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Originally posted by Khushi96

Great update Smile 
K already feels a lot for her, and him helping out her sister.  Should be interesting now i think she is going to his bungalow.

Yeah there would be some interesting moments hence forth. I am letting my brain take its time to let the two come together slowly. Smile

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Originally posted by dhakarn

Oh superb! so K is taking her to his place ...gr8 ... n he is so kind , rescuing her sister 

Yeah Krishna is so volatile in my FF here. He will surprise you. Big smile
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Hola People, today, the update is very small and i don't know what i wrote as its Monday and i sill am drowsy.Sleepy Forgive me for any spellings, typos or grammar mistakes as i didn't even read back what i wrote.
Part 6 

Krishna came of the shower wrapped up in his towel. His abs perfectly shaped had water droplets unwillingly dripping down. His damp hair too had water dripping. After some direful and emotionally exhaustive day, a shower did miracles to him. He left Pratigya alone with his sister. He told his servants to attend to all their needs and help them around. He found out from the servants that the ladies didn't step out from their room since morning they arrived. Krishna remembered how the siblings hugged each other and cried to their heart's content. Krishna left Pratigya and wanted her to cry out all her sorrow and wanted to feel safe. He wished to hold her and tell her that she was safe now. But he let the ladies comfort each other.

Reaching the dining table for dinner, Krishna was expecting the ladies to join. Pratigya and Komal walked slowly to the table.

Krishna - "Come and have some dinner both of you."

Komal hurried to take her seat but Pratigya signaled a no. Komal silently stood behind her sister.

Pratigya - "We are thankful to you for your help and for rescuing us. We forever will be grateful to you for your kindness towards us. We decide to leave now."

Krishna startled at her decision - "But where will you go at this late hour. Pratigya, stay here for some time and get some rest. We will decide the future later."

Pratigya looked at him sad and wished she could stay. "I am thankful to you again for offering shelter to us, but I think it's best for us to leave now."

Krishna grew restless at her being adamant to leave. He wanted to stop her and he couldn't. His restlessness grew into anger slowly. He fumed at his commands being unfollowed and he couldn't shout back at her; her stupid panic attacks he remembered. Pratigya couldn't help but continued to look at him awaiting his permission.

Krishna's inner battle turned into a storm. "Why does she want to go away from me? I understand she did that earlier afraid of her background. Why now? Why does she hide her feelings for me? I know she likes me. I know you Pratigya. I can read your mind. "

Krishna dangerously looked at Pratigya. Pratigya quite understood that he didn't like her idea to leave but she had no choice. Pratigya lowered her head and couldn't stand his anger. He was right at being mad at her. He did so much for her and yet she can't stay back. She had to leave and get away as afar as possible from his life. Krishna came near Pratigya and stood in front of her with his hands folded still very badly mad at her.

Pratigya - "Bye"

Krishna - "You're not going anywhere. And remember one thing for a lifetime - I don't repeat myself." He warned her very politely.

Pratigya would have happily taken all his anger and lived with it, but she had to revolt and go. "You can't command me. I understand you are our savior, but that doesn't give you the permission to boss me around."

Krishna - "Yes, I am your boss. You're my employee. I have some immediate tasks to be completed. Finish them and then leave."

Pratigya had no clue he would comeback with such a reason to stop her. "But that doesn't require me to stay here with you. I will come on Monday and finish it."

Krishna - "Finish it now." He shouted at her. Komal held her sister hard and frightened at Krishna's outburst. Pratigya looked at Krishna and couldn't kind of understand his sudden change of emotions. A minute he was their savior. Now he was behaving all bossy. Pratigya finally gave up. "Ok. Where are the files? I will start to work immediately."

Krishna let a breath escape. He was celebrating inside on his win to hold her from not leaving. Krishna led her to his office room in his bungalow and showed her a file which he knew will not be completed even if Pratigya worked day and night for the next one month. Pratigya was equally stubborn; she sat down and started to work on it. Krishna watched her and her determination irritated him. He started to go out of the room and before he left he looked over his shoulder to find her deeply investigating the details in the file and she hardly noticed him. Krishna sad at her behavior left her alone. He kept thinking on why she hates him so much in spite of being attached to him for some strange reason. Krishna couldn't eat too. He felt sick at his own way of stopping her. He was literally begging her to stay back indirectly and when that didn't work; he used his bossy status to stop her. Till when he can stop her that way. She will leave him one day as he shares nothing with her as per the society.

He is nothing to her. He is not even a friend to her. Even he was in deep thought on why he had been so attracted to her that he forgets his attitude and behaves like a love stuck puppy in front of her. He likes her and adores her. He wishes her to be around him all the time. Her little conversations with her friends, her expressions while she chats, and her childish acts impress him. He hardly feels the world with her around. Krishna was in his own thoughts and was in the lounge when he saw Komal sitting on a bench in the lawn. Poor thing, abiding her sister's orders didn't eat anything for dinner.

Krishna ordered his servant - "Take her some food and tell her she can eat as her sister is busy and won't notice her." Krishna left to his room saddened at the events. Krishna lied down in his couch and slowly fell asleep.

Komal tiptoed with a plate of food and tried to put it in front of him on the table. In her genuine act not to awake Krishna, she accidentally pushed a book on the table, waking up Krishna.

Komal - "Even you didn't eat so I bought some food." She said hesitantly.

Krishna - "Thank you but I am not hungry." he replied back

Komal - "You Love my sister, don't you?" she asked him directly without any further hesitation. Krishna was surprised at her sudden question. He looked at her amazed and didn't answer her. Her question sent huge happiness through his heart.

Komal - "But she won't be able to Love you back."

Komal's immediate questions and answers left his puzzled.  "Her past means nothing to me" he replied back to her.

Komal - "It isn't about her past. It's about him."

Krishna was furious - "WHO?"




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wow i m loving it ...loved the update.. Clap and pratigya behaving so odd ...and krishna he loves and komal she is direct ..and i m sure she will be important part of their upcoming love storyLOL and this who means her chach right?

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Originally posted by Renu111

wow i m loving it ...loved the update.. Clap and pratigya behaving so odd ...and krishna he loves and komal she is direct ..and i m sure she will be important part of their upcoming love storyLOL and this who means her chach right?

Yeah Komal: the Thumelina is our Love guru to Krishna.LOLLOL

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Hola People, So now here is an update for today. I see so many views but only few comments. Silent readers, i will feel awesome if you could put down a comment.  This part has a part of Krishna's past revealed. From here on i wish to give as many KRIYA moments as possible. This part was tough for me to write as i couldn't envision both of them fight. 
Weekend was full on busy for me. So i was all drowsy yesterday and wrote with tired eyes. Today's update will be better enough i hope that i get good comments. LOLZ feelz like i am craving for comments.

OK i had enough of chatLOL, read and let me know how it was. Smile

Part 7

Komal without answering and questioning him any further left the room. Krishna couldn't take the thought of Pratigya being in love with someone. He had no idea that this could be the reason why she wanted to go away from him. May be this was the reason she was mad at him. He took the glass on the table and sent it hard to the floor breaking it into pieces. He looked down at the floor and wished he never met her. Komal came back running at the sound. Komal understood that her revelation had caused the turmoil in him.

Komal - "I am sorry."

Krishna - "Leave" he said politely without looking at her.

Komal saddened at the events couldn't explain any further to him. "Pratigya..."

Krishna - "LEAVE" he shouted at her and pushed the plate in front of him. Pratigya came running at the noises she heard. Pratigya saw Krishna shouting at her sister and couldn't understand why. She hid Komal behind her and faced Krishna.

Pratigya - "Why are you shouting at her?" She turned around to Komal and asked "What are you doing here?"

Krishna - "Both of you leave my place now." He ordered with his hand pointing towards the main door. Komal unable to take any more, ran away from there crying. Pratigya looked perplexed.

Pratigya - "I will leave immediately." She replied.

Krishna - "All woman are the same. They only know to cheat and leave."

Pratigya couldn't believe him. "What are you saying? Why are you being so rude all of a sudden?" she questioned him

Krishna pulled her with her arm closer to him and looked at her disgusted. "I can't still believe that you have a nerve to stand in front of me and talk to me. Was this all your plan? I thought you were an innocent woman who got into this mess and needed help. "

Pratigya teary eyed looked into his eyes. "What are you saying?"

Krishna tightened his grip on her arm - "Stop acting Pratigya. I thought you to be a woman in danger but couldn't guess you were in love with someone else and using me. It disgusts me the most that in spite of loving someone else you let me be close to you. When you responded to my feelings I thought you liked me too, but reflexing because of your background. What game do you have in your mind? Are you here to trap me for money and power? Why weren't you earning enough at the queen's palace?"

Pratigya was stunned at what he just said. "What do you think you are Mr. Krishna Singh? Who are you? Yes it was true that I responded back to your feelings in the hospital because I liked you too. But I kept myself away because I thought I was not worthy of you. But you know what; you are a disgusting man like any other. You are not worth any woman. What you just said reflects your true attitude."

Krishna - "How dare you say that to me?" He pulled her closer with her hands forcefully pushing away not allowing him to take her into his embrace. Finally getting away from his hold, she ran into her room and closed the door. Pratigya cried bitterly. Komal saw her sister coming back to her room crying. She understood that there was confusion between both of them because of her. Komal paced to Krishna's room.

Komal - "What did you do? Why is my sister crying." She asked him crying. Krishna couldn't take any more of the sisters' drama he thought.

Krishna - "Why won't you leave me alone." He shouted at her.

Komal - "No, I won't leave without telling you the entire truth."

Krishna - "What else do you have to say? What you told earlier wasn't enough?"

Komal - "She can't love you because of HIM. She can't because she lost her faith in LOVE because of HIM."

Krishna had a big question mark on his face and continued to listen to her.

Komal - "Our parents died in a car accident. We had no relatives or friends who helped us. We came here looking for a job. During our time here Pratigya met a man and he promised to help her with a job. She used to talk to me about him every day. She liked him and trusted him. He asked us to come to a place one day and told we will have a new start altogether. He took us to Queen's Palace and sold us there. I was held captive there and Pratigya was blackmailed to complete her final year and ultimately join the business. She was threatened that if she went to police or tried to escape I will be tortured to death."

Guilt started to flood Krishna. What did he do? He just tormented that innocent soul with more pain.

Komal continued - "She lost belief in trust and love from then. I saw she showed a little trust towards you and what did you do?"

Krishna turned about facing away Komal. He couldn't face her. "Am sorry" he said regretfully. Komal left Krishna with his guilt. Krishna paced down to Pratigya's room and knocked it.

Krishna - "Pratigya, please open the door I need to talk to you." Krishna spoke aloud. Pratigya made no noise. "I know I have hurt you badly and I just found out from Komal on everything you've been through. Please give me a chance to explain Pratigya. Please open the door."

Pratigya didn't care to reply or open the door. HE could hear her sob between long breaths.

Krishna - "Pratigya open the door I will break it open. You don't know how stubborn I am."

Krishna looked around and the window was open. He jumped through the window and saw her sitting down leaning back to the bed with her eyes closed. Tears dripped continuously through her cheeks which had gone red. He was heartbroken seeing her state. It caused him more pain to imagine that he was the reason behind all of it. He hit the mirror hard breaking it into pieces. Pratigya got up from her place and saw him clench his fist tighter allowing the glass pieces hurt him further. She quickly took his hand in hers and tied a kerchief around his hand. Krishna watched her worry through tears. How could he ever be suspicious of her? He tried to cup her face with his hand, but Pratigya wouldn't allow this time. She stepped back and looked at him scared and angry.

Krishna - "Please listen to me Pratigya. I am sorry." He stepped forward while she took a step behind. Pratigya remained silent not agreeing to his apology. Krishna's guilt caused him much more restlessness when she didn't accept his apology. Why would she? She had no place to move and was cornered. Krishna came close to her and his face told her he was more than sorry.

Pratigya knew he came under some misunderstanding but couldn't bear that he said all that to her - "Please leave."

Krishna - "I won't until you forgive me for my sin. I won't until you punish me back for all the tears you shed due to me."

Pratigya who was looking down at the floor till then looked at him surprised. What was he? A moment ago he accused her of adultery and cheating. Now he was guilty and wants to punish himself.

Krishna - "I know my words would have broken your heart towards me, but Pratigya, I was heartbroken too previously and I wasn't able to take the slightest idea that you could cheat me too."

Pratigya got confused. "Yes, I loved someone before and she left me with a broken heart. I left myself untouched to any emotion and don't know why you had moved me again." He cleared her up. Pratigya looked away from him.

Krishna - "Please forgive me Pratigya." He pleaded, but she looked away. Krishna punched the wall with his wounded wrist causing more blood to fretfully flow out. Pratigya scared started to breath hard. Krishna cupped her face wiped away a tear like he did before. She closed her eyes remembering their first encounter.

Krishna - "Yes, that was the first time I started feeling for you. I almost fell for you." He confessed. Pratigya felt a chill run down her spine because that was exactly the same moment she had felt for him too.

Krishna -"From then I never stopped thinking about you. I tried to suppress my feelings for you, but they never let me." Pratigya felt as if he was speaking her mind. She felt exactly the same. "When Komal said you couldn't love me because of someone, I couldn't take control on my anger. I couldn't let my heart break again as I knew you were not wrong. I knew somehow that you liked me as much as I do and I lost my sense." Pratigya looked convinced. She continued to look at him with tears flowing down.

Krishna - "Please don't cry Pratigya. It kills me." He came much closer to her and took her face in both his hands. He slowly bent down and placed his warm lips on her cheeks and swallowed her tear. "I promise to never be the reason behind your tears again." He whispered to her. He gently swallowed the tear on her other cheek. "I promise to kill every reason for your tears. Please forgive me." Pratigya felt an emotion of trust and she felt she owned him for some unknown time. She held his shirt collar and closed her eyes in bliss. Krishna planted a kiss on her burning eyes. His kiss soothed her and she hugged him. Krishna opened his arms allowing her to him.

Krishna - "I promise I will never leave you nor hurt you." He told her in her ear. Pratigya felt secure and forgot the world in his arms.

Krishna - "Pratigya, Tell me that you have forgiven" Pratigya nodded her head in his hug. Krishna smiled and hugged her tight as if he would never let her go from his hug.

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Hi Suhana great part i loved all the confrontation but best part was that 
kriya hugged aww Day Dreaming and now P too is happy and trust K i look forward to next part Tongue

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wonderful update and lovef the confession part Day Dreaming so kriya had a past and both were cheated by someone...waiting for update.

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