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Kabir kumar to Kabir Rathore pt-2 (ss)updtd pg2

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Posted: 04 May 2015 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
Before Viraj recovered... After Kabir had donated part of his bone marrow, he was recovering in the recovery room. Kabir looked around and found himself to be alone. Suddenly his thoughts went to his past... His life in Dubai. His life in general... Lonely life... His trials and tribulations... His girl friend who he loved so dearly that it took him so much time to recover. Infact he had still not recovered until he had met Nisha. In trying to help her, his heart had also mended. That was a revelation that he was not really scared of commitment. Infact, he was looking forward to have a normal life. Normal family. He still wanted to know from Viraj about the boy in the picture and how Viraj had his picture...
Doctor came and the nformed Kabir about the success of operation and that Kabir can go home but need to rest. Kabir was supposed to wait until the visiting time could come to see nisha. He decided to take a stroll down the corridor. May be peek in and check on Viraj.
Kabir was strolling down the hospital corridor when a girl came and hugged her tightly. "So good to see you. I want to apologize to you. Hope you are doing well." Before he could register anything he saw nisha walking down the corridor. Nisha froze to see a girl hugging Kabir. At first , she was curious then the jealousy swept over her as she saw that the girl was absolutely a stunning beauty. Extremely feminine. Almost a complete opposite of her. She in her t wards Kabir and girl hugging him. She could hear the girl apologizing profusely to Kabir. What bothered her the most was that Kabir was not trying to break away from the girl.
Kabir saw nisha and suddenly saw himself being hugged, he pushed the girl away a little. He smiled at nisha. Kbir said to the girl that it was good to see her after that little my. He introduced nisha as his wife. The girls jaw dropped open but then she smiled and said," OMG! You got married?? & here I was feeling all guilty. I'm glad that you moved on. See I got married right after we separated but I always had that guilt when I found out that you were beaten up so badly by my husband. I apologize on his b half. "
Kabir introduced the girl as Monica. His ex girl friend. The one he had talked about. Monica looked at nisha from head to toe and commented that ,,Nisha doesn't look like Kabir type of girl. She told nisha that they had been together for 5 years before they separated. then she said something which made Nisha squirm so uncomfortably that she wanted to run. Monica looked at Kabir and asked her very seductively, "is your wife as good as I was in bed?" Kabir turned beet red. Nisha completely embarrassed. Kabir could s new that in nisha also without looking at her. He tried to change topics when an extremely handsome man came and looped his hand around Monica. Monica kissed him seductively. And introduced him as her husband. Kbir looked like he knew him as he looked at him with caution. That guy definitely looked very rich from his attire and he also apologized to Kabir for his behaviour a few years ago. They asked to take the leave not before Monica came to hug Nisha. As she was doing that, she told nisha in her ear, " the only thing that about Kabir is that he kisses like dream!" Nisha froze and turned best root red. Monica looked at her and knew instinctively what sh felt. She said, "I don't believe it. You guys have not missed yet?? Or rather he has not kissed you his way yet?? Are you guys really married? Because he is not the type who will hold back. Man he is a dream when he is in form." Nisha was getting roasted with jealousy that Monica was knew Kabir so. Intimately yet she being his wife had no idea.
Monica and her husband left. But her word kept ringing in Nisha's ears. Doctor came and gave Kabir his discharge paperwork. They left the hospital to go home. In the car, both were silent. Nisha still could hear mon a saying, " he kisses like A dream".. Kabir thinking about the pain he went a few years ago but amazed that the pain didnot by ther him now. Infact when Monica hugged him, he felt nothing. Just as casual as meeting someone. Nothing else. He was healed. Great. He turned to see nisha sitting very tense and quite. He joked, "did you get j from my girlfriend and chuckled." He got only silence in answer. He knew thousand emotions and questions were going in Nisha's mind. They arrived home quietly. Kabir collapsed on the b d but nisha sat gingerly next to him.
Nisha said, "so you guys were that close??""
K: yes but so what it was in the past. Like. Fool I thought that it was as meant to last. I gave it my everthing. But it didn't work out. She still walked out on me for someone with more money and better family background.
N: no I mean that you were so close physically??
K: I smell something burning( he was chuckling and trying to lighten the mood)
N: so I am not like your type??
K: so what. Don'tay attention to what she said.
N: no I'm serious. I'm not your kind. We are not close. She knows so much about you then I ... She trailed off as she could not gather herself to say what Monica had said about Kabir being a great kisser.
K: you had been relationship before too. You must be close to him to and he would know so much more that I do t know. I bet you must have been close too. Don't tell me that you have experienced even a kiss before. He looked at her and got his answer. She had not been
N: we were never close like that. It was one sided mainly.
K: it is too warm today I have not taken shower in2 days Im going to take a shower and he left to toto the bathroom.
Leaving nisha to ponder upon the events for today. She looked at the mirror, saw her reflection. Suddenly saw Kabir's reflectionged heself being kissed by him"like a dream". She felt so little and disappointed when she opened her eyes and found herself longing to experience that.
Kabir came out and I as curious to see nisha watching herself in mirror. He knew her self confidence had take a toll. He came from behind and gently assure her that he likes her just the way she was. But somehow she was as not convinced. She decided to take a shower also. Kabir saw the lip marks on the mirror. He knew exactly what was going on in Nisha's mind. Something burnt inside him. He turn d around grabbed nisha and kissed her. Like a dream. Fire lit inside both of them. He could feel nisha going weak on her knees. What made him amazed was that he was the first one to kiss her and that sh had been completely untouched before. He knew he had stop b fore this goes put of hand. So she pulled away, ordered nisha to go and take shower while he went to drink cold water.
Kabir stayed I kitchen for a hole trying to calm himself down. He needed to focus. Not loose himself. Not to do anything which he would regret later.
Nisha on the other hand, could feel her whole body to be able on fire. She need a cold shower while ch she took. But still was trembling. "So this is what 'being kissed like a dream' feels like." She absent mindedly had forgotten to bring the night clothes In the bathroom. So peeked out of the bathroom and saw the room to be empty. She wrpp d herself in her big bath towel and hurried to retirve her clothes from the coset. when she swung around to her horror she found Kabir staring at her. She froze.
Kabir had just called himself down and walked back to his room only to find a sight he not imagined yet. Nisha wrapped up in towel with wet hair dripping water on her tender shoulders. Her tender frame looking al the more vulnerable and enticing. He found himself drawn involuntarily. As she turn d around, her hair splayed against his face. All he could do was to grab nisha, pull her close and kiss her. Evoking all sensations in both of them that they had wanted to avoid.
That night they had sealed their relationship.
In the morning when Kabir woke up and found nisha sleep on her shoulder. Events for the night played infront of his eyes.. He was surprisingly ready for it. He was actually looking forward for this commitment. He was surprised at himself. He knew he could find a way to fulfill his dream and his responsibilty toward his relationship to nisha as long as nisha is by his side. He was not afraid to say it to himself that he was inlove with Nisha. Like had ne never been before. He had not felt this deep a feeling and contentment with anyone. Time spent with Monica felt so shaoollow and meaningless. He just hugged nisha tighter and laid enjoyng the feeling. The contentment.

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zaara610 IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved it..please continue soon
Echo.of.Hope IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Mind blowing.
The kiss...KB trying to calm himself down (which was useless once he saw nishu in the towel. Lol)... The while thing.
N the Monica part was awesome.
 Update soon.
You can update by posting here itself. U don't need to start a new topic.

_._shibani_._ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
AwesomeSmile... continue soon...
shinelove Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Nice...continue soon
Bhabhafan Groupbie

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
Thanks all. Next update.
My favorite quote on commitment phobic guys
"Great at friendship bad at intimacy". A quote from the movie Jerry McGuire.
Kabir is turning out to be one such guy. He is great as long as he is at a distance. (Personal space wise ESP heart's personal space).
HIS need and at the same time trying to expose his own vulnerability by letting that person enter his personal space, makes him uncomfortable. Today's episode where he realizes his attraction towards Nisha yet trying to laugh it away under the garb of making fun of the cousins. Good one. Good cover up. As soon as he was suggested to give up his dream no one was asking him to give it up just change the course alittle and instead of dropping everything and turn away to take everyone along but he could just not imagine anyone in his personal space. His dream. His companion in his dream.

Reminds me of TOm Cruise in JErry Mcguire!!!!!!!!!
The caption of this topic is actually a pick from that movie!!!!!

BUt have to say, many guys face this problem. What say guys??? ANd it is not until the girl makes the move to ease them of their fear, guys remain frozen or act like chicken with their heads cut off!!!!!!


Updated pg2

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Sorry!! Mixed up the SS with the my take on today 's episode.
Anyways coming back to next part of SS...
Kabir felt that he was just ready for the commitment. To settle down. With Nisha. He felt so at home with her around. Something he had longed for his entire life. He looked down at nisha sleeping in his arms and felt happy. Just then Nisha stirred. Dreamy eyes she tried to open her eyes. Kabir kissed her forehead and wished her good morning. Nisha longed that if time could just freeze now. Suddenly, her mind started playing all the events from the recent past. Her love for Kabir. His resolve to leave. Viraj in hospital and Kabir donating to save him. Monica. Her reaction... Wait jealousy. Out of which she had lost control over right from wrong and allowed herself to be carried away. Especially when Kabir touched her, kissed her (like a dream... Sure it was). Their sealing their relationship. Suddenly she realized that in all of this, Kabir had never confessed that he loved her. What if he didn't? Has he made clear enough that he wants to leave. Who leaves their beloved ones behind. May be he was acting out of instinct when they got so close.
She almost regreted getting close and loosing herself.
She darted up and left the bed... And Kabir all flabbergasted.
K: what happened??
N: nothing just ...just... I need to go.
K: go where?
N: (thinking... Anywhere but away from you) hospital.
K: I will come too. Have to ask see how is Viraj doing.
N: ok the. You go I will stay home.
K: what's your problem?? Why are you so cross?
N: I... I think what happened between us was not right.
Now it was Kabir's turn to freeze. Wait Nisha is regreting there closeness?? He thought, she loved him. Didn't she want to take the relationship to the next level? He was sure she did. But why this regret?
He tried hold Nisha's hand but she escaped and went out of the room. Locked herself in the bathroom and cried.
For the longest time she was in the bathroom. Kabir was getting worried. He was banging the door. He warned Nisha that if she didn't open the door he would break it. Nisha opened the door and tried hiding her face in the towel. But Kabir knew she was crying. he tried to ask her the reason but she ran out of the home. Now Kabir was really worried. It is for the first time he couldn't figure out what was bothering Nisha. He could not see her in trouble. Crying never. He felt so very helpless. He tried chasing Nisha but she had already disappeared. He Called GH to see of Nisha was there but no she wasn't. He didn't want GF to get all worried so he told them that he saw her...lied to GF. Then he thought that she must have gone to the hospital so he started towards the hospital. He didn't find her there either. Now he was really very worried. He called sSaurabh but same Nisha wa not to be found.
Meanwhile, Viraj start waking up and was holding on to the little boys picture. He told Kabir that it was his picture. But just then, nurse brought his medication but Viraj refused. He only wanted Nisha. He refused to be consoled down. Ultimately doctors had to give him injection to calm him down which made Viraj go to sleep.
Kabir was extremely distraught now. He had not been able to find Nisha. Viraj was behaving like this. Viraj was his long lost brother... What?????
He really needed Nisha to talk to, to sort his mind out...
What he needed Nisha to sort his mind out??? Kabir since when did you get do dependant on anyone??
... Tbc...

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Beautiful update to ur ss

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