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A Funny OS Based on Yesterday's Epi! (English Version on Pg 3)

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 May 2015 at 8:53pm | IP Logged



   I am Kalpana and this one shot came into my head after watching yesterday aka 4th May's Episode. I felt that the episode was hilarious and hence, this is more of a crack fic. It is dedicated to Mithi with whom I pass comments while watching this show. She hooked me onto the show and it is her response to my comments that triggered this one shot in my mind. Enjoy Mithi!


    Now onwards to the story, what would have happened if SK and Nayi Sanam had seen Jannat aka Sanam in the Ladies' Room?


Warning: This is a crack fic! Laugh and enjoy but don't take it seriously!





Both ladies shrieked as they took in the face of the lady in the burkha. One was shocked but not surprised. Allah Miyaah! Ise kahaan se yahaan bhej diya? Chain se bomb phodne waali thi main! Ab yeh plan bhi waste gaya! The other lady was beyond horror. Nahi! Yeh zinda nahi ho sakti! Yeh toh mar chuki hai! Ab main kya karun? Aahilji toh baahar hi khade hain!


The lady in the burkha jumped in shock at the sudden shouts. Haaye Allah! Yeh kya tha! She looked to her left and blinked in surprise. Her first thought was... Kitna over make up kiya hai! Then she turned to her right. Oh! Its an air hostess! She turned back to wash her face when her eyes widened and she looked back at the girl who gave her a smirk. "Hello Jannat!", SK purred.


   That brought the Nayi Sanam, whom I shall refer to as NS, out of her stupor, "Jannat! Arre! Yeh Jannat nahin, Sanam hai!", NS helpfully informed SK. Jannat and SK frowned in confusion.


"Arre! O Akkal ki andhi! This is Jannat!", SK announced and Jannat nodded. She was not Sanam, she was Jannat!


"Waise tum kaun ho?", SK asked in confusion.

NS grinned eagerly, "Main! Main Nayi Sanam hun!"

"Achcha! Toh Jooni Sanam kaun hai?", Jannat wondered.

NS pointed at Jannat making her eyes widen.


Jannat shook her head.

"Nahi! Main Sanam nahi hun!", Jannat announced.

NS huffed, "Tum Sanam ho!"

"Nahi hun!", Jannat huffed.

"Haan ho!", NS growled.

"Nahi!", Jannat stomped her foot.

"Haan!", NS hissed.


"ARRE CHUP!", SK roared making both the ladies shut up.


"I don't care yeh Jannat hai, Sanam hai, Seher hai, Sunehri hai ya Zoya hai! I don't care!", SK growled, "I have to kill her warna yeh jaake police ko mere baare mein bataa degi!"


SK waved her knife at Jannat making her gulp. Ya Allah! Koi mujhe aake bachaao! Shaad! Help!


"EK MINUTE!", now it was NS's turn to roar.


SK looked at NS in annoyance while Jannat looked with hope. Shaayad yeh mujhe bachaa le! But Jannat's hopes were dashes away when NS pouted, "Tum ise nahi maar sakti! Yeh mere haath se maregi!"


"Kyun? Tum kyun ise maarogi?", SK growled. How the hell this make up ki dukaan come and destroy my chance at killing Zoya? No Jannat! No Sanam! No! Arre kya naam hai iska! This is more confusing than my own names and I have had four till now.


  NS spoke bringing SK out of her thoughts, "Kyunki isne mujhse mere Aahilji ko cheena!"

SK rolled her eyes, "Arre make up ki dukaan! Isne toh sirf tujhse ek aadmi cheena! Mera toh isne poore desh ko udaane ka plan duba diya! Achcha khaasa Pakistan ko tabaah kar rahi thi", here SK sniffed, still heartbroken about her plans, "But iss kambakht ne mere sapne pe paani pher diya!"


SK pointed at Jannat and NS's eyes widened too, "Tumhaara bhi? Mere bhi plans pe paani phere hain isne!"
"Kya?", Sk was in shock. Yeh Jannat hai ya Sherlock Holmes ki poti? Sabke plans pe paani pherti hai!


"Toh bas tay raha!", NS announced, "Main hi iska khoon karungi!"

"Nahi! Main karungi!, SK growled.

"Main", NS shouted.

"Main", SK waved her knife.  

NS did not back off, "Main!"









All this while, Jannat remained frozen in shock but now she came out of shock and watched with wide eyes as two ladies fought over how to kill her. Suddenly, Jannat had an idea, "BAS!", she growled, "You want to kill me right? Maaro! Lekin mujhe wahi maarega jo mere murder ke kaabil ho!"


"Kaabil toh main hun! Terrorist jo hun!", SK announced.

"Arre! Terrorist hai toh kya hua!", NS spluttered, "Main toh zinda bhi nahi hun. Maut ko jeet ke aayi hun!"

"Arre! Main poore desh ko dara sakti hun!", SK growled.

"Toh? Main toh mare hue insaan ko bhi zinda kar sakti hun!", NS preened.

"Kaabil main hun!", SK shouted.

"Kaabil main hun!", NS shouted back.


Jannat intervened, "Arre kaabil toh woh hai jo jeete woh bhi mere choice ke game mein!"




Jannat grinned, "Catfight!"


NS glared at SK. Sk glared back. Both roared and started fighting. Jannat grinned eagerly at the fight. Waah! Kya lad rahe dono! Maaro SK maaro! Aur Nayi Sanam! SK ko chodna nahi! Oh! How I wish there was some popcorn here! That's when Jannat remembered her plan. She had planned to run away the moment these girls started fighting. Bhaag Jannat Bhaag! She scrambled out of the room and slammed right into someone.


"O I am so sorr... Sanam!", the man who clashed into her exclaimed.

Jannat had a bad urge to scream.

"Side!", Jannat growled.

"Sanam...", the man who was Aahil whispered.

Sanam growled at him, "Arre! Hum Sanam Jannat Sanam baad mein khelenge! Mujhe abhi apne shohar se baat karni! I need him! Baaju hato!"

"Par Sanam...", Aahil stuttered, "Main tumhaara shohar hun! You need me!"

Jannat huffed, "Are you in army?"

Aahil shook his head.

"Can you catch a criminal and cuff them?", Jannat asked.

Aahil shook in negative again.

Jannat growled, "Then you are of no use to me! I need my other husband! Hato!"


Jannat pushed Aahil out of the way and met Shaad. She told him about SK being in ladies room and soon SK was arrested and escorted out by Indian Army while NS looked on confusedly.


Jannat sighed in relief. One vamp down, one to go! Suddenly, someone stood by her and whispered, "Sanam! Tum yahaan ho? Mere saamne?"

Jannat rolled her eyes. Seriously! Seriously? I just had two vamps dying to kill me and you are already sticking Aahil on me? Give me a break!

Soon Shaad joined her, "Jannat! Tum theek ho na?"

Now Jannat seriously wanted to scream. This is getting ridiculous.


"Yeh Jannat nahi hai! Yeh meri Sanam hai!", Aahil growled.

Shaad growled back, "Yeh Sanam nahi meri Jannat hai!"


In between them, Jannat rolled her eyes. Here we go again! Then suddenly she brightened up. Hey! I can get them to fight too! Aur yeh dono toh ladke hain! Definitely shirt utaarenge! Jannat happily wandered off to hunt for a popcorn seller! This time I am so not going to miss out on the popcorns.




Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the one shot!

I know it was way too crackish but this is what happens when a crazy fangirl of Qubool Hai jokes about yesterday's episode with me!

Mithi! This is what you get when you indulge my crackpot comments while watching the show!


Thank you, take care and have fun,


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.sushmitha. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 May 2015 at 9:07pm | IP Logged


Kappa Rani... I just love you yaar!!!
Aur yeh kya tune mere liye yeh update dedicate kiya hai... Awww. That's so sweet of you...<3<3<3

The best part of my day will be from 9.30 PM to 10 PM... That is because of my loveliest friend Kappa and QH..
Though we are far away from each other, QH binds us together... Alva kappa!!!! ;)

Kya kahu Mein iss update ke baarein Mein uhh... This was Hilarious... Loved each and every line... Bahut bahut bahut zyada mazaa aaya...

Lol... So finally dono ne Jannat/sanam ko dekh hi liye uhh!!!! Ya Allah abh kya hoga...

I agree.. NY ne over make up kiya hai yaar.. Her goggles saree ke saath match hi nahi Ho raha tha... Lol. She looks funny indeed.

Yeh lo.. Abh yeh dono ladne lage... Rofl...

Kappa!!! What is "Jooni"????

Ek min!!! Y is sanam admitting that she is jannat.. Jab woh Pakistan Mein thi tab, pehle baar misba(duplicate wala) ko dekhkhe kithna shock Ho chuki thi woh.. Hai na.. Then y didn't she react in the same way with NS uhh.. *wink*
Common answer my question *wink*

Ohh we are not suppose to take it seriously right!!! Hmmm... :/
But I'm glad that she admitted herself as Jannat.. ;)

Ek min!!! SK ko seher, sunehri yeh sab naam kaise pata uhh..

Ohhh!!! No questions right.. Okay.. :/

Makeup Ki Dukaan!!!!! Rofl... :P lovely name I say ;)

Lo.. Yeh dono phirse lad rahe hai...
Loved it... :D

I agree with both of them. Yeh donno bhi kissise kuch kamm nahi hai.. They are powerful!!!!

Catfight!!!! Wow... Awesome idea... ;)
I wish even I had some popcorn... :D:P

Sanam didn't even notice Ahil properly.. Poor him!!! :(

Hello. Kappa rani..!!! What do u mean by OTHER Husband uhhh???

One vamp down finally... !!!!! :D:D

Okayyy!!! Abh yeh donno ladne lage uhh... Who would like to miss this uhh... ;)

Che.. Yeh update ithni jaldi khatam Ho Gaya kya :'(
Koi baat nahi.. Kappa!! Ur there with me no.. Real entertainer.. Ayr kya chahiye mujhe.. ;)
Pata hai.. I literally felt like I was watching QH episode.. One of the best episode ever... <3

Thanks for such a lovely dedication.. <3
Love u loadzzz <3

Edited by .sushmitha. - 05 May 2015 at 6:59am

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AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:44am | IP Logged

This was quite funny !! 

Thanks so much. .

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Chahat_A_Doshi IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 12:59am | IP Logged

This was just too damn good

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neenabinu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 1:09am | IP Logged

This was superb... a hilarious take on the epi ...
loved reading it Kalpana

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FireNIce IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 1:14am | IP Logged
WOW!!! Big smile
This was just FANTASTIC! Clap

Thank you for this. With so much drama going on in the show, this was much needed comic relief! 

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farz_parachute IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Crack fic!!!


Oh you cracked me up indeed.



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simran_singh_24 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 6:00am | IP Logged
I'm going to be thinking of this while watching the epi.
Hilarious ROFL

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