cute too...In fact you look cute with that fringes on you.

I will never understand what things led to another between you and Vaishu on the phone...All I can understand is PHONE SAAAXXX...

Although we have not been able to talk so much you seem to be a nice girl who likes Man Shad as well...So I like you indirectly...

Please take this letter as a hint that I want to talk to you more.


5.       Aditi

I am taking the most pain to wrtie your letter because I know bad english makes you angry.I hope it is up to your name flameofrose because I don't want to face your hatred.

Sruprisingly we first interacted on fb about the Delhi gang rape video.And we both were staying away from the AT for similar reason.We did not want to spoil the AT environmetn as the rapist had irked us so much.Also we both were facing wrath of exams.

ONe of the things I love about you is the way you italicise all your post.OKy I know it's not something to love but well I do so stop laughing.

You don't know but I have stalked your fb account pretty well.I love stalking you.No no..I have no bad intentions .

The specs look really good on you. And you look too good in a sari. Like really good

I fan girl over your writing. You write so well. Sometimes I wish if I could write even 1% like you...You are awesome when it comes to writing.

I still don't understand your username though, so someday please take your time out to explain me that.

Also we have a long impending conversation about the ass rapist. Someday very soon okay coz now I need to concentrate back on studying .Lucky me the boards got postponed. Otherwise imagine me going to give exams on a wheel chair...Shoo...

I so want to talk to you more. You are one girl I want to know more. Like your interests are somewhat similar to me.




6.  Nashi

Kameeni...I HATE YOU SO MUCH...

Just this morning you have pissed me so much...I am not writing any love notes for you coz you were complainng and ranting to me all night long how nobody wrote a hate note for you.SO openly I write to you my hate note.


You are a traitor. One moment you are saying you love me on fb and then I come to twitter where I find you tweeting Bushy I LOVE JOO...

Like seriously tera I love you is bohut zyada saasta...Kisi ko bhi bol deti hai..

And you are one amazing person I have met.Like you get your PaNi feels in anything...seriously anything...

You are making Dosas and when you come back you are talking about PaNi to me. I so knew it that you would do that but.

I have even made one song for you.

Tu PaNi PaNi karti hai, tu PaNi pe kyun marti hai

EK baat mujhe batla de tu usss rab se kyun nai darti hai


I still did not understand your bharros theory.

Your Hindi sucks. You should go and learn Hindi warna tu mera naam dooba degi.

I hate you so much. You called me mean, kameeni and what not.

You even accused me of blackmailing and showed our conversation to Bushy.

I hate joo.Bas.

I have many doubts in my mind about you. Like at 1 in the night you are thinking about me just before you go to sleep. My ijjat is in grave danger.


Now be happy. I hate you.

And you see Nandini will come running and hug him...You wanna bet on my hope??

P.S. Your anglais sucks like your Hindi


Punches you on your face.


7.   Rubs

My amazing VM maker with an amazing sense of humor. I have so many reasons to love you.

Like the most important one being that you supported me when the whole twitter was against me saying that PP's chaddis were red. Only you stood by me saying it's orange.

And then you love Bengali sweets like me.

Also you were the one to christen me and name me Loqi...*jis naam se I am famous*

You are my dude. But you are not at all sweet. Like you keep on posting food pictures when I am hungry. How mean can you be?

I hate it when you call your Vms bad.I seriously feels like banging your head on the wall coz that you can get some brains and you realize how awesome you are.

Your Vms be like PaNi to me as you know I am always facing drought coz of one reasons or another when it comes to MaNan.

I thought that you are a funny girl but indeed you are so sweet and innocent. You are really strong. And I am proud to have you as my friend. Trust me I am.

Your brain is something I wish to steal. Like you can talk about anything at anytime's our mom was right about you...You are chalta firta ABP news.

You will be cracking jokes but then you will also be listening patiently to my DQ talks. How good are you??

I know you are tensed about your exams but I know you have done pretty well. You will nail it.

And I love joo vary vary much.

Keep being my du-de.And stop changing your name so mcuh.Let me count for names.

Neaty Somethaan..Neaty Pretty..Mrinathedreamer...Mrinialini..RubyDooby..Rubs..RU..Mrina Afra...

Bas Kar..Rehem Kar de mujhepe..I am very bad at remembering names..


How is mum by the way?

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1.       Rida

Rida Hashmite.The first time I saw your name I was like Imran Hashmite...Rida Hashmite.

I never knew that your name was maybe someday until I saw Doc writing you name. And I realized you are the same person.

I love your Manikology. Like seriously you have explored Manik like nobody. Itna analysis toh khud Richa ne nahi ki hogi jitna tu karti hai...

Kaha Kha se points lakke jodti hai..But it is love reading your posts especially about Manik.

Your theory on blue balls...OMG...I wish makers complete it soon otherwiese tu Kisi KO araam se jeene nahi degi...

You did a brilliant job with the 100th AT...And I am sorry I could not help you BUT that does not mean I forgive you for not remembering me.

No...I don't.

You know how much I respect you. But you give me this. How...How could you??


And did I hear that you did some slave driving??Elaborate please.


Go now study .You have boards. Your exams have not been postponed unlike me.

I tried hating you but couldn't. But I will hate you if you don't show me yourself. Please reveal yourself to me. Ek DM bhej dena twitter pe.

And also please stop eating burgers at night. I am on the bed and you are munching burger...

Joo be soo Kamini...


2.       Adhi

Adhi...I still say that your first username was better. I even don't know how to pronounce this username.


Forget it.

You also did not remember me?

Okay...Fine...No I am okay.I am not crying

You are one HATKE woman I have met all my life. Just looking at your photo it seems you are so much fun to be around.

And one question in my mind always...

How can a cat and a dog stay in one house??How do you do that??

Hats off to you for that...

I hate you for being an amazing cook. An independent woman. Having so many clothes in your wardrobe and well shoes too.

And well you have an amazing man as well in your life.

I hate you so much but I love your dog. I just love him.

I loved you fan girling that happens very rearely.But well I do...And I beg you to do it more often.

And I also hate you for being so funny that at times my mother doubts me of having an online affair because I am grinning like an idiot reading your posts on the AT.

So yeah I HATE YOU

Please give me some hatred back too.


3.       DOc

Doc I can't hate you. Because you are really sweet. And you are the mother of such a cute kid.

I loved it when you described all pheels in our medical terms and made me go all blank, Err actually I did not love it...I was still recollecting what just happened.

The first time you sent me your picture I was like she really looks like a doctor...And that smile on your face...but yeah I did notice the dark circles below your eyes and felt bad for you..You work so hard...That day I started respecting doctor more coz I realised that you love your patients so mcuh...

I hate hospital smell and you know that...But I can't hate this sexy doctor I have known coz you be the sexpot.

I also can't thank you enough for helping me out in figuring out my cousin's medical problem. She is getting better now.

That why I tell you how sweet you are...Also I love you coz you be a Sagittarian. That's where we bond.

I love the twitter DP you have nowadays. It makes me hungry. You make such perfect Dosas.

Actually you are one super woman.

You are a perfect mom, a loving wife, a caring mentor; a responsible doctor and saying all that you is indeed a fun person to be around. Although I never understood what's between you, Genie and Boxy.

And your handwriting. Everyone finds your handwriting rough but I love it because I have the similar writing.

Someday I wish to be in your garden because the pictures you post fascinates me. And please WRITE MORE...

I love reading your works.

I love joo...

Well for a change give a hug to your man from my side to. And big kiss to your son.

4.       Bushra

The sanely insane or the insanely sane person you are...the so called Babuji ki sanskarri beti...I know you hate me from the bottom of your heart...And trust me the feeling is mutual bro

I love your neighbor coz she be wearing the same specs like my Dadima...And her hair man...*sigh*

She is epitome of cuteness. Unlike you who is full of attitude and who calls me selfish, mean and KANJOOS...

Yeh Duniya..yeh mehfil mere kaam ki nahi..mere kaam ki nahi..

Bushy called me kanjoos..

Oh well...It's my turn to be angry.So yeah where was I...


Get that straight in your head. You are vary vary meen girl kay.You be so mean to me. I cry every time after talking to you. See that much mean you are.

Had you been Sanskaari you would spread love but here toh you hate Mika's Singh Pyaar do..Pyaar Lo..

No No..You are Amaaji ki Vidhwanashakari beti..

And let me show some more louu to you by ending my rant with this

Kio bhi situation , to make it awesome...Bas bajna chaiye Ganna..Gaana Ganna Ganna...




5.       Zee

Baal silky silky..Gaal milky milky...Zee you be chalta firta Vanila ice cream...

Okay sorry...The dialogue was copied...

Zee...I had not...Definitely not ecpeted you to forget me.But well you did.

I always always shipped you and Jaggs. If Bolts, Aditi and Rida were MPS; I was SPS (Soul mate Protection Squad)

One Man err Woman Army I was for you and Jaggs...I protected your Jodi Humesha...And alwys shipped you both...And you forgot me...

I stopped calling you Zainu because only Jaggs had the right to do so. I sacrificed my louu for you coz you were happy with Jaggs and you did this.

Dost dost na raha...Pyaar pyaar Na raha..Zindaggi humein tera aitbaar naraha...

Hayee...*Let me go drink like Devdass*

I was your PR manager for your blog. I gave you tarrif jhootha hi sahi but Dil se...That also needs talent kay..

I spent one whole day before exam reading your blog because I could just not get over your writing.

You know how much I adored you woman.

You be an independent girl.You be a lawyer. Then your writing sand fangirling. Then I saw you. I started adoring you more. Your eyes, your smile, your thinking, your helpful nature...

And then this...

I am hurt...I loved you like a genuine friend and you forgot me...Me...

*Goes to the corner, drinks like Devdas and sleeps while searching for Chandarmukhi*



6.       Medha

Medha...No I am not angry from you...You are a bae. And you even mentioned me. So I toh love you...

When Shelly proves the fact that Bengali's are not sweet I meet you. Yaah you're definitely not the sweetest but yes you are sweet. At least to me you are.

I love it how you see me liking others tweet and then you tweet me if I am fine and how am I...

See that's why I called you a bae...

Hmm...Although you are sweet to me but I've seen you bashing people and trust me I get legit scared. But I like it. You seem like a RIGHT person.

JO bhi hai...correct hai tu...Tuu sahi bandi hai..

And we bond over one more things. Nobody understands my love for pizzas like you do.

However I will never understand your love for Game of thrones. And are you the one who loves FSOG...

No offence...BUt FSOG...Err...Well...err...It's not...err...It's a good love stroy.

But why am I scared? It's supposed to be my Hate post...

SO yea

I don't like FSOG.

Ukhhad Lo.



 I know you will rock your universities exams.

Please talk to me more.


7.       Bolts

Bolts...Like Fire bolt...The best broom in the world...The brroom Harry has...

And well you mentioned me so


You are so sweet Shriya...And this was sachha wala taarif..Anyways how do you pronounce your name-Shreeya, Shreya, Sriya????

You are so cute...You be a veggie

And your hair ...SO long that you sit on it...WOWOW...

We allso think but I don't understand you loving south Indian cinema. I JUST DONT.

And you also have the same Hindi like mine...YEa we are better than Nashi but yes we both studied in CBSE schools and still suck at Hindi...Like WOW...Much WOWOW...

I also don't understand your pheels. Like one day you be epi bahut achha thha...and the next day you are like ajj epi dekhu ki nai..

Pheels hai ya PaNi ka lota...Palat palat ke dimag kharab karti hai..(THIS DID NOT MAKE Sense)

Do whatever you want...But just jane se pehle just give me tips for making my hair as long as yours...Miss IT engineer (Like technical main kaise dimag chalta hai...Hats off to you girl)


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1.       Khya

Initially I thought of hating you too...BUt after stalking the AT I realised you were in similar boat like me while the AT celebrations happened.Just that you were enjoying and I was not...

Khya I am terribly sorry for not knowing your real names...me thoght your name was Sonali...

Not my mistake nobody keeps their username as So_naly

You are one amazing Namuna I have met. Like you need to go to the university in the morning and here you are at around 3 listening to me ranting on twitter...I am toh always  ranting but salute to your patience for staying up with me from 11 to 3 ..That too listening to everything I was saying...#RESPECT


You be a sweet soul but yea even I am sweet to you.SO it''s hisaab barabar.

And I love joo..Bas..

I am in short of words to do your taarif..IDK why..


2.       Anu


thats usually what I say when I am annoyed.But I am never annoyed by you.

Your pheels give me all sort of pheels...Trust me ALL SORTS OF PHEELS when I say dat...

From your GIFS to your siggy all give me pheels..

Don't know if its your name or something else..I have always imagined you as a very pretty woman.Now I just imagine okay nothing more...SO don't hope high..I have no galat intentions on you..

I don't remember our first interaction but all I can remember everytime your name pops up is "THE STRRUGLE IS REAL"

And after the kiss it does seem very very real..

Why you be gayab from the AT nowadays??Is it because I was not there and you missed me so much ..Well if thats the case come back and give all sorts of pheels coz


I also love you because you and I share same taste of songs...

Jaise mera main...Waise mera tu..Jaise mera main...Waise mera tu..

Dude I just sang tht song for you...


By the way do you hate Jeeni Jeeni ?

Give me some love back coz you be the lucky one to get my love in this hate theread...

And send me your foto plis...

NO No..I wont chipkaoing it on my heart with fevicol..So be free




3.       Sara

You be Zee ka asli sister.THAT WAS THE BIGGEST SHOCK I EVER GOTI was like Zee stop trolling me.

Shreya: Zee, Sara is your sister??

Zee: Yes.

Shreya: Cousin

Zee: Same mother..Same father

Shreya: Really

Zee: Yes

Shreya: Stop trolling me okay

Zee: LEL

Shreya: DAFAQ

This was how you were introduced to me.And it wasn't a pleasant sruprise.It was a shocking one.And you are cute but that doesnot mean I forgive you for forgetting me.

You and your behen did this to me.But But I stalked Zee ka fb account and saw you.


How are muslims so so pretty?Alswyas in my head since childhood?

 we have not talked more.We need to as your sister ditched me.It's not that I am complaining about her to you.But  yeah she did and I am complaiining.

ONe more qusestion:DId you serisouly watch Pavitrya Rishta?

PLease show me some love next time.This time you are forgiven as you see I want to talk to you more.



4.       Sarika

TFQ.Theferiequeen...Soomeone call you Saru also ...My migraine partner..

I still am confused if you are married or not?

Actually I am legit confused about you..

You are very optimistic after genie but jo galti u did no maafi...

Tumne bhi wahi kiya jo dusron ne mere saath kiya..

After geeting betrayed by you too...My halat became like

Tadap tadap ke iss dil se aag nikalti rahi...Mujhko saza di pyaar ki..JO lut gaye ...HAa lut gaye hum teri mohabat main..

YEs...I loved you..You were my fav person on AT after Genie...

And you did this..

Kya se Kya hogaya...

 you be so meeen to me...Go


OK ..Thanks ..GOod BYE



5.       Boxy

What you, genie and DOc have I never knew..ANd will never know...

At a point I feel I have understood it all and then again one of you posts something and I am there like an idiot.

I love reading your pheels...I love admiring you...DO you know I be your fan...


Yoou slay me all the time with your wirintg.

PLease stop ignoring me like PP does wiht his phaans and talk to me...You don't know how much your one jhalak means to me..

You be forgiven only becoz you be a star and you don't know about this phaan of your.
But now that you know..Stop ignoring me and TALK TO ME

Otherwise I will abandon yoou like I abandoned PP..

You get that..

I love joo also..


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1.       Chetu

You be another PaNi shipper apart from Nashi...SO here's a song for you as well...


Mujhse hi aaj mujhko mila de

Dekhoon aadaton mein, PaNi hai ki nahi

Har saans se pooch ke bataa de

Inke faaslon mein, PaNi hai ki nahi

Main aas-paas tere aur mere paas..

PaNi haiki nahi

PaNi hai ki nahi


See that is how you be ...You will be most happy if PaNi is actully there...SO happy that you will throw a Party itself..

Oh wait you will trend it on twitter.

I just read your siggy.Trendsetter.WHoever gave that name to you deserves a clap...

You be trending like a boss on twitter..NOw should I go trend on twitter..


WHat?What did you just do diva82?

*WOW that rhymes*

You be an intelligent brain toh where did you intelligence go when everyone was enjjoiyng the AT cleebrations whithout me? MAtlab me...

DId you just see my title..I fangirl over each and everyone ont he AT...I be the sweetest memeber on the AT...

Like you be studying SCEINCE...YOu talk to doc in that medical code language of yours...

And you no remeber me..

And yes I have one more reaosn to be angry with you..You did not add me in the PaNi pheels discussion on twitter..

How could you?

How did you?



2.       Noorie

My sister from another mister...

Kamini you did that to me...You ..The one who posted a BIG wala picture for me on my birthday when you did not even know me...

And now when you knew me so well ...

I loved your Vms...Seriously I still do..

Your sexiness.Hayee your collar bone...I am sane kay..No bure khayalat on you..

I loved that Abhimanyu of your for you...I accepted his chessiness coz you also were cheesy with me..Still I beared it all just for YOU...

You being a DQ with me was also accepted..But this...Seriously Noorie...

Tujhe mera ittu sa bbhi yaad nahi aaya...


I go cry now...Like no body missed me..

I always loved your tharkiness...I never minded your DQness...

And your man loves you so much kay...Sheee...Even you have a Manik..

Baat hi nai kari..You broke my heart into pieces...

I thout I will love you for a thousand year...I love you for a thousand long years..

But you did this to me

Now my heart is paining...It's only painign...

Joo be such a big meanie to me..I thought you were my life ka genie...You were so similar to meand you did this hasin stiam on me..



3.       Debo

SOULMATES...Coz you told me that true love needs no show off..




4.       Sammu

Mullick Samsad-Pehle iska matlab samjha de mujhe...

And what is your real name you POSER??

You be so big kameeni to me...I asked you your photo 6 months pehle and  you give it to me kal parso..Tere anteena dheela hai kya...Bohut low signals deta hai...

And such nice picture of your you send me...NO

I want to hate you forvers coz you nazar lagoing on my love in my absense..And my love was about to leave for you...NO


SO pliese keep on doing thing that make me hate you..

DOn't send me such good pictures of yours...And please don't care for me like a big sister...

I will love joo then

5.       Suha


Seriously I thout you are indded a 44 year old until Debo sent me your picture ...Even then I was like are you sure this is SUha..

ALthough you don't sound like a Bachhi at all but yea you do act like one at times...And you are really very CUTE...

I love the hatesotry of yours with Jaggs..

But I no like it when you ignore me araam se...

You are mslaller then me and you bullied me on my first day on teitter...YOu went on like impress me then I will follow you..And it took me so long to impress you that you follow me just a day before...

Aisa kya kardiya maine??

I love joo so much that I even wrote an OS for you to keep your ManShad pheels alive..And joo are so mean you did not even UNRES...


You be a big big bully...

But yes you write really well...SOmething I can't...And  you have a good sense of humor..Yes you do..

Stop being such a menie to me...I love joo like my lil sista kay..

6.       Zoha

My sautan...Like I share my lou Sid to you..What more do you expect from me??

YOu be my soul sister...From loving SId to shipping Stephan and Katherine..I do it all..

You a saggitairan...I a saggiatarian..

 you IGNORE me so much..Even on twitter...

But you seem to be busy with semesters...And as you be my soul sister I fogiv you..

I love joo like I hate joo

7.       Vaishu

Vaishnavi...So qwet you are.And you be bad to me..

You phorgot me ...I read all your articles...I do so much taarif of your brilliant writng...I sometimes disaggreee with you so so politely...I even fight with you so politely...

I wish you on your budday even though I having no net acess...

I hate blue but I love it when you wear it...

ANd you also did this on me...

Vaishu..aap toh aise na thee..

Your boss me such a menie to you by making you read all spoilers and killing your pheels but still i Loved joo...

You give live tweet in the AT if I cant watch epi...

And now you did this with me...


Yeh hone se phele why did God not take me away??


WHy Vaishu ??

Bohut zyada ho gaya na...OKay THanks BYE


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-Loq- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 April 2012
Posts: 3228

Posted: 05 May 2015 at 8:37am | IP Logged


Special mentions



As Shriya thinks that you made nospecial appearance on the AT...So no much of wrath of mine...I love joo kay...You be studying a dentist...Even my Didz is a dentist...My favourite person on the world...SO indierectly I love joo more...ANd if we talk more...you could be my favourite person...If you don't want to be then okay...

P.S.I love your name Alankrtia...Why you change it to HAkuna Matata...I love lion king..But Alanakrita is a better name..




Apsara Aaali...You be my Swarnali...

HEHe..She thinks I am beautifull..JOKE OF THE YEAR..

Well she also called me cute, intelligent and what else..

Uff itni kardiya that I myself don't remember...

BUt she be cute ..Like COochi Coochi..Cooo...

Bohut gande pheels I get ...Bohut zyaada...

SO if you don't want to face my wrath talk to me...AND joo NEVER IGNORE ME




Like you always think bad of me..

ALWays...You call me flirt and you bhadkaoing my love against me...

SHe is about to divorce me...

Then you ship Nanidni with some Novel of yours...You change your name so much...

I no like you at all...


Bas..Kehdiya na..Kehdiya..




Wish...Please please tell me your ral name.





Very very special mentions

Rafz, Dee, Neei, Maisu and Medha(RUbs Bro) PLease please talk to me more.

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Cat. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 8:49am | IP Logged
I had a part 3 of dedications coming up which I never wrote coz I got lazyConfusedOuch

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