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Originally posted by manissha

Hey welcome to the forum. Nice one, please continue. 

Thank you and Will continue Soon Smile

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Here comes a  pretty big part 2. Comment and let me know your thoughts. Let me warn you, this is a dark love story. Keep reading folks.

Part 2

She woke up uneasily and still felt fatigue. Pratigya lazily looked around yawning in her bed. She was in a hospital room which was neat and smelled good which most hospitals don't. She sat back when a nurse came in smiling.

Nurse - How are you feeling now Mrs. Pratigya Krishna?' she said looking at the plank.

Pratigya - Who?' she asked the nurse back in surprise and amazement

The Nurse threw back a knowing smile at her and started to check her vitals. Pratigya kept looking at her awaiting her answer.

Nurse - You're doing better now'

Pratigya - What happened to me?'

Nurse - You were in a panic shock when you reached here and in a fainted state. You're vitals were fluctuating badly due to some stress you were taking.'

Pratigya remembered the day before and how she had to witness the dreadful sight of people being shot and how scared she was. A shiver ran down her spine. She could not see another of such scene again. Yesterday's events brought back the worse of memories back to life. The moment her life had took a complete turn towards loneliness and sadness.

Nurse - Eat this pill' said the nurse pulling Pratigya temporarily out of her thoughts.

Pratigya gulped in and smiled thankfully to the nurse. The Nurse set things around the room which already seemed to be in place.

Nurse - By the Way, Mr. Krishna was here all night besides you. Even when the doctor said we will take care of you, he ignored.'

Pratigya - Who is that?'

Nurse - The one who bought you here; the man in a black tuxedo. Isn't he your husband?'

Pratigya nodded in a NO.

The Nurse smiled at her confused and left. Pratigya was much more confused on who this man was? First he helps her out from a panic situation and puts his name as her husband in the hospital records. She couldn't understand if she should thank him for rescuing or be mad at him for taking the liberty to tag his name after hers. She felt weak and drowsy. She ignored everything else and went back into her slumber slowly.

Krishna was in his car while his driver cautiously drove.

Krishna - "Get some flowers on the way" he ordered to his driver.

The driver was surprised for a minute as he knew his master well. He never was courteous enough so far.

Driver - "Sir, can I ask you the occasion and for whom?"

Krishna ignored his question. He continued to look outside. Reaching the hospital, the driver forwarded the flower bouquet to him.

Krishna - "Follow me"

The driver followed confused with the bunch of tulips.

Reaching Pratigya's door Krishna stopped by for a minute. His Driver was not sure on what was happening. His master was hesitating.

Driver - "Something is wrong. He is behaving different today." He thought to himself.

Krishna took a breath and opened the door to find Pratigya still sleeping. He walked slowly towards her. His driver ignorant of her, moved with his shoes making enough noise to disturb. Krishna angrily turned around throwing deathly stares causing his driver to shiver.

Driver - "Sorry Sir" he whispered.

Krishna - "Put the flowers on the table and leave" he whispered back.

Krishna alone in the room with Pratigya sat beside her bed and watched her sleep. Her peaceful posture and bangs of hair playing on her forehead due to the wind from the window; She turned in her bed towards him. Krishna continued to look at her in peace. This state of her bought more peace to him than her frightened one the previous day. Somehow her being scared and in panic caused him a restlessness which he couldn't explain to himself. He deliberately touched her white and smooth hand and pushed a bang behind her ear. He could live that moment forever.

Just then, his phone beeped a message. He got back to his senses and the world he had to live in. He quickly got back on his feet and left the room. He checked his message and called his manager.

Krishna - "What is it? I hired you not to guide you for every small decision."

Manager - "Sir, we need your presence in the meeting here because you ordered this meeting and needed clarification on some issues."

Krishna was in rage. He missed his own meeting. What was he doing breaking his own rules. What was it that is pulling him towards her constantly? Why can't he just ignore her? He cut the phone and stormed out of the corridor towards an open window. He tried to breathe some fresh air and calm down.

Krishna - "She is nothing more than a mere woman. She is not affecting or influencing me." He thought to himself.

Before leaving he turned around to look at her one last time and she was right in front of him. Pratigya looked at him with a mixed expression. Krishna couldn't utter a word but just stare at her and looked puzzled on his own feelings. He kind of adored her but couldn't let his feelings cloud his fake attitude. All he did was continue to stare at her. Pratigya had her own questionnaire in her head.

Pratigya - "So are you my husband?" she questioned with her hands folded.

Krishna - "What?" he asked surprised.

Pratigya - "Why did you give your name as my husband in the hospital records? Why did you put my name as PRATIGYA KRISHNA?"

Krishna - "I didn't" he replied her confident.

Pratigya - "Thank you for saving me at the mall yesterday and I didn't like you putting your name behind mine." She said proudly.

Krishna couldn't take it. She indirectly rejected him even before he actually proposed her. He wasn't having a plan yet to do so off course. Krishna bit his teeth in dejection. His jawline aligned perfectly indicating he wasn't happy. His eyes sent out danger signals.

Krishna - "First, I am not interested in being your husband. Second, I did not give my name as your husband. Third, I am not behind any one or anyone's name. Get that?" he threatened.

Pratigya was dumbstruck at his comeback. She could hardly say anything.

Krishna continued - "You should be thank full to me but instead you put false accusations on me. I was right, woman don't care of anyone or anything except for themselves."

Pratigya listened to him in disgust. Before she could come up with a counter back attack, he held her by her hand and dragged to her room. He pushed her on the bed landing her safely. Pratigya couldn't take criticism and abuse anymore.

Pratigya - "Listen I" before she could complete she stepped on her rubber sandals and slipped. Pratigya almost landed on the floor when a strong hand held her from her waist. He pulled her back on her feet and still held her in his arm. Pratigya reciprocated his gaze with equal amounts of feelings he was showering upon her. Unable to get away from each other, they continued to stand there ignoring the world around them. Her little strands of hair again danced on her forehead, interrupting his focus on her.  He pulled them aside gently while Pratigya looked on.  Krishna and Pratigya felt the warmth that both of them shared but were ignorant of it. Krishna pulled her closer gently allowing her to get a closer look of him. His chiseled jawline impressed her most; on his Greek god looking face. His rough and masculine look made her heart skip a beat. While Pratigya admired him, Krishna continued to look at her with a strange feeling he hardly understood.

Nurse - "Am sorry to disturb you wife and husband but, it's time for her pills" said the nurse who stepped in and saw them together.

Krishna and Pratigya - "NO"

Pratigya - "I am not his wife." She said stepping back from him and his hold.

Krishna - "I am not her husband either" he said looking at Pratigya and his hand which was still in the air. He quickly put his hand back in his pockets.

Krishna - "Treat her well. Panic shock has made her mad as well. She thinks I am her husband." He retorted.

Pratigya looked at him fuming. The Nurse watched all this smiling.

Nurse - "Whatever maybe. I need you to take your pill and I will leave you both alone again."

Krishna and Pratigya looked at the nurse in disbelief. She still thinks they are wife and husband.

Nurse handed the pill and let Pratigya eat it while Krishna watched on.

Nurse - "I wouldn't interrupt you now till the next administered dose"

Krishna - "I am not interested in staying here. I have much more important work to do than visiting stupid people."

The Nurse left the room still believing that they were wife and husband. Pratigya fumed at him and came forward with her finger pointing towards him with a counter back.

Pratigya - "Listen, I am being good to you only because you helped me out from the mall yesterday. I will not tolerate anymore Mr. Rude"

Krishna - "What did you just say?" he questioned in a threatening tone.

Pratigya sensed she was being very rude to him by calling him MR. Rude. He took a step forward towards her while she stepped back until she hit the wall with no further to go. He was furious at her and trapped her between his hands against the wall. He leaned closer allowing her to smell his scent. She could listen to her own breath and is being touched by his warm breath. She could hardly move and his dangerously close proximity started to scare her slowly. Her forehead started to fold in wrinkles stating her worry of being unwantedly close to someone.

Krishna was still fuming at her but her discomfort alerted him. He slowly moved back a little and held her in his arms. Pratigya was already breathing hard. He put his hand on her head and tried to soothe her.

Krishna - "Its ok. Shh, calm down now. I won't hurt you" he assured.

Pratigya calmed down and moved aside freeing herself from him feeling embarrassed.

Pratigya - "Thanks for the flowers. Thanks for saving me yesterday." She said

Krishna - "You've already thanked me. Doctor said you can go home. Can I drop you?" he asked.

Pratigya - "NO" she immediately replied back.

Krishna was taken aback by her blunt reply. He looked at her agitated. No one declines his offer.

Krishna - "Fine. TC" he retorted and exited from there without any further word said.

Pratigya watched him move away and tears rolled down her eyes.

Pratigya thought to herself - How can I let you drop me back? For some unknown time I have been suffering loneliness and your presence flushed away all my depression. How can I let you know that I live in an area where decent woman wouldn't dare to enter? How will I be able to feel you being disgusted about me? How can I let you know my profession?

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oH! ... so Pratigya has a past n a disturbing present , i think ... n what business does Krishna do for a living? 

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Wow new kriya ff and i m always there for reading...Thank u so much for writing ..i will read it tomarow ..i just came from journey so..

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Originally posted by dhakarn

oH! ... so Pratigya has a past n a disturbing present , i think ... n what business does Krishna do for a living? 
YES, Like i said this a Dark story of two people with a disturbing past. Thanks for reading and commenting. Your comments kind of keep up my spirits to write

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Originally posted by Renu111

Wow new kriya ff and i m always there for reading...Thank u so much for writing ..i will read it tomarow ..i just came from journey so..
Take Your Time Renu. My pleasure is all mine to write. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Means a lot to me.Smile

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Okie Dokie, here comes Part 3 for the day. I would try to give you a part at least each day. Thanks all of you for being great readers and building up my spirits for writing this FF. When i started this FF i was not sure who i will share this with as the serial is long forgotten by many and trust me i didn't expect even one reader on the forum. Thanks Ladies, you're my darlings and your comments are my boosters.

Part 3


Pratigya got her stuff together and exited the hospital. All the way home, she kept thinking.

Pratigya - "I should not let this feeling of bonding for him grow. I am not worth anyone in this world. I have to accept my fate." she thought to herself and tears of pain and agony flooded down her cheeks.

Krishna reached his office and went to attend his meeting. All through the meeting he kept thinking only about her. On one hand her innocence brought him great bliss and on the other rejection and denial to accompany her, hurt him deeply. Why would she not let her accompany him to her house? She felt comfortable in his presence. A minute she is happy and the next she reflex-ed his proximity. I am giving her more importance. She isn't worth it. There is nothing important to me in this world. She was just an attractive woman with some innocence.

Manager - "Sir, what are your views?" he interrupted Krishna from his thoughts.

Krishna - "I wasn't listening. What is it again?"

Manager - "Sir, this year we are planning to take interns and train them instead of hiring directly from college. That way we thought we could put the person's skills on test before hiring."

Krishna - "Go for it. Get the papers ready I will sign them." Krishna left the conference room buttoning his coat.


Days passed by and no one knew what moved Krishna but he was in his own world. He hardly listened and participated in the meetings. Neither his manager nor his staff would dare to ask him. If there is anyone who could then it was his close friend and business partner Adarsh. He was away for a business meeting in USA.  Krishna skipped his schedules and never bothered on anything. If he would do anything, then that was thinking of her, their first meeting, their moments together and her rejection. He hardly could concentrate on anything.

He was in his office one morning when he saw a group of college grads assembled in a conference room and chatting. He stepped into the room and everyone seized at their positions. Girls could hardly take their eyes of him. The guys looked awed at his well-maintained abs and toned physique. He was in black pants, with a white shirt and a black blazer; he looked such a dapper.

Krishna - "This is my office not cafeteria that you people can chat and have fun." Krishna told aloud. His manager came in hurriedly,

Manager - "Sir, these are the interns we hired for 6 months. If they prove capable they will be hired as our employees."

Krishna nodded and exited the room. In all this conversation, he ignored a person who was looking at him from behind one of her friends. She purposefully hid herself avoiding his attention. How could she face him? She didn't want her relation with him to go any further. She dared not come in front of him. Once he left, she started to pace faster towards the exit gate of the office.

Arushi - "Pratigya, stop." She called her friend.

Pratigya paid no heed. She needed to get out of this place as fast as she could. Arushi stopped her finally and started questioning.

Arushi - "What happened, why were you hiding behind me. I thought you were afraid at first about the new place, but looks like there is something else."

Pratigya - "I can't work here."

Arushi - "Why?"

Pratigya - "I can't explain Arushi. I just can't work here."

Arushi - "We both know how important this job is to you. This job is a way for you to bring yourself out of the hell you're living now. Don't you see it's a golden chance?"

Pratigya fell into a deep concern. While the two girls were talking, there was someone who caught a glimpse of the ladies chatting. His heart pumped out of happiness. He saw her again after a long time.  He left his room and paced down to meet her but stopped in-between.

Pratigya - "I can't stay around him. I can't look at him."

Arushi - "Who are you talking about?"

Pratigya - "Krishna Singh; I can't stay and work here. I hate him and I don't want to be around and face him every day."

Listening to her Krishna stepped back and fumed in anger. He felt sad and agitated. How could she say that to him? He was her savior. He left without any further eavesdropping on the ladies.

Arushi - "Is this the same guy you told me about, who saved you at the mall."

Pratigya nodded in a yes.

Arushi - "But the other day you said you like him and he attracted you. You said you were developing feelings for him."

Pratigya - "Exactly Arushi, that is the reason I want to get away from him. I can't take the risk of being liked by him in return. I can't take the pain of being rejected when he knows of what I am and where I live."

Arushi - "Maybe we could ask him to help. After listening to you, he might understand and maybe he will help you."

Pratigya - "I tried that earlier Arushi, and you know what happened."

Arushi - "That man was a pig. Not all men will be the same Pratigya. And remember we need this job and you especially to support yourself. Think for yourself Pratigya, this job will help you to be free a little longer. You will be able to get out of the mess and go to US like you wished. This is your only hope. You do know how difficult it is to get a job these days. We got lucky to get into such big company."

Arushi's words inflicted sense into Pratigya. She had to support herself and fly away from the country. It's the only way she could get rid of her past. Pratigya nodded and both ladies went back to join the group.

Krishna on the other hand summoned his manager.

Krishna - "Where is the list of the interns?" he shouted at his manager. His manager silently handed him the paper.

Krishna - "Throw them all out. I don't want them in my office" he ordered.

Manager - "Sir, we signed a contract with the college. There are students who got jobs in other companies but joined us due to the contract. We will be at loss. We get most of our skilled professional employees from this college."

Krishna - "I don't care. Kick them out now." He shouted back.

Krishna couldn't see her every day too. He no longer likes her or thinks she is innocent. In her name, he is kicking all of them out.

Manager - "Sir, we need Adarsh Sir's initials also to cancel this contract."

Krishna bit his teeth in frustration. Krishna threw the papers on the floor.

Krishna - "Get out. And don't let any intern come into my sight" he shouted at his manager.

Poor manager exited silently and addressed the interns.

Manager - "You're work will start from today and make sure you don't come across Mr. Krishna in the office anytime during your internship. My assistant will explain you the further details on the remaining. "

The assistant continued but Pratigya paid no heed. Did he see her? Are this rules and restrictions being imposed due to her? Did he find out about her? DOES HE HATE HER? The very thought brought tears to her eyes. Pratigya couldn't concentrate any more. She left to the washroom.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

Pratigya - "The more I try to ignore, the more pain you're causing me. How can I open my heart and let feeling flourish for you? I will be broken if you even throw a glance of disgust at me. I can't take your hatred Krishna. You are influencing me and not getting out of my thoughts. But i can't be any close to you. Only i understand the trauma i am going through where i like you and can't even let that feeling bud."

Pratigya cried uncontrollably and wished - "I WISH I WERE NOT ME"

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welcome suhana Smile we all r crazy for kriya ...I read all chapters and its really awesum story so both have a what is the profession of KST..and waiting for next update to know abt pratigya.

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