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Avantika di..
It was too good episode analysis.

Yes, it answers some of the questions from the last week.

About Tarini, the boy Anurag, and Kabir's guilt. So now it pretty much seems that Tarini was an intern, there was a scandal, kabir's wife left him abruptly, Tarini was also dumped by her spouse/bf and she is the mother of Anurag.

Today is going to be one hell of the episode, kabir and Ananya both go undercover to discover what happened at the hospital. And some nice Kaya scenes can be expected.

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Great review. The episode was very interesting and has set up the topics that will be dealt with in the upcoming episodes. I agree with ur hits, even in this 25 minutes episode where the main focus was on Kabir and Manav equal space was given to every character and we could see what they think about this issue and what are their reasoning. Manav is going down for sure, if only he could use that intelligence of his in something more useful he might have actually stood a chance to be editor-in-chief LOL.
I love the whole message behind all this, to look at two sides of the story. Its so relevant because we as humans tend to look at the single side that is the focus everywhere but we tend to ignore the other side which may be hidden and will only come to focus if we give our attention to the details of the issue.
Cant wait to see the next episode, hoping to be another fast paced episode 

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Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by Fantasia_junkie

Originally posted by DexterRocks

I love reading your posts, it gives me a reflection of the sujal/rajveer/rajeev fangirl in me. 
RK's onscreen presence and attitude is hypnotizing me, in every other way, i feel my brain cells lose their sharpness and elasticity to think straight.Silly

The jogging scene , it took a lot of time for me to refocus back into the show after seeing him in black and jogging right there.

Hahaha.. Hi-5!! Silly
It's sooo strange.. We've grown up from being hormonal school-girls to committed women and yet the attraction refuses to fade away.. 
I'm gonna go replay that jog again.. Tongue

I liked how they picked up on sexism , and its screwed, from reporters to employees, to national audience, everybody has a freedom of expression and thinking, but the difference is that majority jumps into the bandwagon as soon as something negative is being publicized .

Yup.. And that's what makes it more real.. What happened with Kabir could possibly happen to a real reporter too.. 

Best part was Kabir indirectly replying back to Malvika by blasting Ananya, and rightfully, because the screams and tears about channel ratings were not there before kabir joined them, and he very well knows about how he should handle it .

The ex-wife and her voice over clarifies how the divorce was because Kabir has betrayed her somehow, and the hurt was visible in his face .

Yes..And the anger is also there! Day Dreaming (Okaay I gotta stop drooling!) I hope she doesn't enter now when he clears his name.. Ermm

Those school days, Kahi to hoga fever, mother screaming to go and sleep, and me quarelling with every other family member for sujal.
One thing i keep thinking is that 12 years passed, and Rajeev has got better, what does he eat and drink ? it was not the sujal effect only, something more about him.Day Dreaming

Hahaha.. And twirling in the rains with thoda sa pyaar hua hai in the bg, imagining sujal.. LOL
He's got a charm of his own, something that reflects into every performance of his.. I think it's the longest I've crushed over someone.. Tongue

Whatever happened with kabir, i think he has faced such difficulties in his past too, the confidence and unapologetic approach he has, it is derived from his past losses and lessens. For once i am liking his attitude, yes t can be misinterpreted as his arrogance and even ego too, but the broader picture is still about what is right and what is wrong, he is not a sexist and thats it.

He is not a sexist, in fact he's quite the opposite.. I would say he's a fair judge of character and that is what makes him a suv successful journalist. 
Even in Nidhi Rane's case, everyone accused him of being insensitive when he asked a hard-hitting question.. And now too.. 
Are his thought-provoking questions morally incorrect, or does the fault lie in us- who do not want to see fingers being pointed at us or our so-called morality.. 

you said, a lot of kabir's attitude comes from Rajeev, Rajeev himself is a very head strong and confident man, and the good looks and style adds upto any role he takes up, and he takes up only such roles, out of the box ones.

Absolutely! He took a huge leap when he left KTH when it was in its prime.. And ditto with LRL.. He wanted to prove himself and he did it in his very first film.. 

Its not a ekta kapoor show that one MU gets cleared and the ex steps in, so i hope the ex wife does not burge in between kaya after this drama ends. LOL

Oh well.. u see EK dramas have scarred me for life, as much as I must have loved them in the past.. 
Kya karein - the vamp concept threatens to haunt everything just when things start falling into place.. Tongue

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Agree with you in every point Smile

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Oh a brilliant job. I loved reading it and reliving the moments in tHe serial. RK makes me fall in love with him all over again. 

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Excellent analysis. I love reading your posts

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Nice review.
Every coin has two sides And a circumference too, which binds the two sides. And good reporting is just not having a look at the the two sides, but finding the binding factor that joins the two sides. Which is what Ananya has been doing from the beginning, and Kabir is doing now in Sinha's case.

Let's not forget that Kabir did accuse the actress, without listening to her side of the story. So, a kind of reality check for him, maybe this is.

Manav & competitior channel are focussing just on one side and that too based on half baked information. Half knowledge is always dangerous.

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Originally posted by Malika

Another reflective and thought-provoking post from you Avantika! And honestly seeing the amazing epi we got tonight, I was really waiting for your analysis with a bated breath. Embarrassed

As for the epi, I feel this was one of the most layered and intense episodes of Reporters so far as for the first time we got a glimpse of who the real Kabir Sharma is.And more than that we also got a glimpse of what KaYa are going to be in the near future.

Today we saw a myriad moods of Kabir:

-The man who always supports the truth, no matter what it takes to do so. As he himself rightly said, a news is like a double ended sword and which side of the sword he wants to get slaughtered from is his choice. And true that coz if he doesn't support Neha in her accusation, the society is up in arms against him and if he does, he wont be able to face himself, so probably for him getting
slaughtered with his moral and ethics intact is a better option.
Very well said! But what makes Kabir even more interesting is the fact that he still comes across as being grey despite being good at heart.. He doesn't hesitate to voice out his stance fearlessly even if his job and hard-earned goodwill is at stake!
Coz here is a man who values morals and ethics just as much as the truth.. It's who he is, and that is perhaps the only part of him has survived over the years.. 

The man who was dumped by his wife. Okay now this was the real emotional part and it had my heart go out for him. Rejection is too hard to handle, and it does not matter if you are a man or a woman, it hurts like hell,  specially if that rejection comes from a spouse. We don't know if Kabir was romantically into his wife or not but definately he was emotionally into the sanctity of the bond of marriage so that mistrust from his wife did affect him a lot.

Ohh.. Pain of rejection and it's portrayal go hand in hand with Rajeev's journey in Tellywood.. Tongue Sujal was a living replica of it, Raj suffered from it for a while and now we have Kabir reliving his wife's abandonment of him in every waking moment.. 

If ex-Mrs Sharma is the 'Didi', then he obviously was very much attached to her emotionally.. 
Then again, if she was kind enough to join him in his efforts to brighten up little children's lives, she can't be an insensitive woman, right? 
Perhaps the sting of betrayal was above everything they had between them, and hence the divorce.. 

-The man whose life got changed due to a fake accusation - Now this does not hold much relevance normally because Kabir already learnt his lessons the hard way, but if you see it from the perspective of Ananya's past that had almost a similar incident and tore her family apart, it does hold a lot of relevance!

Oh it does apply in case of Kabir too, partially.. This incident is only going to strengthen his stance and he might even learn a lesson or two about how dangerous jumping to conclusions is! Not that he needs it, but life teaches you nonetheless.. 

Oh and if u go to see, this case is actually going to bring #Kaya closer on an emotional level.. So the accusation will change his life, for good.. 

-Theon who is looking for some trust - Okay call this coming from an emotional fool or someone who has an eye for rajeev's hidden expressions, but every time he looked
into Ananya's eyes he was unknowingly demanding for some support. His closest person mistrusted him and so he does not expect trust from anyone but with Ananya, there
was a a hint of expectation. An expectation that atleast the girl who has the audacity to call her editor-in-chief corrupt for the sake of truth, can read the truth in his eyes. And thats why he probably explained his side of story to Malvika in Ananya's presence.And made a point to question Ananya regarding what are her opinions abt Dr Sinha. This particular part was enough to say that the least expectation if he has from anyone to understand his stance is Ananya. And what's more intriguing is, this feeling came so naturally to him. Like a telepathy. As if he would wish that she understood his silence like she's been doing since a while now. And it would be an understatement to say that Rajeev nailed it!

Hi-5! I tend to do that too.. (And end up losing focus for a while) Silly
Anyway.. soo yep! Couldn't have said better.. 
When he walked into the office, and saw accusations, judging looks and questions all around, the pain that crossed his face was depicted brilliantly by Rajeev.. 
But the steady eyelock between them, not once but twice somehow must have assured him that there was atleast one person who believed in him.. 
Nothing overtly romantic about it, but for a man who is barely hanging in there, it obviously must have meant the world..

As for Ananya, I liked that she did not believe in what Kabir said instantly. That again proves she has amazing reasoning skills. Even if he is her hero and he offered her job back to her, she still cant trust him blindly. And she says it openly. But definitely her conscious fails to believe that her hero can support something wrong so she urges him to speak for himself and prove his innocence. That is enough to tell how much she wants his tarnished image to be cleaned asap. Which makes me sure she will be the one to get him back his lost respect that would undoubtedly cement KaYa's bond.

Yes.. So it's not about blind trust or hero-worship anymore.. Perhaps it never was.. She certainly has a soft corner for him since he did not take a harsh stand against her father.. 
But even as a colleague, I feel she respects him a lot for the character and conviction he shows.. 
So she makes sure to voice it out to him.. No apprehensions there.. Just the need to see him bailing himself out of it.. 

Ohh and the undercover stint has me suuper excited.. She surely will have a role to play in proving Dr. Sinha's innocence but what interests me more is speculating if they actually clear Kabir's name too in the process.. 

And today most of the suspense factor too was unfolded regarding Tarini and Kabir's wife. Most probably as you said Kabir's wife left him because of some false link-ups with Tarini and that could be one of the reasons even Tarini is single and that makes Kabir guilty for her child who has no father to look after him.May be Tarini's husband/bf too dumped her. 

Quite possibly this is what must have happened.. But why did Tarini shun the limelight and disappear? Guess that might uncover yet another layer off Kabir's past.. 

All in all it was a brilliant episode. I love it when things get heady and force you to get involved emotionally into something.So I am really looking forward to this.

PS - There is one thing which i really feel is faltering from the standpoint of story and that is the debate regarding Kabir's statement of 'women now-a-days have made it a trend to play blame game' . Today Kabir said I may appear to be a sexist but the truth is he really does appear one with the boldness of that statement. It would have been much better if the writers made Kabir
say something like how the society and even KKN always supports women rights but sometimes they get misused and this case can be an example of that specially in absence of Dr Sinha's statement. But Kabir generalizes  an accusation of a sexual harassment case to be a fashion statement which in my view is a big mistake on the writer's end. It does sound distasteful specially seeing the kind of MCPs we have roaming around in India.

Yup.. I do agree to a certain extent.. Sometimes writers  have to resort to extreme means and plots to reveal the true strength of their characters.. I would brush it off as a bit of creative liberty here.. 

Besides what saves the show and Kabir is that they strike a fine balance between black and white.. So despite everything Kabir says and does to provoke people to think, it's clear that he is not judgemental and definitely not a sexist.. 
Besides he's not wrong if u go to see.. if 90% of the times men are held responsible for sexism, dominance and failure of relationships, can we safely assume that it's us, tje fairer sex who can be held accountable for 10% of those cases.. 
I guess yes! 
Who are we kidding, we women possess the most dangerous of minds when it comes to safeguarding our rights and dignity.. 

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